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Annual DC Web Fest to Showcase Best in Online Filmmaking

The Fifth Annual DC Web Fest will take place Saturday, April 1, 2017 at the Navy Memorial Museum, located at 701 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW in Washington, DC.

Washington, DC, July 25, 2016 - The Fifth Annual DC Web Fest will take place Saturday, April 1, 2017 at the Navy Memorial Museum, located at 701 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW in Washington, DC.

Founded in 2013 by DC filmmaker and author Otessa Ghadar, the DC Web Fest kicks off at 6 p.m. on April 1, and highlights the intersection of entertainment and technology, featuring the best in online content, video games, digital media, short films and apps.

Presented by 20/20 Productions, the mission of the one-day festival is to entertain, educate and promote these new and innovative forms of modern art.

“We have positioned DC as the flashpoint for New Media, exposing the District to new and ever expanding web platforms. By introducing Washingtonians to this web content, some of it produced in their own backyard, they will hopefully be inspired to become more engaged in this inventive art form which bolsters the local creative economy,” says Ghadar.

This year’s festival has broadened its scope to include all forms of digital storytelling and technology, from gaming to AI, to online publishing and more. It will also include a gathering of special guests and presenters who represent thought leaders in the industry.

The event is ideal for media specialists and technology enthusiasts, artists, filmmakers, bloggers, story tellers, and entrepreneurs who are interested in this transforming the world of entertainment, says Ghadar.

As the event founder, Ghadar literally wrote the book on the topic. In 2016, she authored the digital media industry’s first textbook, The Wild West of Film, a guide for creative professionals and teaches novices and experts alike how to create, market and manage in the digital age.

As one of the web series medium’s earliest adopters, Ghadar is a true forerunner of digital media. She launched the webshow, Orange Juice in the Bishops Garden (OJBG), which became the longest continually running show online. With an international audience in over 145 countries, OJBG has been recognized not only by a loyal global following, but also by industry heavy hitters. OJBG is a six-time Telly Awards Winner, a four-time LA Web Fest Winner, a three-time Webby Awards Official Honoree, among others.

She is also the founder and president of DC-based digital media company 20/20 Productions. With its content, the company has become the destination for non-geoblocked, globally available programming.

Past presenters of the annual event have included: and Elaine McMillion Sheldon, Emmy nominated for New Approaches in a Documentary; Catherine Carnovale of Sullivan Entertainment in Canada; Justin Aitel, head of Dow Jones Cyber Security and Special Projects; Ryan Holladay, TED Fellow, Apsen Ideas Scholar and Artist in Residence at Stanford University; Philippa Hughs, Pink Line Project; Dan Vely, Comedian and Writer, HBO’s Enlightened and Comedy Central Presents; Stephani DeLuca, Production Coordinator, “Gossip Girl” and “The Amazing Spider Man 2”; Morgan Hungerford West of “aCreative DC”; and Clint Gaige, filmmaker of “Shotgun Mythos.”

Sponsorship opportunities are available. For additional information on the festival, email, call (202) 588-5891 or go online at

--20/20 Productions--

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Holman Ranch and Jarman Wines Announce New Releases

Wines Available for Media Tasting

Carmel Valley, CA, July 22, 2016 - The fertile soils and ideal growing conditions of Carmel Valley, Calif., have spawned delectable new wines from Holman Ranch and Jarman Wines, two of Central California's most-celebrated wineries.

Holman Ranch vintners are proud to introduce two estate-grown wines from the 2015 growing season .5 Degrees Brix ($21 per bottle) and Rose of Pinot Noir ($22) as the newest additions to a menu that already includes 2013 Chardonnay ($27), Unoaked Virgin Chardonnay ($23), Kelly's Press Pinot Noir ($26), Pinot Gris ($17), Sweet Love Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc ($30), and Sauvignon Blanc ($19), 2012 Heather's Hill 12HH ($36) and Pinot Noir ($35), 2011 Hunter's Cuvee Pinot Noir ($41) and Big Daddy Fortified Late Harvest Pinot Noir ($45).

The .5 Degrees Brix and Hunter's Cuvee were awarded silver medals at the 2016 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.

Newest offerings from the Jarman estate include 2014 Chardonnay ($45) and Pinot Noir ($80), and 2013 Pinot Noir ($75).

All can be found at

About Holman Ranch
Holman Ranch’s 21 acres of vineyards lie between 950 and 1150 feet in elevation, rich with the root stocks and soils that are most important in producing excellent fruit from the vineyards.

The surrounding Santa Lucia Mountains play a crucial role in Carmel Valley viticulture, holding back the marine layer and broad breezes, which is beneficial to producing consistently good fruit. Sedimentary soils such as chock rock and Carmel stone also play a major role in wine producing methods by providing good soil drainage.

Holman Ranch “stresses the vines” of the fruit with emphasis on reproduction, which, in turn, stops growth and ripens fruit. The valley configuration allows for morning fog that rapidly moves out as the air warms -- ideal for Pinot Noir grapes. The elevation and proximity to the ocean are positive characteristics for the vines.

Holman Ranch’s vines are planted 15 degrees off due north, which allows for all-day sunlight on fruit zone and good protection from breeze.

No chemical herbicides or pesticides are used on our fruit, and we have received our sustainable and organic certification. Holman Ranch is also 100 percent estate vineyards and winery.

Holman Ranch’s wines are unfined and crafted to deliver the true varietal of the grape from harvest to table. Purity and passion are key ingredients in the wine-making process, and this is where Holman Ranch truly stands out.

Wine Caves:
The winery at Holman Ranch, located in The Caves, is completely underground in order to take advantage of the natural cooling and humidity held below. The 3000 square foot area maintains a constant temperature of 58˚F-60 ˚F and contains four 750 gallon tanks, four 1200 gallon tanks, and four open top tanks that can hold two tons each. One hundred (100) French oak barrels are maintained year round. Winery operations such as destemming, pressing, fermenting and aging take place within the cool environment of The Caves, while bottling is done directly outside using a mobile bottling line. During harvest, 6 to 8 tons of grapes a day are processed. This may seem low but it is due to the fact that harvesting hours are between 7am to noon on any given day. Grapes are hand picked and loaded into half ton bins, transferred to the winery by tractor and then moved by forklift to the destemmer. White wines take around three weeks to ferment at 50˚F and are bottled in February, while red varietals ferment for two weeks and are bottled in early June. All skins, seeds and stems are composted and returned to the fields. Slow months for our winery are June, July and August with the busiest time being September. The winery will produce 3000-5000 cases annually.

Vineyard & Winery Background:
Located at the north eastern tip of the Carmel Valley Appellation, the family-owned Holman Ranch resides approximately 12 miles inland from the Pacific Coast. Immersed in history and romance, the ranch has not only proven to be an excellent growing location for our vineyards but also for the Tuscan varietal olive trees which have flourished under the temperate climate.

Our estate-grown wine varietals are planted on approximately 21 acres of undulating terrain.
The wines produced are unfined and crafted to deliver the true varietal of the grape from harvest to bottle.
The climate and terroir of the appellation has played a critical part in the success of our wines. The warmth of our inland valley coupled with the cooling marine layer has established itself as an ideal microclimate for the production of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. Our Burgundy Clones have thrived from the perfect blend of ideal climate, southern exposure and thin rocky soils.

Holman Ranch Tasting Room:
Holman Ranch’s Carmel Valley tasting room offers the perfect backdrop to swirl, sip and savor the different complexities of Holman Ranch Vineyard and Winery wines. There is something for everyone (4 varietals in fact), from the full-bodied Pinot Noirs to the light, fruity flavors of our Pinot Gris and lightly oaked Chardonnay. Holman Ranch also offers estate grown and bottled Olive Oil available for tasting and purchase at the Tasting Room.

The Tasting Room showcases the estate wines of Holman Ranch which includes our Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Rosé of Pinot Noir. Carefully hand-harvested, cold pressed and bottled, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from the fruits of our Tuscan trees has a delightful spice followed by a buttery finish.

Three tasting flights of three wines each (White, Mountain and Pinot Noir) are available 7 days a week. The Tasting Room also holds a series of cooking demos called In Your Backyard. For more information, call (831) 659-2640.

Olive Grove:
Holman Ranch has its own distinctive olive grove located on a south facing hill of our vineyard. The grove is comprised of 100 trees with multiple cultivars planted. These cultivars consist of 25 Frantoio, 25 Leccino, 10 Mission, 25 Coratina, 5 Pendolino, and 10 Picholine, all of which were originally planted in 2194 in a Carmel Valley orchard then replanted at Holman Ranch in 2007. These mature olive trees allowed us to produce olive oil right away. They are planted in shale for the best production and harvesting results possible. We harvest our fruit by hand in December, which is then milled, producing a superb, high quality product. Although the Olive Grove is not certified organic, we do employ organic practices when farming our trees. Our mill, however, is certified organic. An interesting fact is that olive trees are alternate bearing, which means that one year they may produce 650, 375ml bottles worth of oil, while next year they may produce only 50, 375ml bottles.

Holman Ranch Background:
Holman Ranch: Where the Past is Always Present. Tucked away in the rolling hills of Carmel Valley, Californian historic Holman Ranch provides a unique and memorable setting for weddings, special events, family gatherings, corporate retreats, and team-building events. With its charming gardens, stunning mountain views and serenity, this private estate affords old-world charm while providing modern day conveniences. This stunning Property includes a fully restored stone hacienda, overnight guest rooms, vineyards, olive grove, horse stables and more.

About Jarman Wines
Jarman’s terroir (a French word that speaks to a wine’s place of origin, its subtle nuances of traceable character, flavor, lineage and integrity) refers to a special place in Carmel Valley — and also to a special woman, family matriarch Jarman Fearing Lowder, who inspired a family to bottle the essence of a mother’s spirit.

The Jarman label reflects quality, with only the best local grapes used during an artisanal, small-batch winemaking process.

Jarman wine uses only 100-percent estate-grown, organic and certified-sustainable grapes. Aged in French oak barrels, Jarman’s vintages are held in limited supply, and are not available anywhere outside their tasting room in Carmel Valley Village (open noon to 5 p.m., Thurs.-Sun.; or by appointment), next to Will’s Fargo Steakhouse + Bar, the restaurant the family purchased in 2014.

The tastings will feature full-fledged experiences, including tours and wine education, and each will include a food element that complements the wine. The new Jarman tasting room will provide visitors with three unique experiences: Cru Tasting, Premier Cru Experience and the Grand Cru Experience.

Jarman Tasting Lounge and Patio, 18 West Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley, CA. For more information call Jarman Tasting Lounge and Patio at 831-298-7300 or email

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

EA Principals to Host Free Webinar on Understanding the Roles of Enterprise and Solution Architecture

EA Principals will host a free webinar Understanding Enterprise and Solution Architecture, at 2 p.m., July 27th with the goal of helping attendees understand the roles of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Solution Architecture (SA) as a single entity.

Alexandria, VA, July 20, 2016 - EA Principals will host a free webinar Understanding Enterprise and Solution Architecture, at 2 p.m., July 27th with the goal of helping attendees understand the roles of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Solution Architecture (SA) as a single entity.

“When we refer to Enterprise and Solution Architecture (E&SA) as a single entity, we are actually referring to an understanding of the roles and relationships between Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture. In many cases, it is not feasible to believe that a single person could operate as an Enterprise and Solution Architect; however, it is becoming vitally important that both Enterprise Architects and Solution Architects have an understanding of E&SA so they may leverage each of the others' roles,” explains Dr. Steven Else, CEO and Founder of the Alexandria-based EA Principals.

Else will present the free webinar which aims to offer attendees insights into understanding the roles of Enterprise & Solution Architects.

As Founder and CEO of EA Principals, Inc. (EAP), Dr. Else is among the globe’s top TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) trainers, having worked with thousands of professionals to help them learn and practice EA. He is also author of the book Organization Theory and Transformation of Large, Complex Organizations. In addition to leading EAP, he established and leads the Enterprise and Solution Architecture International Institute (ESAII) ( under the Center for Public-Private Enterprise (CPPE) (, which he founded in 1998. ESAII expands his global professional outreach and allows other experts to mentor students on complex, innovative enterprise solutions approaches, going well beyond the enterprise architecture aspects of value delivery. Offering a wealth of practical and academic experience to his EA, Open FAIR, TOGAF 9, and ArchiMate 2 Certification Training, (certified in the latter three, with individual training of 4,000+ professionals), Else is also a Certified Enterprise and Solutions Architect (BCS Professional Certifications), a Project Management Professional (PMP) and an FEAC Certified Enterprise Architect (CEA).

He notes that enterprise Architecture deals with planning, road mapping, and developing future state architectures that map to an enterprise's business strategy. It must balance reality with desired outcomes. Enterprise Architecture creates and executes governance related to its EA role. Enterprise Architects must effectively engage the proper people and teams that will help deliver the future state architectures. Solution Architecture deals with delivering high quality solutions to areas Enterprise Architecture has identified. Solution Architects define in concrete terms: how a future state will be delivered whereas Enterprise architects define what future state will be delivered. Typically, a Solution Architect will be a development team leader and may also lead specialty architects such as ERP, CRM, and Cloud Architects. Solution Architects must always ensure that solutions align to the roadmaps established by Enterprise Architecture. Solution Architects can contribute to the early stages of roadmap planning to reduce possible implementation complications. In short, Solution Architecture transforms requirements discovered by Enterprise Architecture into a concrete plan toward a solution.

“EA and SA work together to build an architecture. Solution Architects often rely on their own experience, published reference architectures, and guidance from EA. Solution Architects act as a bridge between Enterprise Architecture and Software/System Engineers. It is important for professionals in either role to understand E&SA so each knows its roles and expectations. It typically appeals to experienced architects who are looking to streamline the fulfillment of an architecture program or initiative both near and long term,” says Else. Because it lays out scenarios and roles within an EA Practice, E&SA training has also been instrumental to those looking to operate in the roles of Enterprise Architect or Solution Architect. Enterprise Architecture training is common, Solution Architecture training is less common, and E&SA training is rare. Companies like EA Principals in Alexandria, Virginia are among the few that have both the EA and SA training experience and knowledge to be able to offer courses in E&SA.

RSVP to the no-cost webinar online at or by contacting Luke Gilfeather at

Located in Alexandria, VA, EA Principals is an enterprise architecture firm that has built an enviable client base comprising of major US Governmental agencies as well as private companies, including Fortune 500 companies, through its effective & efficient training, consulting, and mentoring services. The firm has worked with the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Health and Human Services, General Services Administration, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Having worked with several Federal procurement officers and their agencies, we have experienced the challenges involved in strategic planning for privatization, outsourcing, and public-private partnerships. Over the years, EA Principals has developed services in Enterprise Architecture to address complex strategic planning, project/portfolio management, and service-oriented architectures. EA Principals is a Gold Member of The Open Group and Co-Sponsor of ArchiMate Certification Program, Global EA (and EA-related) training (e-learning, online, face-to-face) in multiple languages and including the use of EA tools. The firm also offers accredited courses in TOGAF 8, TOGAF 9.1, ArchiMate 2.0, DODAF./MODAF, Government EA (FEAF), Enterprise and Solution Architecture, Business Architecture, Business Analysis, and modeling. For more information, email or call (703) 333-6098.

Steven Infanti
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Saturday, July 16, 2016

After Two Hundred Shows, Touring Country Artist Cody Webb Announces Self- Titled EP, Out July 22, 2016!

With his exhilarating and charming presence, country artist Cody Webb is preparing to showcase to the world his highly anticipated, self-titled EP.

Nashville, TN, July 17, 2016 - With his exhilarating and charming presence, country artist Cody Webb is preparing to showcase to the world his highly anticipated, self-titled EP. The singer- songwriter and guitarist is set to release his six-song collection on July 22, 2016.

Represented by RPM Management, Cody Webb is a newcomer to the country scene but has already acquired a large fan base across the country. In two years, Cody Webb has played over two hundred shows and has shared the stage with the likes of Cole Swindle, Frankie Ballard, and Old Dominion. Cody has also performed in notable venues such as Wild Bills (Atlanta, GA), Moonshine Flats (San Diego, CA), the Tin Roof in Nashville, Miami, Indianapolis, Cincinnati and more. If he is not on the road or creating music of his own, Webb is writing full time for ECK Publishing (a division of Monument Entertainment, LLC).

In support of his upcoming release, Cody continues to tour and showcase his songwriting talents as well as his electrifying performances. Cody recently performed at Nashville’s CMA Fest and has already made his way back to Stoney’s Rockin Country in Las Vegas. “Cody has a great stage presence! He really captivated the audience and kept them entertained,” says Chris Lowden (owner, Stoney’s Rockin Country). Webb is represented, for concert bookings, by renowned country music agent Bob Kinkead of The Kinkead Entertainment Group.

The self- titled EP reveals something distinctive yet undeniable about his infectious guitar melodies and singer- songwriter talents. His music fits uniquely into today’s country landscape. With his purring vocals, Cody charms listeners with his romantic storytelling. However you can still feel the honesty and passion that Cody pours into his songwriting. At the heart of the album, you hear Cody’s down-to-earth lyrics that are laced with delightful melodies, which showcase the diversity and depth to the artist’s work.

The six- song release includes Cody’s lead track, “More Than a Little”. The debut single was highly praised by media and was noted by Middle Tennessee Music that it is “more than a little too good to not be spinning on a radio station near you.” Band Blurb said, “The Webb sound and personality just gives the music credible bulk and authenticity.” Vents Magazine commended, “I was blown away by what Cody Webb has to offer”.

Upcoming Tour Dates

July 19, 2016
6:00 PM
12TH and Porter
Nashville, TN
July 23, 2016
6:30 PM
Spinner’s Resort and Marina
Batesburg, SC
August 6, 2016
3:00 PM
Liberty on the Lakes
Irmo, SC
September 17, 2016
4:00 PM
The Esso Club
Clemson, SC
December 9, 2016
Moonshine Flats
San Diego, CA
December 10, 2016
Moonshine Flats
San Diego, CA

Press Inquiries: Chip Schutzman, Miles High Productions,, 323-806-0400

Other Inquiries: April Rider, RPM Management,

For Booking: The Kinkead Entertainment Agency,, 615-499-5115

For more information on Cody Webb please visit his website at

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ProctorU Announces New Partnerships with Innovative Institutions

ProctorU combines technology and a human element to test students anywhere

Birmingham, AL, July 15, 2016 – ProctorU is pleased to announce partnerships with the Arizona State University (ASU), the University of Virginia (UVA) and the Florida Virtual School (FVS). In collaboration with ProctorU, each institution is able to embrace the use of technology to offer their students flexible options in test-taking.

UVA, a nationally recognized institution, has over 21,000 students and is located in Charlottesville, Va. ASU, recently ranked #1 by U.S. News & World Report on its "Most Innovative Schools" list, has five campuses across the Phoenix metropolitan area and has over 69,000 students. FVS is the largest and most successful state virtual school in the nation. It offers both full-time and part-time virtual options for Florida students, as well as virtual solutions for students in other states and nations.

ProctorU provides live student identity management and proctoring services to make online testing more secure. Its unique service will allow these institutions to securely identify and test students anywhere.

Since it was established in 2008, ProctorU has worked with more than 800 colleges and universities around the world and has administered over 2 million exams for test-takers in 129 countries. Their unique approach to proctoring enhances the online testing experience while ensuring the academic integrity of an institution and that of its students.

To learn more about ProctorU, visit

About ProctorU
ProctorU helps protect the academic integrity of online programs around the world. With an evolving online education environment, institutions are faced with the challenge of maintaining quality, rigorous standards and a consistent experience in online courses and assessments. ProctorU’s digital solutions, including student identity management and exam management, are designed to address the most common challenges to the academic integrity of online programs. Trusted by over 800 institutions and serving students in countries all around the world, ProctorU works to meet institutional and student needs while enhancing the online education experience. The company has four offices in the United States, as well as an international support center in the Philippines, and employs more than 600 people. For more information about ProctorU visit or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

Franklin Hayes
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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Maverick and Fender’s Featured Band, Angie and the Deserters Announces the Release of Their Blood Like Wine EP, out July 15th!

Americana and Alt-Country band, Angie and The Deserters are set to release their new Blood Like Wine EP and their second single “The Gift” this summer.

Los Angeles, CA, July 14, 2016 - Americana and Alt-Country band, Angie and The Deserters are set to release their new Blood Like Wine EP and their second single “The Gift” this summer. The six- song release will be available on all digital stores including iTunes and Amazon on July 15, 2016 through Topanga Canyon Records. The band includes Angie Bruyere, Kyle Stevens, Danny Hulsizer and Chris Lawrence.

This EP is a follow up to the group’s debut full- length release, West of The Night in 2015. The album turned heads at Fender who offered Angie a sponsorship that featured her as Fender’s artist of the month which was then followed by two Fender Sessions.

Angie showcases her talented and poetic song-writing skills in the Americana record, Blood Like Wine. At the root of the album, Angie’s collection of intimate poems bloom into a distinctive alternative country landscape that is joined with gliding strings and western riffs. The six song release reveals Angie’s raw and raspy vocals that bring truth and realism to her lyrics.

Blood Like Wine includes the band’s lead track “Country Radio” which highlights a possible love affair between a female country fan and her idol. The band recently released their new music video for “Country Radio” which was filmed in Joshua Tree, California and directed by Mike Bruce (Black Mountain, Paul McCartney, Noel Gallagher, & The Dandy Warhols).

The six-song release also features the second single “The Gift”. This track emphasizes a dying love story of a lover who begins to lose hope in their partner’s compassion and desire in their relationship. Angie’s cryptic and haunting vocals accentuate the lyrical message of the song as she begs the question “would you die for me, too?”

Angie and The Deserters’ 2016 summer release will be followed with an additional EP that will be distributed later in the year. This second EP will include the second half of Angie’s Nashville recordings that were created in the famous Castle Recording Studios with well-known country producer, Jeff Huskins (Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Clint Black, Shania Twain).

On each record, Bruyere was able to work with renowned musicians such as; Troy Lancaster (Loretta Lynn, Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift), Aubrie Haynie (Blake Shelton, Hank Williams Jr., Merle Haggard), Scott Sanders (Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift, Alan Jackson), John Willis (Johnny Cash, Van Morrison, Kenny Rogers), Kevin “Swine” Grant (Willie Nelson, Linda Rondstat, Toby Keith), Fred Eltringham (Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Sheryl Crow), Evan Hutchings, Dave Doran and mastered by legendary and Grammy Winning, Bob Ludwig (Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix).

The band’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, already Angie and The Deserters have been featured in Maverick magazine in addition to receiving significant airplay and glowing reviews for their single “Country Radio.” Band Blurb mentioned “Angie Bruyere has chosen her collaborators wisely, but her vocals and lyrical talents are the undisputed star of the show.” Indie Music told its readers, “An action packed opening single like this can only mean great things from the upcoming EP release. Bruyere is throwing down the gauntlet here and announcing herself as a vital, formidable force to be reckoned with from hereafter.”

For More Information, Please Visit:

For all PR inquiries please contact: Chip Schutzman - Founder, Miles High Productions,, 323-871-4821.

Chip Schutzman
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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Edgy Americana and Alt- Country Band, Angie and the Deserters Release Official Music Video for “Country Radio”

From the Upcoming Record, Blood Like Wine, Out July 15th!

Los Angeles, CA, July 10, 2016 - With her soulful voice and edgy style Angie Bruyere of Angie and the Deserters charmed reviewers with the band’s latest single “Country Radio.” The Deserters consist of Kyle Stevens, Danny Hulsizer and Chris Lawrence. In support of their recent track, the americana/alt- country/desert rock group releases the official music video for “Country Radio” on July 29, 2016.

In the single, Angie discusses a love affair between a female country fan and her idol. The fan has only heard the country singer on the radio however, the song leaves room for the listeners’ interpretation. There may be a bit more truth to the story than Bruyere would like us to know, perhaps we may know his music very well and maybe there was a meeting indeed. “Country Radio” is layered with gritty guitar riffs, foot stomping drums, a heavy bassline, and stirring violin strings. But it is Bruyere’s rasp and rawness that shines through this upbeat and edgy Americana single.

Angie really gets the chance to showcase her outlaw roots in the song and in the music video. Directed by Mike Bruce (Paul McCartney, Noel Gallagher, The Dandy Warhols, & Black Mountain) the music video was filmed in Joshua Tree, California. The video begins with Angie in disguise as she rides her own customized Harley through the beautiful desert backroads. From black and white, the video fades to color as Angie enters a rest stop. She attracts another biker and leads him to the band playing out in the desert oasis.

Country Radio” was produced by Jeff Huskins (Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Clint Black, Shania Twain); along with the rest of the songs from the band’s upcoming EP, Blood Like Wine which will be out July 15th. Already Angie and the Deserters have received notable reviews from the EP’s debut single. “Angie Bruyere has chosen her collaborators wisely, but her vocals and lyrical talents are the undisputed star of the show” says Band Blurb. Indie Music Reviews touted “‘Country Radio’ places Bruyere exactly where she wants to be, a renegade musical force living life on the margins, and filling every line with passion.”

“Country Radio” Video:

For More Information, Please Visit:

Upcoming Tour Dates: August 13, 2016 — Boozacarooza – Santa Barbara

For all PR inquiries please contact: Chip Schutzman - Miles High Productions,, 323-871-4821.

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The Clement Palo Alto offers Shopping Package with the Famed Stanford Shopping Center

The famed Stanford Shopping Center recently completed a multi-million dollar redevelopment project, with world-renowned Bloomingdale's moving to a new location to make way for the improvements.

Palo Alto, CA, July 09, 2016 - The famed Stanford Shopping Center recently completed a multi-million dollar redevelopment project, with world-renowned Bloomingdale's moving to a new location to make way for the improvements. The three-level, 125,000-square-foot reimagined Stanford Shopping Center store includes 68 designer shops, over 100 new brands, and a refreshed assortment of stylish essentials for women, men, children and home.

The 25 new retailers to set up shop in the new area include: Anthropologie; Allen-Edmonds Shoe; LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics; Luisa Spagnoli, a Italian women's fashion boutique; AllSaints, a British fashion house; lululemon; Everything But Water, a designer swim and resort fashion boutique; The North Face; Uno de 50, a Spanish jewelry shop; and Vineyard Vines, a clothing and gift store; Japanese lifestyle retailer Muji and girls' retailer Brandy Melville.

Three new eateries were also part of the renovation, including the vegan/vegetarian restaurant True Food Kitchen; Tender Greens, which features fresh local produce; and Minamoto Kitchen, a shop that will sell artisanal Japanese desserts.

Several of Stanford Shopping Center's existing retailers also moved to expanded locations in the mall, including Victoria's Secret, BCBG/MAXAZRIA, J. Crew, Solstice and Tommy Bahama.

A new outdoor plaza, which was part of the renovation of the shopping center's common areas, features gardens, a stretch of lawn where people can sit and a water feature with infinity edges.

One of the three anchor stores in the Stanford Shopping Center is the iconic Bloomingdale's. The Clement Palo Alto is now offering an exclusive shopping trip to this celebrated store. This exciting experience can include such things as:

Complimentary Style Advisor (personal shopper) appointments and beauty consultations (advance reservations required)
Little Brown Bag welcome amenity
15% off Savings Certificate (see in-store for details and restrictions)
Exclusive event invitations
Car pick-up service

Bloomingdale's is America's only nationwide, full-line, upscale department store and a division of Macy's, Inc. It was founded in 1872 and currently operates 38 Bloomingdale's stores and 16 Bloomingdale's, The Outlet Stores, in California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. In addition, Bloomingdale's has an international presence with a location in Dubai. Be sure to follow @bloomingdales on social media, become a Loyallist, and for more information, or to shop any time, visit

The Clement Palo Alto can design this shopping experience specifically to the hotel guest's needs and desires.

The Clement Palo Alto's all-inclusive services and amenities include:
* All-inclusive breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
* All-inclusive wine, beer and cocktails (charges apply for premium brands)
* All-inclusive in-room dining
* All-inclusive mini-bar
* All-inclusive fully-stocked Guest Pantry available around the clock
* All-inclusive Business Center
* All-inclusive valet parking
* All-inclusive twice-daily housekeeping services
* All-inclusive overnight shoe shine services
* All-inclusive high-speed Internet
* All-inclusive personal assistants
* All-inclusive gratuities

The Clement Palo Alto is ideally located across from Stanford University and next to downtown Palo Alto, with its award-winning restaurants, world-class shopping and upscale spas. It is just 45 minutes south of San Francisco and only 30 minutes north of San Jose, not only making it convenient, but easily accessible to the world-famous sights and myriad activities of both cities.

Overall, The Clement Palo Alto offers a unique, one-of-a-kind 6-star experience in the heart of Silicon Valley with unparalleled personal service, all-inclusive luxury and privacy in a warm, inviting and luxurious residential environment.

To book a room and the shopping package, contact Oscar Gonzalez, our Guest Experience Specialist, at, Monday through Friday or call (650) 322-7111.

The Clement Hotel
711 El Camino Real
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Friday, July 8, 2016

Acclaimed Jazz-Rock Fusion Band Project Grand Slam to Release New Single “The Rescue” On July 1

“The Rescue” is the first single from the inspired new album, “The Queen’s Carnival”, out August 19.

New York, NY, July 08, 2016 – Project Grand Slam, the acclaimed jazz-rock fusion band led by bassist/composer Robert Miller, will be releasing the first single from their upcoming full-length album, “The Queen’s Carnival”, on July 1. This single, “The Rescue”, draws from a variety of influences and highlights Miller’s unique approach to blending jazz and rock into a totally new sound. While mostly instrumental, the new album features a guest appearance by vocalist Lucy Woodward on Robert’s completely reimagined cover of The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me,” and will be released on August 19 via CEN/RED Distribution, a division of Sony Music

“The Rescue” features Project Grand Slam exploring an infectious funk groove, but Miller says the song did not start off that way. “This was the final song that I wrote for the new album,” he notes. “I started off thinking about “Crossroads” by Cream, which is one of my all-time favorite live rock songs.” But as Miller and the band worked on the song it morphed into a kind of James Brown style funk meets jazz-rock fusion tune. “I’m so pleased with the way this one came out”, adds Miller. “The Rescue” has been a fixture of recent Project Grand Slam live shows and is already a proven crowd favorite.

Following the successful 2015 release of their third album, “Made in New York”, which featured the hit songs “New York City Groove” and “Fire”, Robert’s highly acclaimed reimagined cover of Jimi Hendrix’s classic, Project Grand Slam returns with “The Queen’s Carnival”. This exciting and fresh take on jazz-rock fusion (Miller calls “The Queen’s Carnival” a post-fusion record) features eleven tracks, including nine original songs by Robert and both vocal and instrumental versions of the Kinks’ classic, “You Really Got Me.” This continues Project Grand Slam’s tradition of reinventing popular classic rock songs as jazz-rock fusion and featuring vocal and instrumental versions of the cover track. “I think that people can relate to covers of popular songs, and it’s very cool to try and reimagine them in a way that is both true to the original but which takes the song to a whole other level”, says Robert.

About Project Grand Slam:
Project Grand Slam – the brainchild of bassist/leader/composer Robert Miller – continues to create and perform their brand of jazz-rock fusion at the highest level.

PGS’s third album, “Made In New York”, was released in September 2015 and featured two hit singles, “New York City Groove” (Robert’s love letter to his NYC home) and “Fire” (Robert’s re-imagined version of the Jimi Hendrix classic). Both singles featured 2013 “The Voice” semi-finalist Kat Robichaud on vocals. The band and Kat also filmed videos for “Groove” and “Fire” that have been viewed over 150,000 times to date. The reviews of the album and “Fire” were incredible, with words like “fantastic”, “damn fine album” and “hard to resist” for the album, and “superb”, “brilliant”, “excellent”, “stunning” and “unbelievable gem” for “Fire”.

Robert originally formed Project Grand Slam in 2007. PGS’s first two celebrated albums, “Play” (2008) and “Spring Dance” (2012), had two top radio singles – “The Captain Of Her Heart” (feat. Judie Tzuke on vocals) from Play, and “Catch You Later” from Spring Dance. The band also had a featured role in the hit NBC-TV series “Lipstick Jungle” starring Brooke Shields and Kim Raver, with five of the band’s tunes featured in the soundtrack.

Follow Project Grand Slam:

See Project Grand Slam Live:
July 15 Kirby Performing Arts Center - Wilkes-Barre, PA
July 23 The Groove - NYC
August 11 Tin Angel - Philadelphia
August 12 Garcia's at The Capitol Theater - Port Chester, NY (after YES)
August 20 The Groove - NYC

For more information, to request an interview, or for a review copy of “The Rescue” or ‘The Queen’s Carnival’ contact:

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