Saturday, November 20, 2010

MLM Leads has Launched Lead Net Pro MLM Leads Generation System

Having a lead generation system will guarantee you have quality leads to talk about your business opportunity.

Eagan, MN, November 21, 2010 -- MLM Leads has Launched Lead Net Pro MLM Leads Generation System. Having highly target leads is the only way to grow your MLM business Nilsson says. Having a lead generation system will guarantee you have quality leads to talk about your business opportunity.  LEAD NET Pro generates thousands of targeted leads everyday. It also has a phone broadcast system and a email system to help convey your message. Lead Net Pro also has a a great affiliate program. You make $300 commissions on every sale.  Lead Net Pro is a must have business tool for everyone who is serious about building their home business.

Nilsson says, After intentionally staying on the fringe of the Home Business/Network Marketing Industry for a dozen years, the careful evaluation and due diligence of a dozen different top internet homes businesses, it was obvious that Lead Net Pro had the perfect combination of product, leadership, training and appropriate market timing. It’s very rare to have all of these elements come together in one powerful structure all at the same time. Together we can make a huge and important difference in people’s lives.

If you are interested in learning more on how Chad Nilsson can help you, Mr. Nilsson can be reached at 651-330-8032 or visit him online at: or

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Toronto Self Defense - SAFE International Expands Women’s/Family Self Defense Lessons Programs

SAFE International Expands Women’s/Family Self Defense Programs throughout Toronto, Ontario, as well as Eastern Ontario.

Toronto, Ontario, November 20, 2010 (Straight Line PR) -- SAFE International Expands Women’s/Family Self Defense Programs throughout Toronto, Ontario, as well as Eastern Ontario.  Many women and men join a class to learn self defense, but the best environment to learn the Toronto Self Defense skills is definitely in a private or small group setting. While learning in a class atmosphere might be less expensive and fun, there are several reasons why taking men’s or women’s self defense lessons privately, with your family or in a small group like our "Best Friends" Course makes the most sense.

1) Location - you can train in the comfort of your own home which is desirable for people who don't want others watching them or for those who have time constraints. Many people are self conscious when they learn self defense so training at home solves this issue along with saving precious travel time.

2) Specific Needs - this might be the biggest advantage. Everyone has different living conditions, lifestyles, etc SAFE International can tailor a course that meets your daily needs and routines. By training in your house you can address potential trouble areas in spots such as front door, kitchen, basement, etc. By training in specific scenarios you dramatically improve the learning experience and become better prepared to handle a possible confrontation. How about training right in your car where you can experience the real obstacles you might encounter? Training in a mini cooper will be different than if you have a truck.

3) Pace - you can learn at your own pace without the pressure to keep up with the class. By taking things slowly you improve your ability to retain the information. You can stop and ask as many questions as you like. You can analyze and change scenarios without any worries of others in the class being upset.

4) Advanced Training - for those who continue in their private lessons, Chris Roberts can offer more advanced training such as simulated attack scenarios where the instructor puts on High Gear giving the client opportunity to do more advanced drills where you can experience threshold drills and more realistic training. This is crucial in your advancement. With many courses you never get to experience the adrenaline, emotions, etc that are experienced during a real attack. Wouldn't you rather train in a safe situation than experience a attack for real your first time.

5) Family - train together as a family for education and fun. Develop a Family Safety Plan so you and your family are ready as a team in the event that something does happen. Being prepared is not paranoia, it is awareness and confidence that you can handle a bad situation.

6) Cost - yes it does cost more but what is your safety worth? I find it amazing when someone will expect potentially life saving instruction for $10/hr. We do so many things to protect ourselves financially, and our possessions, but we skip our personal safety until something unfortunate happens to someone close to us. Chris is certified in a few systems along with his own skills and he can guarantee you will feel safer after having experienced private self defense lessons. You can add one or two people to make the investment a little easier and still experience a private lesson setting. It can be appreciated that people have budgets so contact Chris Roberts to find out about the different options including the one day intensive course for individuals, friends or family.

SAFE International is a mobile self defense company available throughout Canada. Chris and his team have taught self defense skills to more than 100,000 clients since 1994.  For more information on programs available, please visit or email him at

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Chris Roberts
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