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McKissock Addresses Top Issues in Home Inspection

Continuing Education Courses Cover Hot Topics for Home Inspectors

Warren, PA, December 12, 2012 - McKissock, a leader in continuing education for home inspectors, has highlighted three courses focused on today’s hot topics in the home inspection industry. McKissock is a trusted resource for state-specific, state-approved land surveyor, engineer and home inspector courses, regulation information and compliance.

“Our course catalogue is built to meet the needs of continuing education requirements, but certain courses stand out to professionals for their ability to address critical topics,” says Annie Creek, Market Research and Compliance Specialist at McKissock.

According to industry leaders and the popularity of the courses, the following three topics are gaining importance in the field.

1. Radon Detection and Mitigation
This course will provide a basic look at radon for residential properties in order to give the home inspector a better understanding of how radon affects the air quality of a home. Home inspectors need to be aware of the dangers of radon, as well as what mitigation techniques should be used to protect homeowners. The course will define radon gas and explain where it comes from and review common mitigation methods.

2. Energy Efficiency
This home inspector course provides an in-depth look into energy usage, design and building for residential structures. Though home inspectors are not intended to be energy auditors, understanding energy efficiency and energy efficient construction can be very important for home inspectors. The course addresses how to look at multiple components of residential construction and discuss ways to make homes more energy efficient.

3. Reactive Chinese Drywall
This course discusses important aspects of home inspection associated with identification and remediation methods for reactive drywall manufactured in China and imported into the United States between 2001 and 2009. Commonly referred to as corrosive, reactive or defective Chinese drywall, its chemical composition has been shown to have negative effects on human health as well as metal components in the home. Not all drywall originating in China is defective, however. This course will provide recently revised guidelines for addressing the problem of defective drywall, as well as website resources that will keep you current on this rapidly evolving issue.

McKissock also serves as a resource to stay on top of license renewals. To help remove the potential of license lapse or expiration, McKissock offers a free reminder service that will notify you when your license renewal date is pending. Visit to sign up.

Visit and select a state for a list of approved continuing education (CE) for land surveying, engineering and home inspection courses. McKissock offers customizable packages, individual courses and affordable webinars.

About McKissock
McKissock is an education company that educates, empowers and enriches professionals in real estate, appraisal, home inspection, land surveying and engineering. McKissock gives specialists a place to go to access relevant, easy-to-use and high-quality courses that provide the hours and information necessary to meet state compliance and regulation requirements. Founded in 1990, McKissock offers more than 100 courses and serves thousands of professionals daily. The company is focused on providing a superior customer experience that will help professionals move their career forward. To learn more, visit

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2B Scientific Announce Distribution Agreement with Cusabio Biotech

2B Scientific, a leading UK distributor of life science reagents announce a distribution agreement with Cusabio Biotech of Wuhan, China.

Oxford, UK, December 13, 2012 - 2B Scientific, a leading UK distributor of life science reagents announce a distribution agreement with Cusabio Biotech of Wuhan, China. Cusabio Biotech specialise in the production of high quality ELISA kits for research use, they currently provide more than 10,000 ELISA kits against 37 species and also provide a range of custom services for protein expression and antibody development.  Cusabio Biotech’s products are currently used by researchers around the world and will now be available in the UK through 2B Scientific.

Sunny Song, Head of European Sales at Cusabio Biotech commented, “We are so pleased to hear that 2BScientific would like to be our distributor in UK market and we expect that we can build strong partnership in future.” James Bernard, Director of 2BScientific responded, “2BScientific is excited to have signed a distribution agreement with Cusabio Biotech to sell all of their products and services in the United Kingdom. They manufacture the highest quality ELISA kits and solidify our position as one of the most comprehensive suppliers of veterinary products for research use only”.

About the company, Cusabio Biotech is a leading biotechnology company specialized in production of high quality research products for biosynthesis, metabolism, neurobiology, cytokines, growth factors, autoimmunity and more, including over 10000 ELISA kits for 37 species; over 6000 antibodies and thousands of recombinant proteins through prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems.

About the company, 2B Scientific is a specialist distributor of immunological reagents to the UK life science market. 2B Scientific take a novel approach to life science reagents distribution and provide a wide range of products including antibodies, PCR and flow cytometry reagents, apoptosis assays, proteins and life science consumables.

2B scientific would like to invite anyone with an interest in veterinary research and diagnostics to please view their website -

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Crown Recycling at The Forefront After Hurricane Sandy

The Crown Recycling Facility in New York serves all of Long Island and the Five Boroughs and is committed to using the most innovative equipment available today.

Calverton, NY, December 12, 2012 - The Crown Recycling Facility in New York serves all of Long Island and the Five Boroughs and is committed to using the most innovative equipment available today. The Rossano family is constantly sourcing new ways to recycle incoming materials that can be reused on job sites and elsewhere in the community. This helps preserve the environment and keep waste out of the landfill.

Since the 1970’s, Crown Recycling has supplied all of New York with disposal removal. With the ability to process 50 tons of waste per hour, Crown Recycling is the leader when it comes to recycling solid waste.

When Hurricane Sandy devastated portions of the Mid-Atlantic, the Caribbean, and the Northeastern United States, Crown Recycling took action. Sandy spanned 1,100 miles with losses estimated at 6.5 billion dollars. More than 253 people lost their lives along the path of Hurricane Sandy in seven countries.

When Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency on October 26, Crown Recycling was ready to begin the massive cleanup. In Long Island, voluntary evacuations were ordered because of the South Shore storm surge.

With the massive flooding of most of the Eastern Seaboard, Crown Recycling has moved an estimated five million cubic yards of debris. Hundreds of people are still without power as the team from Crown Recycling continues the clean-up effort 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Crown will not stop until the giant piles of waste have been cleaned up and moved to their recycling center and landfills in Upper State New York.

Of course with the clean up comes the need to recycle, and thanks to the innovative equipment from Crown Recycling, debris can be recycled and repurposed, and converted to mulch, compost, crushed concrete and other useable materials.

The massive clean up of debris after hurricane Sandy is an overwhelming task, but the team from Crown Recycling has taken it all in stride. In a combined effort with the state of New York, Crown Recycling hopes to move 20,000 cubic yards of debris every day until the clean-up is completed. Workers say that driving through the streets of Long Island, New York and the Five Burroughs is indescribable.

The clean up must move as fast as possible so that communities can begin to rebuild. A delay in cleanup could cause health problems if the waterlogged waste is left to rot. Fortunately, Crown Recycling is still on the job helping with the storm recovery efforts and debris removal.

The Crown Recycling Facility
865 Youngs Ave
Calverton, NY 11933
(631) 727-3939