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Luxury Travel Vietnam Ltd to Offer New Ultra-Luxury Travel Options

Luxury Travel Ltd (www.luxurytravelvietnam.com) is the first ever fully integrated luxury transport provider in Vietnam, providing the answer to seamless first class private travel across the country.

Hanoi, Vietnam, March 06, 2012 - Luxury Travel Ltd offers the highest standards of private jet, helicopter, yacht and limousine travel service; ensuring the easiest and safest door-to-door travel for both discriminating private clients and busy professionals.

Using sophisticated itinerary planning technology, Luxury Travel Company seamlessly integrates its fleet of vehicles no matter how complex the traveling schedule, delivering the client in style and comfort to their destination.

A combination of recent terrorist alerts and lowered cost of running an aircraft mean that increasing numbers of travelers are looking for private travel solutions.

Luxury Travel Ltd (www.luxurytravelvietnam.com ) offers 24/7 access to a prestigious fleet of private helicopters, luxury jets, chauffeured limousines and crewed yachts – the service is easy to use, totally dependable and offers competitive rates.

The company supplies clients the ultimate fleet in private transport, but with personalized high service levels and managed integration between each element of the journey. It is the natural evolution of a market which began with the simple supply of private jets.

From business conference to relaxing holiday or glamorous ball, Luxury Travel puts the pleasure back into travel. With pricing standardized across the country and hourly rates based on the mode of transport, the company is ideal whether for an occasional chauffeur driven BMW, S-Class Mercedes or fleet of private jets at your beck and call.

The company is operational across Vietnam, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand. Luxury Travel Company is the ultimate way to enhance any lifestyle. Visit www.luxurytravelvietnam.com

Opened in 2004, Luxury Travel Company Limited is the first luxury tour operator and DMC in Vietnam, has its own offices, luxury vehicles, luxury travel advisors, and serves thousands of high-end travelers every year. The company’s depth of experience and large infrastructure enable it to create unique itineraries with the operational confidence to fulfill client expectations. Luxury Travel Ltd has won numerous travel awards for excellent performance, including the most recent award: “Best Luxury Tour Operator in Vietnam.”

David Nguyen
Luxury Travel Group Ltd
5 Nguyen Truong To Street
Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi 84444

Love Grown Foods Names Industry-Leading Advisory Team; Ramps Up for Expo West

Rapidly Growing Company Prepares to Spread the LOVE at Booth #2296

Denver, CO, March 06, 2012 - Love Grown Foods®, a leading natural food company, announced today it has appointed three new advisors as it continues to make a splash in the natural products industry. Love Grown Foods, which two young entrepreneurs founded in 2008, is now available in more than 2,100 stores throughout the United States and Canada and will reach 3,000 outlets by this summer.

Just in time to spread the LOVE at Booth #2296 at Natural Products Expo West, Love Grown Foods is thrilled to announce that esteemed executives Mo Siegel and Tom Spier have joined their recently assembled Board of Advisors along with industry veteran Joan Boykin, who has been named a strategic advisor.

Mo Siegel founded, chaired and presided over Celestial Seasonings, Inc., the largest manufacturer and marketer of specialty teas in North America, from 1970 – 1986. After Celestial Seasonings, Mr. Siegel planned and developed Earth Wise, marketer of cleaning products, which was later sold to Block Drug Company. In 1991, Mr. Siegel returned to serve as chairman and CEO of Celestial Seasonings until May 2000, when Celestial Seasonings merged with The Hain Food Group. Mr. Siegel served as vice chairman until retiring in 2002.

Tom Spier is chief executive officer of EVOL Foods and founder of Spier Consumer Capital. Mr. Spier started his career working in finance, but after four years on Wall Street, he joined Bear Naked as COO. During that time, Bear Naked grew to become the largest natural granola company in the country. Mr. Spier successfully grew the company and positioned the organization for its sale to Kellogg’s. In his role as CEO of EVOL Foods, Mr. Spier has overseen the company’s maturation from a small regional brand with products in one category to a multi-category platform brand with broad national distribution. Today, EVOL Foods produces over 800,000 units per month and employs 65 people.

Joan Boykin, Love Grown Foods’ strategic advisor, is the executive director of The Organic Center. She has spent her career in the natural and organic products industry with Celestial Seasonings, where she spent more than 13 years as design/creative manager and director of marketing, new products, PR and retail; director of marketing and PR at Alfalfa’s Markets and Wild Oats Markets; and creative director and VP of new business at New Hope Natural Media. Boykin is a board member and advisor of Naturally Boulder, the Organic Voices/Just Label It Campaign, and the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship’s Organic Business Initiative.

“The teamwork and spirit at Love Grown Foods reminds me of the early days at Celestial Seasonings,” said Siegel. “Their youthful enthusiasm for producing and distributing healthy food is the kind of energy that builds great brands.”

“It is an honor to work with such influential people in our industry. They each offer varied expertise and a deep well of knowledge to our company,” added Maddy D’Amato, co-founder and chief love officer. “Their counsel in properly approaching opportunities and challenges will result in continued strategic growth and sustained success for Love Grown Foods.”

During Natural Foods Expo West, which runs March 9-11, 2012, Love Grown Foods and its team of LOVE Ambassadors will be spreading the LOVE in Anaheim. Attendees and press are invited to stop by their booth to learn more about the company and taste their delicious, all-natural, Certified Gluten-Free products that are flying off retailers’ shelves.

Love Grown Foods is known for its delectable line of Oat Clusters & LOVE healthy granola, which is chock-full of wholesome and pronounceable ingredients. Oat Clusters & LOVE are available in the following flavors: Simply Oats, Apple Walnut Delight, Raisin Almond Crunch, Sweet Cranberry Pecan and Cocoa Goodness. For ingredients, recipes and more, visit http://www.lovegrownfoods.com/oatclusters.

About Love Grown Foods
Love Grown Foods®, based in Denver, Colo., is determined to not only put great tasting foods on the shelves, but also educate kids on the importance of eating breakfast, what whole grains are, and why you should be able to pronounce every ingredient in your food. The company’s first line of products are Certified Gluten-Free cereals that are subtly sweetened with honey and agave, contain no GMOs, and are toasted to perfection. Each bag is full of nuts, dried fruits, dark chocolate and LOADS of LOVE! Love Grown Foods’ Oat Clusters & LOVE is available in conventional and natural grocery retailers nationwide and in Canada. Visit www.LoveGrownFoods.com to learn more.

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Road Life Inspired Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real’s New CD, Wasted, Due April 3

Band Scheduled to Perform on Letterman Day of Album Release

Los Angeles, CA, March 06, 2012 - Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real earned themselves a stellar 2011 with gigs nearly every night, spots on such mega-events as Farm Aid, Bridge School, and Stagecoach, national TV airtime on Letterman, Leno, and Kimmel, and rave reviews for two simple reasons: Great songs and even better live shows.

Now, they’ve found a way to bring that performance experience to their second full-length release, Wasted, both lyrically and musically. “Neil Young suggested that we record the album live in the studio in analog, which is something we didn’t do on the last record,” explains Lukas Nelson, who penned all of the tracks and produced the record with his band – Anthony LoGerfo (Drums), Tato Melgar (Percussion) and Corey McCormick (Bass) – and Jim “Moose” Brown. “It really added a lot of magnetism, energy, and that live feel, and a lot of warmth to it. I feel like this record sounds more like what you get when you see us perform.”

Neil Young, whom Lukas calls a “distant mentor” for the band, also suggested that the band record on a full moon. Not only did they hit the studio – Moose Lodge Studios in Nashville – on full moons, but they also mixed and mastered the record on a full moon and purposely chose the April 3 release date because it’s yet another full moon week.

“This record was all about capturing a moment, and there are some special full moon moments that I think we captured on tape,” adds Nelson. The moments in particular that are captured on this record was the time on tour over the summer months during which Nelson wrote the album’s 14 songs in the back of the band’s tour bus.

“Wasted is a snapshot of this last summer on tour when I wrote most of this music,” he says. “It was the summer of debauchery. I was socializing a little too much and not really being true to myself. So the whole record was a snapshot of me making one of the many mistakes I’ll likely make throughout my life. There were a lot of pressures on the road and there are a lot of people who view touring as just one big party. I started staying out until 4 in the morning. It was like summer camp. It took a toll on me. I soon realized I wasn’t really being myself and I had a big wake-up call and it’s during that time that I wrote this record.”

But, Nelson is quick to add that Wasted is not just about a summer out of control; it’s about the idea of wasting your time, your life, your creativity, and reminding yourself to stay true to your values and ideals, and for Nelson and his band that’s always been about family, positivity, and spreading love and happiness to others. “There are a lot of definitions for the word wasted; it’s not a one dimensional record. It’s meant to be listened to and internalized. There is a lot of sentiments about missing loved ones and being on the road, and even some political and military hints in there,” he says of the lyrical matter.

Adds drummer Anthony LeGorfo: “It’s really a road record. We did 18 weeks straight on tour in the summer and that can kind of waste anyone. I think it’s also great to listen to while you’re driving down the road. And because Lukas wrote it at one time, I think this record is more cohesive than the last one. By being on the road together so long, we really improved as a band and got tighter and you hear that on this record. These songs are really jammy and fun to play live.”

Though Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real didn’t stray too far from what their core sound is, they did play around with new instruments and sounds and a few new influences seeped into the music as well. For instance, the album kicks off with “The Golden Rule,” which has a bit of a calypso vibe, and includes several gritty rockers, such as “Old Familiar Pain” and “Wasted,” which Nelson admits is his “strutty Rolling Stones” song.

“We have a lot of new instruments on there that we haven’t really used before, like the Wurlitzer, the Hammond B3 organ, Dobro, and lap steel guitar… That was Moose’s influence,” says Nelson. “Moose plays on all tracks and Cowboy Eddie Long (steel guitar) on most of them. We really extended the family beyond our core four on this record”. Along with Moose, Cowboy and the rest of the core that includes Percussionist Tato Melgar and Bassist Corey McCormick, the band also brought in Lukas’ sister Amy on two songs “Wasn’t That Great?” and “Can You Hear Me Love You?”

That said, at the core of Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real and Wasted is what their fans know and love best. Rock n Roll that speaks from the heart. “First and foremost we’re just people in a rock n roll band and this is a rock n roll record indicative of that,” adds LoGerfo.

For more information: www.promiseofthereal.com

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Invest in Timber before House Building Boom, says FRA

Investment site, StreetAuthority.com, claims that there could be money to be made by investing in timber right now, as house building is set to boom in 2013, says Forestry FRA.

Bainbridge Island, WA, March 06, 2012 - Investment site, StreetAuthority.com, claims that there could be money to be made by investing in timber right now, as house building is set to boom in 2013, says Forestry Research Analysis (FRA).

FRA, a research and analysis consultancy, claims that although house building has been very depressed in recent years – with the past three years being the lowest on record for the number of homes built – things could be looking up next year.

Analyst David Sterman, who wrote the article said, “Timber is a highly price-sensitive commodity. When demand marginally outstrips supply, prices can soar.” He added that although many agree that this year will be another slow year for the house building market, 2013 could see a boom, with some analysts claiming that a million new homes will be built in the US between 2014 and 2015.

FRA points out that the article refers to the Guggenheim Timber ETF, which is one of the funds offering forestry investment to those keen to diversify their portfolios with an asset class linked only very loosely to the equity markets. In 2007, Sterman says that the fund is seeing an increase in interest from investors who are once again, seeing timber as a valuable commodity with the potential for massive growth in the coming years.

Sterman said, ‘For example, a 20 per cent upturn in housing construction, coupled with a 30 per cent upward move in timber prices, could yield potentially robust share price gains for these timber producers.’

“This is a great time for timber investments,” claimed FRA’s analysis partner, Peter Collins. He continued “It often represents an ethical option that is a true alternative to stocks and shares at a time when equities look less attractive due to their volatility.”

FRA supports sustainable forestry investment, such as the schemes run by Greenwood Management in Brazil.

Peter Collins
Forestry Research Associates
620 Vineyard Lane
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
(206) 316 8394

Genre-Bending Show Band, Dance Hall Pimps, Release Debut Album March 6, 2012 With Lakeshore Records

Featuring The Twisted Singles “Mommy was a Zombie” and “Beast for Love”

Hollywood, CA, March 05, 2012 - Dance Hall Pimps, the genre-bending show band, is releasing their debut album, Beast for Love. The Dance Hall Pimps who signed with Lakeshore Records in 2011 will be releasing Beast for Love March 6, 2012 with an album release show on March 10th at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

The debut album from the Dance Hall Pimps features twelve tracks (10 originals and 2 covers), showcasing the band’s fresh take on genres ranging from swampy garage rock to New Orleans-style rags and romp. Combining dark and twisted subject matter and wistful lyrics with upbeat tempos and mind blowing vocals, the album can hardly fit neatly into any genre. Innovative lyrics and catchy hooks are what have created memorable tracks with great stories. The singles off the album, “Mommy was a Zombie” and “Beast for Love”, offer up infectious hooks with foot tapping beats.

“Mommy was a Zombie,” despite its novelty song titles, tells the story of being raised by a drug addicted mother and without a father; without knowing the lyrics, it’s buoyant and cheerful roots rock beat masks the tragedy at the heart of the song. Lead singer and songwriter RJ says, “I like hiding serious issues in upbeat even deceptively playful songs, and people should always look twice at our titles.”

“Beast for Love,” references classic horror movies to make a simple point: even monsters are just looking for love. Sometimes we become beasts as love takes the best of us. Sometimes we’re looking for a beast to love. The quest for love is told through captivating lyrics with subtle cinematic references and delightfully retro rhythms.

Vocal tracks on the Dance Hall Pimps debut album, Beast for Love, were recorded at Nightbird Studios at the famous Sunset Marquis Hotel and were produced by Rob Hill (Korn, Xzibit) and Grammy Winner Matt Hyde (Cypress Hill, Porno for Pyros). Each member of the Dance Hall Pimps wrote, co-wrote, or arranged at least one song on Beast for Love.

A portion of the profits of Beast for Love will be donated to organizations that fight the sex trafficking of children in the United States and provide services to victims. “Pimp Music, Not People”, Dance Hall Pimps are sex-positive amongst consenting adults, but oppose all human trafficking and sex slavery.

Official website:  http://www.dancehallpimps.com

For more information on Dance Hall Pimps, please contact Chip Schutzman at Miles High Productions: chip@mileshighproductions.com or 323-806-0400.

Chip Schutzman
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Ecotech’s “Women in Renewable Energy” Club Mirrors Dept of Labor Push to Get Women into Green Jobs

“Why Green Is Your Color: A Woman's Guide to a Sustainable Career” Offers Insights for Exploring a Green Career Path

Denver, CO, March 06, 2012 - Historically men have dominated green jobs, yet a new report is trying to shift the tides. The report recently released by the Department of Labor, “Why Green Is Your Color: A Woman's Guide to a Sustainable Career,” highlights the fact that green jobs tend to be dominated by men, yet opportunities abound for women as well. It has been noticed as well by Ecotech Institute, the first and only college entirely focused on preparing America’s workforce for careers in renewable energy and sustainability. In fact, the school held its first “Women in Renewable Energy” (WIRE) meeting on February 16 to bring together women at the campus to share ideas, help each other with classwork and empower one another as they embark on a green career.

Ecotech is seeing increasingly more women interested in the green revolution and it is a trend the Labor Department wants to see continue. The Labor Department states that according to The National Center for O*NET Development, several green occupations are “Bright Outlook” occupations, meaning they are expected to grow rapidly from 2008 – 2018, with a combined increase of 100,000 or more job openings. Some jobs designated as “Bright Outlook” are wind turbine service technicians, solar photovoltaic installers and recycling coordinators.

The impetus for the report was in support of Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis’s vision of “Good Jobs for Everyone.” The downloadable green jobs guide is designed to help women learn about the opportunities available in the renewable energy space, which they may not have previously considered. According to the report synopsis, “The guide was created to help women at all stages of their careers — whether they are newly entering the workforce, transitioning to new careers, or returning to the workforce — identify and take advantage of opportunities in the clean energy economy.”

“We are focused on making Ecotech a welcoming environment for women because we know they have a lot to offer in current and emerging green careers,” said Susan Pawlak, Ecotech’s Director of Career Services. “Our Women in Renewable Energy Club is just one way that Ecotech encourages women to make a mark in wind, solar, renewable energy and other industries alongside their male colleagues.”

The club held elections on February 23 and the new leaders are tasked with growing the club’s membership and educating more women about careers in sustainability. Tiffany Burton, an Electrical Engineering Technology instructor, is the academic advisor; Suzanne Colton, Senior Recruiter for NextEra Energy Resources is the industry advisor; and Susan Pawlak, Ecotech’s Director of Career Services, is a general advisor.

Ecotech’s curriculum is built to address both job-specific technical training and soft skills (e.g. communication, work ethic and teamwork), which employers demand, through comprehensive coursework and state-of-the-art labs. The Labor Department report parallels Ecotech’s vision for job training and is chock-full of applicable information that defines what a green career really is, explains why there is a growing need for trained professionals, and outlines what training is necessary.

“We have dynamic, driven women in both leadership and student roles at Ecotech and they send an important message of encouragement that females have a promising future in renewable careers,” said Mike Seifert, president of Ecotech Institute.

To read the full “Why Green Is Your Color: A Woman's Guide to a Sustainable Career” report click here: http://www.dol.gov/wb/Green_Jobs_Guide/GreenJobs%20Ch%201.pdf.

Ecotech Institute, which is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, offers seven highly practical degree programs and one certificate program that provide graduates with skills valued by today’s alternative renewable energy employers.

To learn more about Ecotech Institute, visit us online at www.ecotechinstitute.com/or call 877-326-5576. The next round of classes begins in April and applications are being accepted now. Financial assistance is available to those who qualify.

About Ecotech Institute
Ecotech Institute is the first and only college entirely focused on preparing America’s workforce for careers in renewable energy and sustainability. Launched in April 2010 in Denver, Colorado, the college offers seven associate’s degrees and a certificate program designed by experts in the industry for people seeking careers in the emerging cleantech economy. Ecotech Institute is a division of Education Corporation of America. For more information about Ecotech Institute, visit www.ecotechinstitute.com.

About Education Corporation of America
Education Corporation of America is a leader in the post-secondary career school market with current enrollment of almost 20,000 students.  The ECA website is ecacolleges.com.  In addition to Ecotech Institute, ECA schools include Virginia College, founded in 1983, a private institution of higher education that offers non-degree and associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in the areas of Health and Medical, Business, Information Technology, Interior Design, Computer Design, Culinary Arts, Cosmetology, Nursing and more in eighteen different cities.  Virginia College campuses are located in Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile and Montgomery, Alabama; Jacksonville and Pensacola, Florida; Augusta, Columbus, Macon and Savannah, Georgia; Biloxi and Jackson, Mississippi; Charleston, Spartanburg, Columbia, and Greenville, South Carolina; Chattanooga and Knoxville, Tennessee; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Richmond, Virginia; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Austin, Texas. The Virginia College website is vc.edu.  Virginia College also offers classes worldwide via the Internet, with student services and admissions facilities in Birmingham, Alabama, and Tampa, Florida, and a Military Student Center also in Tampa.  Information about online classes at Virginia College is available at www.vconline.edu.  Additionally, ECA operates Culinard, the Culinary Institute of Virginia College, with locations in Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama; Richmond, Virginia; Savannah, Georgia; and Jacksonville, Florida.  The website is www.culinard.com.  ECA also operates Golf Academy of America, with locations in Phoenix, Arizona; San Diego, California; Dallas, Texas; Orlando, Florida; and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  The Golf Academy website is golfacademy.edu.

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