Friday, September 2, 2011

Flag Connections Offers Special Labor Day Sale on Flag and Medal Display Cases

As cities around the United States prepare for parades, festivals and other events to celebrate the important role of workers in the country, Flag Connections has announced a special Labor Day promotion.

Deer Park, NY, September 03, 2011 - As cities around the United States prepare for parades, festivals and other events to celebrate the important role of workers in the country, Flag Connections has announced a special Labor Day promotion.

This money-saving, weekend-long promotion makes Flag Connections' high-quality flag and medal display cases available to working men and women at special, reduced prices. These cases are perfect for displaying the memorial flags and medals of soldiers and law enforcements officers who have worked so hard to keep the United States a free, safe place to live.

The first item included in the Flag Connections' Labor Day Sale is the high-qualify flag display case frame. Made from genuine wood, the display case accommodates the 5-foot by 9.5-foot burial flag traditionally draped over the caskets of fallen soldiers and law enforcement officers. For the Labor Day Sale, this attractive keepsake flag display frame has been discounted by $10.

The Labor Day Sale also features Flag Connections' large flag and medal display case, which is being sold for more than 10 percent off its regular price in honor of the holiday. In addition to holding a 5-foot by 9.5-foot American flag in its triangular top frame, the case also features a lower, rectangular frame that measures 10.25 inches wide by 15.5 inches tall by 2.38 inches deep. The display frame is perfect for holding medals for military service or achievements earned by law enforcement officers. A versatile piece, the flag and medal display case can also alternately hold an 8.5-inch by 11-inch certificate or photograph.

Both the Flag Connections' flag display case frame and the large flag and medal display case included in the Labor Day Sale are fully personalizeable. For a small fee, buyers can have up to four lines of text engraved on a black or brass nameplate to complete the tribute to a living or deceased servicemember, veteran or law enforcement officer.

The Flag Connections Labor Day Sale runs from Friday, September 2 through Monday, September 5.

David Elgavisch
Net Connections
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MDP Publicity Announces Addition of Italiaoutdoors, Cactus Language Vacations/Training and Munich Airport to Client Roster

Meryl D. Pearlstein, president, announces the appointment of MDP Publicity to conduct public relations campaigns for Italiaoutdoors, Cactus Language Vacations/Training and Munich Airport.

New York, NY, September 03, 2011 - Meryl D. Pearlstein, president, announces the appointment of MDP Publicity to conduct public relations campaigns for Italiaoutdoors, Cactus Language Vacations/Training and Munich Airport.

Italiaoutdoors is a purveyor of customized active culinary tours in Northeastern Italy, combining active biking, skiing and hiking adventures with world-class culinary programs. Programs also include cooking classes, wine tastings, and restaurant dining which explore the best in local regional cuisine and undiscovered wines. Itineraries are rounded out with city visits, shopping, cultural excursions or just relaxing poolside. The owners -- experts in fitness, food, and the region --personally lead each tour. ,,

Cactus is one of the world’s leading language training companies. Founded in 1998, with headquarters in New York and the UK, Cactus’s expert team delivers quality language training to individuals and businesses. Cactus helps over 15,000 people every year learn more than 30 languages, in 60 countries and at 500 destinations worldwide. Programs also include language vacations for both adults and children, comprised of classes mixed with tours and activities; cultural awareness training; and full-immersion language holidays. For those unable to travel, evening and part-time group language courses are also offered. 1-888-577-8451 Twitter: @cactuslanguage Facebook:

Munich Airport, founded in 1992, is an “airport city” and one of the most efficient and most attractive hubs in the world. Travelers’ comforts are primary with Internet points, WiFi, child day care and changing facilities, free showers, porter service, Napcabs, recreation areas for children and adults, and seasonal sports such as beach volleyball courts and ice skating rinks. A Christmas market and summer surfing attract nearby residents as well. Begun June 2011, VIP service is available on request to all passengers with chauffeured limousines from and to the aircraft plus a VIP open-air garden, bar, bath and shower facilities, cigar lounge and private suites for resting. .

For more information, please visit or follow the Agency on Twitter @merylpearlstein or on Facebook at MDP Publicity.

Meryl Pearlstein
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Stand Out Author Connie Podesta Reveals 3-Steps to Out-Perform the Competition

After coaching, counseling, interviewing and speaking to hundreds of thousands of people in all industries, it's become clear to Connie Podesta, author of "10 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd," that three areas demand full focus and attention to ensure success in the business world: Strengths, skills, and self-improvement.

Dallas, TX, September 02, 2011 (Straight Line PR) -- Success really is as easy as 1-2-3, says award-winning author Connie Podesta. First, we must leverage our strengths whenever and wherever possible. Second, take every opportunity to develop the skills necessary to reach our goals. And third, commit to a plan for self-improvement so we can overcome any limitations that stand in the way of achieving the results we want.

"Success is not just about focusing on your strengths while failing to commit to self-development and continuous growth," says Podesta in her new book "10 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd" ( ). "Success is about stretching yourself beyond your limits and developing new strengths from existing shortcomings."

Here's the shortlist on how to do just that:

Leverage Your Strengths: This is one of the smartest decisions a person can ever make. Strengths are the things we were born to do. The things we love to do. Using them naturally enhances our mood and builds confidence. Surprisingly, though, many people can't pinpoint their strengths. So dive in right now with pen, paper, or word processor. List every last strength inside, keeping in mind that successful people know exactly what strengths they can pull from at a moment's notice.

Develop Strong Skills: This is all about supporting and complementing our strengths, says Podesta (more STAND OUT STRATEGIES can be found at ). Few strengths can stand on their own without great skills to back them up.

The difference between strengths and skills is that skills don't always come easily. Think of the things we rocked growing up (strengths) and the things we later picked up in school (skills). So identify, learn, practice, and stay up-to-date with skills in order to turn a mediocre strength into a major contender and virtual powerhouse of talent.

Commit to a Plan for Self-Improvement: Once we have our power of strengths and skills, we need a source for that power. Begin a plan for self-improvement, where we look for our limitations instead of our strengths. As Podesta advises, "The most powerful strength you can have is truly knowing yourself." Our limitations do not have to define us. They are simply our personal set of unique challenges. So start aiming to turn limitations into "abilities" instead of "liabilities."

One. Two. Three.


"These are the tools you need to begin to create the successful future you desire," says Podesta. "Add a sense of purpose and the incentive to be the best you can be... and you can't help but stand out from the crowd." Her YouTube video, "Motivational Speaker Connie Podesta on Your Strengths" can be found at

About Connie Podesta:
Connie Podesta ( ) brings new meaning to the term "powerhouse." With quick wit and extraordinary insight, she makes people both laugh and think. She compels both audience members and readers alike to create action plans that build strong foundations and even stronger futures. She cuts to the basics, giving people reliable, repeatable success strategies that make change feel more like opportunity than obstacle. Podesta is an important, game-changing addition to any corporate event.

For more information on Connie Podesta's schedule and availability or to learn more about her award winning book "10 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd" and the keynote topics that spring from it, contact her team today at 972-596-5501, via email at or visit her website online at

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