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Vendange Carmel Inn and Suites Carmel-by-the-Sea’s Only Wine Themed Hotel Launches New Wine Themed Room By Holman Ranch Vineyards

Vendange Carmel Inn and Suites has partnered with 14 local Monterey County wineries to create a unique guest experience celebrating the bounty of Monterey County’s vineyards.

Carmel, CA, August 13, 2014 – Vendange Carmel Inn and Suites has partnered with 14 local Monterey County wineries to create a unique guest experience celebrating the bounty of Monterey County’s vineyards. Each winery sponsors one room or suite, providing its own creative touches. From the McIntyre Vineyards room with its impressive 100-year-old section of grapevine to J. Lohr’s plush bathrobes, every winery’s room offers a signature luxury experience.

This August, Vendange Carmel Inn and Suites launched its newest wine themed room by Holman Ranch Vineyards.

Background on Holman Ranch Vineyards:
• Holman Ranch is located at the north eastern tip of the Carmel Valley, California. Holman Ranch estate-grown wine varietals are planted on approximately 19 acres of undulating terrain. The wines produced are unfined and crafted to deliver the true varietal of the grape from harvest to bottle. The climate and terroir of the appellation has played a critical part in the success of their wines. The warmth of the inland valley coupled with the cooling marine layer has proven to be an ideal microclimate for the production of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. The vineyards' Burgundy Clones have thrived from the perfect blend of ideal climate, southern exposure and thin rocky soils.

• The estate wines of Holman Ranch include: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Rosé of Pinot Noir. Carefully hand-harvested, cold pressed and bottled, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from the fruits of our trees has a delightfully distinctive flavor.

The Holman Ranch Vineyards room brings the rustic flavor of Holman Ranch to quaint Carmel-by-the-Sea. The room incorporates design elements similar to what you find on the ranch and provides a comfortable, homey and unpretentious charm! Don’t miss the artwork adorning the wall of the Holman Ranch Vineyard room. You are transported to the vineyard overlooking the beauty of Carmel Valley!

Vendange Rooms Overview:
• The cozy rooms have sleek, modern bathrooms finished with imported Spanish marble.
• Views of both the Inn’s beautiful gardens and the Carmel skyline are plentiful.
• Sleeping areas are appointed with memory foam-top beds, deluxe linens, and high-definition flat screen televisions - not that you’ll want to stay indoors.

Cottage Suite:
• The separate Cottage Suite offers a generous 650 square feet of living space. With a California King bed, 50” high definition flat screen television, gas fireplace and kitchenette, it’s the perfect place for a honeymoon or romantic weekend getaway.

Wine Themed Rooms:
• Blaire Estate
• Holman Ranch Vineyards
• Dawn’s Dream
• Galante
• J. Lohr
• Joullian
• Manzoni
• McIntyre
• Otter Cove
• Pierce Winery
• Tudor
• Twisted Roots
• Ventana
• Cima Collina

Wine Room Highlights:
Twisted Roots King Suite
Twisted Roots believes in letting the grapes speak for themselves. They feel that the work in the vineyard is where the wines get their flavor and overall complexity. As "Green Growers" they follow sustainable farming practices throughout the entire wine making process. In creating the Twisted Roots room, winemaker Josh Ruiz took the same philosophy to design as he does to making wines. Canvas pictures from the Twisted Roots vineyard adorn the walls, custom artwork made from barrels, rod iron and wine bottles show case the bar and more!

Ventana Vineyards:
Ventana Vineyards believes great wines are made in the vineyard, and the Ventana Vineyard has the perfect combination of water, soil, climate, art and science to create superb, world-class wines. Our success is evidenced by the number of awards that we have won over the years on wine made from this remarkable property. In fact, wines from our Ventana Vineyard have earned more medals and awards than any other single vineyard in America. When creating their Ventana Vineyards wine themed room they brought the story of the vineyard to the room.

• Custom canvas prints grace the walls telling the story of the vineyards.
• The winemaker’s story can be found on the room for all to enjoy.
• A Ventana Vineyards wine barrel has been converted into a custom snack bar full of delicious Ventana Vineyard logoed snacks and wine!
• The bed has a logoed throw and the walls have actually small vines from the vineyard affixed to them.

J. Lohr:
Flavorful wines, quite literally “wines full of flavor” are the mission at J. Lohr. J. Lohr’s unwavering focus on flavors sounds so simple, yet it’s surprisingly complex. Achieving the best flavor demands total control, every step of the way, and is the result of planting each site to its ideal grape variety and applying artisanal winemaking techniques, including extended maceration, barrel and malolactic fermentation, among others. When you stay in the J. Lohr room you soak up the flavor of the vineyard. From grapevine wreaths and a barrel on the balcony that offers the perfect table top to enjoy some wine and cheese to art from the vineyard and a custom J. Lohr wine display, you will as if you have been transported to the vineyard.

Additional Rooms with Unique Features:
• McIntyre Vineyards brought in a 5 foot vine from the vineyard that is the masthead for the bed as well as created custom glass lamps etched with the McIntyre wine label. Truly spectacular to view!

• Cima Collina has their vineyard artist create custom painting for the room made from wine barrels and rod iron as well as creating their own logoed bed side stand.

• The Inn offers breakfast daily and wine tasting on the weekends.
• Wines that are typically available only in partner wineries’ tasting rooms are also available to guests for purchase.
• Guests can relax with a glass of wine around the inviting fire pit in the garden and enjoy live music. (available most weekends)

Monterey County Wine Facts:
• Did you know? Monterey County is the one of the largest wine growing and producing regions in California which is one of the reasons why it was named as one of 2013's "Top Ten Wine Travel Destinations" in the world by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.
• In Carmel-by-the-Sea alone, you can spend a weekend wine-tasting without ever getting in a vehicle!
• Downtown Carmel-by-the-Sea has become a bona fide wine tasting destination, with enough tasting rooms to keep visitors busy for a weekend and even more about to open.
• Carmel Valley's tasting rooms (11 miles from Carmel-by-the-Sea) are not overly crowded and provide a warm, personal interaction with tasting hosts and winemakers.

Vendange is conveniently located a short drive away from the Monterey Peninsula Airport, just off of scenic Highway 1, with free parking for guests. We’re minutes away from downtown Carmel’s shopping and fine dining, scenic 17-Mile Drive, and the world-famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. Vendange Carmel is located at 24815 Carpenter St., Carmel, CA 93923. Telephone 831.624.6400, fax 831.624.5111. Website: www.vendangecarmel.com, email reservations@vendangecarmel.com

Marci Bracco Cain
Carmel, CA 93923

Transitioning from Postini to Vault: A to Z

About a year ago, Google announced that it was sunsetting Postini and transitioning to Vault.

Sunnyvale, CA, August 13, 2014 - About a year ago, Google announced that it was sunsetting Postini and transitioning to Vault. Now, it appears that this pronouncement may finally be happening. If you are Postini client, now is the time that you should prepare for the transition.

The good news is that you do not have to purchase Vault for this transition. If you are a Google Apps user, then all of your archived email data on Postini will be migrated to a new Vault account that will be added to your current Google Apps structure. If you are not a Google Apps user, then you will get both Google Apps and Vault.

How the Transition Works

Transition procedures for Postini Classic customers and Postini Hybrid customers differ.

If you’re a Postini Classic customer:

* You use only Postini; you’re not using Google Apps.

* You use an on-premise (non-Gmail) mail server.

The transition for Postini Classic customers includes updated mail routing when you begin the transition. For more details, please go to: support.google.com/a/answer/3508933

If you’re a Postini Hybrid customer:

* You're a Google Apps customer who can route mail to on-premise mail servers.

* In addition to Google Apps, you also use Postini message security or message discovery (archiving).

* You log in to the Google Admin console and the Postini Admin Console with separate login credentials.

The transition for Postini Hybrid customers includes reviewing your Google Apps configuration and modifying it if needed, and routing your mail through Google after beginning the transition process. For more details, please go to: support.google.com/a/answer/2938980

Post Transition Issues
After the transition, your Postini archive data will be transitioned and there should be no duplicate data because the Postini to Google Vault transition tool recognizes duplicates. In the event that some messages are duplicated, however, you should be able to delete them from Vault by creating a custom retention rule which matches only that specific message.

If you decided not to do transitioning to Google Apps from Postini, then there is no transition tool available to migrate the data. If your Postini domain transitions to Google Apps then all of the Google Message Discovery(GMD) data will be transferred to the domain's Google Vault automatically. The only other option beyond this is to export the Postini GMD data from your Postini Admin Console and then use Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange(GAMME) to transfer it to Google Vault.

What About Cost?
The good news, as mentioned above, is that no matter which Postini service you are using, you won’t have to make extra payment for the transition. That means your price will remain same as what you are currently paying for your Postini service; you can use Google Apps and Vault service while saving up to 87% of the cost. If you are currently using Postini GMD service, you will be transitioned to Google Apps Vault. If you are using Google Message Security(GMS) service for your email spam filtering, you will be transitioned to Google Apps for Business. In addition to that, price for Google Apps Vault will stay the same until 2016.

To learn more about Postini transitioning, contact Netkiller at info@netkiller.com or visit our website at www.netkiller.com. Netkiller is the Top Postini service provider in the Google Apps marketplace, and we have helped thousands of businesses to adopt Google’s Cloud Based Archiving Solution.

Netkiller PR contact:
440 N Wolfe Rd.,
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Tel. 408-641-0114

About Netkiller
Netkiller is a provider of cloud based productivity solutions based on Google Apps. We “Fill the GApps” by providing features and functionality needed by business users, but not provided by Google Apps. Netkiller products offers the best available document security and workflow management, inventory management, contacts management solution available on the cloud. Netkiller is a Google Enterprise Partner, and our solutions are pure Google Apps solutions developed using Google’s API’s and fully compatible with Google’s security protocols. Netkiller is based in the heart of Silicon Valley with offices in South Korea and India.

Harry Jung
440 N Wolfe Rd
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Real Estate Tech Academy Website Has Now Been Launched

Attention, realestatetechacademy.com was launched Friday August 1 at 8am PST. Real Estate Tech academy provides step by step video tutorials on how real estate agents can optimize technology, saving time and money in everyday language.

Las Vegas, NV, August 12, 2014 - Real Estate Tech Academy has officially launched their technology training website realestatetechacademy.com . The site went live Friday August 1 at 8am. It is designed to teach active real estate agents how optimize and simplify technology in their business. The first module, Social Media For Real Estate, has been in high demand for years. As technology has multiplied, the entire real estate process is changing with great speed and is often complex. Real Estate Tech Academy is the industry’s leading training resource.

The first module available is called Social Media For Real Estate. With over over 50 videos and nearly 15 hours of tutorials, any real estate agent will learn Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Hootsuite like the pros, to convert contacts to clients.

The founder of Real Estate Tech Academy, Daren Phillipy, shared how he came up with this concept "The demand for real estate agents to be efficient in their technology is at an all time high. As a real estate coach, I am continually being asked by other real estate agents how to set up and use their technology. I help each agent, individually one-on-one, teaching them how to use their technology. Even though the agents loved the training, they were challenged in duplicating the things I taught one-on-one. They also want more time to work with me. Real Estate Tech Academy creates a place real estate agents are taught on their own time, and they love it!!!"

The first real estate technology training module available is the Social Media For Real Estate. It consists of over 50 step-by-step training videos providing nearly 15 hours of tutorials. The platforms taught in the Social Media For Real Estate Module is: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Hootsuite. Each section teaches real estate agents how to set up and use each tool with simple instructions, pointing out key features of each platform and demonstrating powerful and valuable tips and tricks that will help each member how to use social media like the pros.

Social Media For Real Estate is priced at an introductory rate of $10 a month. Founder, Daren Phillipy said, "I designed the price for complete affordability. These tutorials are made so real estate agent can access the module whenever they want, as a reference when completing their tasks, just as if I was there for them or whenever they want me." This way they can afford access to the training for months or even years.

About Real Estate Tech Academy
Real estate Tech Academy is based out of Henderson, Nevada was launched online by Daren Phillipy in August 2014. Real Estate Tech Academy teaches real estate agents how to use technology in their real estate business. It is a web based company that provides step by step video tutorials covering many different areas of technology in the real estate industry. To learn more about Real Estate Tech Academy visit http://www.realestatetechacademy.com

Daren Phillipy
Real Estate Tech Academy
1034 Twin Berry Ct
Henderson, NV 89002

Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa Launches Pin it to Win it Contest

Our beautiful location is just one of the fabulous things about staying at the Hyatt Regency Monterey! Fall is in the air!

Monterey, CA, August 12, 2014 - Our beautiful location is just one of the fabulous things about staying at the Hyatt Regency Monterey! Fall is in the air! That means shorter days, colder temperatures and, yes, the holidays will soon be upon us once again. That means now is the time to pamper yourself. With Marilyn Monroe Spas, it’s never been more glamorous! Post your favorite Marilyn Monroe pictures and quotes in our newest Pin-It-To-Win-It Contest for the chance to win a two-night stay and a massage treatment for 2 at Marilyn Monroe Spas at Hyatt Regency Monterey!


* Follow us on Pinterest: pinterest.com/montereyhyatt

* Create a board titled: Marilyn Monroe Spas at Hyatt Regency Monterey

* Add a minimum of 5 pictures of your favorite Marilyn Monroe pictures and/or

* quotes with the hashtag #MarilynMonroeSpasAtHyattRegencyMonterey

* Email a link your board to: marci@chatterboxpublicrelations.com

* One lucky winner will receive a two-night stay at Hyatt Regency Monterey and a massage treatment for 2 at Marilyn Monroe Spas! Winner will be announced October 5th!

About Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel & Spa on Del Monte Golf Course:
Nestled in 22 acres of soaring Monterey Pines, the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel & Spa on Del Monte Golf Course is a destination resort providing the discerning traveler the quintessential Monterey experience. Its location offers guests close proximity to downtown Monterey and Monterey Airport and easy access to some of the Peninsula’s most well known attractions. With its warm, contemporary ambiance, elegant furnishings and convenient amenities, the hotel offers both leisure and business travelers a Northern California respite of unmatched serenity and comfort. Features include 550 guestrooms including 32 suites, and the President’s house, TusCA Ristorante, Knuckles Sports Bar, Fireplace Lounge, personalized concierge service at the Regency Club, a 2,000 square foot fitness facility, tennis courts, pools and whirlpools, and 12,000 square foot full service spa. The hotel is located at 1 Old Golf Course Road in Monterey, California. For information call (831) 372-1234 or visit www.hyattregencymonterey.com/.

Marci Bracco Cain
Carmel, CA 93923