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Announcing A Reliable Brisbane Plumber for All Plumbing Emergencies

Best Brisbane Plumber offers top service, high quality of work at affordable prices.

Brisbane, Queensland, April 30, 2011 - Announcing a reliable Brisbane Plumber for all plumbing emergencies. Best Brisbane Plumber offers top service, high quality of work at affordable prices. The main feature is that the company does not charge travel time. The quote given is fixed and the plumbing work is executed efficiently.

Owner of Best Brisbane Plumber, Paul Wright says "I believe the public, our customers deserve a good deal. I hear many stories of other Brisbane Plumbers who have overcharged and have done sloppy work leaving their customers completely disillusioned with the Plumbing industry in general. I hope to make a difference in my company’s approach to servicing customers in the Brisbane area."

This service is for anyone with a plumbing emergency, whether it be a domestic situation or commercial. Best Brisbane Plumber will be there on time and ready to take charge of the emergency quickly and efficiently. It doesn’t matter whether the situation only requires replacing washers, fixing blockages in the toilet or bathroom or more major work such as clearing of tree roots from drains.

Homeowners are guaranteed that their Brisbane plumbing needs are treated in the following manner:

1.Work done by licensed plumbers

2.Free quotations

3.Competitive quotes which do not include travel time

4.Prompt response to emergencies

5.Efficient work performed with an eye for detail and minimizing any inconvenience to the home owner

Take a look for yourself for additional details about the Best Brisbane Plumber services, please visit:

Paul Wright
Best Brisbane Plumber
97 Sinnamon Rd
Sinnamon Park
Brisbane, Queensland 4073
61 7 3376 5834

How Sales Reps Can Improve Customer Rapport by 50 Percent in Just 41 Days

It seems an impossible claim, but author and performance expert Tom Connellan insists that sales reps can improve their sales skills by 50% in only 41 days. His new book, "The 1% Solution for Work and Life" gives readers the structure to make it happen.

Ann Arbor, MI, April 25, 2011 (Straight Line PR) -- Can sales reps really improve their rapport with customers by 50 percent or more? Author and speaker Tom Connellan says yes, in his new book, The 1% Solution for Work and Life. The book explains in detail how small, incremental changes can add up to big improvements in customer rapport.

"Or any other sales skill of your choosing," claims peak performance expert Connellan. "It's so simple."

Most everyone wants to do better, knows they can do better, and intends to do better - though they rarely pull it off, because they don't have a structure. But because of the behavioral equivalent of compounding interest, all a rep has to do is improve their ability to build rapport by 1% each day, and on the 41st day, they'll be 50% better.

On the 68th day, they'll be twice as good at closing.

And all it takes is to give reps the missing structure.

"Success at anything is never the result of a happy accident," says Connellan. "It's the result of discipline. It's the result of a structured approach to reaching your goals 1% at a time."

What does the structure look like for improving a particular sales skill - say building rapport?

It consists of seven easy steps, according to Connellan's latest book, The 1% Solution for Work and Life. ( )

First, pick the skill to improve and list the critical components of the skill set you want to improve. In this example, it would be creating rapport. On a sheet of paper, write down each component of building rapport - both those you're good at and those to improve.

Second, go out and make a sales call.

Third, immediately after the call, seclude yourself for five to ten minutes and grade yourself on each component. Give yourself a score of 1-10 where 1 is terrible and 10 is outstanding.

Fourth, look at your high scores. Mentally review what activities made each of those components rank high and make sure they are locked into place. Too often, says Connellan, reps focus only on the few components they're not doing so well on and forget to make sure that those they are doing well on stay locked in place. When that happens, they never get anything locked in place are always scrambling and trying to restart something they just lost.

Fifth, look at three or four of your lower-ranked components of rapport building. Make notes on how you could improve each of them.

Sixth, on the next call, focus on improving those particular elements by just 1%. That's all - 1%.

Seven, repeat steps 1-6.

Doing these things is easy. The problem we all face is that not doing them is even easier.

By improving 1% every day, anyone can be 50% better on the 41st day and twice as good on the 68th. Connellan expands on the techniques in a YouTube video which can be seen at

Who else uses this process? "Olympians for one," says Connellan. "I was involved in an executive develop program that involved visits to the Olympic Training Center. Walking down a hallway between sessions, I noticed an gymnast practicing a floor routine. Each time he finished, he'd stand up with his hands in the finish position we're used to seeing on television."

"Then he would turn and look up at the wall. Suddenly, I realized he was using Eye On Performance, a multi-camera video system the OTC uses to give athletes immediate feedback on how they're doing. Calling out to him, I asked him how he liked 'Eye On' - the shorthand term they use. 'I love it,' he said. I can immediately see how I'm doing, keep doing what's working, and tweak what's not there yet the next time."

Connellan says that sales reps can do the same and that sales managers who travel with reps to observe them can use that same process to sharpen rep performance.

About The 1% Solution:
The 1% Solution for Work and Life gives readers a structure that works because it's based not upon opinion but upon research, testing, and application. The 1% Solution for Work and Life delivers page after page of tools to use right now. By establishing the habit of incremental change and improvement, readers can take stock of where they are right now in life, and put in place a plan that gently but firmly forces them, day by day, to take the actions that will lead them where they want to go. Priced at $19.95, The 1% Solution for Work and Life is available from ( ) and other online book retailers, or can be ordered through any local bookstore.

About Tom Connellan:
In demand as a keynote speaker by firms such as FedEx, Acura, BMW, Neiman Marcus, Canadian Tire, Marriott, Home Depot, Sobeys, and TD Canada Trust, Tom Connellan ( ) has gained a reputation as a "tough talking and truth telling" speaker because he delivers actionable ideas. In his previous books, Inside the Magic Kingdom: Seven Keys to Disney's Success and Turbulent Times Leadership for Sales Managers: How the Very Best Boost Sales Connellan shared his insights into building a successful business. With The 1% Solution for Work and Life, he makes his success principles accessible to everyone.

For information on Connellan's schedule and availability, call 734-428-1580, visit or write to: Karen Revill, Program Manager, 1163 South Main Street Suite 306, Chelsea, MI 48118

Please contact for corrections or updates.

Karen Revill
Program Manager
The Connellan Group Inc.
1163 South Main Street
Suite 306
Chelsea, MI 48118

Health Industry Company GISPASA Automates its Business Processes with AuraPortal BPM Suite

AuraPortal allows Health Industry Company, GISPASA, to manage its procurement processes in which 90% of the documentation associated with the processes is automatically generated by the system

Woburn (Boston), MA, April 29, 2011 - AuraPortal (, a global provider of Business Process Management (BPM), has announced today that the consulting firm PFS Grupo has implemented new core business procurement processes for hospital supplies and services at GISPASA (Health Infrastructure Management of Principado de Asturias).

The project's goal was to increase productivity, data quality and operational economy in the working procedures as well as the use and deployment of document management. The solution provides electronic signatures and digital filing for improved document organization and standardization instead of using traditional paper records.

Corporate profits obtained using AuraPortal can be summarized in the reduction of human error, automatic documentation generation with electronic signature, elimination of paper, date and alarm monitoring of critical tasks, integration with other systems and the rapid return on investment.

In addition, it allows an easy development of continuous improvement thanks to the versatility of the AuraPortal solution to manage and change processes in real time by users with no need of IT programming.

"The use of AuraPortal has allowed us to manage multiple procurements in parallel with total assurance that everything is going well and on time. We have also achieved 90% of the documentation associated with processes to be automatically generated by the system, providing an advantage to our workload, in addition to being able to leverage digital signatures and reduce paper use. And it has allowed us to keep track of incoming and outgoing digital documents, that allows us to significantly reduce our paper records. In summary, the project has been a great success". Alfonso de Carlos Muñoz, GISPASA General Manager.

GISPASA's objective (Health Infrastructure Management of Principado de Asturias) is the promotion of sanitary and social-sanitary facilities of significance along with accompanying complementary services of these infrastructures.

The new Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias (HUCA) ranks as the third largest hospital in the country, being a reference for management and technological excellence in Spain.

PFS GRUPO is an organization providing comprehensive solutions for businesses and organizations with the aim of helping their customers achieve increased profits.

This has been made possible thanks to its multidisciplinary team, the methodology used and the technological partners with which they develop their projects. Its businesses units focus on the following areas: organizational consulting, business consulting, information systems and technological consulting, financial, legal and tax consulting, industrial consulting, financial audit and human resources and training.

About Aura (AuraPortal) (
AURA is a global BPMS (Business Process Management Suite) provider delivering a solution that creates, without the need of IT programming, Business Process Workflow Execution Models. AuraPortal is 100% Web-based, and is complementary to existing ERP and CRM systems.

AuraPortal has a presence in 50 countries with more than 350 customers including, among others: Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, Toyota, Yamaha, Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), Carrefour, ArcelorMittal, Eletrobras, Saras, Royal KPN, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sodexo, etc., as well as many Government Agencies and Departments in several countries.

AuraPortal Headquarters are located in North America (Boston) and Europe (Holland) whereas the software development facilities are located in Spain and India.

Auraportal Contacts:
Scott Rich
Skype: scott.marketingintl
Phone: +1 781-569-5940 or +1 978-808-6340
The Netherlands:

Scott Rich
400 Trade Center
Woburn, MA 01801-7472

Thursday, April 28, 2011

HU Among Finalists for National Grant to Design Alternate Reality Game

Harrisburg University submitted the proposal, "Alternate Reality Game (ARG) for Achieving Mastery of Common Core Standards in 7th Grade Mathematics,"

Harrisburg, PA, April 26, 2011 -- A proposal to use an alternate reality game for learning submitted by faculty members at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is one of only 40 nationwide to move forward for consideration to receive a competitive funding grant.

Harrisburg University submitted the proposal, "Alternate Reality Game (ARG) for Achieving Mastery of Common Core Standards in 7th Grade Mathematics," to receive a $250,000 grant from the Next Generation Learning Challenge.

The proposal calls for Harrisburg University to design an alternate reality game (ARG) based on existing technologies designed by faculty from HU’s MS in Learning Technologies and its Center for Advanced Entertainment and Learning Technologies. The ARG will offer engagement with targeted common core standards for mathematical practice and 7th grade-level competencies in mathematics. It will be designed so that the game can be cost effectively expanded to other students/players, grade levels, and standards. This modification of the existing Internet platform will be done in partnership with K-12 educators and curriculum specialists from the Capital Area Intermediate Unit 15.

HU's proposal was selected from a field of 230 other submissions and is now one of 40 to be asked to submit a full proposal in this round of grant funding. The co-investigators for the project are Andy Petroski, Director of Learning Technologies, and Charles Palmer, executive director of the Center for Advanced Entertainment and Learning Technologies.

The Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) is a unique collaboration between philanthropic foundations, educators, innovators, and technologists focused on addressing the barriers to educational innovation by tapping the potential of technology to improve college readiness and completion, particularly for low-income young adults. In addition to grants, NGLC seeks to spark dialogue and community building through a social network and community engagement designed to catalyze new ideas, foster solutions, and form unique collaborations that span institutions and disciplines.

The NGLC received more than 230 proposals proposal outlining the ways that schools, teachers, colleges of education, community colleges, and other organizations are leveraging today’s tools to make learning more flexible, interactive, and effective. NGLC is led by EDUCAUSE in partnership with the League for Innovation in the Community College, the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL), and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). Funding is being provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

A decision is expected from the NGLC in mid-June.

ARGs are not computer or video games, though electronic devices including computers, cell phones, and GPS-enabled handhelds are used to access clues. Clues can be anywhere--websites, stores, signs, recorded telephone messages or printed materials. ARGs are not role-playing games. Players normally function as themselves in a real-world environment

Harrisburg University's expertise and exploration of games, simulations and virtual worlds for effective learning and education goes well beyond the current proposal. The University, through the Center for Advanced Entertainment & Learning Technologies (CAEL&T) and the Learning Technologies Master of Science (LTMS) program conducts a yearly event that brings serious game designers from around the country to Harrisburg, PA. The Learning and Entertainment Evolution Forum (LEEF) showcases immersive learning case studies, design and development sessions and a high tech demo area where attendees can explore new technologies that may impact game and simulation design in the future. In addition to the LTMS program, the University offers individual courses on the use of games and virtual worlds as part of the summer Educators Technology Clinic series of courses.

Andy Petroski coordinates the Learning Technologies Master of Science (LTMS) program and learning technologies at Harrisburg University as Director of Learning Technologies. In 2010, he received the "Technology Educator of the Year" honors from TECHQuest PA. The honor recognizes Andy as an "outstanding example of Information Age Educator" using current technologies to educate, motivate and inspire students to develop careers in technology fields and become lifelong learners." The award-winning instructional technologist has more than 14 years of eLearning design and development experience in multimedia production firms, independent consulting, corporate learning and education.

A leader in the fields of multimedia and information technology, Charles Palmer serves as director of the CAELT. Charles leads the Center as well as spearheads new developments in digital storytelling and forms of entertainment technology. He is a creative educator, administrator, and producer. He previously served as a faculty member at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) since 2004.

Harrisburg University is home to a Learning Technologies Master of Science (LTMS) program and the Center for Advanced Entertainment & Learning Technologies (CAELT). The CAELT works with regional organizations on advanced technology projects in entertainment and learning and coordinates the annual Learning and Entertainment Evolution Forum (LEEF) with the LTMS program. LEEF brings leading serious game and simulation designers from around the world together to showcase their work in games and simulations for learning. The CAELT and the LTMS program have also worked with the Innovation Transfer Network (ITN) to create the Serious Games and Simulations Xchange, a group of universities and businesses that will work together to increase the serious game and simulation activity in central PA. The LTMS program provides opportunities for students to explore games and simulations for learning through the LTMS 603: Engaging with Activities, Games and Simulations course as part of the Educators' Technology Clinic format and offers a concentration in game and simulation design as part of the LTMS degree.

Founded in 2001 to address Central Pennsylvania's need for increased opportunities for study leading to careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, Harrisburg University is an innovative and ambitious private institution that produces graduates who provide increased competence and capacity in science and technology disciplines to Pennsylvania and the nation. Harrisburg University ensures institutional access for underrepresented students and links learning and research to practical outcomes. As a private University serving the public good, Harrisburg University remains the only STEM-focused comprehensive university located between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

For more information on the University's demand-driven undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs in applied science and technology fields, call 717.901.5146 or email,

Steven Infanti
AVP Communications
326 Market Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Luxury Travel Announces a Luxury Holiday "Discover your sixth sense in Vietnam"

Six Senses Con Dao Puts Con Dao Island In the radar of luxury travelers.

Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi, April 27, 2011 - Luxury Travel Ltd ( is an award winning luxury tour operator in Vietnam and has unveilled a new upscale travel experience for the most discerning travelers.

In colonial times, the islands of Con Dao (also known as Poulo Condore) were much feared, as a notorious French prison was located on Con Son, the largest island of this remote southern archipelago.

Many of Vietnam's most famous freedom fighters served time on this lonely, windswept island, which lies 185 km south east of the port city of Vung Tau.

Today, the archipelago's residents survive by fishing, diving for pearls, collecting swallows' nests, and farming. Visitors will find starkly beautiful cliffs, long, untouched beaches, and patches of thick, old-growth forest. Sea turtles lay their eggs on the islands' remote beaches, while dolphins live offshore.

Just 60 minutes flight from Ho Chi Minh City, Con Dao offers the perfect escape from modern life. Clients also can visit Con Dao Island by ship from Vung Tau beach or by charter helicopter.

Six Senses ( recently announced a new property in Con Dao, Vietnam is taking bookings NOW.

Only a 60-minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City, Six Senses Con Dao opened in December 2010.

This secluded island hideaway in the East Sea is a hedonist's dream of 40 luxury villas on a truly idyllic stretch of white sand beach, each with its own private infinity pool, open-air bathroom and living area, and unobstructed views of the sea.

Like its fellow Six Senses properties it's more than just a luxury beach holiday, Con Dao offers an outstanding range of spa journeys and wellness activities. Here you can enjoy a moonlit dinner for two at the water's edge, take a private cookery class in your own villa, hike in search of the local wildlife, stay up late to watch turtles nesting on the beach...or simply lie back, relax and draw breath amidst the natural beauty of this Vietnamese paradise.

Unlike some other concept hotels, Con Dao truly embraces its surroundings - each villa is built with materials from sustainable sources (mirroring the ethos of the brand), while providing the most breath-taking view of the island. From catamaran sailing to cookery, from diving to dining, Con Dao is cool hideaway for all ages, tastes and sensibilities.

Luxury Travel Unveils four day luxury vacation packages from Saigon To Con Dao, inclusive of three nights in Six Senses Con Dao with daily breakfast, all transfer and pick up and drop off services, taxes, return air tickets for only 1075 USD per person. This offer is only valid before 30 Oct 2010.

When to go:
The best time to travel to the south-eastern coast of Vietnam is December through to April during dry season. Summer time from May to September is a good time to rest and relax but expect some tropical rain.

For more information:
For more information about this or other luxury Vietnam holidays, contact our team on 84439274120 who will be happy to plan your ultimate escape, or email for more information.

Mr.Pham Ha
Chief Executive Officer
Luxury Travel Company
05 Nguyen Truong To Street
Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi 71000
+84.4.3927 4120

Spring has Sprung at MAX Agency Toronto Our Talent are Blooming Everywhere!

Max Agency, the highly established Principal Television/ Film and Modeling agency in heart of Toronto, announces their enthusiasm and dedicated success moving forward into Spring 2011.

Toronto, ON, April 18, 2011 - Spring has sprung at MAX Agency Toronto our and Talent are blooming everyhwere. Max Agency, the highly established Principal Television/ Film and Modeling agency in heart of Toronto, announces their enthusiasm and dedicated success moving forward into Spring 2011.

Maintains a highly talented roster, as well an enthusiastic and industry knowledgeable team, to eagerly support them. Having experience in the industry for a decade, has given MAX Agency the credit of working with only the best.

Moving forward, MAX Agency is on the search for for their Spring/ Summer 11 roster. Unlike many other agencies, Max Agency requires no registration fees. Furthering their dedication, they offer free classes to those in the MAX Model and MAX Talent roster, contributing to greater success.

Today, MAX Agency is one of the most successful model and talent management companies in Canada representing women, men and children throughout Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Scouting and developing new talent, servicing a diverse clientele and successful marketing of the company keeps MAX Agency on top of an ever-changing industry.

The ability to recognize and nurture new talent is just one of the reasons MAX Agency continues to be a leader in the entertainment business. MAX Agency places its talent with an extremely wide spectrum of companies such as Nike, CBC, GM, Coca Cola, Sony, McDonald’s , Hugo Boss, TD CanadaTrust, L'Oreal and Motorola, just to name a few.

If you would like to book any of the talent at MAX Agency Toronto, please visit

See our talent on Youtube

Call MAX Agency Toronto directly at (416)482-5392

Natalya O
MAX Agency
2063 Yonge St. Suite 202
Toronto, ON M4S-2A2

Blue Asset Management Going Green

Charles Blumenkehl of Blue Asset Management LLC says his company has a responsibility to be eco-friendly and do their part to contribute to a safer environment.

Wayne, NJ, April 27, 2011 - As owners and operators of rental properties throughout northern New Jersey, Charles Blumenkehl of Blue Asset Management LLC feels his company has a responsibility to be eco-friendly and do their part to contribute to a safer environment.

Blumenkehl has identified a number of ways to "go green" in his buildings. Said Blumenkehl, "With more attention focused on protecting our environment and saving our natural resources, we have found numerous ways to assist in this effort by making our buildings more eco-friendly, These initiatives range from simple things like increasing our periodic inspections and encouraging our tenants to report water leaks, however small that may seem, running toilets, unplugging electric devices that aren’t in use, and switching to green energy sources where practicable. We have also been using water-saving devices and adding features to existing systems to help cut down on the amount of water and energy our buildings will need to use without cutting back on amenities, installing window treatments where possible to cut back on the need for air conditioning in the summers and using roof coatings that help save on heat and electric use. We are using chemical-free paints, adhesives and other maintenance-related products that are no more expensive than their competitors. As property managers desiring to 'green' our space, we have identified plenty of low-cost ways for our buildings to be friendlier to our environment."

Blumenkehl added that by encouraging his tenants to save on resources as well, they will also cut on their own electric and heating bills benefiting themselves as well as the eco-environment. "Our tenants can go green by unplugging appliances and using chemical-free products. They can help us to identify leaky faucets quicker, and install their own window treatments to conserve heat in the winter and to keep their units cool in the summer without cranking up their air conditioning," said Blumenkehl. "We also encourage our tenants to recycle, and are installing recycling containers in buildings where it makes sense.

"There’s a myth that there isn’t a lot that renters can do, and that the onus of eco-friendly initiatives fall solely on the landlord," concluded Blumenkehl. "But, our individual behavior as well as those efforts made by property owners like ourselves will have a huge impact on sustaining our environment. Our residents have a lot of opportunity to make a big difference themselves, and will also benefit by having lower utility bills to pay."

Charles Blumenkehl has owned and operating rental real estate in New Jersey since 1977. He founded Blue Asset Management LLC to leverage opportunities arising from the mortgage and real estate meltdown of the past few years. For more information about Charles Blumenkehl or Blue Asset Management or to present real estate investment opportunities to the group, log onto the company website at or call the company directly at 973 835-1400.

Charles Blumenkehl
Managing Partner
Blue Asset Management LLC
2282 Hamburg Tpke
Wayne, NJ 07470
Tel:(973) 835-1400 ext. 103
Fax (973) 835-08105

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Luxury Travel Vietnam Group Ltd’s Special Multi-Country Private Tours in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a captivating region brimming with intriguing cultures, age-old customs and diverse landscapes.

Hanoi, Vietnam, April 26, 2011 - Luxury Travel Vietnam ( ) designs multi-country touring options, and invites elite travelers to experience the luxury, food, culture, lifestyle, travel and charm at five of its finest destinations in Southeast Asia with their great selection of multi-country tours, specially designed to show you the unique way of life and the wonderful sights of each country in one journey.

Southeast Asia is a captivating region brimming with intriguing cultures, age-old customs and diverse landscapes. While the cultures and histories of Southeast Asia are intricately woven together, each country retains its own distinct and vibrant traditions.

To truly experience the essence of the region, the best way is to embark on one of the enchanting multi-country tours; this is especially for the discerning travelers. Most of Luxury Travel Company's luxury tours start either from Hanoi/Saigon, Vietnam or Bangkok, Thailand.

"Luxury Travel’s multi country tours combine two countries; Vietnam with Cambodia tours, Thailand with Laos Tours, Vietnam with Myanmar or Indochina tours, or 5 countries - Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand in one trip. With our superb multi-country tour collection, the hardest thing is probably deciding which one to do," said Pham Ha, Founder and CEO of Luxury Travel Vietnam Group Ltd.

Luxury Travel Vietnam is offering travelers the gastronomy tour Cuisine, Culture and World Heritage Discovery of Indochina as a journey featuring superb food and cultural immersion coupled with luxury travel.

This Indochina loop for example is a cultural and heritage adventure encompassing the ancient cultures of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. You will land at Luang Prabang, Laos, then fly on to Vietnam and end your journey in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

This 16-day tour departs on a daily basis and can be tailor made to fit your time constraints or special needs. The per-person double rate is from $6833 for land costs that include accommodation, nearly all meals, regional flights, transfers, visa fees, tips, entrance fees, medical and emergency insurance and a comprehensive pre-departure packet.

"We have received an increased demand from luxury travelers like you looking to explorer more than one country on a single journey and our "multi-country tours" section caters to this perfectly. Offering a multitude of choice and value for money, our cross-border journeys ensure you experience the highlights of more than one country on what may be your only visit part of the world. Its important to us that you return home having met the locals, experienced the culture and savored the cuisine". Brenda Sunoo, Luxury Travel Group Ltd Representative, California, USA.

Each cross-border itinerary of theirs is specially designed and thoughtfully assembled to maximize travelers’ experience in Southeast Asia.

David Nguyen
Luxury Travel Group Company
05 Nguyen Truong To Street
Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi 71000
+84.4.3927 4120

Expertise is the Enemy of Innovation - Innovation Leader Stephen Shapiro

Companies struggling to innovate may be suffering from an inadequate range of knowledge and perspectives. Companies have personalities; but a company's personality might repel the employee-base that can lend a critical point of view to business, killing innovation.

Boston, MA, April 18, 2011 (Straight Line PR) -- Our society has placed a premium on expertise and knowledge. But this expertise may, in fact, be the very thing inhibiting creativity and innovation from thriving within organizations. Schools teach the regurgitation of facts rather than independent thinking and creativity so individuals work tirelessly toward becoming masterful at their specific discipline. This attempt at mastery might be the very thing closing off companies from generation more creative solutions to their most daunting problems.

"I often say that expertise is the enemy of creativity. The more we know, the harder it is to see things differently because we get locked into old ways of thinking," explains Stephen Shapiro, Innovation Leader and author of Personality Poker. "Consider this. When you lose your keys, you look everywhere. After 15 minutes you finally find them. What do you inevitably say? 'Figures, it was in the last place I looked.' Well of course it is. Who finds something and keeps looking? The brain works the same way with solutions. Once the brain finds a solution, it stops looking. And as an expert, you will probably find a solution rather quickly, stopping you from seeking alternative and more impactful resolutions."

Stephen Shapiro's recent book and personality tool, Personality Poker ( ), highlights areas where organizations are expert and those where they may be lacking. This awareness allows for the creation of a more balanced portfolio of skills and abilities enabling a full range of creativity to emerge.

"When we are expert, we may generate solutions at a rapid pace; however the level of innovation exhibited in solving those issues decreases exponentially. How do you combat your own expertise? Diversify. Work with others outside of your discipline," says Shapiro. "If NASA is trying to solve a complex issue and gathers the top 100 aerospace engineers together to resolve, will adding one more aerospace engineer really make a difference? However if they add a biologist, nanotechnologist or musician to the mix, they may create enough of a divergent perspective to circumvent the most challenging problems."

Watch Shapiro speak more on why expertise is the enemy of innvation at

About Stephen Shapiro:
Stephen Shapiro is one of the foremost authorities on innovation and collaboration, and has personally touched hundreds of thousands of lives in over 40 countries. While Stephen's insights apply to virtually any organization, big or small, he has contributed to shifting the innovation culture for such Fortune 500 organization as Staples, GE, BP, Johnson & Johnson, Fidelity Investments, Pearson Education, Nestlé, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. As the founder and creator of a 20,000 person internal innovation practice within Accenture, and advisor to hundreds of organizations worldwide, Stephen possesses a rare and extensive arsenal of tools allowing him to arm any organization with the knowledge they need to shift their most threatening challenges. His most recent project, Personality Poker ( ), released by Penguin Portfolio in October 2010, is a card game that has been played by over 25,000 people in boardrooms and living rooms around the world.

Stephen can be reached at 617-379-1177 or online at

Press Contact: Stephen Shapiro, 24/7 Innovation, 2001 Marina Drive Suite 807, Quincy, MA 02171, 617-379-1177

Please contact for corrections or updates.

Deborah Shapiro
24/7 Innovation
2001 Marina Drive Suite 807
Quincy, MA 02171

AuraPortal BPMS to Support Handwritten Data within Processes through Digital Pen Integration

The Digital Pen allows handwritten data to be converted into digital format and leveraged immediately in AuraPortal Business Processes

Woburn (Boston), MA, April 18, 2011 - AuraPortal (, a global provider of Business Process Management (BPM), announced today the integration of Digital Pen technology within its BPM Suite. Integration has been done by its Partner Novotec Consultores.

Digital Pen provides a high level of automation to some of the primary activities of BPMS processes, such as filling out forms, incident management, evaluation and registration, online orders, and quality management.

"When filling in a form on a digital tablet, which appears to be plain paper but with a printed dot pattern that eases digital capture of handwriting, the digital pen captures and stores each text line through an optical sensor by sending the strokes converted into digital data to AuraPortal through a Web-based technology. This initiates its own internal process by automatically filling in the digital form fields and it integrates the document in a JPG format with the handwriting form ".

"This will allow us to start AuraPortal processes in real-time from data collected in traditional paper forms, as well as attach documents or images, using only a digital pen and a mobile phone".

Pablo Trilles, AuraPortal Vice President.

Some of the benefits of Digital Pen integration in processes are quick and effective information management, improvement in information transmission, improvement in account management, management monitoring, and its intuitive ease of use.

About Aura (AuraPortal) (
AURA is a global BPMS (Business Process Management Suite) provider delivering a solution that creates, without the need of IT programming, Business Process Workflow Execution Models. AuraPortal is 100% Web-based, and is complementary to existing ERP and CRM systems.

AuraPortal has a presence in 50 countries with more than 350 customers including, among others: Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, Toyota, Yamaha, Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), Carrefour, ArcelorMittal, Eletrobras, Saras, Royal KPN, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sodexo, etc., as well as many Government Agencies and Departments in several countries.

AuraPortal Headquarters are located in North America (Boston) and Europe (Holland) whereas the software development facilities are located in Spain and India.

See Partners Network and more Customers

AuraPortal is a real Business Process Platform where a set of 6 essential applications share the same environment in a seamlessly integrated and user friendly way: "6 in 1":


2.Process Management

3.Document Management

4.Customer Management

5.Content Management

6.Online Commerce

What the Top Experts Say About Auraportal BPMS:

GARTNER Inc.: "AuraPortal is the Example of Next generation BPMS". (Magic Quadrant Report 2007 and 2009)

OVUM: "AuraPortal Excels in Ovum's technology assessment study which was set by a highly competitive field". "The vendor has demonstrated that its BPM platform can support complex processes and high-throughput scenarios". (OVUM - Decision Matrix on BPM Vendors 2010)

BPTRENDS: There is a 2010 Report on AuraPortal BPMS published by this prestigious firm. Click here to download an extract or the full report. (BPM Suites Report 2010)

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Family IQ takes Family Coaching to the Next Level

Family IQ is a very effective methodology that gets the family involved. The program starts with testing that provides the Family IQ number.

Ramona, CA, April 17, 2011 - Family IQ takes Family Coaching to the Next Level.

Family coaches or parents can us this program to tune up the family unite. You maintain your car to keep it in good running order. Consider that tuning up the family relationship is also a good investment.

Family IQ is a very effective methodology that gets the family involved. The program starts with testing that provides the Family IQ number.

A low number in any of nine areas is a key to the area the can be corrected. The testing if followed with a suggested customized program that addresses the area(s) of low score. By following and applying the program, the familyfamily coach or a parent you have the Family IQ number that is a reference to track progress within the family by retesting. This is a beginning of a journey that will bring enormous joy and happiness within the family. The coach can help by discussing the contents of the program and with retesting to determine the progress for each family member. The study of the material and the testing is done on the home computer. develops a better understanding to foster more happiness, joy and love within the family. Family IQ is the only company in the world that can give you the Family IQ number. As a

As a great-grand parent, I have my Family IQ number, learned my love style and family style by doing the program, says Teets. These various programs come into play by effectively using charts, pictures, and audio to cover all areas of learning.

Learning more of how Rex Teets can help you. Mr. Teets can be reached at 760-440-0300 or visit him online at or for Family IQ business, for Family IQ products.

Rex Teets
Family IQ
1125 H Street
Ramona, CA 92065

Historical Publishing Landmark for Legendary Pulp Fiction Writer L Ron Hubbard

Galaxy Press, publisher of "Stories from the Golden Age", is releasing a line of 80 books and multi-cast, unabridged audio books by L. Ron Hubbard. The series features 153 stories written by Hubbard in the popular genres of the '30s and '40s.

Hollywood, CA, April 14, 2011 (Straight Line PR) -- L. Ron Hubbard's first story, "The Green Go", was published in 1934 in the pulp fiction magazine, "Thrilling Adventures". Thus began one of the more remarkable writing careers in history. Once his imagination flared to life, there was no turning back. And he was prolific. He could crank out thousands of words in a burst of creativity energy, producing numerous short stories and novels at an astounding pace.

Hubbard didn't simply participate in the pulp era, he helped define it. His stories were so popular that readers wrote to the editors demanding more from his typewriter. These facts are documented in various "Letters to the Editor" sections of the pulps themselves. His talent flared like a meteor blazing across the sky, and endured for over five decades.

1940 was a watershed year for Hubbard. England was at war with Germany, and the Nazi regime was intent on world domination. The United States had stayed out of the conflict, but there was growing support for England. Tensions with Japan were increasing, and the subsequent attack on Pearl Harbor a year later would plunge the United States into a battle on two fronts, in a concentrated effort to defeat the Nazis and the Japanese. The world was about to usher in the Atomic Age, an era that writers like Hubbard had already envisioned in their futuristic tales. It was against this backdrop that Hubbard wrote the first three of his better known works. Before the year ended, he had published "Final Blackout", "Typewriter in the Sky" and "Fear". ( )

Thomas McNulty, author of "Death Rides a Palomino" writes, "The reason these stories remain popular so many decades after their initial publication is a testament to Hubbard's talent. Hubbard wasn't just good, he was great, cranking out stories that hooked the reader from its first line and propelling them into a two-fisted tale of adventure."

These stories are legendary among connoisseurs of the pulp era. "Typewriter in the Sky" was a fantasy swashbuckler, and "Fear" was a suspense thriller with an ambiguous ending that is still hotly debated by fans. Was there a supernatural influence at work in the tribulations that plagued James Lowry, or were those grim events the product of a disturbed mind? Readers must still decide for themselves.

Although Hubbard's intention wasn't becoming a stylized poet of the pulps - he was simply working hard doing what he loved most - he is remembered because of his stories, their characters and the haiku-type simplicity of lines like this from "Under the Diehard Brand":

"The mutter of thunder growled across the sky. Bunched-up clouds shot nervously across the face of the moon."

Sentences like that are worth reading out loud. Writers read Hubbard today to learn how the Master did it, and educators are using Hubbard's stories as tools to interest students in literacy and creative writing.

The clatter of his rapid-fire typing was a wonderment to friends like fellow science fiction writer A. E. van Vogt, who witnessed Hubbard composing stories. The intensity of his concentration, his unerring typing skill, and his fertile imagination all combined to fashion a legacy unparalleled in literary history.

And there is something intrinsically patriotic about Hubbard's stories. They are a slice of Americana, cut from the fabric of our lives, reaffirming the principles of hard work, and never losing sight of our basic humanity. Reading his Golden Age stories today is both a history lesson and a lesson in morality. Hubbard's compassion for his fellow man manifests itself time and again.

The Galaxy Press editions of Hubbard's Golden Age stories ( ) are a historical landmark in publishing. Each volume painstakingly recreates the pulp style with one (and sometimes several) Hubbard stories, including a glossary of words that provides educators and their students a historical perspective. The list of forthcoming titles is enough to set the pulse racing: "Forbidden Gold", "On Blazing Wings", "Black Towers to Danger", "The Headhunters", "The Carnival of Death", and "Shadows From Boot Hill", to name but a few.

There are good writers and fine writers, and then there is L. Ron Hubbard, Master of all Genres. He stands alongside the American Masters from the glorious Golden Age, but none of them were quite like LRH. It's often been said that they don't write stories like these any longer, and that's because there is no one around today that compares to the legendary L. Ron Hubbard.

For more information on Stories From the Golden Age, visit

About Stories From the Golden Age:
Stories From the Golden Age is a line of 80 books and multi-cast, unabridged audio books, featuring 153 stories written by L. Ron Hubbard in the 1930s and 1940s in any of the several popular genres of the day - mystery, thriller, adventure, science fiction, fantasy and western - with tales appropriate for all ages from middle school and up. The cover art for the complete available library is displayed in the iBookstore and purchasing is a breeze on the new iPad. The eBooks are also available at, and on the Stories from the Golden Age website at

Please contact for corrections or updates.

John Goodwin
Galaxy Press
7051 Hollywood Blvd.
Suite 200
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 466-7815

Executive Personal Protection Lessons Now Available from SAFE International, Ottawa’s Self Defense Leaders

Executive Personal Protection Lessons - SAFE International is Ottawa’s Self Defense Leaders. SAFE International has taught more than 120,000 people since 1994.

Ottawa, Canada, April 17, 2011 - (Straight Line PR) - Executive Personal Protection Lessons - SAFE International is Ottawa’s Self Defense Leaders. SAFE International has taught more than 120,000 people since 1994.

SAFE International is Canada’s leading provider of mobile self defense/personal protection training with a heavy presence in Ottawa, Canada. SAFE International is expanding its Executive Personal Protection Lessons to include Ottawa, Canada. The company is owned and managed by Chris Roberts who is a professional teaching Director and self-defense instructor. Since 1994, SAFE International has taught more than 120,000 people in the private, corporate, and high school environments.

SAFE International Executive Personal Protection Lessons/Ottawa Self Defense, provides company executives with tips and strategies to recognize, avoid, and handle personal security risks. SAFE International will provide this training right at your office, one on one, or with a group of your employees. Prior to the commencement of training, Chris Roberts, CEO of SAFE International, will spend time with each person learning about their safety concerns, whether it is how to handle oneself while away on travel, or how to deal with physical threats right in their own city. It is through this personal attention that SAFE International is able to truly design a course that will have lasting positive effects for the busy executive.

Executives will be taught how to recognize different forms of verbal abuse, and how to defuse in order to resolve conflict without violence. Most people are most uncomfortable with the verbal aspects of confrontation. It is through these reality based drills that you will develop the confidence to handle various forms of abuse, without the need to be physical, while also preparing yourself in the event that it does.

The second phase of SAFE International Executive Personal Protection and self defense lessons is the physical aspect which addresses how to React and Respond in the event that conflict becomes physical. Clients are taught basic, gross motor self defense skills meant to help one get away safely and as quickly as possible. The principles of their teachings are based on how to react instinctively without having to think about what to do. This is not martial arts, but rather, real skills meant for real life scenarios. SAFE International recognizes that today’s executives are extremely busy and need this information taught as to them as quickly as possible. SAFE International addresses the emotional, psychological, verbal and physical segments of violence in today’s world.

Chris Roberts, CEO of SAFE International also trains/consults people privately on a weekly basis. Private clients include mothers, fathers, daughters, police officers, seniors, and people with disabilities. Mr. Roberts constantly studies and implements new tactics when they his criteria of being simple but effective. If the tactic might save a life, he is interested.

To contact SAFE International and Chris Roberts to schedule your Executive self defense lessons in Ottawa, Canada, you can visit their main site at . You can also view Chris’ self defense blog at . You can also reach Chris Roberts toll free at 1-800-465-5972 or by email at

Contact :
Chris Roberts
SAFE International™
15535 Cooper Rd.
Lunenburg, ON
Canada K0C 1R0
1 800 465-5972

Friday, April 15, 2011

Orthopaedic Surgeons Hail Passage of Fair Share Act

HB 1 Brings Commonsense to Liability System

Harrisburg, PA, April 11, 2011 - The Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Society (POS) today hailed passage of House Bill 1, legislation that eliminates joint and several liability for any defendant found to be less than 60 percent liable for causing an injury. The bill passed the House of Representatives on a 112-88 vote.

"HB 1 is a commonsense measure that maintains a person’s right to collect damages while bringing fairness, balance, and stability to Pennsylvania’s liability system," said Harry Schmaltz, MD, president POS. "This critical reform will help doctors in their roles as healthcare practitioners and as business people. Our Society’s members thank the House of Representatives for swiftly moving this important measure through the legislative process."

Over the past decade, the Pennsylvania General Assembly has taken many steps toward improving the state’s medical liability environment.

Pennsylvania, however, remains one of the few states that have not taken full measures to address the liability concerns of both medicine and business. Enactment of HB 1 is a top priority item for both the medical and business communities."Over the years, our friends in the legislature have heard our concerns and boldly acted to assist physicians and hospitals in regard to Pennsylvania’s intolerable medical liability system. With their action today, the House of Representatives stepped toward resolving the longstanding liability plight of both the medical and business communities."

Dr. Schmaltz recognized the efforts of State Representative Curt Schroder (R. Chester), the driving force behind HB 1. "For many years, Representative Schroder has steadfastly advanced a reform agenda to protect doctors from lawsuit abuse. We sincerely thank him for work in securing a liability environment in which we can work."

"In addition, the POS thanks House Speaker Sam Smith (R. Jefferson), House Majority Leader Mike Turzai (R. Allegheny) and House Judiciary Committee chair Ron Marsico (R. Dauphin) for swiftly bringing HB 1 to a Final Passage vote. Without their support, we would languish in a sea of unfair liability."

POS is a professional medical specialty organization representing more than 1000 orthopaedic surgeons across Pennsylvania in advocating for excellence in the practice of orthopaedic medicine. For more information on the importance of bone, joint and muscle health at every age, visit the POS website at

Beth Weachter
PA Orthopaedic Society
510 North Third Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101