Thursday, February 7, 2013

No Love Lost Among Neighbors: McKissock Teaches Land Surveyors about Property Disputes

Highly Rated Course Helps Land Surveying Professionals Navigate Land Wars

Warren, PA, February 07, 2013 - McKissock, a leader in continuing education, knows that even around Valentine’s Day, there is no love lost between neighbors disputing land rights. In fact, territorial disputes have existed as long as humans and they can get quite ugly. To learn how to handle these disputes, McKissock offers land surveyor education opportunities, one of which is a three-hour elective course for called “Disputes Between Adjoining Landowners.”

This land surveyor education course, “Disputes Between Adjoining Landowners,” looks at the basis of claims to property and explains some of the terms that recur when people claim to use or own land. Land surveyors often find there is more than one opinion as to the location of interests and boundary lines between adjoiners. This course addresses such disagreements and some of their legally prescribed resolutions, including adverse possession, quiet title actions, estoppel, boundary line commissions and boundary line agreements.

“Land surveyors are often called upon to determine important boundaries and find themselves in the middle of unpleasant disputes,” says Annie Creek, Business Development Manager at McKissock. “However, this course contiuously receives high marks and positive feedback for preparing land surveyors as they enter into these challenging situations.”

Other top-rated courses offered by McKissock include:

* Mapping Floodplains: A Legal and Scientific Process; a course that integrates both the technical and legal aspects of mapping in order to provide an understanding for appropriate mapping and map change application approvals.

* Evidence, Exhibits and Testimony; a course that offers topical knowledge on law of evidence, civil lawsuits, trial processes and professional practice.

* Boundaries and Monuments; a course that identifies the importance of research and preparation when determining boundary locations and stresses the critical nature of protecting monuments send by all land surveyors.

* Fundamentals of Boundary Control; a course that introduces land surveying professionals to the world of property laws and boundary principles preparing them for professional licensure.

On a lighter note, do you need a better understanding of what exactly land surveyors do? McKissock recently released a meme-inspired video called, “What is a Land Surveyor?” The video takes a humorous look at what moms, clients and the world think land surveyors do versus what they actually do on a daily basis.

McKissock is a trusted resource for the most up-to-date regulation and compliance information. An approved education provider in almost every state, McKissock offers required state-specific courses that home inspection and land surveying professionals need to keep their licenses current.

To learn more about McKissock, visit On the site, you can select a state for information on approved land surveying, engineering and home inspection courses. McKissock offers customizable packages, individual courses, correspondence books (for states that accept them), and a free license renewal reminder service.

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