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Singer-Songwriter-Pianist Shauna Burns Reveals New Inspiring Celtic Folk Rock CD, “Violet” Set for October 22, 2013 Release

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Los Angeles, CA, October 08, 2013 - Celtic vocalist and singer-songwriter Shauna Burns is back with new music that will inspire and empower piano music lovers. With her past releases in 2009 and 2011, she has taken her new music in a new direction for her fans with her October 22 release of “Violet.”

After 2011’s “A Winter Gathering,” Burns feels the new release is “A new seed planted. Almost ready to bloom forth!” The direction taken for this project is focused on women and female empowerment and continues in the tone of her Celtic flare. “Violet,” follows the same structure from A Winter Gathering by having collaborations on the album performed by Burns and her husband, drummer/percussionist James Clark (who also co-produced Violet along with her previous releases), as well as Ryan Whyte Maloney on the guitar, Lindsey Springer on the cello, and Caroline Kemper on harp.

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Violet is comprised of a total of 14 songs on the album. With new songs titled “Orchid” and “Portobello”, Burns has stated that this album will have a positive, uplifting spirit. Her first single, “Little Song,” from the album, is already receiving airplay from several radio stations worldwide.

It will express the strengths that all women should carry throughout life. Burns decided to make “Violet” the title track and the name of the album a major focal piece of the album because she feels Violet represents the concept of being free and independent.

The song, “Orchid” will be a vital piece of the album as well because it showcases a deeper level of vulnerability incorporating the cello, violin, and piano. The single, "Little Song" is a sweet introduction to the album that is about the possibility of the future and giving into what a new relationship brings. “Out with the old in with the new, letting go and jumping off the cliff of adventure.”

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Legendary Singer-Songwriter-Producer Bunny Sigler Releases New R&B Funk Flavored Single “Hero” October 8

“…Bunny Sigler proves himself as some sort of mad scientist songwriter, who mixes together ingredients of many genres and warps them into something unique that he can call his own.” –

Hollywood, CA, October 07, 2013 - Bunny Sigler, the renowned Philadelphia born artist, has prevailed to bring to us what is known as the "Philly Sound" with his brand new single “Hero,” which will be released on all major digital retail platforms and radio stations on October 8. Bunny " Mr. Emotion" Sigler embellished the soothing sounds of funk and R&B and constructed a brilliant range of music for the past five decades. Sigler has and continues to live and breathe the soul and sound of what Philadelphia music represents. From his early years singing in supper clubs, the nickname “Mr. Emotion” came to life whenever Bunny would start tearing up with heartfelt sincere emotion during his live performances. An enthusiast and powerful soul singer at heart enables Bunny to create such grand masterpieces such as his latest single “Hero.”

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Like a bottle of fine red wine, Sigler’s vocal and live performances only get better with age and time. Bunny Sigler's new single "Hero" brings an enticing fresh sound that gravitates to every R&B lover. With a mixture of Sigler’s empowering vocals and catchy upbeat rhythms, “Hero” accelerates to become a classic work of R&B brilliance. Continuing a steady beat of music for nearly four decades in the music business, Bunny Sigler continues to drop riveting new material. "At 72 years old " there ain't no stoppin us now" claims Sigler, in which "Hero" is a testament to how Bunny Sigler has not lost his touch and can continue to make fresh fun spirited tunes for music fans.

Bunny "Mr. Emotion" Sigler’s work over the years is a timeless creation of what soul and R&B should be. As a four-time Grammy award winner and nominee with more than 35 million units sold, Bunny continues to awe his audience with his classic sound.

With the Philly soul sound so hot, Sigler got a chance to work with a number of acts as a writer and/or producer, including the Whispers, Ecstacy, Passion And Pain and Carl Carlton. He cut tracks for artists on Curtis Mayfield's Curtom label, including Mayfield himself ("Trippin' Out"), and made a duet album with Barbara Mason. In 1976, Sigler got Instant Funk an album deal with Gamble Huff's TSOP label.

Creating several hits over the span of his career that today's generation keep sampling, Bunny continues to write, produce and record new material. He is the co-writer of the song, “The Ruler's Back” which was an opening song for the Jay Z's album, "Blueprint". At 70 years old "there ain't no stopping us now" claims "Sigler"...

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