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“Can’t miss” promotion— clients pay $100 and receive a $200 gift certificate from New York Laser & Aesthetics

New York Laser & Aesthetics Offers a One-of-a-Kind Holiday Special! What Better Time to Treat Yourself Or Loved One & Save Money While You’re At It!

Manhasset, NY, December 10, 2012 - Now with Thanksgiving as a recent memory and the holiday season officially in full swing, it’s important to be reminded to treat yourself, as you shop for family and friends. It is easy to forget about your own needs this time of year, as you are busy making lists, shopping for all your loved ones, cleaning, cooking, baking and hosting family and friends for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s Eve. New York Laser & Aesthetics in Manhasset, NY would like to remind you to do something for yourself during the madness and stress of the winter holidays, such as having laser hair removal treatments or removing recurrent toenail fungus. New York Laser & Aesthetics currently has a “can’t miss” promotion—clients pay $100 and receive a $200 gift certificate, good for laser hair removal packages, sun/age spot laser removal, and chemical peels. In this holiday season filled with spending, rest assured that this is an unbeatable deal! In addition to the affordable pricing, clients can rest assured that the quality of their treatments and service are top-notch.

Conveniently located in the Americana Manhasset shopping center, New York Laser & Aesthetics is right in the middle of the premier shopping destination on Long Island. They are a quick drive from Port Washington, Great Neck, Syosset, Woodbury, Jericho, Garden City, and Plainview. Before or after your treatments, you can shop til you drop and get most of your holiday shopping lists crossed off! In addition, laser hair removal and many of their other services can be completed within a short time frame, such as a lunch break or a quick morning or afternoon break from a day of luxury shopping at the Americana. New York Laser & Aesthetics strives to offer convenient hours for their clients, and offers Saturday appointments as well as weekdays.

New York Laser & Aesthetics offers a variety of services that can be uniquely tailored to your individual needs. Laser hair removal treatments are popular with both men and women on many body parts, such as arms, legs, underarms, back, stomach, chest, bikini area, sideburns, chin, and upper lip. Chemical peels are another specialty at New York Laser & Aesthetics. Their experienced staff formulates your treatment customized to your skin type and skin condition to guarantee the best results possible. Chemical peels work by exfoliating dead skin cells on the surface of the skin to reveal new, healthy and glowing skin cells underneath. Other popular treatments are available to treat rosacea, uneven skin pigmentation, freckles, café au lait spots, acne, wrinkles and sagging skin, among many others. New York Laser & Aesthetics is also proud to offer toenail fungus (onycomycosis) removal treatments using advanced, groundbreaking technology, through an FDA-approved procedure called the Q-Clear Foot Laser.

Those who have unsuccessfully sought treatment before through different medications or procedures have found hope and confidence through this cutting-edge treatment. One of the most common prescription medications offered by doctors to those who suffer from this condition was found to cause liver and kidney toxicity and had serious side effects, on top of not being successful in treating the infection much of the time. The Q-Clear Foot Laser uses laser technology to attack the infection, and was a result of many years of scientific research. It has only recently been made available to the public. It is safe, painless and fast, and no adverse reactions or side effects have been reported. The laser will not cause your nails to discolor or fall off.

Say goodbye to thickened, yellow, hard to cut nails and treat yourself to the gift of healthy, shiny, smooth looking feet that you can show off to friends and family. Pedicures are in no way prohibited after the laser treatment—so you can look great for holiday gatherings! Feel free to wear trendy open-toe shoes to Christmas Eve dinner or family Hanukkah celebration, and sexy strappy heels for a New Year’s Eve bash!

The staff of New York Laser & Aesthetics offers unparalleled expertise and professionalism when treating toenail fungal infections. They are trained and experienced, ready to diagnose and treat your nail fungus with proper care, understanding, efficiency and effectiveness. The staff at New York Laser & Aesthetics understands how embarrassing and detrimental a fungal nail infection can be, and are happy to treat you in their discreet, welcoming clinic. Clients can put shoes on right after a treatment with the Q-Clear Foot Laser, can walk and resume normal activities immediately after—so you can continue shopping, return to work or attend to holiday errands.

The cost of treatment is LESS than what many have paid for prescription medications in the past to treat their toenail fungus. New York Laser & Aesthetics Group will be happy to speak with you about the Q-clear Foot Laser and your treatment options for other skin conditions, such as laser hair removal, acne, aging, or hyper pigmentation. All of the equipment at New York Laser Aesthetics’ office is FDA-approved and is the most advanced and tested technology available today.

Treat yourself or a loved one this holiday season to confidence and peace of mind. Trust New York Laser & Aesthetics to work with you, your relatives and/or friends to treat a multitude of skin conditions, whether it is laser hair removal, brown and age spot removal, chemical peels or toenail fungus removal. Their promotion of “pay $100 and receive a gift certificate worth $200” is going on today. Give yourself and others the gift of confidence and peace of mind this year!

Please call New York Laser & Aesthetics today to schedule a free consultation and to learn about any additional upcoming promotions. You may contact New York Laser & Aesthetics at 516-627-7777, through their website at, or on their Facebook page. The staff of New York Laser & Aesthetics in Manhasset, NY wishes you and your family a very happy and healthy holiday season and a wonderful new year!

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Bill Ringle Interviews Expert Business Strategist Adrian Ott on My Quest for Best

Bill Ringle, America’s Business Growth Strategist, talked with Adrian Ott, CEO of Exponential Edge Consulting, on My Quest for the Best about successful business strategy and knowing your customer.

Philadelphia, PA, December 10, 2012 - Business growth strategist Bill Ringle interviewed Adrian Ott, founder and CEO of Exponential Edge Consulting, for My Quest for the Best. In this interview series, Ringle speaks with successful industry experts and outstanding business leaders about their strategies for reaching and influencing significant target audiences, innovative business leadership, breakthrough moments in their career, and the important business and life lessons they've gained along the way.

Adrian Ott is the CEO and founder of Exponential Edge Consulting. She was named Silicon Valley Enterprising Woman of the Year 2011 by the National Association of Women Business Owners – Silicon Valley, and called “one of Silicon Valley’s most respected (if not the most respected) strategists” by Consulting Magazine. Ott works with some of the most innovative Fortune 500 and start-up companies in the world to help them gain a market edge in today’s exponential economy. In addition to assisting clients, she writes a popular column at and Chairs the Strategy & Growth Roundtable for the Harvard Business School Association of Northern California, the largest HBS alumni club in the world. She is also the author of The 24-Hour Customer, a Library Journal “Best Business Book 2010”.

In Ott’s conversation with Bill Ringle on My Quest for the Best, she offered listeners sales and strategy advice from her varied corporate engagements. Their discussion centered around the five triggers that influence to what a customer will give his or her time and attention, information that’s invaluable in any business. Ott also shared tips on how companies of all sizes can capitalize on mistakes or disruptions of service made by their competition, and discussed what led her to write The 24-hour Customer.

“What you’ll learn from listening to this interview with Adrian Ott is a thinking style that allows you to capitalize on the unexpected,” says Ringle. “Adrian’s clear explanations and examples let every leader understand important ways to get deeper insights into what their customers want.”

Bill Ringle, America’s Business Growth Strategist, is founder of the Rapid Rise Business Growth SystemTM, the proven step-by-step system that shows you exactly how to connect and do business with your ideal customers in record time. He works with high performing entrepreneurs and CEOs who want to overcome the five big challenges to business growth so that they can run profitable and rewarding business rather than become stuck and overwhelmed in unfulfilling and draining roles. He has worked on four continents, is the author of four business books, and inspires and educates thousands of business leaders each year through his speaking, coaching, interactive programs, and products.

To listen to Bill Ringle's interview with Adrian Ott, visit To learn more about Adrian Ott, visit her website,

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