Thursday, October 10, 2013

Netkiller’s Collavate Reinvents Google Drive

Collavate Now Accessible by Personal Gmail Users

San Jose, CA, October 11, 2013 - Netkiller, Inc. is pleased to announce an upgraded version of its flagship product, CollavateTM, a Cloud-based document security, management and workflow process solution for Google Apps and personal Gmail users. This new version has an improved, easy to use user interface which makes CollavateTM easier to use and more readily accessible for any Google Apps or Gmail user. It will greatly enhance the user experience and make collaborating even easier to incorporate into business processes.

CollavateTM is the only solution which provides both document management and business process automation that is fully integrated with Google Drive. In other words, it allows business users to easily create, manage and share documents, and automate business approval processes, both within the organization and with clients and partners located outside the organization.

Collavate’s other unique features, such as 5-Tiered Security System, allow you to manage access to documents by security level designations to better secure your organization’s most important assets. Users can now keep track of all of their documents and files, and detect and track any access and editing activity related to the document in real time.

Collavate’s team of developers and designers are dedicated to making products that are more and more user-friendly, intuitive and collaborative. In that regard, they have developed a solution that is feature rich, secure, collaborative, and seamless.

Try out CollavateTM today! Sign in with your google account from the CollavateTM website at, or install the application for your domain from the Google Apps Marketplace at If you are existing Collavate user or cannot see the new design, go to 'My Profile' menu and enable 'New UI (Beta)'

Harry Jung
Netkiller America Inc.
2033 Gateway Place, Ste 500
San Jose, CA 95110
(408) 641-0114

“TANGO at the highest level” returns to the US with TANGO LOVERS (Enamorados del Tango)

Argentina’s young World Tango Dance Champions, and Uruguay’s most renowned musicians and singers will dazzle the audience again.

Miami, FL, October 10, 2013 - Inspired by the rhythms of big cities comes TANGO LOVERS bringing all the passion and sensuality directly from Rio de la Plata: Argentina and Uruguay. “El Pais” from Uruguay calls it “Tango at the best Broadway Style”. With its unique appeal to all generations, TANGO LOVERS features a multiple award winning cast with world-class dancers accompanied by the rhythms of an orchestra, members of Symphonic and Philharmonic ensembles and talented vocalists. TANGO LOVERS tells you stories through their intense artistic expression. TANGO LOVERS blends the different sensations of tango taking them to high levels through a display of dance, lighting and stunning dresses, walking the audience through different stages and nuances of Tango until our modern days.

TANGO LOVERS, with a cast of 20 artists on stage, features the contemporary and passionate voice of Tango, Alfredo Lerida, “Tango Artist of the Year” (2012) and World Tango Dance Champion in Japan, Marcos Ayala, who is opening in October the 2014 season at the Chatelet of Paris after a series of successful performances in the most renowned theater in Calle Corrientes in Buenos Aires.

This coming November, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Orlando and Miami will experience a Tango show like no other.

The performance schedule for TANGO LOVERS will be as follows:
New Jersey, on Friday, November 15 at 8pm at the Newark’s oldest and largest showcase for the arts, the Symphony Hall.

Washington, DC, on Saturday, November 16 at 7 pm at thecity’s historic jewel, the Lincoln Theater

Orlando, Florida, on November 17, at 6 pm at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre in downtown Orlando.

Miami, on Wednesday, November 20th at 5 pm and 8 pm at the Colony Theater in the heart of Lincoln Road in Miami Beach.

For more information, visit TANGO LOVERS’ official website at or call (305) 300 2600.

Be sure to check for captivating pictures.

Tango has never been so passionate, dynamic, fascinating, and exciting, TANGO LOVERS will leave you breathless.

Alfredo Lerida
Enamorados del Tango
5241 SW 154 Place
Miami, FL 33185