Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Women Negotiation Institute Presents the First of its Kind Negotiation Training for Women

Negotiating in a Man’s World without Compromising Your Values Essential Negotiating Skills 3-Day Training For Women Coming to Southern California this Summer

Los Angeles, CA, June 02, 2011 - The Women Negotiation Institutes ( presents the first of its kind negotiation training for women. Through the use of role-playing simulations, discussion, video-recording, and individualized coaching, this negotiation training will provide women with the psychological strength to not only ask for what they want but feel great in doing so. The Institute’s two-part program is embedded in the belief that negotiation is 80% Psychology and 20% Mechanics. The Institute’s two main objectives are: 1) To empower women to ask for what they want; and 2) To develop the skills, strategies and techniques needed to request what they want from any party.

The program concentrates on the four cornerstones of transforming negotiation behavior for women. Part One is designed to help women change the limiting beliefs that inhibit their ability to effectively negotiate. Part Two is designed to guide the women through the process of understanding the other party’s needs, wants, and anticipated negotiation behaviors. Part Three is divided into three important learning chapters: 1) A step-by-step guide to pre-planning a negotiation experience; 2) The different processes involved in a negotiation; and, 3) The follow-up process after a negotiation is completed. Finally, Part Four is designed to teach the women how to understand the tactical aspect of negotiation. This part will help women to identify, understand and protect themselves from negotiation tactics that they will ultimately encounter.

The trainings are fashioned as interesting, thought-provoking and entertaining events that also serve to educate women about the inner powers that can be used in skillful and successful negotiation strategies. The basis of the trainings was developed due to Dr. Yasmin Davidds groundbreaking study, which was performed during her tenure as an international negotiations leader for KARRASS, a leading global negotiations training firm. Dr. Davidds interviewed 700 women from 22 countries who had recently completed (within the last 6 months) a top negotiation training program. The findings of the study were startling. While the 700 women in the study all possessed a learned set of negotiation skills from top negotiation programs, less than 40% of the women were actually utilizing these skills in their everyday negotiations-compared to 98% of their male counterparts. The study revealed that women were "turned off" by the behavior associated with many traditional negotiation m ethods. This aversion acted as a catalyst for the women to emotionally shut down from ALL negotiation activities.

The 3-Day Women Negotiation Skills Training is destined to become an effective tool that women can use in all of their future negotiations. Coming to Southern California in three exclusive events. To register visit Following is the schedule for the trainings:

(University of Southern California)
July 22, 23, 24 UCLA

(University of California Los Angeles)
August 19, 20, 21 UC Irvine

(University of California Irvine)
September 23, 24, 25

Dr. Yasmin Davidds is an international bestselling author, women's empowerment and negotiation specialist and an expert in the world-renowned KARRASS negotiation program. As one of the top leading female negotiation experts in the U.S. and Latin America, Yasmin has trained and consulted thousands of corporate leaders in over 200 blue chip companies throughout 22 countries in the art and skill of negotiation.

Dr. Yasmin Davidds, PSY.D, M.C.C.
Women Negotiation Institute
5042 Wilshire Blvd #17102
Los Angeles, CA 90036

MAX Agency Toronto Model and Actors are Heating up Television sets and Photo Studios all over town!

It’s the first week of June and MAX Agency has been incredibly busy with a numerous number of submissions, auditions and bookings.

Toronto, ON, June 01, 2011 - Even though June is just starting, summer is in full swing and already heating up, especially for Max Agency Toronto, being the highly recognized successful model and talent management agency representing men, women and children.

It’s the first week of June and MAX Agency has been incredibly busy with a numerous number of submissions, auditions and bookings.

Firstly, MAX Agency would like to congratulate two of their young Toronto Actors Mahek Patel for landing the role of Indian Nora for a computer project titled "Andrea, Ted and Nora" and Jack Melber for his role for a print ad with Natural Gas. A big congratulation goes to Rocco Chiapetta for landing a commercial gig with West 49.

MAX Agency Toronto would like to wish the best of luck to talents that recently went to a various amount of auditions. Auditions were held for TV Series projects such as "William Shatner’s Weird or What", and "Paranormal Witness". Also, Television Commercial projects for McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s, Canadian Tire, Sally Hansen and Tide. Several auditions for Print Ads for Mark Anthony Professional hair care products, Natural Gas, Cash for Life, Service Ontario, Lowlaws Pediatric Nutritional Supplement Drink, RBC, ALDO shoes, Rogers Home Security, and Pennington’s. Auditions for up and coming Short Films titled "Dead Dreams", "Wuchubuzia", "How not to meet a famous person" and the remake of "Total Recall". An editorial for Audi Magazine, and a fashion show for LuLu Dash premiering their bathing suit collection.

Max Agency’s models and actors talent are second to none, working with only the very best; Toronto Fashion Week, Guess, Diesel, Much Music, Audi, Hugo Boss, Molson Indy, Coca Cola, Miss Teen Canada, Sony, the list goes on. This successful agency prides themselves with a diligent booking department that exhausts every resource for the success of their team, models and talent. Unlike many other agencies, MaxAgency requires no registration fees. Furthering their dedication, they offer free workshop classes to those on the Max roster, contributing to greater success.

For inquires regarding MAX Agency Talent or services, call us directly at 416-482-5392 or visit

Max Agency is one of the most successful model and talent management agencies in Canada representing men, women and children. Max Agency is involved in providing actors, models and entertainers for the film, television, fashion and advertising industries as well as appearance in trade shows, promotions and special events.

Max Agency has a team of dedicated professionals that know the ins and outs of the fashion and modeling game. Whether the talent is an established face with a working portfolio or someone who is unsure of their ability to work in the industry, Max Agency provides qualitative evaluation to find the right fit for an individual’s career goals. Max Agency's ability to recognize and identify new talent from around the world has positioned it at the forefront of model management and talent discovery. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the fashion, modeling and entertainment industries resulting in it expertly overseeing the careers of a wide variety of models and talents.

Talent Management Agency: Toronto Models And Actors
If you are a new or experienced Toronto model/actor who would like the benefits of working with a top model agency in Toronto, then Max Agency is your modeling agent. As one of the top Toronto modeling agencies, we make it easier for Toronto models to break into the modeling industry and be seen by top agents and clients. With an emphasis on personal detail & development, new Toronto models and actors receive the attention needed to achieve success. We help Toronto models realize their full potential.

Are you interested in being part of Max Agency? If you think you have what it takes to become a professional model/talent or background performer, please visit our website at and fill out an Application Form with accurate information and stats and we will contact you within 72 hours.

Natalya O
MAX Agency
2063 Yonge St. Suite 202
Toronto, ON M4S-2A2

Queensland Company Leads Green Revolution

The viability of renewable energy production has gained a significant boost from a world-first technology developed by an innovative Australian company.

Bundall, Qld, June 02, 2011 - PolyGenomX, based on the Gold Coast, has pioneered a range ofprocesses that deliver faster growth and higher yields fromplants vital to a range of commercial applications and sustainable industries.

The company’s ability to rapidly propagate fast-growing, robust and climate-tough trees and vegetation is a game-changer for the mass production of bio-fuels and feedstocks, says PolyGenomX managing director Peter Rowe.

"PolyGenomX has developed technology that allows us to activate dormant parts of a plant’s DNA without genetically modifying it in any way.

"This provides the ability to turbocharge certain characteristics naturally existing within a plant such as rapid growth properties and predispositionsto thrive in various environments and soils.

"One example is Jatropha which is already an ideal crop for biodiesel generation as it is inedible, will grow on marginal land, takes little care and yields high quality oil from its seeds.

"We have taken this plant and developed a new PolyGenomXvariety thathas been shown to produce 30 percent larger fruit.

"The fruit and also seeds are considerably larger resulting in more oil for biofuel production which will have widespread implications for one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources.

'Bio-fuel is an efficient and clean energy source to power diesel engines however wide-spread use to date has been limited due to high costs from production using soybean, corn and sugar cane."

One of the other areas where PolyGenomX technology can be utilised iscarbon capture and storage through the rapid regeneration of areas cleared by forestry.

Fast growing plants that can be adapted to various environments are also ideal for soil and water remediation in areas with high salinity, intensive farmingor mining including the extraction of coal seam gas deposits.

Mr Rowe says these applications along with renewable energy production give the technology an opportunity to play a key role in improving environmental outcomes and managing climate change.

"This technology can be adapted to a range of commercially produced crops including those used in renewable energy production and pulping through to construction and fine timbersuch as sandalwood.

"Given that our plants grow faster and yield more than any comparable stock we are able to offer a significantcompetitive advantage for our partners."

PolyGenomX will license the superior strains of plants developed to ethical producers, farmers and other partners involved in the production of commercial crops and environmental restoration.

For more information about the company visit

Peter Rowe
PolyGenomX Limited
Level 4, 130 Bundall Road
Bundall, Qld, 4217
07 5510 3166