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Rabbit Hole Hay Offers Online Sales of Quality, Farm Fresh Hay for Rabbits, Other Small Pets

Rabbit Hole Hay specializes in selling nutritious alfalfa hay and timothy hay for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas online. Alfalfa hay and timothy hay offer dietary benefits as food for rabbits. The hay sold by Rabbit Hole Hay is affordable, healthy and delivered straight to the customer's doorstep.

Chico, CA, June 12, 2012 (Straight Line PR) -- Rabbit Hole Hay is a new company that offers quality, farm fresh alfalfa hay and timothy hay for rabbits and other small pets available for sale online. Rabbit Hole Hay provides a simple ordering process and easy access to healthy food for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas.

"The farm fresh hay for rabbits we offer comes straight from our own backyard in the mountain valleys of Northern California and Oregon, where it's nursed to perfection by the tender care of our local farmers," says Chief Executive Officer Michael K. Redman. "The fertile soil combined with cool summer days and nights provide the ideal conditions to grow quality food for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas."

Alfalfa hay is an excellent source of food for rabbit's age 3 weeks to 7 months. Alfalfa hay for rabbits ( http://www.rabbitholehay.com/rabbit-facts/alfalfa-hay/ ) is high in protein, fiber and calcium, providing more calories and energy for rabbits as they reach adulthood. Timothy hay is the best type of food for rabbits aged 7 months and older. Timothy hay as a regular part of a rabbit's diet is beneficial because it's nutrient rich, easy on the digestive system and helps wear down rabbit's teeth. ( http://www.rabbitholehay.com/rabbit-facts/timothy/ )

"At Rabbit Hole Hay we understand that passionate pet owners only want the best food for rabbits and other small pets," Redman said. "That's why we care enough to offer the best quality of farm fresh alfalfa hay and timothy hay that's easily accessible at an affordable price."

Rabbit Hole Hay offers a simple online ordering process to purchase hay for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas ( http://www.rabbitholehay.com/products/ ). The alfalfa hay and timothy hay is sold in one, five, 10 and 20 pound increments. It's safely packaged in a cardboard box and then shipped directly to the customer's doorstep, eliminating inconvenient trips to the pet store.

Rabbit Hole Hay also acts as an informational resource providing access to information on hay for rabbits, but also rabbit care, rabbit adoption and living with a house rabbit. To order farm fresh alfalfa hay and timothy hay for rabbits and other small pets, visit http://www.rabbitholehay.com/products/

About RabbitHoleHay.com
Rabbit Hole Hay is located in Chico, CA and specializes in selling quality, farm fresh hay for rabbits and other small animals online to provide an affordable, nutritious option for small pet owners. Located in one of the best hay regions in the world, RabbitHoleHay.com has access to local hay farmers who produce alfalfa hay and timothy hay in the mountain valleys of Northern California and Oregon. Contact the company at RabbitHoleHay@gmail.com, or visit their web site at http://www.RabbitHoleHay.com

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1001 Things to Love About Military Life: New Webinar from SalutetoSpouses.com and Army Wife Network

Webinar to be held on June 21, author and military spouse writer Tara Crooks will talk frankly about her experiences being married to the military

Buffalo, NY, June 12, 2012 - SalutetoSpouses.com and ArmyWifeNetwork.com today announced a new webinar featuring well-known author and military spouse Tara Crooks. The webinar, titled “1001 Things to Love About Military Life,” will be held on June 21 at 12 p.m. EDT and will explore the challenges and joys military families face. Both new and veteran military spouses will find something to takeaway from the free webinar as Tara shares experiences from her own life. 

Tara’s journey with the military began in 1998 with her husband. Today, she and her husband Kevin, along with their two daughters, Wrena and Chloe, are stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. As the co-founder of Army Wife Network and producer of Army Wife Talk Radio, Tara has built a career around her natural ability to motivate and empower military spouses. Katie Couric even called her “the Oprah of the Armed Forces.” She has written for many military publications including Lifetime Televisions Army Wives blog, Military Times and currently serves as a Military Spouse Community Manager with USAA. Tara’s latest project is a book she co-authored with Kathie Hightower and Holly Schererer called “1001 Things to Love about Military Life,” a tribute to military families.

The webinar will draw upon examples from the book as well as Tara’s experience as a military spouse. Attendees will hear:

About the motivation for writing “1001 Things to Love About Military Life”

Why Tara didn’t always love military life

Highlights and lowlights of the Crooks family’s journey

A special excerpt from Tara’s book called Recipe for a Good Military Spouse

“Military life can be very exciting and provide a great deal of opportunities for unique experiences, but it can also be challenging and isolating. Online communities like Army Wife Network and Salute to Spouses that provide information and resources for military spouses help make climbing those hurdles more bearable,” said Tara. “I’m thrilled that this webinar will pull together these two powerful networks in an interactive way. Whether a military spouse is considering going back to school, navigating the post-homecoming transition or simply dealing with the everyday unexpected happenings of life married to the military this webinar will help them understand they are not alone and with the right tools they’ll be able to accomplish anything.”

Military spouses interested in attending are invited to register on the Salute to Spouses website at http://www.salutetospouses.com/webinars

SalutetoSpouses.com is an online resource edited by military spouses for military spouses that features personal stories, advice, tool and tips. The site was launched in 2011 as a complement to Bryant & Stratton College Online’s Salute to Spouses Scholarship, which provides eligible spouses up to $6,000 for online degree programs offered by Bryant & Stratton College Online. All Salute to Spouses Scholarship recipients must meet Bryant & Stratton College scholarship guidelines to receive the full award. In 2012, SalutetoSpouses.com initiated the Salute to Homecoming campaign in order to provide specific resources around navigating the highs and lows of military homecoming and reintegration.

As a member of the Service Members Opportunities College (SOC) consortium*, Bryant & Stratton College Online adheres to the SOC principles for service members and their families. They are also an approved institution for the training of U.S. veterans and their family in accordance with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Bryant & Stratton College Online participates and accepts transfers from CLEP, DANTES, ECE and other SOC Colleges. In recognition of the schools support of veteran and military students, G.I. Jobs Magazine named Bryant & Stratton College Online a Military Friendly School for 2012.

*The Bryant & Stratton College-Virginia Beach campus is also a SOCNAV and SOCAD consortium member.

About SalutetoSpouses.com
SalutetoSpouses.com is a go-to resource for education and career news for military spouses. Sponsored by the Bryant & Stratton College Online's military relations department, SalutetoSpouses.com was launched as a complement to Bryant & Stratton College Online’s Salute to Scholarship, which provides eligible spouses up to $6,000 for online degree programs offered by Bryant & Stratton College Online. The articles, tips, advice columns and personal accounts on SalutetoSpouses.com uniquely support the needs of military spouses because they are created and edited by military spouses. For more information please visit http://www.salutetospouses.com.

About Army Wife Network ?
Army Wife Network is the internet’s leading website for Army Wives, by Army Wives. We boast the only internet talk radio show designed specifically for military spouses- Army Wife Talk Radio- in its seventh year of broadcasting. To find out more about AWN’s history and interactive empowerment tools, please visit our website at http://www.armywifenetwork.com.  AWN cofounders, Tara Crooks and Starlett Henderson, are coauthors of 1001 Things to Love about Military Life along with Kathie Hightower and Holly Scherer.

About Bryant & Stratton College Online
Bryant & Stratton College is a private career college delivering outcomes based education and training through a flexible, contemporary curriculum in a personalized environment.  The College is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, which is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, and has locations in New York, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin, as well as an Online Education division, and a Professional Skill Center. For over 155 years, Bryant & Stratton College has been providing real world education leading to bachelor’s and associate’s degrees and professional certificates. Bryant & Stratton College Online offers five online bachelor’s degree programs, eleven online associate’s degree programs and eleven online certificate programs in a variety of fields including business, criminal justice, financial services, healthcare, human resources and information technology. Some online programs are not yet available in all states. For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of graduates and other important information, please visit www.bryantstratton.edu/disclosures.  General information about Bryant & Stratton College and its online degrees can also be found at www.online.bryantstratton.edu.

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Luxury Travel Ltd Announces Turtle as Protector, a spiritual symbol guiding the company culture

The sacred and mystical creature is considered a protector, and it also the spiritual symbol guiding the company culture of Luxury Travel.

Hanoi, Vietnam, June 12, 2012 - The sacred and mystical creature is considered a protector, and it also the spiritual symbol guiding the company culture of Luxury Travel (www.luxurytravelvietnam.com ).

One of the four sacred animals, the turtle holds a special place in Vietnamese culture, being closely link to Vietnam’s rich river system and its culture of wet rice cultivation. The sacred and mystical creature is considered a protector, and it also the spiritual symbol guiding the company culture of Luxury Travel Ltd.

The turtle is been chosen as the sacred animal of the company because it symbolizes so many things: the harmony of heaven and earth, good and talented people, prosperity, longevity, knowledge, spirituality, peace, stability and sustainability.

The turtle is one of the Four Sacred Animals, the others being the dragon, the phoenix and the unicorn. The turtle as a sacred symbol may predate the others in Vietnam, going back to the days when the Viet people began their course of nation building and defense.

Hanoi is the heart of Vietnam, and the capital city has been the setting for great stories about legendary turtles, in particular the turtle of Hoan Kiem Lake. Hanoi is associated with the ascending dragon and the sacred turtle, making it a symbol of peace, stability and sustainability.

According to legend, the Hoan Kiem turtle is 500 years old and may appear on days celebrated in the capital. It is a signal of luck for anyone to spot this ancient creature. Since the founding of Luxury Travel Ltd. in 2004, the company founders and its luxury travel advisors (Luxers) have seen this giant turtle twice and believe that it has been a signal to build the company to last and find prosperity under the protection of the golden turtle.

Opened in 2004, Luxury Travel Ltd (www.luxurytravelvietnam.com ) is the first luxury tour operator and DMC specializing in the art of travel for serving today’s most sophisticated travelers in Indochina, Myanmar and Thailand. It boats a fleet of luxury vehicles, luxury travel advisors and serves thousands of high-end travelers every year. The company’s depth of experience and large infrastructure enable it to create unique itineraries with the operational confidence to fulfill client expectations. Luxury Travel Ltd has won numerous travel awards for excellent performance, including the most recent award: “Best Luxury Tour Operator

Link Doan
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Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi 84444