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Eating Recovery Center Encourages Healthy Choices in Preparation for Summer Fun, Food and Fashion

Eating Disorders Treatment Center Urges Individuals to Avoid Five Dangerous Springtime Weight Loss Behaviors

Denver, CO, April 25, 2012 - As a barrage of advertisements urging men and women to begin weight loss programs in preparation for summer activities hit the airwaves and span the pages of magazines, Eating Recovery Center (, an international center for eating disorders recovery, urges springtime dieting caution. Because diets are one of the most common eating disorders triggers, Eating Recovery Center advises individuals to think twice before beginning “quick fix” weight loss regimens and to consult a physician before engaging in diet or exercise programs.

A 2010 Experian Simmons DataStream survey showed that dieting among American women peaked in late spring/early summer, a timeframe in which a reported 48.5 percent of women said they were currently dieting. Too often, efforts to prepare for summer turn to unhealthy – and sometimes even dangerous – weight loss behaviors with the goal of feeling more comfortable in swimsuits and form-fitting, revealing summer clothing and “looking good” for activities such as vacations and weddings.

“In general society tends to support, encourage and even applaud dieting that is perceived as preparatory for an event or time of year,” said Julie Holland, MHS, CEDS, chief marketing officer of Eating Recovery Center. “This ‘community-supported’ weight loss is dangerous because it could potentially send someone down the path of developing an eating disorder, while his or her friends and family unknowingly encourage unhealthy behaviors.”

In an effort to prevent dangerous summertime behaviors that could potentially trigger eating disorders, Eating Recovery Center urges individuals to avoid the five most common weight loss and dieting behaviors:

1. Restrictive diets: Gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan diets and cleanses have been popularized by celebrities as seemingly successful methods for slimming down. Some people have food allergies or medical conditions for which these types of restrictive diets can be helpful. However, for the vast majority, removing entire food categories from a diet can rob the body of essential nutrients and kick-start a pattern of food restriction.

2. “Thinspiration”: While social networking sites such as Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram have restricted users from posting pro-eating disorders content, thinspiration still runs rampant online. What may start as casually posting photos of men and women at an individual’s “goal weight” or “ideal” body shape can quickly spiral out of control and drive unrealistic, obsessive thinking and behaviors.

3. Crash or fad diets: Dieting is the most common behavior that triggers eating disorders. Furthermore, diets simply do not work; about 95 percent of people who lose weight by dieting will regain the weight in one to five years.

4. Excessive exercise: Over-exercising can result in excessive wear and tear on muscles, bones and joints. Furthermore, if individuals do not rest and give their bodies time to recuperate, injuries can quickly follow.

5. Diet pills or aids: Diet pills, diuretics and other over-the-counter weight loss aids promise users a quick fix. However, the long-term consequences of diet pill use can include irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems and – in serious cases – even death.

“Any weight loss regimen that seems too good to be true almost certainly is,” explains Holland. “Rather than looking for a ‘quick fix,’ make a choice to practice a healthier, sustainable lifestyle that emphasizes body acceptance and realistic goals and focuses on moderation.”

Eating Recovery Center recommends that anyone seeking to begin a weight loss program first consult a physician. Individuals with a family history of eating disorders who engage in weight loss behaviors are at a significantly higher risk of triggering an eating disorder.

Visit for more information about eating disorders support and recommendations for ways to intervene should a loved one’s weight loss regimen go too far.

About Eating Recovery Center
Eating Recovery Center is an international center for eating disorders recovery providing comprehensive treatment for anorexia, bulimia, EDNOS and binge eating disorder. Denver-based facilities include the Behavioral Hospital for Adults, the Behavioral Hospital for Children and Adolescents, and the Partial Hospitalization Program and Outpatient Services. In addition, Eating Recovery Center, in partnership with Summit Eating Disorders and Outreach Program, offers Partial Hospitalization and Outpatient Services in Sacramento, California, as well as Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Services in Fresno and Roseville. Under the personal guidance and care of Drs. Kenneth Weiner, Craig Johnson, Emmett Bishop and Ovidio Bermudez, our collaborative programs provide a full spectrum of services for children, adolescents and adults. Our integrated programs offer patients a continuum of care that includes Inpatient, Residential, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient services. Our compassionate team of professionals collaborates with treating professionals and loved ones to cultivate lasting behavioral change. For more information please contact us at 877-218-1344 or or confidentially chat live on our website at

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Notre Dame College Announces Tuition Deferment for Nurses in Online RN to BSN Program

Online RN to BSN students using tuition benefits from their employer can now defer payment until they’ve been reimbursed

South Euclid, Ohio, April 25, 2012 - Notre Dame College (NDC) has announced a new benefit for its online RN to BSN degree students: tuition deferment. With many students receiving tuition reimbursement from their employers, the program is being offered in an effort to eliminate the need for students to pay out of pocket and wait to be reimbursed. Under the new deferment program, NDC will provide students taking advantage of employer-provided tuition assistance up to eight weeks to pay for a previous semester’s courses.

“Many top hospitals are now requiring nurses to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and Notre Dame College understands the need for flexibility both in course delivery and payment,” said Beth Ford, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at NDC. “While tuition for our online RN to BSN degree is the lowest of any Ohio institution, we recognize that for many students, waiting to be reimbursed for school costs by their employer is still a financial burden. This enables students to complete the training they need without taking out loans or pinching pennies to pay in advance for what will ultimately be covered by their tuition benefits.”

Current and prospective students interested in enrolling in the tuition deferment program should contact Adult Admissions at 216.373.5250 for more information.

“The flexibility that tuition deferment provides is incredibly helpful,” said Carmen Whatley, RN, and an online RN to BSN student at Notre Dame College. “I’m working full time as a nurse and taking care of my family, so the option to earn my BSN entirely online and wait to pay tuition until I've been reimbursed by my employer was important. However, what has impressed me the most has been the amazing support my instructors have provided and the sense of community even though I'm learning online.”

Tuition deferment is not the only new enhancement to NDC’s RN to BSN program. Notre Dame College recently revised its transfer credit policies related to the program. NDC will now consider more types of transfer credits in an effort to remove barriers for students who have graduated with an associate’s degree in nursing, but who would like to advance their education and pursue their BSN. Additionally, NDC is also one of the few schools to offer a completely online RN to BSN program. Because RN to BSN students have already passed a state licensing exam and have demonstrated proficiency in a clinical environment, NDC does not require students to complete additional in-hospital clinical training during the program.

“Our all-online format is a nod to our students’ skill level,” said Beth Ford. “For students like ours that already have significant clinical experience, requiring more clinical training would be a redundant exercise and an unnecessary expense. Instead we prefer to devote time to the courses that develop the leadership, management and critical thinking skills students need to advance in their career.”

For more information about Notre Dame College or its online degree programs, visit In addition to the online RN to BSN degree, NDC offers several other online programs as well, including a Master of Education degree (M.Ed.), a Master of Arts in Security Policy and Teacher Education Evening Licensure (TEEL).

About Notre Dame College:
Notre Dame College, a Catholic institution in the tradition of the Sisters of Notre Dame, educates a diverse population in the liberal arts for personal, professional and global responsibility. NDC offers bachelor’s degrees in 30 disciplines plus interdisciplinary programs and self-designed majors. A master’s degree in education and a teacher certification program are available as well as continuing and professional development programs for adult learners. Notre Dame College offers 22 athletic programs for men and women, including football.

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Georgia Electrical Contractor Thriving in the Commercial Construction Industry

Over the past several years most construction companies have been faltering and many have been failing, but one Georgia electrical contractor has been thriving.

West Palm Beach, FL, April 25, 2012 - Over the past several years most construction companies have been faltering and many have been failing, but one Georgia electrical contractor has been thriving. Instead of hunkering down and trying to survive the storm, Karim Karimifard, owner of Nuvolt Electrical Services, made a smart business decision and decided to get aggressive and search for new business.

Since Nuvolt Electrical Services’ founding in 2002 through 2010, Karim shied away from larger commercial construction projects, deciding to focus on residential installations and light commercial repairs. Karim had utilized construction leads services in the past, but he found none to be beneficial to his business. He was still left with the daunting task of trying to communicate with each project contact, hunt down the project plan and specs, as well as assemble a bid on each project. Even after submitting his bid, he rarely heard any response from the General Contractors. After a while it just wasn’t worth the effort. That’s until January of 2011 when Senior Account Manager Wendy Best of EliteProNet contacted Karim, offering a new approach to “getting awarded work.”

EliteProNet utilizes a completely unique method of helping their subcontractors throughout the bidding process. Unlike traditional “lead services”, EliteProNet is based on establishing relationships. Each customer is assigned a dedicated Project Coordinator that works with them on a daily basis. Nuvolt Electrical Services has the luxury of working with Georgia Senior Project Coordinator, Kyle Conlan. As with all EliteProNet Project Coordinators, Kyle sends all his subcontractors emails daily with new projects and status updates, keeping them up to date on every bidding opportunity. All projects are organized in an easy to use online dashboard including all plans, specs and project contacts. But that’s not even the best part. Once Nuvolt submits their bids through EliteProNet’s system, Kyle immediately goes into overdrive. He will seek out every general contractor bidding the project, delivering the bid to each one of them and more importantly seek feedback that can assist Nuvolt in negotiating an award.

Since joining EliteProNet, Nuvolt has been awarded 9 projects directly totaling over $290,000. Not to mention the numerous additional projects awarded from the new contractor relationships. Prior to 2011, Nuvolt generated very little revenue from commercial construction projects. Today the largest part of their business is in commercial work generated from EliteProNet.

Karim is a proud to be a member of the EliteProNet Construction Network, thanking Kyle and Wendy almost on a daily basis.

EliteProNet provides services in Florida, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, and Georgia. EliteProNet corporate headquarters are located at 224 Datura, St. Suite 101, West Palm Beach, FL 33401. For more information please call (877) 656-4706 or visit

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Fish for Life Announces its 2nd Annual Texas Hold’em Tournament

Saturday May 5, 2012 at the Bella Collina Golf Course, San Clemente, CA

San Clemente, CA, April 25, 2012 - Today, Fish for Life announced that it will host its 2nd Annual Texas Hold’em Tournament on Saturday, May 5th at the Bella Collina Golf Course clubhouse in San Clemente. The event is set to start at 6:00pm and will accommodate 150 players. It will help raise money to sponsor Fish for Life’s unique fishing trips for special needs children and young adults for the 2012 summer season.

Fish for Life, a nonprofit organization has been “spreading the love one boat at a time” since 2009, with its first maiden voyage launching out of Dana Point Harbor. Since that time it has hosted several more half day fishing trips off the coast of Southern CA and expanding into Chicago in 2011. Later this year, the organization will be adding trips in Toronto on Lake Ontario.

These “trips” start with each special angler honored with a bio introduction as they proceed down a red carpet to cheers and high-fives before boarding. They are partnered in small groups with experienced fishing team leaders and support crew where they receive some basic fishing skills before dropping their lines in the water. Additional volunteers peruse the decks seeing if they can cater to any needs and serve food. As the boat returns to the dock, awards are given to each angler in recognition of their skills. The energy on the boat is always fun, loving, and caring with most families commenting, “Words can never express our sincerest appreciation for the amazing Fish for Life event.”

“We’re excited to kick off our second annual event since we had such a great time last year and were able to fund a couple of trips. This year, we’re planning another fun evening with great prizes, food and entertainment. But really, we’re excited about how this evening will raise money to give special needs kids and their families a life changing experience of love and appreciation,” said the special needs organization’s founder, Jim Holden.

Poker players will enjoy this special tournament as they get the chance to play should-to-shoulder with former NFL stars, including former Rams quarterback Jim Everett, Hoby Brenner and Dave Wilson from the New Orleans Saints, Lance Scott form the Giants, and Kirk Dodge from Detroit. Plus, the events MC will be World Poker Tour pro, Kenna James, with live blues performed by Ty Moss, a Grammy member and songwriter for Carlos Santana.

In addition to Texas Hold’em, participants can try their luck at Blackjack, Craps and Let-It-Ride with chances to win big prizes including a 3 night stay with a day of fishing at the Van Wormers luxury resort on the East Cape, a 2 night stay at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel, a foursome golf pass at the Bella Collina Golf Course, and more. Those interested should go to the Fish for Life website at: and reserve their spot before they’re gone. All this fun, entertainment, prizes and food only requires a $100 tax-deductible donation. For more information, call Jim Holden at (949) 285-8819.

About Fish For Life (
Fish for Life is a non-profit organization based in southern California with chapters in Chicago and Toronto. Its charter is to enhance the lives of special needs individuals by inviting them to enjoy a life-changing half-day fishing trip on the sea. For more information, log onto or contact Jim Holden at (949) 285-8819 or

Jim Holden
Fish For Life
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(949) 285-8819

Kasasa Changes The Face of Local Banking in Portland

Northwest Resource Introduces Kasasa, a Striking Alternative to the Mega Bank Rollercoaster

Portland, OR, April 24, 2012 - Northwest Resource asks consumers, “Do you Kasasa?” as it becomes the first financial institution in Portland to launch the country’s most innovative financial products.

Kasasa® is a new brand of free checking and savings accounts that pays consumers to use their account with what interests them most—high interest or automatic savings. These accounts, combined with the personal service that only community financial institutions can deliver, are offering residents a better checking account option than the mega bank experience.

“Consumers deserve to wake up to happier days of banking and leave behind the nightmare of mega bank fees and mistreatment. We are pleased to be the first in Portland to offer these unique products,” said Kim Faucher, VP of Marketing at Northwest Resource. “Kasasa delivers what research shows people really want but believe they can’t have—great financial products with the personal service of a community based financial institution.”

Northwest Resource is offering two Kasasa financial products, including Kasasa Cash? and Kasasa Saver?. All Kasasa products are free, reward-based accounts, with no minimum balance to earn the rewards, no monthly service fee, free online banking and nationwide ATM fee refunds.

Kasasa Cash - A free checking account that rewards consumers with high interest for every month they qualify.

Kasasa Saver - A free, high interest saver account linked to a Kasasa Cash checking account. The interest and ATM fee refunds earned in the Kasasa Cash account are automatically deposited into the Kasasa Saver account when the account holders qualify. The balance in the Kasasa Saver account also earns a high rate of interest.

To receive the Kasasa account benefits, each monthly qualification cycle account holders are asked to do a few simple things like, receive an eStatement, use a debit card a minimum number of times, and have an electronic transaction (such as direct deposit) post and clear their account. If an account holder does not meet the qualifications in a given month, Northwest Resource will alert the individual, who will be eligible the following month for the benefits.

“Extensive research has shown us that consumers would prefer to do business with community financial institutions, but feel they would lose access to products,” continued Faucher.

“Kasasa is opening people’s eyes to a new banking model where no sacrifices are necessary. It’s a win-win because account holders get innovative products and personalized service.”

In 2009, Kasasa was piloted in six other markets across the U.S. In just the first two months of offering Kasasa, participating community financial institutions reported growth rates upwards of 150% on new account openings and 372% in deposits at institutions focused on deposit growth.

Kasasa is being introduced with an aggressive, highly engaging marketing campaign. It comes to life through a fresh mix of eye-popping advertising, the likes of which exceed the typical mega bank’s high-budget programs. The ads feature America’s top slam poets riffing lyrical threads around the theme of “Do you Kasasa?”

Kasasa is distributed to Northwest Resource from BancVue, the leading provider of innovative products, dynamic marketing, and data-driven consulting solutions to community financial institutions nationwide to help them win the war against the megabanks.

For more information on Kasasa accounts, consumers can visit or

Do you Kasasa?
Kasasa® is the first national brand of the most innovative checking accounts available today. The accounts, offered exclusively by the finest community financial institutions, are designed to be the first and only accounts that actually take an interest in their account holders by paying them to use their account with what interests them most—high interest, cash back, automatic savings, money to donate to charity or iTunes® or downloads. Kasasa, developed and distributed by BancVue, marries innovative banking products with the personal touch of community financial institutions. For more information, visit

About Northwest Resource:
Northwest Resource Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative established in 1935 as the credit union for NW Natural employees. Today, Northwest Resource has $91 million in assets and is federally chartered to serve people who live, work, worship, or attend school in Portland’s central city neighborhoods. For more information, visit or call (503) 220-2592 or (800) 942-9408.

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BancVue’s Moneyisland Wins Eifle Award for instructional Game of the year

BancVue launched MoneyIsland in March 2011 as a customized, online financial literacy solution for community financial institutions.

Austin, TX, April 24, 2012 - BancVue, the leading provider of innovative products, dynamic marketing, and data-driven consulting solutions to community financial institutions around the country, today announced its MoneyIsland™ product has won an Excellence In Financial Literacy Education™ (EIFLE) award for instructional game of the year, electronic.

The Institute for Financial Literacy (, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization whose mission is to promote effective financial education and counseling, presented the EIFLE awards at the Annual Conference on Financial Education in Orlando, Florida.

BancVue launched MoneyIsland in March 2011 as a customized, online financial literacy solution for community financial institutions. A one-of-a-kind educational tool geared to ‘tweens’ age 8 to 14, MoneyIsland’s built-in curriculum addresses three key financial categories: Saving and Spending, Earning and Investing, and Using Credit Wisely.

MoneyIsland has been very successful since it’s introduction to the marketplace, and is currently offered by 97 community banks and credit unions across the U.S. and Guam.

According to Gabe Krajicek, Chief Executive Officer of BancVue, community financial institutions providing MoneyIsland to account holders, local schools, and non-profit organizations not only fulfill responsibilities of the Community Reinvestment Act, they help build a better future for America's youth.

“MoneyIsland is clearly a compelling value proposition for our community banking partners and for their account holders,” said Krajicek. “We’re honored that The Institute for Financial Literacy has recognized the program and included us among the leaders in the field of financial literacy education.”

The EIFLE awards were created by The Institute for Financial Literacy six years ago as a way to acknowledge innovation, dedication, and a strong commitment to financial literacy education. The awards promote the effective delivery of consumer financial products, services, and education by acknowledging the accomplishments of those that advance financial literacy education.

“We’ve learned that the best way to get financial literacy programs like MoneyIsland into schools and in front of kids is through community banks and credit unions,” says Felix Brandon Lloyd, a former Washington, D.C. Teacher of the Year, creator of MoneyIsland, and BancVue’s Chief Professor. “It’s exciting to think how many children around the country will gain access to much-needed financial education through BancVue’s extensive network of clients.”

MoneyIsland is just one of the game-changing innovations BancVue has brought to community financial institutions. With offerings including Kasasa®, a national brand of superior products, and Kasasa 360®, a recently-introduced online money management platform that helps drive revenues and cross-sell opportunities, BancVue is empowering its network of over 5,000 branches nationwide compete and win against the megabanks.

About BancVue
BancVue is the leading provider of innovative products, world-class marketing, and data-driven consulting solutions to community financial institutions across the U.S. Featuring offerings like Kasasa®, a dynamic suite of banking solutions that make a difference with innovative accounts and money management tools, BancVue products are designed to deliver controlled new account growth, higher profitability, and increased customer retention. For more information, visit

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