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OK1984 + Kreayshawn Make a Quietly Loud Statement

What happens when you merge a team of hip Californian designers with one of hip-hop’s most buzz-worthy artists?

Los Angeles, CA, August 26, 2013 – What happens when you merge a team of hip Californian designers with one of hip-hop’s most buzz-worthy artists? You get a distinct capsule collection of understated yet thought provoking jewelry that says just enough. “I designed this for the girls who express more with less. There’s no need to do the talking when your jewelry can do it for you,” explains renowned artist Kreayshawn.

Whatever you’ve heard about the Bay Area musician and director, Kreayshawn is nothing if not scrappy. Born in September 1989 in San Francisco, as Natassia Zolot, to a teenage single mother, the pocket-sized artist relied on her wits to navigate the roughest sections of the city. By the age of 16, she found herself in a pivotal moment that would forever change her life and prompt her to become the pioneer she is today, turning hardship into empowerment and fueling her future through drive and creativity.

With a record deal from Columbia Records and a true cult following, it is clear to see why OK1984 jumped at the opportunity to team up with this gorgeous powerhouse. Known for her seemingly eclectic and truly unique personal style, Kreayshawn sets out to discover new and original influences that will make her music stand out from the rest. She seeks to inspire and be inspired, and, much like OK1984’s jewelry, she is fresh, edgy and undeniably talented. Incorporating each independent characteristic into one cohesive line, OK1984 and Kreayshawn have created a range of pieces that will unleash the voice inside you.

Launching August 26, 2013, the collaboration capsule, which will range from starry-eyed smiley face pendants to spirited alien head rings, will retail for $21 - $30, exclusively at

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Justin Ligeri and Yagoozon Inc. Named Fastest Growing Retailer by Inc. Magazine

Three years ago Justin Ligeri was broke. His prospects were grim and odds of success were poor. Fast forward to August 2013 and the young eCommerce phenom is on track to do in excess of $20 million in sales this year, earning the recognition of Inc. Magazine.

Sebring, FL, August 26, 2013 (Straight Line PR) -- Three years ago Justin Ligeri was broke. Looking at the worst economy in the last 85 years, most people would say his prospects were grim and the odds of success were poor. Fast forward to August 2013 and the young 35 year old eCommerce phenom is on track to do in excess of $20 million in sales this year.

He and his company Yagoozon, Inc. were recently named the #11 fastest growing company in the world and the #1 fastest growing company in the Retailing space.

Starting over with only $40 in the winter of 2010, he has bankrolled that amount into a booming company that has venture capitalists and vendors amazed at his ability to sell merchandise quickly and profitably.

"Here is the reality," said Ligeri from Yagoozon's ( ) main warehouse in Central Florida. "The average consumer needs to understand that today the news media is like a drug dealer that only peddles bad news. They understand that bad news gets better ratings than good news. So they try and fixate your attention on the side of the ledger that has been disrupted by the web. Huge layoffs, plant closings, poor earnings, and a contracting economy. It's not that their news is incorrect, rather it lacks objectivity. They show all of the things that have been DISRUPTED, and never stop to communicate that it is companies like mine that embrace the power of the web, that are doing the DISRUPTING."

New technology creates new opportunities and new rules for amassing wealth, according to Ligeri.

"In the retail space where I am very active, traditional retailers who operate ignoring the power of the web, will follow the path of Kodak corporation, which filed for bankruptcy last year. I, on the other hand, hope to be able to continue to use the web and joint ventures to sell high demand products to my audience," explains Ligeri.

He goes on to say, "Three years ago I was worse than broke. Today I sell more than one thousand mom and pop stores put together. The difference is that I have embraced the power of the web."

Ligeri speaks briefly in a short YouTube video about the path he took to achive his current success:

Today, he is clearly a top contender to be the Entrepreneur of The Year. "I am beyond honored and excited to be a contender for this prestigious award," said Ligeri. "Its nice to receive the acknowledgment from the business community. It certainly has been a fun ride."

The 2013 Inc. 500|5000 Conference ( ) is scheduled for October 10-12 in Washington, D.C. It is expected that Yagoozon, Inc. will be recognized once again as a rapidly rising star in the eCommerce firmament.

Ligeri's blog can be found at

About Yagoozon, Inc.:
Yagoozon is the fastest growing online retailer of toys, costumes, and novelty items. The company focuses on customer service and purchaser simplification. Headquartered in Sebring, FL, Yagoozon leverages the strengths of the Amazon retail platform, adding their self-described “obsession” with excellent customer service, to take online retailing to a whole new level.

For more information, visit Yagoozon online at or find Yagoozon on Facebook at

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