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International Real Estate Portal Re-launched with 50000 Listings in 100 countries wants to be the leading online source for international investment properties, properties for a second or third home, and vacation properties in countries including Brazil, Turkey, Caribbean, Thailand, Spain, India, USA (Florida).

Markham, ON, July 05, 2011 - is a multifaceted real estate company and international real estate portal based in Toronto, Canada a vibrant, multicultural and cosmopolitan city, the financial capital of Canada.

Due to the ongoing market conditions, financial crisis, and downturn in the economies around the world, many real estate investors are hunting for cheap properties overseas and inexpensive properties abroad. This is an opportune time for real estate bargain hunters. is ideally positioned to cater to such real estate investment plans and goals due to their many cheap property listings in various countries including Turkey, Brazil, Thailand, Cyprus and Caribbean. Bargains are also available in previously booming markets like Dubai. It is worth emphasizing that many properties are selling at recently discounted prices, and the final selling price maybe even lower than that listed in the portal since sellers are closely and constantly monitoring the pulse of the markets and adjusting the prices accordingly.

The property types on our portal include villas, apartments, condos, houses, hotels, land, farms, vacation properties and rentals.", said CEO Chandra Rajaraman.

We have over 2400 registered sellers, many of whom are the best, and largest real estate developers, builders, agents and companies in the previously mentioned countries, looking for local and international / overseas buyers for their fine properties of all types.

In addition to inexpensive properties, has many fine land and hotel listings in Turkey, Egypt, Dubai, USA, Caribbean and Thailand for upscale real estate investors. We also welcome people who wish to buy a property in a foreign country to retire there due to a variety of reasons including lower cost of living, natural beauty, and fine climate. To summarize, has properties of various types and property sizes, for all budgets, and in numerous locations in many countries.

"It is a buyer's real estate market around the world, so sellers are desperate in many countries to find buyers, and is glad to provide an additional, effective avenue for sellers to promote their properties online to a global universe of buyers", said CEO Chandra Rajaraman.

"We have created easy to use wizards to enter property and business listings, and our data entry team is also available to enter them for you if you are challenged by the interface. We will support standards-based XML feeds for entry of listings in future. For buyers, we have advanced search forms to sift through the large repository of property listings", said CEO Chandra Rajaraman. allows 20 images/pictures and 2 PDF/Microsoft Word attachments to each property and business listing. is one of the first portals to promote properties in Brazil. Brazil is the venue for the 2014 Soccer World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics, so there is an enormous amount of construction occurring in Brazil. Respected analysts opine that the real estate appreciation in Brazil over the next 5-10 years is a certainty in tandem with the world events occurring there. Brazil also has a stable, investor-friendly government, political environment and laws. It has some of the finest beaches in the world as well as a sunny climate. We strongly encourage investors to review Brazil for investments carefully and thoroughly. would also like to build an online real estate community. To achieve this goal, they have incorporated blog and forum functionalities to the site. The blogs are a repository of news releases related to real estate, useful and interesting articles on real estate, real estate market trends in many countries of interest to potential buyers and How-to Guides for purchasing real estate in many countries including Turkey, UAE(Dubai, Abu Dhabi), India, Malta, Egypt and Thailand. Site visitors are encouraged to add more useful content to the blogs and forums.

Chandra Rajaraman, Inc.
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AuraPortal to Exhibit at Microsoft's World Partner Conference

AuraPortal to develop new reseller partner relationships at Microsoft WPC in Los Angeles, CA, July 11th – 14th

Woburn (Boston), MA, July 04, 2011 - AuraPortal (, a global provider of Business Process Management (BPM) software, has announced it will be an exhibitor at the Microsoft World Partner Conference (WPC) 2011 event in Los Angeles, CA, from July 11th to 14th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. AuraPortal will be exhibiting their latest AuraPortal BPMS product capabilities at booth 223 during the conference, highlighting their industry leading, global solutions. AuraPortal sells exclusively through channel partner organizations and will be looking to meet with and build relationships with new reseller and services partners during the conference.

AuraPortal is different from all other BPMS solution providers as it delivers a solution that creates even the most complex Business Process Workflow Execution Models without the need for IT programming. The AuraPortal solution has been installed and proven in a variety of industries including: manufacturing & distribution, financial services, professional services, local and federal government sector, oil, energy & utilities, education, real estate, insurance, and health care sectors.

AuraPortal is fully web enabled and 100% Microsoft based, utilizing the Microsoft .NET framework, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Visio, and Microsoft Office solutions.

The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is an annual gathering for the Microsoft partner community to learn about Microsoft's roadmap for the upcoming year, network and build connections, share best practices, experience the latest product innovations, and learn new skills and techniques.

About The Microsoft WPV 2011 Event:
Since 2003, the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference provides a unique five (5)-day event for thousands of partners from more than 130 countries worldwide, to plan their business strategies for the upcoming year. The Microsoft WPC week is anchored around keynote presentations from Microsoft's senior leaders; training sessions led by partners, Microsoft professionals, and industry leaders; and thousands of meetings responsible for many new business transactions. For additional information click here.

About AURA (AuraPortal) (
AURA is a global BPMS (Business Process Management Suite) provider delivering a solution that creates, without the need of IT programming, Business Process Workflow Execution Models. AuraPortal is 100% Web-based, and is complementary to existing ERP and CRM systems.

AuraPortal has a presence in 50 countries with more than 350 customers including, among others: Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, Toyota, Yamaha, Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), ArcelorMittal, Eletrobras, Royal KPN, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sodexo, etc., as well as many Government Agencies and Departments in several countries.

AuraPortal Headquarters are located in North America (Boston) and Europe (Holland) whereas the software development facilities are located in Spain and India.

Scott Rich
400 Trade Center
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978-808-6340 Launched with 20000 Commercial Listings in USA and Canada is the premier commercial property listing service site dedicated to commercial office, warehouse and shared space for rent and sublease. We feature traditional and executive space in major cities around USA and Canada.

San Diego, CA, July 05, 2011 - The online realm for buying, selling and leasing commercial space holds tremendous potential. Most current commercial web sites list content for the benefit of the real estate community, the supply side of the business. Very little is geared towards tenants and buyers, the demand side of the business -- unlike residential, where it is reversed.

Commercial has always lagged residential when it comes to using the Internet to market properties for sale and particularly for lease. About 3/4 of all residential property sales last year were initiated by an Internet search. We believe commercial real estate will follow suit and will be at the forefront of the global sales channel collecting fees on listings, availability reports and third party lease and purchase transactions.

We feature traditional office space covering all the professions from Medical, Legal, Accounting to Financial Service space.

We cover specialized space such as Bio-Tech, High-Tech, Data Center, Call Center, Plug-N-Play and Creative space.

We also cover Executive Suite, Shared Space, Fully Furnished, Conference Room Rentals and Corporate Address Identify Packages.

We are focused on becoming the market leader internationally for satisfying all commercial real estate needs (sale and lease).

We hold a solid network of local tenant representation professionals throughout the United States & Canada ready to assist you.

Chandra Rajaraman
11526 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite J
San Diego, California 92121
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Premium Online Service Taking Sales and Marketing Industry by Storm

Integrates and Utilizes Free Video Email And Web Conferencing As An Essential Component Of Companies Marketing Strategies

Bloomington, MN, July 05, 2011 - If given the option to send an email with either a personal or business video message produced by you or a traditional email, which would you choose? The answer is obvious. Video email is fast becoming the preferred choice for business owners around the world who are taking their sales and marketing goals to the next level with this tool., is a video email and web conferencing online service that makes it fun and easy for users to set up their accounts and begin sending out professional, high quality emails.

Anyone sending video emails from the site has an array of specialized templates created by the sites’ designers to choose from to get started. The process is simple. Log onto and set up an account using a preferred email address. Users do not have to establish a new email account but can use a current one. Once a primary email address is established, the video emails will appear coming from your primary email account. Next, import all of your contacts and you are ready to send.

Videos can be created from a web cam or other video source that your computer recognizes. Previously recorded video files can also be uploaded from your computer’s hard drive. Another benefit of sending your video email via is that it does not include other distracting videos around it, like YouTube, etc.

Manager, Brad Broekema, said companies who are not using video mail yet are already behind the ball. "I think using a video email program will change the sales industry, if you are not currently using video in the sales and marketing of your business you are missing out. The video conferencing will simplify the sales presentation allowing for more appointments and in essence more commission," he said. also offers optimum video conferencing that results in the same benefits of meeting in person. It is an excellent tool for making live presentations, receiving immediate feedback and making real-time decisions regardless of location.

Members can hold an unlimited number on meetings online. For those who cannot get to a desktop or laptop to participate in the web conference, they can attend the meeting via mobile access. Participants can be anywhere in the world and hold a meeting that meets their objectives.

For more information, go to: to schedule an interview contact Brad Broekema 612.293.5470 or email

Brad Broekema
1018 Boston Hill Rd.
Eagan, MN 55123

Stepping Stone Secures €200m Line of equity for Astra Mining

Corporate advisory firm Stepping Stone Equity has secured a €200 million line of equity for Australian diversified resources company Astra Mining.

Brisbane, QLD, July 04, 2011 - The deal, which is the result of a term sheet signed on 26 April, will provide working capital and a project-standby facility for Astra after its Frankfurt Exchange listing in August while it finalises a major global prospectus being placed with a number of investment banks and international brokers.

The line of equity is being facilitated through private investment group Equity Partners Fund SPC with the backing of two major commercial banking institutions from Asia and South America.

Stepping Stone executive director James Skinner says the syndicated transaction will provide post-listing funding for a period of three years as and when needed by Astra Mining.

"Astra is an emerging global resource company with a number of opportunities either underway or in the pipeline, and as such this line of equity will enable them to continue to develop these opportunities," Mr Skinner says.

"Through Equity Partners Fund SPC we have managed to gain the backing of two large commercial banks, the Zigong Commercial Bank Company of China and the Banif Banco de Investimento of Brazil, with a third commercial bank in South East Asia considering additional facilities.

"We expect this line of equity to significantly boost interest in Astra’s unconditional listing on the Deutsche Börse next month when we expect them to debut at €1.50."

Astra Mining’s global portfolio includes gold and tin interests in south east Asia and southern India, coal mines in Australia and Africa, iron ore in India and Africa, and the production of a new high-strength steel technology.

Astra’s CEO Dr Jaydeep Biswas says the line of equity will ensure the company is able to continue to successfully operate on a global scale and comes at a pivotal point in time.

"Astra has a number of interests in the resources sector spanning four continents and this funding will help us continue with our projects immediately after our listing," Dr. Biswas says.

"We’re on the cusp of concluding our interests in several projects including joint ventures to produce gold and coal which will all add enormous value to the equity base of the company.

"We are also developing positions in high-grade iron ore mining and trading which puts us in a unique low-cost supply position for the steel manufacturing industry which we are also heavily involved in.

"As such we believe the line of equity will further propel the company towards becoming a leading worldwide resources group."

Stepping Stone Equity is an Australian based corporate finance company that is an associate partner and deal flow manager for private institutional investors operating a network of agents worldwide.

The firm, together with Gebo Equity Management, has assisted a number of companies list on the Deutsche Börse including most recently online gaming and entertainment company 2UP Gaming PLC (2GM:GR) who is currently trading at €0.26 per share, up from its listing of €0.10 per share, with a market capitalisation of approximately €72 million (USD$103 million at the current exchange rate).

Equity Partners Fund SPC, which has established separate portfolios for the two commercial banks, generally looks to invest in listed companies with consistent trading volumes for a variety of activities including working capital, acquisitions and other growth opportunities.

The fund’s investment guidelines, apart from a company’s size and liquidity, require them to have exceptional management and long-term sustainable growth opportunities with the potential to achieve significant milestones over a developmental period.

Bruce Nelson
Stepping Stone Equity
Level 9
100 Edward Street
Brisbane, QLD 4000