Saturday, October 5, 2013

Get Amazing Free Shea Butter Recipes From Better Shea Butter

Better Shea Butter offer a free recipe book that shows buyers the versatility of their high grade Shea Butter. This e-book is regularly updated and packed full with great tips and recipes for using Shea Butter.

Houston, TX, October 06, 2013 - Better Shea Butter is one of the leading retailers of Shea Butter on In addition to supplying a premium quality natural beauty product, this company is dedicated to ensuring that customers can unlock the full potential of Shea Butter with the supply of a free recipe book.

Buying Shea Butter can be a hit and miss experience for many first time purchasers. There are plenty of products available, although the quality can be highly variable. However, Better Shea Butter customers like Joel Bartlett have nothing but praise for the quality of this product:

“This is a very high quality Shea Butter, suitable for any project. The product smells great, almost like chocolate when blended with a sweet oil, like coconut. The texture is outstanding and it’s packaged well. The seller really cares about quality, and it shows.”

Company spokesperson Ms. Girard is extremely proud of the their high grade product and explains that Better Shea Butter wanted to show customers how versatile their product is, which is why they supply free Shea Butter recipes:

“Shea Butter is an amazing product. You can use it to create a wide range of beauty treatments for your skin and hair. It’s one of the most multipurpose, natural products that every home should have. This is why we supply free Shea Butter recipes, giving our customers plenty of inspiration.”

With 13 handy recipes for treating everything from eczema through to making whipped Shea Butter and homemade sunscreen, this is an excellent addition. For Mr. Bartlett, the free Shea Butter recipes have been a great bonus:

“The free recipe booklet (downloaded separately) offers great tips for working with Shea Butter and many ideas for your own creations like body butter, chap stick, soap, and more. Not the cheapest option but if quality matters it's more than worth it.”

Testament to Better Shea Butter’s commitment to excellent customer service, they regularly update their recipes and add new tips. This is a resource that goes well beyond the initial Shea Butter purchase and a great reference for anyone wanting to enjoy the full benefits of this all natural product.

Lisa Girard
Better Shea Butter
9310 Rhythm Lane
Houston, TX 77040