Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Colorado HealthOP Officially Open for Business

Statewide Health Insurance CO-OP Launches Campaign to Help Coloradans Without Health Insurance Get Covered

Denver, CO, October 1, 2013 — Today, as healthcare marketplaces open across the country, Colorado HealthOP, one of 23 new health insurance cooperatives launching nationwide today as a result of the Affordable Care Act, announced it is now selling health insurance plans to Coloradans. Colorado HealthOP’s health insurance policies are available on Connect for Health Colorado, the state’s online health insurance exchange, and through a statewide network of brokers. Coverage becomes effective in 2014.

As part of its emergence on the health insurance market, Colorado HealthOP, Colorado’s only statewide consumer-operated and oriented health plan, launched an aggressive campaign today to help Coloradans without health insurance Get Covered. The campaign kicked off this morning with “exposed” models on Denver’s high traffic 16th Street Mall handing out “Get Covered” cards designed to awaken consumers to the need for health insurance and outline the steps to buy coverage.

“More than 1.5 million people in Colorado lack adequate health insurance, which leaves them exposed to health problems and high medical bills. As a CO-OP focused on improving health, it’s our mission to raise awareness and help all Coloradans get covered with quality, affordable health insurance,” said Julia Hutchins, CEO of Colorado HealthOP.

As a health insurance CO-OP, Colorado HealthOP is turning health insurance upside down:

1. Colorado HealthOP is governed by its members:
Colorado HealthOP does not have shareholders; instead members have a voice in how the company is run. Members elect and can serve on the board of directors. When the organization’s revenue is greater than costs, Colorado HealthOP members influence how the excess is used — by lowering premiums, adding benefits or making other improvements.

2. Colorado HealthOP’s plans reward healthy behaviors:
Colorado HealthOP protects its members when they’re sick or injured—but the CO-OP also helps members get and stay healthy. After enrolling in most Colorado HealthOP insurance plans, members can take simple preventive health actions to upgrade to an enhanced plan. In an enhanced plan, members will pay less out-of-pocket when they see a doctor, and receive money on a debit card they can use to pay for health expenses.

3. Colorado HealthOP offers members choices that can reduce costs:
Colorado HealthOP offers a range of plans so that individuals and families can make a choice that meets their financial and healthcare needs. The health insurance plan options include those that offer flexibility with a robust provider network, as well as tailored plans with more limited networks that people can purchase at a lower cost.

Colorado HealthOP members in some health insurance plans can also keep their healthcare costs lower by choosing from a list of preferred providers who are committed to improving quality and reducing cost.

“Coloradans have been waiting for a health insurance plan like ours, one that has their best interests at heart,” Hutchins said. “We are excited to have this opportunity to help more Coloradans get insured.”

How to Enroll
Coloradans can sign up for Colorado HealthOP health insurance by visiting Connect for Health Colorado’s website or calling Colorado HealthOP toll-free at 855-796-7676. The CO-OP’s local customer service representatives can help Coloradans enroll and answer questions about Colorado HealthOP plans. Local brokers can also help Coloradans find and enroll in plans.

Tax credits are available to people who qualify to help reduce the cost of their health insurance. Colorado HealthOP provides a free online health insurance tax credit calculator to help individuals determine if they may be eligible. For more information about Colorado HealthOP or to learn more about changes in healthcare, visit www.COHealthOP.org.

About Colorado HealthOP:
Colorado HealthOP offers a new alternative to traditional health insurance in Colorado. A nonprofit health insurance cooperative, Colorado HealthOP and its members are committed to providing affordable, quality coverage to individuals and employers interested in making a difference in their own health, their employees’ health and the health of their community. Colorado HealthOP aims to improve health outcomes by putting the responsibility for consumers’ care back into the hands of the cooperative’s members and providers. A private market solution tailored for individuals and employers, Colorado HealthOP will begin open enrollment in October 2013 via Connect for Health Colorado, Colorado’s health insurance marketplace, and through independent brokers and agents. Coverage will begin January 1, 2014. For more information about Colorado HealthOP, please visit www.COHealthOP.org or call 720.627.8900.

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Discover Why Better Shea Butter is Amongst The Amazon Top Sellers

Better Shea Butter is delighted to be ranked within the top ten retailers of Shea Butter on Amazon. This is testament to their commitment to exceptional products and stellar customer service.

Houston, TX, October 01, 2013 - Better Shea Butter is proving to be one of the most successful suppliers of Shea Better, consistently recognized as one of the Amazon top sellers. Ranked within the top 10 for their Shea Butter, consumers clearly love this brand and this retailer.

For Better Shea Butter spokesperson Ms. Girard, their Shea Butter is within the Amazon top sellers because of two very important criteria: quality and service.

“We’re passionate about our products and want all our customers to gain from the great health and beauty benefits Shea Butter provides. Our product is unrefined, organic, and rich in nutrients vital for healthy skin and hair. We’re proud of our high quality Shea Butter and our commitment to customer service, which is why people keep coming back to Better Shea Butter.”

With over 40,000 Amazon listings for Shea Butter products, ranking in the top 10 retailers is an incredible feat. With consistent positive feedback, it isn’t surprising that Better Shea Butter is so successful. For happy customer Tiff Guy, Better Shea Butter is unique and unmatched by other products:

“This product is NOTHING like the Shea butter I've bought elsewhere. It's GREAT. The others had a grainy texture to it, but this melts as soon as you begin to rub it in your skin and is great on my hair. I will be ordering again.”

Better Shea Butter offers two varieties, yellow and ivory. Both are exceptional quality, although slightly different in appearance and application. The yellow Shea Butter will help to bronze skin, while the ivory variety won’t change skin tone. There are no additives in this pure product, only the richness that comes from vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential natural compounds.

Better Shea Butter is a great option for anyone that would like to naturally enhance the condition of their skin and hair. As Amazon top sellers, customers are guaranteed great products and attentive customer service from Better Shea Butter.

Lisa Girard
Better Shea Butter
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Jersey Mike’s Takes a Shine to Polished Concrete Floors

When Jersey Mike’s Subs on Jefferson Blvd. officially opened its doors to the public on August 28, the throng of hungry patrons may not have noticed that they were walking on the latest trend in restaurant flooring

Fort Wayne, Indiana, October 01, 2013 – When Jersey Mike’s Subs on Jefferson Blvd. officially opened its doors to the public on August 28, the throng of hungry patrons may not have noticed that they were walking on the latest trend in restaurant flooring – polished and colored concrete. The gleaming new floor is not only worthy of notice, it will also withstand all the foot traffic and food spills expected in the months to come from the influx of sub sandwich lovers.

“Polished concrete is becoming more widely used in restaurants, warehouse facilities, retail stores, grocers and a variety of other commercial facilities because of its durability, ease of maintenance and design options. Using concrete as the finished floor is also much more environmentally friendly because it makes use of an existing building material,” says Nick Dancer of Dancer Concrete Design, a Fort Wayne contractor specializing in stained and polished concrete and epoxy coatings.

Dancer Concrete Design was hired to completely transform the existing concrete floor in time for Jersey Mike’s grand opening. The floor was previously covered with carpeting and glued-down vinyl tile, all of which had to be stripped away to expose the bare concrete. Given only two days to complete the project, Dancer and his crew utilized the latest concrete polishing equipment and techniques to accomplish the makeover.

“We have purchased additional concrete polishers and vacuums and have brought on skilled craftsmen to handle an increase in demand for commercial concrete polishing. With the new equipment and our skilled team, we can polish floors ranging in size from 1,000 square feet all the way up to 100,000 square feet,” says Dancer.

Concrete polishing involves grinding the floor to a high-gloss finish using special floor polishers equipped with diamond-impregnated abrasive disks. To tackle the Jersey Mike’s project, Dancer’s crew used a heavy-duty 1,000-pound polishing machine, going over the floor in multiple passes to achieve an 1,800-grit finish. “This finish offers nice depth and clarity while also meeting OSHA and ADA standards for slip resistance,” says Dancer.

In addition to polishing the floor, the crew also applied a Sienna-colored dye to give it more warmth and treated it with a densifier to increase the surface hardness. To protect against food stains and make the floor easier to clean, they also applied a stain guard.

Open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., this busy Jersey Mike’s will certainly benefit from a flooring surface that’s trouble-free. “The floor can be cleaned with just warm water and an auto scrubber or microfiber pad. There is no waxing, stripping or refinishing that is often necessary with other commercial flooring,” says Dancer.

Nick Dancer is the owner of Dancer Concrete Design, a business he launched in 2007 to provide professional custom concrete work for both homes and businesses, including concrete countertops, stained and polished concrete flooring, and decorative epoxy overlays. He is also a member of the American Concrete Institute, serves as an expert consultant for Concrete D├ęcor magazine, and has had his work profiled by ConcreteNetwork.com. For more information about Dancer Concrete Design’s services and to see before-and-after photos of their work, visit www.dancerconcrete.com.

Nick Dancer
Dancer Concrete Design
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