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FRA backs Long-term investment in Timber as an Asset class

A recent article in Barron’s stating the case for long term investment in lumber and timberland has been backed by FRA.

Bainbridge Island, WA, December 08, 2012 - A recent article in Barron’s stating the case for long term investment in lumber and timberland has been backed by Forestry Research Associates (FRA).

The research and analysis consultancy agrees with the notion that long-term timber investors will see strong returns. Analysts are pointing out the longer-term investment credentials of timberland due to a rise in the number of people making short-term investments in the sector in light of the price increases that have occurred off the back of Hurricane Sandy.

Shawn Hackett of the Hackett Money Flow Report, for example, told Barrons’ Widely advertised natural disasters tend to be tops in lumber, fairly consistently. People who are knowledgeable about this industry are using this spike as a selling opportunity.” Indeed, since mid-October timber futures have been on the up, with CME Group Lumber Futures closing up 7 per cent at $340.10 per thousands board feet last week.

The reason FRA and other analysts are backing lumber as a long-term investment bet are three-fold. Firstly, the recovery of the US housing market is spurring on the market for timber. Housing starts are expected to reach 1.15 million by 2014, which is a huge improvement on the 730,000 currently being started each year.

The demand from Asia for exported timber is another reason that there is money to be made in the timber market, claims FRA. For example, exported softwood from British Columbia in Canada to China this year will total some 4.5 billion board feet. This is up from less than half a million board feet just five years ago.

Lastly, the supply of timber is thought to be short of demand levels in the years to come. “This is likely to push up timber prices even further, presenting good opportunities for those who have invested now to sell their timber at a tidy profit,” added FRA’s analysis partner, Peter Collins.

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FRA welcomes Timber Investment Endorsement

FRA has welcomed a recent endorsement of timber and forestry investment from Adam Waldman of GreenWorld, through an article written for

Bainbridge Island, WA, December 07, 2012 - Forestry Research Associates (FRA) has welcomed a recent endorsement of timber and forestry investment from Adam Waldman of GreenWorld, through an article written for He points out that, while many people may not have thought about timber as an asset class option before, institutional investors are starting to see the potential in timber and individual investors should too.

Mr Waldman gives the example of how Harvard University is investing large amounts into forestry and timber, along with a major Russian and Chinese joint venture, which has recently decided to invest $200 million in the asset class.

FRA, a research and analysis organisation specialising in timber investment, has welcomed the article and backs Mr Waldman’s claims that forestry investment can provide a very effective hedge against inflation. He even points out that timber can act as a more affordable hedge than precious metals as timber prices follow general price trends, in much the same way as gold and silver.

As well as this benefit, he also points out the returns on timber investment have been very good over the past decade, outperforming stocks and shares returns by a considerable margin. FRA’s analysis partner, Peter Collins, added that forestry also provides a very good means of diversifying a portfolio against risk at a time when the stock market remains extremely volatile.

“If your trees reach maturity but timber prices aren’t that great, you can simply leave them growing and watch your asset gain value in front of your eyes, ready for a market upturn,” stated Mr Collins, In this way, timber investment is a relatively risk-averse investment, claims FRA.

FRA supports a number of forestry investment schemes all over the world, including Greenwood Management’s sustainable plantations in Brazil. These offer individuals the chance to invest in their own section of timberland for as little as $15,000.

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Gate One Marketing New Internet Marketing Course

Gate One Marketing's New Internet Marketing Training Course Opens on December 5th , 2012.

Green Cove Springs, FL, December 05, 2012 - Gate One Marketing has opened our new 4 week Internet Marketing Training Course that covers all aspects on Internet Marketing with the steps you need to understand and master each stage in your climb in successful Internet Marketing.

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NoorVitamins Announces First Ever 100% Halal Vitamin D “Sunshine Vitamin”

The all natural Vitamin D softgel from NoorVitamins ( is the first halal certified Vitamin D on the market.

Bellerose, NY, December 07, 2012 - NoorVitamins ( customers have grown to expect only the highest quality halal vitamins and supplements from them since 2011. Therefore, NoorVitamins is pleased to announce the first ever 100% all natural, halal certified Vitamin D softgel.

These are the first halal certified vitamin D product on the market today. This option is needed by Muslims since they are at higher risk for Vitamin D deficiency. First, Islamic tradition encourages modest dress which limits direct skin exposure to sunlight. Second, most vitamin D products contain pork based ingredients, consumption of which is prohibited in Islam.

Dr. Salahudin Kuo, NoorVitamins’ director of community outreach says NoorVitamins has been working on this product for some time. Dr. Kuo adds that, “Vitamin D deficiency disproportionately afflicts our (Muslim) communities and families, and we’re excited to offer our customers a halal compliant option to meet their needs.”

First Ever 100% All Natural Halal Vitamin D Softgel
Unlike any other product in the market today, NoorVitamins’ Vitamin D Softgel
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The Need for Halal Vitamin D Supplement
Vitamin D is critical for all adults and children for calcium absorption, bone health, and muscle strength. Often called “The Sunshine Vitamin,” Vitamin D is synthesized in the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight. A Muslim’s modest dress prevents this natural process to occur. Furthermore, Muslims’ only options were Vitamin D supplements containing pork based ingredients including gelatin, and other artificial ingredients that strict halal abiding Muslims deterred from taking. Therefore, the need for a halal supplement for Vitamin D became an increasingly prominent issue. NoorVitamins’ newest product solves these concerns.

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About NoorVitamins ™
NoorVitamins™, a division of Noor Pharmaceuticals, is a US-based pharmaceutical company owned and operated by Muslim physicians and pharmacists. All NoorVitamins products are halal certified and manufactured in FDA-GMP certified facilities. NoorVitamins’ mission is to provide the Muslim community with high quality halal vitamins and supplements in order to promote a healthy and halal lifestyle.

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