Monday, November 4, 2013

CloudeAssurance and Data Privacy Network to Present “Adopting the Cloud Safely and Securely” Webinar

Comprehensive webinar will explore how to safely and securely adopt the cloud to maximize its benefits for business.

Tempe, AZ, November 05, 2013 — Black Dog Promotions is proud to announce a dynamic new webinar that will be produced jointly with CloudeAssurance and Data Privacy Network. With the explosion of the “cloud” recently, it is increasingly being embraced by businesses worldwide. In taking it to the next level--security of data, files and information need to be of the utmost importance. Founder Taiye Lambo and Lead Cloud Security Analyst Jordan Flynn of CloudeAssurance and Co-Founder of Data Privacy Network, Phil Alexander will conduct this vitally important webinar on Wednesday, November 20th, 11:00 a.m. EST/8:00 a.m. PST.

“What we’re going to focus on are the real world benefits of the cloud,” said Alexander. “There are definite benefits. You have worldwide collaboration, rapid deployment and reduced cost. It’s much easier to go through an established cloud service provider than to try and create a cloud environment in your own network.” There are also risks that are involved with using a cloud environment. “We will ask the attendee to consider several things,” noted Alexander. Questions to consider will be: 1) What level of security is right for your company? 2) What’s the nature of your data? 3) How sensitive is that data? 4) Is data co-mingled? “If it’s just non-sensitive, fully-disclosed data, security is less of an issue.” The webinar will utilize three state-of-the-industry experts to help walk business owners and IT experts through the myriad of security exposure scenarios and give valuable strategies and solution ideas to help organizations protect their data. An attendee Q&A session will also take place towards the end of the webinar.

“We’ll be exchanging a lot of ideas. The main thing we’ll be talking about are the benefits of adopting the cloud for business and then the potential security issues of putting your information in the cloud,” stated Lambo. There are also some other important issues that businesses will be made aware of and how best to handle various security issues. “We’ll be sharing our high level research and explaining our Top 10 cloud service provider independent benchmark study information,” Lambo said. Flynn added, “This webinar focuses on how to enable the benefits of the cloud securely.” The webinar is free of charge and attendees can sign up here

The collaboration between CloudeAssurance and Data Privacy Network will continue beyond their initial webinar, too. “We’re so like-minded. It’s one of those things that you can’t have privacy without security,” said Lambo. “And we share the same philosophy.” The ultimate goal is for the two companies together to increase awareness of online security while conducting webinars and speaking engagements designed to give businesses valuable knowledge and strategies to protect their business information.

Black Dog Promotions is a media and business development agency and also provides digital marketing and publicity consulting for regional and national brands. Black Dog’s team has a long history of success in the entertainment, sports, technology and finance industries. Founder, Scott Kelly is a Principal and business partner with Data Privacy Network in helping businesses and protect their valuable data. Black Dog Promotions has taken companies from concept to millions of dollars in sales and billions of dollars in market capitalization. Find out more at – The Intersection of PR, Digital Marketing and Sales.

The CloudeAssurance platform is the industry’s first risk-intelligent rating, continuous education and continuous monitoring system assuring cloud service provider’s cloud security and governance, risk and compliance. Customers learn which cloud providers have the best cloud assurance score and history, a measure of cloud trust they can depend on. This platform enables safe and secure adoption of cloud computing.

Data Privacy Network Data Privacy Network was founded on a mission to raise awareness about the perils of unsecured data and the dangers of online predators, Founder and CEO, Philip Alexander has authored three books and numerous articles on the topics. He writes a popular blog, and expresses his zeal as the nation’s data security evangelist, speaking to business and parenting groups throughout the country. Data Privacy Network has developed a network of consultants, speakers, products and services to help individuals and businesses of all sizes secure their data, protect their identity and maximize online security.

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Empowerment Company Launched to Help People Find Love, Health and Wealth

Medizate, a newly launched empowerment company, offers the tools to help Americans achieve their personal goals – whether it is to ask for a raise at their job, find true love or become their ideal weight.

Long Island, NY, November 04, 2013 — Medizate, a new company that provides empowerment tools that can help develop confidence, self-love, health and wealth, was launched October 1, 2013 by two Long Island psychologists, Yvonne Pratt and Sheila Santi. The company, through its website,, provides affordable, positive therapeutic tools for the mind and body -- unique meditation, subliminal and hypnotic CDs and downloads.

Empowerment Pods were created in subliminal message format to target specific goal areas such as confidence, assertiveness, health, wealth, self-love and other improvement areas. The messages combined with soothing, well-crafted music to specifically enhance each goal area. This allows the listener to go through their day while these positive messages are deeply absorbed, facilitating positive change and growth in the selected goal area. Guided Meditations are combined with relaxation and breathing components for a unique and complete meditative journey for listeners to explore and create their own healing.

Yvonne asserts “I see and experience life as a spiritual journey made up of many layers (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) which appear at times to be conflicting and confusing. My work is a reflection of the experiences and knowledge I have gained on my continuing journey of self-actualization. I believe we are all one --- connected, however separate entities on this physical plane. If we are open we can all assist and learn from one another. Everything and everyone is a teacher. Growth is not always easy or pleasant but it is enlightening and freeing. The more self-responsibility we take, the freer we become. Transformation is not for the weak of heart. We are all here on a beautiful and magical journey together.”

Medizate’s goal is to empower individuals but also to reach into corporations and offer these tools to management so that their employees will be happier, healthier, more productive – for the benefit of the employee as well as for the company’s own bottom line.

Yvonne Pratt and Sheila Santi are co-founders of the Pratt-Santi Institute LLC and developers of Medizate Empowerment Tools. Yvonne is a LCSW-R, Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotherapist Trainer and Reikki practitioner. She is a member of National Association of Social Workers, International Association of Counselors & Therapists.

Sheila Santi is an Addictions Counselor, Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotherapist Trainer and Reikki therapist. She is also a member of International Association of Counselors & Therapists.

The website is Free downloads are available through the website.

For more information, please contact Wendy Hopper, Marketing Representative, at 631-903-0003 or send an email to

Wendy Hopper
PO Box 891
Bellport, NY 11716