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Center for Productive Longevity Seeking Success Stories from People 55+

National Competition Celebrates Older Americans Who Embrace Successful Living

Boulder, CO, May 30, 2012 - The Center for Productive Longevity (CPL), which serves as the bridge between people 55 and older and opportunities that enable them to continue in productive activities, is organizing a nationwide competition to select the best entrepreneur success story and inspiring life story from people 55 and older.

The Later-Life Story Contest begins on June 1, 2012 and ends on August 31, 2012 with the winner in each category selected by a panel of three independent judges. Each winner will receive $1,000 and a specially designed trophy. The best stories will be posted on the CPL website throughout the duration of the contest. The winners will be announced on October 1, 2012 and will be posted on the CPL website ( under “Success Stories”.

CPL created the contest to stimulate discussion and dialogue about how people 55 and older can continue adding value to their extended lives in an era when they are living 30 years longer than people did at the beginning of the 20th century. The Later-Life Story Contest is intended to achieve three objectives:

1) Stimulate people to continue leading meaningful and rewarding lives after reaching the age of 55. Baby Boomers were acculturated to believe that when they reached a certain age (55, 60, 65), they were over the hill and out of the game. Many of them need to understand that, with their increased longevity, they have the opportunity to become entrepreneurs or lead inspirational lives.

2) Demonstrate that older people can remain productively engaged and live inspiring lives into their latter 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond. There are 78 million Baby Boomers who began reaching traditional retirement age of 65 in 2011 and will continue to do so each year through 2029 at the rate of 4.2 million per year. These are people with experience, expertise, seasoned judgment and proven performance (referred to as EESP). Many of them have also acquired some accumulated wisdom. At a time when unemployment is high and economic growth low, creating a new business is a bright spot on a gloomy employment horizon. Stories about how older entrepreneurs have successfully taken the new-business route may stimulate others to do so. Stories about how people 55 and older have led inspirational lives may have a similar impact.

3) Change the pervasive national mindset that when people reach a certain age, they should move to the sidelines. This thinking encourages older workers to shed the wrinkles, hide the years, and pretend to be younger than they are. With people living substantially longer lives, Americans must recognize and find ways to enable this large and growing talent pool to continue adding value.

“We look forward to learning about the trailblazers around the country and to celebrating their stories,” says William Zinke, 85, Founder and President of CPL. “We believe that this contest can achieve these three objectives and look forward to sharing success stories with the public.”

We have selected three highly qualified judges for the competition:

Helen Dennis is a nationally recognized leader on issues of aging, employment, and retirement. She has conducted research on these issues for organizations such as The Conference Board, AARP, UC Berkeley, and the U.S. Administration on Aging. Nationally, she has lectured extensively to the business community, professional groups, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

Greg Merrill is President and CEO of the National Older Worker Career Center (NOWCC) and former Chairman of the NOWCC Board of Directors. The NOWCC is a national non-profit organization dedicated to promoting experienced workers as a valuable and critical component of the nation’s workforce. Since its establishment in 1997 NOWCC has, through hundreds of workers ages 55+, provided over 13 million hours of dedicated, experienced labor to federal agencies.

Fred Mandell is a catalyst for personal change and co-author with Kathleen Jordan of Becoming a Life Change Artist: 7 Creative Skills to Reinvent Your Life at Any Stage. Fred’s life and work has been featured in the Public Television Series “Boomers: Redefining Life After 50.” Fred currently serves on the Board of Directors of both the Life Planning Network and Discovering What’s Next.

All have had substantial experience regarding the productive engagement of people 55 and older.

To submit a story, visit and complete a submission form. Entrants must be over the age of 55, have a compelling story to share, and be willing to have it posted on the CPL website for viewing by the general public and for possible publication. Stories may also be emailed to James R. Hooks, Director of Marketing and Technology, at

For more information on CPL, the contest, and Success Stories, visit or Facebook at

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About the Center for Productive Longevity
The mission of CPL is to stimulate the substantially increased engagement of people 55 and older in productive activities, paid and volunteer, where they are qualified and ready to continue adding value. It is imperative that we recognize the value that can be added by an aging population. Visit for more information. Follow us on Facebook at

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Demand for Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders Care Prompts Eating Recovery Center Expansion

International Center for Eating Disorders Recovery Expands Partial Hospitalization Program for Children and Adolescents to Address Rising Incidence of Eating Disorders in Young Patient Populations

Denver, CO, May 30, 2012 - In response to an increasing demand for child and adolescent eating disorders care, Eating Recovery Center, an international center for eating disorders recovery, has expanded its Partial Hospitalization Program for Children and Adolescents. With the opening of a new facility in Denver’s Lowry neighborhood, this 11-hour-per-day, family-based treatment program will nearly triple current capacity. Eating Recovery Center’s child and adolescent programs, which provide inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization and outpatient treatment to boys and girls ages 10 through 17, have been in high demand since the Center opened its Behavioral Hospital for Children and Adolescents in January of 2011.

The prevalence of eating disorders in adolescence and childhood has steadily increased in recent years. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, from 1999 to 2006, hospitalizations for eating disorders increased by 119 percent for children younger than 12 years.

“The growing need for eating disorders treatment programs with specialized expertise in managing the therapeutic and medical needs of children, adolescents and families is apparent,” said Ovidio Bermudez, MD, FAAP, FSAHM, FAED, CEDS, medical director of child and adolescent services and chief medical officer of Eating Recovery Center. “The expansion of the Partial Hospitalization Program for Children and Adolescents enables Eating Recovery Center to address this trend by providing comprehensive treatment to a significantly larger number of patients and families.”

Offering a critical stepping-stone in the eating disorders recovery process for young patients, the Partial Hospitalization Program enables patients and their families to participate in daily programming that emphasizes communication skills, relapse prevention strategies and healthy parent/child interactions. Through individual, group and family therapy and staff-supported meals, families begin to work toward returning to “life as usual” outside of their child’s structured eating disorders treatment environment. The overall focus is on recovery and well-being.

Patients participate in a combination of individual, group and family therapy emphasizing recovery skills and the role of families in lasting recovery. They engage with a licensed teacher at Eating Recovery Center’s Learning Center in the afternoons to facilitate a seamless transition back to school following treatment. While their child is in treatment, parents and family members receive twice-a-day education lectures and participate in support groups. Multi-family groups and family meals are also embedded in the weekly schedule to foster a supportive community for patients and family members.

“Our treatment philosophy recognizes the importance of family involvement, education and empowerment in the recovery process,” continued Dr. Bermudez. “Treatment programming acknowledges that many child and adolescent patients are too developmentally young to take full ownership of weight restoration, sustainable recovery skills and aftercare, and provides parents with tools to continue to facilitate recovery at home.”

When patients are medically and psychiatrically stable, the structure and support of 24-hour care environment is not necessary and there is willingness and availability among both patient and parents to engage in intensive outpatient treatment, the Partial Hospitalization Program can be a meaningful starting point for families to begin the recovery process. Alternatively, patients can step down to this level of care from Eating Recovery Center’s inpatient and residential programs for children and adolescents. In the latter instance, continuity of care is a priority and patients will retain the same treatment team throughout their full course of treatment.

The only privately owned licensed psychiatric hospital in the U.S. exclusively dedicated to treating eating disorders and providing all levels of care for adults, adolescents and children, Eating Recovery Center’s Denver-based facilities include the Behavioral Hospital for Adults, the Behavioral Hospital for Children and Adolescents, the Partial Hospitalization Program and Outpatient Services for Adults, and the Partial Hospitalization Program for Children and Adolescents. In addition, Eating Recovery Center, in partnership with Summit Eating Disorders and Outreach Program, offers Partial Hospitalization and Outpatient Services in northern California.

For more information about eating disorders programs or to learn about Eating Recovery Center’s admissions process, visit

About Eating Recovery Center:
Eating Recovery Center is an international center for eating disorders recovery providing comprehensive treatment for anorexia, bulimia, EDNOS and binge eating disorder. Under the personal guidance and care of Drs. Kenneth Weiner, Craig Johnson, Emmett Bishop and Ovidio Bermudez, programs provide a full spectrum of services for children, adolescents and adults that includes Inpatient, Residential, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Services. Our compassionate team of professionals collaborates with treating professionals and loved ones to cultivate lasting behavioral change.  Denver-based facilities include the Behavioral Hospital for Adults, the Behavioral Hospital for Children and Adolescents, the Partial Hospitalization Program and Outpatient Services for Adults, and the Partial Hospitalization Program for Children and Adolescents. In addition, Eating Recovery Center, in partnership with Summit Eating Disorders and Outreach Program, offers Partial Hospitalization and Outpatient Services in Sacramento, California, as well as Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Services in Fresno and Roseville. For more information, please contact us at 877-218-1344 or or confidentially chat live on our website at

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Exotic Vietnam Tour Attracts Intrepid Travelers Luxury Travel to Surprise Travelers by Exotic Vietnam Tour

This exciting three week trip allows customers to discover the exotic places of the country, from North to South Vietnam, and stay in new and trendy hotels and resorts.

Hanoi, Vietnam, May 30, 2012 - Luxury Travel Ltd ( ) to Unveil Exotic Vietnam Three Week Tour for discerning travelers. This exotic Vietnam adventure tour is for people who seek personal challenges and new experiences, and who want to meet real people in a beautiful and unique environment.

In North Vietnam, travelers’s base will be Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi. Visit Duong Lam ancient village, it's a purely agricultural village of the Northern Red River Delta. And then the trip will bring visitors to various experiences of the landscapes as well as activities such as hiking through lush valleys and terrace paddy fields in Sapa, relaxing on a deluxe junk in gorgeous Halong Bay, discovering Bai Tu Long Bay and its remote limestone islands, many of which feature dramatic sea caves and sheltered, pristine beaches that can only be reached by kayak.

Board the train bound for remote Sapa, a mountain village near the Chinese border for 2 nights stay in Topas Ecologde. Visit local markets where hill tribe minorities (including Hmong, Red Dao, Tay, Xa Pho and Giay) trade their goods. View spectacular waterfalls and drive through mountain valleys. Explore the hill station town of Sapa , and visit several villages where the tribes live. Mountainous northern Vietnam is one of the best places in Asia to visit hill tribe villages and see dramatic mountains covered with terraced rice fields.

The trip will then take visitors to Central Vietnam to the old imperial capital, Hue and the UNESCO World Heritage town of Hoi An, where they will whet their appetite with a cooking class and fishing with the locals. They will also be able to indulge in stopping off at local villages and cycling on quiet back roads.

Fly Danang to French colonial Dalat and visitors will drive down to HCM City former Saigon. They will discover Nam Cat Tien National Park and the National Biosphere, and encounter wildlife in both Nam Cat Tien and Con Gio.

Tour cost at 3599 USD (70 million VND) per person for a private party of 4 people including private pick up and drop off service, all domestic flights, drinking water, meals, all activities, night safaris, accommodation and English or French speaking tour guide. This offer is valid until 30 Sep 2013.

This trip emphasizes the scenic and natural beauty of Vietnam, minimizing your time in big cities, yet balancing authenticity with luxury accommodations and service. Fun activities include trekking, walking, kayaking, caving, boating, farming, biking and safaris. Touring is flexible, with your own expert guide and driver in each destination, and each day is tailored to your personal interests, schedule, level of energy, and travel preferences. We ensure this trip to Vietnam introduces you an exciting mix of natural, cultural and taste adventures, accentuated by exotic places and new trendy hotels and resorts in Vietnam. This trip is perfect for second visit to the country or family travel.” - Pham Ha, Founder and CEO of Luxury Travel Ltd.

Opened in 2004, Luxury Travel Company Limited ( ) is the first luxury tour operator and DMC in Indochina, Thailand and Myanmar, has its own offices, luxury vehicles, luxury travel advisors, and serves thousands of high-end travelers every year. The company’s depth of experience and large infrastructure enable it to create unique itineraries with the operational confidence to fulfill client expectations. Luxury Travel Ltd has won numerous travel awards for excellent performance, including the most recent award: “Best Luxury Tour Operator.”

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