Monday, June 18, 2012

The Fourth of July rapidly approaches, New York Laser Aesthetics Group wants to remind you of their Red, White and Blue motto

The summer is finally here! As the Fourth of July rapidly approaches, New York Laser Aesthetics Group wants to remind you of their Red, White and Blue motto

Manhasset, NY, June 18, 2012 - In order to enjoy the holiday weekend and the upcoming summer season to the fullest, getting laser hair removal treatments will ensure a smooth finish to your skin, which will ensure a great tan. You will avoid the pain, redness and irritation brought on by other forms of hair removal, such as shaving, waxing and electrolysis. Your skin will be spared of any “black and blue” bruises, and you’ll remain comfortable during the entire treatment, instead of suffering a case of the “blues!”

Laser hair removal is the perfect way to look and feel great this summer while you're relaxing on the beach, out on a boat, hanging out at a barbeque, or travelling. Your skin will be hair-free, soft and need minimal upkeep while you take advantage of the great weather with your summer activities. New York Laser Aesthetics Group provides a host of laser hair removal treatments for both men and women. Popular services include laser hair removal of the legs, underarms, stomach and chest, bikini area, back, back of neck, chin, upper lip, and sideburns.

New York Laser Aesthetics Group is conveniently located in Manhasset, NY and is easily accessible from Great Neck, Port Washington, Roslyn, Garden City, Jericho and Syosset. New York Laser Aesthetics Group is a premier laser hair removal and skin treatment center with a professional and caring New York State-certified, insured and bonded staff. The center is state of the art, clean, welcoming and private. The comfort and peace of mind of their clients are of utmost importance to the New York Aesthetics Group.

Only top-notch, medical-grade technology is employed at the center to ensure the best laser hair removal results and minimal discomfort. N.Y. Laser Aesthetics is proud to use the Dual Epicare Aesthetic Laser system, an FDA-approved medical graded device that delivers great hair removal results with little irritation to surrounding skin. Other laser systems and technology are used to tackle skin imperfections such as spider veins, age spots, brown spots, liver spots and sun spots. They can even use their laser technology to help you remove bothersome café au lait birthmarks and freckles. Laser treatments are the most effective treatment available in spot removal.

Laser skin rejuvenation is another way to improve the skin's condition by using laser therapy. This treatment consists of an infrared light that reduces skin pigmentation and stimulates collagen production. It soothes fine lines, shrinks capillaries, shrinks moles, reduces acne and acne scars, and is suitable for all skin types and ethnicities.

In addition to these sophisticated laser hair removal services, New York Laser Aesthetics Group is also proud to offer a host of skin treatments. They provide face-sculpting treatments including the well-known Biologique Recherche facial treatment from France to sculpt, lift and hydrate skin, and Chemical Peels tailored to a host of different skin needs such as anti-aging, acne, rosacea, minimizing pore size and uneven skin tone and pigmentation. They also offer toenail fungus removal using a special laser called the Q-Clear Foot Laser. For many people suffering from this embarrassing problem, this new technology is a huge breakthrough. The technology is FDA approved and has had no documented adverse reactions, and is bringing hope to many people whose medications did not cure this reoccurring problem.

New York Laser Aesthetics is confident you will love the results of their treatments. To this end, they stand behind their services and offer you an initial six-treatment laser hair removal package with a “lifetime guarantee” afterwards of any additional treatments at 50% off for life! Whatever your laser hair removal and/or skin care needs, they will be happy to help you. Please contact New York Laser Aesthetics Group for a free consultation and to find out about any summer promotions. Call them at (516) 627-7777, or contact New York Laser Aesthetics Group through their website at, or on their Facebook page. Have a safe and happy summer from New York Laser Aesthetics Group. Hope to hear from you soon!

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