Thursday, October 27, 2011

On Center Software Launches 24-Hour Customer Service Desk

Internationally Recognized Firm Set To Help Construction Professionals Around The World Around the Clock

The Woodlands, Texas, October 27, 2011 - On Center Software, the first name in construction software, today announced the firm has enhanced its Customer Service platform to run 24 hours every business day.

Texas-based On Center Software, whose Quick Bid, On-Screen Takeoff, and Digital Production Control™ applications are in use by estimators in the U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia, and around the world, expanded its Support Department to keep pace with its growing list of global customers.

The firm’s 24-hour Support Central number is 866.689.5687.

“We know that construction companies around the world are relying on OCS software to reduce estimation time, submit more bids, and make more money,” said Leonard Buzz, President and CEO of On Center Software. “Our customers shouldn’t have to wait for technical support just because they’re in a different time zone.”

According to Aaron Stephens, Manager of Technical Support for On Center Software, trained members of the firm’s Support Department will be available every hour of each business day to troubleshoot and walk clients through any issues they are having with OCS software. Mr. Stephens spearheaded the firm’s move to a 24-hour customer support desk.

“I’m not aware of another company in the construction software space that’s made customer support such a priority,” says Mr. Stephens. “That we have speaks loudly to our commitment to delivering better technology and better value to our industry.”

On Center Software has been transforming the takeoff and estimating experience since 1988. Founded by construction professionals who understand that efficiently creating accurate takeoffs and bids will save time and money, the firm’s internationally recognized software is enabling construction companies to stay on budget and helping contractors reduce estimation time, submit more bids, and make more money.

About On Center Software, Inc.
On Center Software, Inc., is a privately held company providing software and training to construction-industry professionals. Located in The Woodlands, Texas, the company’s mission is to transform the estimating, takeoff, and production-tracking experience with comprehensive software solutions that turn winning bids into profitable projects. On Center Software products include Quick Bid, On-Screen Takeoff®, and Digital Production Control™. For more information about On Center Software, call 866.627.6246 or visit

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AAA Support For Alternative Investments Echoed By Turkish Art Expert

A high profile art gallery owner from Ankara, Turkey, has echoed Alternative Asset Analysis’s (AAA) view by speaking out in support of investing in art as an alternative to stocks and shares.

Boston, MA, October 28, 2011 - A high profile art gallery owner from Ankara, Turkey, has echoed Alternative Asset Analysis’s (AAA) view by speaking out in support of investing in art as an alternative to stocks and shares.

Mehmet Subasi, the art gallery owner, spoke to Anatolia News Agency about his views on investments. He stated, “The art market is one of the best ones where money flows because artwork has become the best-yielding investment of all time.”

Subasi added that there is some risk involved, but that gut instinct for what will become more valuable over time plays a large part in making good returns from art investment. He explained, “The works of young artists may bring more profit while the works of popular artists bring 10 to 20 percent profit. Seeing and feeling the unknown and investing in it brings the highest profit.”

AAA, an alternative investment advocacy group, has been promoting investment in alternative asset classes, such as fine art, antiques, commodities, real estate and forestry, for months. In the current economic climate, with volatile stock markets and high inflation rates, the alternatives can offer an effective hedge against inflation as well as an asset that has a low correlation with the equity markets. This means they often deliver higher returns when stocks and shares are losing value.

AAA’s analyst partner, Anthony Johnson, said that alternative investments are not, however, just about generating strong returns. They can also be about making an ethical choice: “Forestry investments, for example, can provide investors with strong returns, but can also help developing countries to protect their natural forests by encouraging them to see the value that can be achieved through sustainable forestry.”

Greenwood Management, for example, offer people the chance to invest in fast-growing non-native tree crops in Brazil, that help to provide the local steel industry with alternative charcoal to that made from native trees.

Mr Johnson added, “AAA is always pleased to hear experts, like Mr Subasi, speaking out in support of alternative investments.”

Anthony Johnson
Alternative Asset Analysis
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Boston, MA 02109-1320