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Yard Warz: The Online Auction Site for Buying and Selling in Bulk

While there are auction-based websites available today, many of them offer single item sales only.

Baltimore, MD, August 13, 2012 - While there are auction-based websites available today, many of them offer single item sales only. The limited number of sites that do provide bulk sales only allow a purchase to go through at a predetermined price. And until recently, there was a gap in the market whereby individuals and businesses could post all of their items, from a garage sale, yard sale, business liquidation sale and more, as one unit in an auction.

Now there’s Yard Warz, a true auction-based site providing an easy-to-use, hassle-free service to buy and sell bundled merchandise where the final sale goes to the highest bidder. This gives buyers the opportunity to compete for great deals while sellers can earn top-dollar. Yard Warz does have a section for selling individual items for those who don’t have a bundle to sell. However, the site focuses primarily on selling bulk items, such as all items in a yard sale, business liquidation sale, and storage units, as a single item.

Yard Warz was inspired by the popular reality TV shows that have captured thousands of individuals and business owners bidding on bulk merchandise. After watching the show for months, Yard Warz creators and brothers, John and James Black, noticed that there were often many more bidders than there were storage units available. This led to them to think of options those buyers could utilize to offset units they lost to other bidders. This led to the idea that a yard sale could be looked at as a storage unit, without the four walls.

“There are thousands of yard, moving, garage, and liquidation sales across the country every day…our website caters to anyone who likes to buy in volume and those who want to liquidate merchandise by simply taking a photo and filling out some basic information,” said James Black, Managing Partner at Yard Warz.

Starting August 21st, the auction site will be running a promotion through the end of September that allows any new registered user who creates a listing of merchandise for sale to upgrade to a "Featured Listing" at no charge. Additionally, final sale commissions will be reduced from 10% to 5% no matter when the item sells, as long as the listing is created prior to September 30th. Items posted on the Yard Warz site will receive additional promotions through the company’s marketing channels to help increase exposure.

Yard Warz is a true online auction site designed specifically for people and businesses who have new, like-new, or usable items for sale and want to sell them in bulk to the highest bidder. For more information, go to the Yard Warz website at: or to speak with James Black, call (443) 880-1868.

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Looking for Home Maintenance Services? The Hignell Companies Will Help

The Hignell Companies offers in-home experts for home maintenance services and remodeling projects. The Hignell Companies is also a full service property management company that has licensed contractors to handle plumbing, tiling, flooring, painting, electrical, heating and air conditioning and general home maintenance services.

Chico, CA, August 17, 2012 (Straight Line PR) -- The Hignell Companies acts as a one stop shop for home maintenance services, remodeling or anything that needs fixing around the house. The Hignell Companies provides home maintenance services that include painting, electrical, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, cleaning, flooring and general maintenance. The company also specializes in residential and commercial property management and home owner association management.

"If someone is thinking of remodeling or they just need some general home maintenance services, we probably do it and we do it with excellence," said Chairman of the Board Doug Hignell. "At The Hignell Companies ( ) we are experts in your home because we believe in providing quality property management and home maintenance services to enhance the individuals and communities we serve."

In addition to property management services ( ), The Hignell Companies offers a full range of home maintenance services and remodeling. The company has a general building contractor license with six supplemental classifications including electrical, painting, plumbing, roofing, sanitation systems and sheet metal. The Hignell Companies home maintenance services eliminates the need for multiple vendors.

When The Hignell Companies performs home maintenance services, it offers its clients regular communication, satisfaction, understanding of the scope of the project, and clear estimates. ( ) The Hignell Companies employs more than 150 qualified personnel and instills in them a sense of integrity and customer service. And that professionalism is passed on to clients who are using the home maintenance services. The team at The Hignell Companies is knowledgeable, experienced and professional.

"The name Hignell is synonymous with professionalism and responsiveness," said Blair Snyder, Board President of Hollybrook Homeowners Association. "My experience has been that all Hignell employees I have dealt with have been respectful of everyone they come into contact with. When I found out that the homeowner's association for the home I bought was managed by The Hignell Companies, I was confident that the association would be well-run. I have not been disappointed." Read more testimonials online at

About The Hignell Companies:
The Hignell Companies is a family-owned company that has offered home maintenance services and property management for over 60 years. It presently employs more than 150 people who represent the firm in the fields of residential and commercial property management and Community Association Management. The Hignell Companies offers home maintenance services that include painting, electrical, heating and air, plumbing and cleaning. The Hignell Companies is committed to the highest standards of excellence and service, and guarantees complete customer satisfaction.

Contact The Hignell Companies to request a quote for home maintenance services or a remodeling project by calling 530-894-0404 or online at

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North Rim CrossFit Announces Opening as Chico's Latest CrossFit Gym

North Rim CrossFit Chico recently opened its doors to anyone looking for a challenging, intense and successful workout routine. As the newest CrossFit gym in Chico, California, North Rim CrossFit offers customized workouts for people who just want to be healthy or for those who strive to compete.

Chico, CA, August 12, 2012 (Straight Line PR) -- North Rim CrossFit announces its opening as the newest CrossFit gym in Chico, California. North Rim Cross Fit Chico is dedicated to providing the best CrossFit training and technology for individuals to reach their fitness goals. North Rim CrossFit Chico offers traditional CrossFit workouts.

"People wonder why CrossFit can be so hard and push you to the point of exhaustion," said North Rim CrossFit owner Ryan Hignell, whose CrossFit training blog can be found at . "But intensity and comfort do not go hand in hand. I challenge people to find that line between intensity and discomfort and challenge it every day."

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program designed to help anyone who wants to optimize their physical competence. North Rim CrossFit Chico follows the CrossFit method ( ) of encouraging effort in the areas of diet, metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weight lifting and throwing, and sport.

Participants at North Rim CrossFit Chico have access to daily workouts, customized to their fitness level and personal fitness goals. CrossFit training is the same for each person, but the weight and intensity varies according to skill level. Daily Workouts of the Day ( ) or WODs are posted on the North Rim CrossFit Chico blog.

According to the CrossFit Journal, gyms that are CrossFit Affiliates are "part of a charter agreement that offers the affiliate owners the opportunity to earn a professional wage while running their own business and supporting the greater community... and CrossFit is fully committed to supporting each and every affiliate."

A North Rim CrossFit Chico gym membership includes unlimited CrossFit classes ( ) and access to the gym whenever it is open. Members are encouraged to attend a regular class a minimum of three days a week. Classes are held Monday through Friday at 6 a.m., noon, 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. and Saturday at 10 a.m. Pricing for a monthly membership at North Rim CrossFit Chico is $125 per person, family membership is $100 per family member, and military, emergency services and student memberships are $100 per month.

At North Rim CrossFit Chico every person is seen as an athlete, because being healthy is synonymous with being an athlete. North Rim CrossFit Chico invites anyone who is interested to come down to tour the gym and meet the owner and trainers. The first class at North Rim CrossFit Chico is free.

About North Rim Cross Fit Chico:
North Rim CrossFit Chico is committed to the total health of every person that comes through the doors and believes in the CrossFit way for anyone that desires a higher level of fitness in their life. Whether someone considers themselves a committed athlete or is just ready to be healthy again, North Rim CrossFit Chico is dedicated to bringing the best training and technology to reach individual fitness goals. Contact North Rim Cross Fit Chico online at for more information or call 530-487-4374.

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Zeek Rewards out of business

Dozens of people arrived at the company's headquarters throughout the afternoon on Thursday, only to find locked doors and confusion.

Provo, Utah, August 16, 2012 - Zeek Rewards out of business.

Paul Burks, chief executive officer of Rex Venture Group, could not be reached for comment. Dr. Clifton Jolley, the company's media representative, also could not be reached.

Details about the closing were conflicting on Thursday.

Dozens of people arrived at the company's headquarters throughout the afternoon on Thursday, only to find locked doors and confusion. The Dispatch spoke to about eight different people gathered outside at about 5 p.m., all of whom refused to comment on the situation.

One man, who said he was speaking on behalf of Zeek but wished to remain anonymous, said the building was being closed so Zeek could answer inquiries from the Attorney General, made in the form of a Civil Investigative Demand (CID). According to N.C. General Statutes, a CID is an administrative subpoena that can be issued by the Attorney General whenever there is reason to believe a person, or entity, has information that is relevant to an ongoing investigation.

The Attorney General's office could not be reached for comment on Thursday.
A Zeek Rewards affiliate, who refused to give his name, said he went to the company's headquarters at about 3 p.m. to conduct business, only to find the sign on the door stating the business was closed.

The affiliate said a Zeek employee changed the locks on the doors. He watched as another employee exited the back door, carrying a box full of office supplies, he said.

According to company officials, has more than 200,000 retail bidders, domestic and abroad. It's unclear how many affiliates actually use Zeek Rewards, despite online reports that claim the number exceeds 700,000.

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