Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Infographic by Varsity Tutors Dissects the ‘Anatomy of a College Dorm Room’

Infographic Offers Tips and Tricks for Ideal Campus Living to Incoming Freshmen and Their Parents

St. Louis, MO, August 28, 2013 – In an effort to ease students’ transition into their first year of college, Varsity Tutors, a premier one-on-one private tutoring and test prep provider, today released an infographic that details the ins and outs of dorm living. Entitled “Anatomy of a College Dorm Room,” the infographic highlights the basic essentials that every student needs to achieve the ideal campus housing experience.

2.46 million students elect to live on campus each year, a population that includes 78 percent of all college freshmen. Most new students are living independently for the first time, and adjusting to life on campus can be difficult.

“As a student, your living arrangement affects every aspect of your life, from your social experience to your academic performance,” said Varsity Tutors founder and CEO Chuck Cohn. “Varsity Tutors aims to help students more easily navigate their first year of college so they can achieve success all around.”

The infographic from Varsity Tutors features the layout of a typical dorm room and calls out tips and tricks for every element of dorm life, from hygiene and storage to study time and entertainment. Advice for those who are new to campus housing includes:

* Making sure to check whether your school provides regular or extra-long mattresses before you buy sheets for your bed.

* For extra security, buying a laptop tether to secure your computer to your desk when you’re not in your room.

* Remembering to bring extension cords to accommodate potential problems with room layout and limited outlets.

The infographic also highlights other key statistics on college students living on campus. View the full infographic at

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