Monday, December 12, 2011

Katrina LaPenne Jewelry Aims to Arouse The Senses in a Collaboration with MCMC Fragrances

An ode to blossoming Brooklyn, local designer & perfumer create a lavish collection of floral inspired solid perfumes encased in luxurious silver lockets.

New York, NY, December 12, 2011 - Jewelry designer Katrina LaPenne launched an exciting collaboration with Anne McClain of MCMC Fragances aimed to spotlight the botanical beauties of Brooklyn. A collection of posh Sterling Silver lockets and matching stud earrings are handcrafted to coincide with the alluring floral scented solid perfumes they encase. The Brooklyn based designer and perfumer have gathered inspiration from three of the most iconic florets blooming in the famously trendy borough – rose, lilac and moonflower. The concept was to design charming lockets that generated a visually stunning representation of the solid perfumes they would hold within.

The unique process begins with Katrina LaPenne’s use of a hydraulic press to form the locket shape, later soldering on hinges, clasps, and a rim to house the perfume. Once the locket is perfectly shaped, it is adorned with a hand-carved floral design corresponding to one of three floral aromas. Following the formation of the locket, Anne McClain fills each piece by hand using a traditional method of melting beeswax and jojoba oil before combining it with the fragrance-specific ingredients, all of which are gentle to the skin. With a fusion of rare and precious materials such as Bulgarian rose absolute, lillac, and French basil, the perfumes boast a concentration of 25% - higher than standard perfumes – ensuring a little bit will always go a long way. These incredible gems are sure to become a permanent part of your collection as well; a re-fill program will soon be available to ensure a long-lasting relationship with your soon-to-be-favorite jewels.

About Katrina LaPenne
From a young age Katrina LaPenne was fully aware her path would lead her to create visually exquisite things. After earning her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Jewelry and Light Metals from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, she ventured back to her native Brooklyn prepared to inspire the masses with her unique ability to create personal, inspiring jewelry. Pulling inspiration from the natural beauties found in nature, ancient artifacts, and exotic decorative objects surrounding her, LaPenne produces each collection with the utmost care and attention to detail. Keeping in tune with her love of nature’s charm, has vowed to keep her company as socially and environmentally conscious as possible. -

About MCMC Fragrances
MCMC Fragances is an intimate company founded by Anne McClain in 2010, dedicated to creating high quality perfumes with a uniquely lady-like appeal. Based in Brooklyn, NY, every fragrance is crafted in small batches and poured by hand. Anne McClain studied natural perfumery and aromatherapy before moving to Grasse, the “perfume capital” of France, to further her knowledge of the history, techniques, and practices of modern perfumery. With a knowledge and appreciation of natural elements and an extensive grasp on what makes a high quality product, McClain guarantees that every scent is made with love. –

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AAA Reports On Growing Appetite for Wine Investment

More evidence that wine may be the new favourite among alternative investors has been unearthed, according to Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA).

Boston, MA, December 12, 2011 - More evidence that wine may be the new favourite among alternative investors has been unearthed, according to Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA).

The Alternative investment advocacy and research group claims that Investment guru Michael Spencer’s purchase of a minority stake in "the Goldman Sachs of the wine market", the Bordeaux Index, further demonstrates the asset class’s popularity.

“The fact that many alternative asset classes have become extremely pricey in recent months has meant that the more alternative of alternative assets are now becoming a more valid option for those looking to invest,” stated AAA’s analysis partner, Anthony Johnson.

He added “Although wine is still seen as somewhat of a niche investment market, this is changing rapidly and with high profile moves like this one, involving Mr Spencer, more investors could follow this lead.”

This is not just to do with the relative affordability, however. It is arguably more to do with the fact that wine has performed very well while other more traditional assets have taken a hit. The founder of Bordeaux Index, Gary Boom, said, "If you take wine from when we started measuring in 1983 it has outperformed all the stock exchanges out there. Not by masses, but by one or two per cent a year. The only commodity that has stood up to that is gold."

Wine investment is also an effective diversifier for investment portfolios as it is much less likely to follow the same patterns as equity markets and has a low correlation with general economic trends. One of the major drivers in the wine market at the moment is the increasing demand from China where the population’s increasingly sophisticated tastes are leading to a boom in the market for all things luxurious. Hong Kong has also seen a rise in demand, helped along by the removal of a duty that was previously charged on wine.

Mr Johnson added, “alternative investors can also look at other more alternative alternatives for lower cost options, such as forestry investment products like those offered by Greenwood Management in Brazil. This firm offers people the chance to invest in their own piece of forest from around EUR 10,000."

Anthony Johnson
Alternative Asset Analysis
71 Commercial St
Boston, MA 02109-1320