Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Black Dog Promotions Announces Newest Client/Media Partner, GSI Global, Inc.

GSI Global is partnering with Black Dog Promotions in developing state-of-the-industry content for digital broadcasting across multiple platforms, locally and internationally.

Scottsdale, AZ, November 11, 2013 — Black Dog Promotions is proud to introduce their newest client GSI Global, Inc. Business partners Tank Jones and Mike Smoot are at the helm of GSI Global, Inc., which launched in 2012. “Our mission at GSI Global is to connect consumers with content created by many providers and to do that in a profitable way,” Jones explained. “Anything video-related we do; whether its video integration into someone’s current website, or helping them to produce or edit a video, add graphic animation on a video or anything they can use video for, that’s what we do.” Essentially, any person or company can have their very own quality channel with GSI Global, Inc.

Founder of Black Dog Promotions, Scott Kelly said, “Not only are we gaining an exciting new client and partner with GSI Global, Inc., but we will also be launching the Black Dog Promotions Channel on their site. This marks an unprecedented media expansion that will also encompass some of Black Dog Promotions’ other clients. We are proud to have partnered with such a forward-thinking media company.”

Some popular channels on the site now include a Hispanic online media publication and Renegade Calendar Girls. The next channel that is already creating a lot of buzz is The Shorts Network and will debut in mid-November. “It’s a conglomeration of short films from independent producers as well as a couple of Academy Award-winning shorts. We’ve been getting a ton of films that we’re ingesting into the channel right now and we’ve got filmmakers from all over the world,” Jones explained. Of note, Jones is also a steadily working actor, appearing in many films including “Three Kings” and as Hank's physical therapist on the mega-hit show, “Breaking Bad.” In keeping it light-hearted, the site will be running a lot of spoof videos and spoof advertising paying homage to films and pop culture in general.

Another division of GSI Global provides a video integration component to online magazines and a way for real estate agents to showcase their home listings in a more interactive way. “We’re working with a lot of businesses in the Scottsdale area and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce,” Jones noted. There will also be a pay-per-view component for martial arts fighting and other special events. Kelly added, “With so many special events and concerts, there will now be another incredibly attractive way for production companies to put forth quality media and retain a very high portion of profits.”

This site allows content partners to have creative control over their own channels without the aggravation of forced ads and channel providers will be able to choose to exactly whom they want to market their channel. “If someone has a following, they can provide the advertising and we’ll put that advertising (skins, pre-rolls, banners, etc.) on their channel. Our revenue share is much more favorable to where our content providers are making the lion’s share of the money compared to other video channels,” noted Jones. GSI Global, Inc. is positioned to become the premier video content platform for an unlimited number of industries, businesses and special-interest groups.

“We’re going to be one of the first companies to offer local channels for free. You’ll be able to watch all your local channels for free without a subscription to a cable or satellite provider,” said Jones. “We’re also affiliated with DISH Network and we provide the cable for lots of hotels, military bases and apartment complexes.” GSI Global, Inc. is also looking forward to providing premium content to foreign countries that don’t have access to quality content and programming.

Black Dog Promotions is a media and business development agency and also provides digital marketing and publicity consulting for regional and national brands. Black Dog’s team has a long history of success in the entertainment, sports, technology and finance industries. They have taken companies from concept to millions of dollars in sales and billions of dollars in market capitalization. Find out more at www.BlackDogPromotions.com – The Intersection of PR, Digital Marketing and Sales.

Tank Jones has known the Founder of Black Dog Promotions, Scott Kelly for many years from Jones’ prior career in hip-hop music and also through Jones’ own non-profit organization, Choices Education Empowerment which helps people believe in themselves, dream big, set goals, create a workable plan and maintain a can-do attitude. “With Scott’s background and what he’s done, this partnership is perfect,” said Jones.

GSI Global, Inc. currently has 50 channels providing content for the consumer market. Black Dog Promotions embraces the opportunities and exposure that GSI Global, Inc. will be able to provide with a vast array of content to many different audiences across nearly all platforms. For additional information on GSI, Global Inc. visit www.GSITVLive.com. Both Scott Kelly of Black Dog Promotions and Tank Jones of GSI Global, Inc. are available for interviews.

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New Street Rod Plans Package Shows How to Budget Build Today's Most Popular Independent Front Suspension

Illustrations, dimensions and templates, along with installation instructions and suggestions for optional arrangements show how to build your own Mustang II IFS for a fraction the cost.

Sycamore, IL, November 06, 2013 - As Ford Motor Company prepares to introduce its 50th Anniversary Mustang in December, HotRodPlans.com commemorates the "Rodney Dangerfield" of pony cars, the Mustang II, by launching the new plan set, "Build Your Own Mustang II IFS Street Rod Front Suspension for a Fraction the Cost!"

Although panned by critics 40 years ago as ugly and slow, the Mustang II's front suspension quickly became the most popular independent front end with the Street Rod, Resto-Rod, Hot Rod, Rat Rod and Custom Car community. The Mustang II IFS was adopted by drag racers for its light weight and hot rodders not only because it was relatively easy to install, compared to a subframe swap, but also because it handles well, provides improved, modern brakes and easy rack and pinion steering installation as a bonus.

HotRodPlans.com has catalogued the Top 10 Reasons Street Rodders Use the Mustang II Front Suspension as an aid to budget-minded rod builders considering purchase of the newly released plans package developed using the latest in CAD (computer aided design) software. The computer-drawn plans, which do not require blueprint reading skills, permit the proper geometry to be developed so that the suspension on one's home budget-build will be the same quality that professional rod shops sell.

The Mustang II Front Suspension Plans drawing package includes: fourteen 11×17" pages with illustrations, dimensions and templates showing how make all parts, assemble them and then install the finished Mustang II Front Suspension successfully in a street rod. HotRodPlans.com's new Mustang II Street Rod IFS Plans are available for $16.99, postpaid for U.S. and Canada customers ($18.99, international). Detailed listing of the plans package content and ordering information are available at http://www.hotrodplans.com/mustang-ii-front-suspension/.

HotRodPlans.com is the parent of a family of performance automotive plans websites which includes TBucketPlans.com, StreetRodPlans.com, HotRod TruckPlans.com and PimpMyBriggs.com.

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West Palm Beach Company Relocates Corporate Headquarters to The Forum Building

EliteProNet, a national network of commercial Subcontractors, moves its corporate headquarters to a new location in West Palm Beach to accommodate its expansive local and national growth.

West Palm Beach, FL, November 05, 2013 - EliteProNet, a national network of commercial Subcontractors, is pleased to relocate its corporate headquarters to The Forum Building in West Palm Beach. Comprising a workspace of 4,500 square feet, the company will occupy its new corporate office later this month.

“As a growing company, we required a work space that could adapt to our rapidly expanding team,” said Dean Cameron, Vice President of EliteProNet. “The Forum provided us with a site that will suite us both now and in the future. Additionally, the leasing agent, Gabriela Seabolt at The Forum, was a pleasure to work with and accommodated us according to the unique needs that a company with this degree of growth faces.”

EliteProNet provides a better way for Subcontractors and General Contractors to connect. Since its founding by Kevin Priddy and Dean Cameron in 2008, the company has assisted Subcontractors in generating awarded projects in the amount of $91 million. With more than 5,000 registered General Contractors and 21,000 Subcontractors in the network, EliteProNet has extended its reach into 11 states and continues to expand its services throughout regional territories nationwide.

“Due to our rapid growth and demand within the industry, we plan to hire approximately 20 more employees, in addition to offering partnership opportunities in various regional territories,” said Kevin Priddy, President of EliteProNet. “We are on target to reach $100 million in awarded construction projects this month. The Forum is without question the right choice for our company’s headquarters.”

Moving to The Forum was a strategic move for the company; the unique space allows for customization of a first-rate office suite that is both innovative and specifically tailored to the company’s unprecedented growth.

Centrally located at the heart of the burgeoning Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard – the epicenter of West Palm Beach – The Forum offers tenants quick and easy access to the area’s vast amenities, including the courthouse, CityPlace, the planned Palm Beach Outlets, and a variety of hotels, restaurants, shops and cafes. The building is also easily accessible from public transportation hubs and major roadways, including I-95, Florida’s Turnpike, and the Palm Beach International Airport.

For more information about EliteProNet, call 561-656-4701 or visit www.EliteProNet.com. To learn more about The Forum, call 561-684-9500 or visit www.theforumwpb.com. For leasing information, contact Gabriela Seabolt at Pointe Group Advisors at 561-209-7570.

Jenna Slade
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Axicon Auto ID Launch New On-line Barcode Validation System

Axicon Auto ID Ltd, a world leader in barcode verification, announce the launch of a new online barcode validation system.

Oxford, UK, November 05, 2013 - Axicon Auto ID Ltd, (Oxford, UK) a world leader in barcode verification, announce the launch of a new online barcode validation system.

The Checkrite 5 is a stand alone, on-line barcode validation system that can be used in conjunction with a range of different barcode readers. The system, which doesn’t require a PC, operates with a simple three colour light display that indicates either a match, a mis-match or no read. Checkrite 5 offers a host of benefits to the user including very easy installation and operation, a choice of sensors and is suitable for speeds of up to 5 products/barcodes per second.

Incorrect or unreadable barcodes on retail products can result in unexpected costs through shipment rejections and even fines and contract cancellations. The new on-line barcode validation system has been designed to quickly spot errors which leading to a reduction of wastage and avoidance of costly returns.

Passing comment, Paul Yarnell, Comercial Director of Axicon Auto ID Ltd said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of Checkrite 5 our new on-line barcode validation system, we understand how damaging unexpected costs, fines and potential loss of contract can be to any business” he continued, “the new system safeguards against these undesirable outcomes and provides a new level of peace of mind to any supply chain or retail workflow by spotting potential errors.”

About the company, the Axicon Group is a world leading barcode verification solution provider. Based in the UK, Axicon Auto ID Ltd specialise in barcode verification, barcode images and labels and distribute their product range through a network of international partners across the globe. Axicon Auto ID invites anyone with an interest in barcode verification technologies to view their full product range online at - www.axicon.com.

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