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How 1% Makes All the Difference - Author Tom Connellan Shows How Small Moves Make Big Leaps Possible

There always seems to be a few companies that stand apart from the rest, in every field of business. But how big is the gap between success and mediocrity - really? Business leader Tom Connellan has found that the distance between average and awesome is often less than 1%.

Ann Arbor, MI, January 17, 2010 (Straight Line PR) -- In every type of business, there are a handful of companies that seem to stand far above the rest. But the gap between average and awesome - how big is it, really? Business leader and author Tom Connellan has discovered that the distance between success and mediocrity is often quite small - often less than one percent

"Even though your business is successful in its own right, some days you may feel like you're down in a valley, looking up at those few big players way up on the mountainside - right where you want to be," says Connellan. "You're already working hard. And it's gonna take a whole lot of effort to scale that mountain, (you think to yourself). Maybe it's okay down here in the valley after all. But let's stop and think for a minute... Is the top company 100% better than its nearest competitors? No way. 10%? Not even. In fact, in almost every field of human endeavor, all that separates the great from the exceptional is about 1%."

Connellan points to The Olympics as an example. In virtually every Olympic event, the average difference between the gold medal winner and fourth place is just 1%. Sometimes the difference is even less than 1%. When Michael Phelps won the men's 100-meter butterfly at the 2008 Beijing games, his margin over fourth place was 0.15 seconds, or just 0.33%.

Applying this concept to the business world, assume that during a given month a company's sales team focuses on being 1% better than the competition at winning new customers. One percent isn't such a huge hill to climb. Just 1%. Or perhaps the company's customer service staff makes a small change in the way they take calls, and as a result, customer satisfaction scores are on average 1% higher than the competitor's. Now translate this across all the hundreds of things that a business does every day.

Tom Connellan's new book, The 1% Solution for Work and Life explains in detail how small, incremental changes can begin to add up, steadily creating improvement for individuals and businesses alike. The 1% Solution for Work and Life ( ), now available at and through bookstores everywhere, is a practical guide to gradually improving one's job, business processes, and personal life. Presented in an easy-to-read novella form, Connellan uses his fictional characters to illustrate how his "one percent" principles can be applied successfully by anyone.

"There's no way your business can be 100% better than the competition," states Connellan. "But it doesn't have to be. It just has to be 1% better at hundreds of things - those things you're already doing every day. Do them 1% better than the competition, and you will smash the competition every time."

About The 1% Solution:
The 1% Solution for Work and Life gives readers a structure that works because it's based not upon opinion but upon research, testing, and application. The 1% Solution for Work and Life delivers page after page of tools to use right now. By establishing the habit of incremental change and improvement, readers can take stock of where they are right now in life, and put in place a plan that gently but firmly forces them, day by day, to take the actions that will lead them where they want to go. Priced at $19.95, The 1% Solution for Work and Life is available from ( ) and other online book retailers, or can be ordered through any local bookstore.

About Tom Connellan:
In demand as a keynote speaker by firms such as FedEx, Acura, BMW, Neiman Marcus, Canadian Tire, Marriott, Home Depot, Sobeys, and TD Canada Trust, Tom Connellan ( ) has gained a reputation as a "tough talking and truth telling" speaker because he delivers actionable ideas. In his previous books, Inside the Magic Kingdom: Seven Keys to Disney's Success and Turbulent Times Leadership for Sales Managers: How the Very Best Boost Sales Connellan shared his insights into building a successful business. With The 1% Solution for Work and Life, he makes his success principles accessible to everyone.

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SAFE International Expands Corporate Safety Training Programs - Canada Self Defense

Canada Self Defense, SAFE International Expands Corporate Safety Training Programs.

Toronto, ON, Canada, January 17, 2011 - (Straight Line PR) -  Canada Self Defense, SAFE International Expands Corporate Safety Training Programs.

SAFE International is the leading provider of mobile self defense/personal protection training in Canada. It currently operates throughout Ontario and has taught more than 120,000 clients in the private, corporate and high school environments since 1994. SAFE International is expanding its Corporate Safety Training Programs throughout Canada. The company is owned and managed by Chris Roberts who is a professional teaching Director and self-defense instructor.

SAFE International Corporate Safety Training Seminar’s provide employees and management with tips and strategies to recognize, avoid, and handle personal security risks specific to their jobs.  Prior to the commencement of training, SAFE International instructors spend time with each company learning about their employees and communicating with Department Leaders and those employees working in the field.  It is through this personal attention that SAFE International is able to truly design a course that will have lasting positive effects for their clients and their employees.

SAFE International teaches that Recognizing and Avoiding dangerous situations is always the top priority. SAFE International instructors will address the daily routines and the risks that employees encounter in their daily jobs. Through role playing and discussion, participants will learn how to take common sense measures to reduce the risk of becoming a victim.  The knowledge they gain can be applied to all aspects of their profession - direct sales, interacting with customers and fellow employees, travel and other work related transactions. 

Clients are taught how to recognize different forms of verbal abuse, and how to defuse in order to resolve conflict without violence.  Clients participate in verbal drills specific to their job related challenges.  It is through these reality based drills that your employees will develop the confidence to handle various forms of abuse, without the need to be physical, while also preparing oneself in the event that it does.  These verbal exercises can be particularly valuable when one might find themselves in an uncomfortable and potentially life threatening situation - entertaining clients, traveling, employee differences, leaving late at night by car, taxi or public transit, walking home, etc. SAFE International believes that not only is self protection a necessity, but it is now a form of insurance that will make your business more profitable and your employees more confident and secure.

The second phase of a SAFE International Corporate Safety Course is the physical aspect which addresses how to React and Respond in the event that conflict becomes physical. Participants are taught basic, gross motor self defense skills meant to help one get away safely and as quick as possible.  The principles of their teachings are based on how to react instinctively without having to think about what to do. This is not martial arts, but rather, real skills meant for real life scenarios. SAFE International is a complete course covering everything from A to Z in corporate safety training. SAFE International addresses the emotional, psychological, verbal and physical segments of violence in today’s world.

Chris Roberts, CEO of SAFE International also trains/consults people privately on a weekly basis. Private clients include mothers, fathers, daughters, police officers, seniors, and people with disabilities. Mr. Roberts constantly studies and implements new tactics when they his criteria of being simple but effective. If the tactic might save a life, he is interested.

To contact SAFE International and Chris Roberts to schedule your corporate safety course, you can visit their main site at
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You can also reach Chris Roberts toll free at 1-800-465-5972 or by email at

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