Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trump Gets Thumped in White House Poll

Real estate mogul Donald Trump is likely to have a hard time running for the White House if he decides to run for the presidency, according to a just released opinion poll by Housing Predictor.

Destin, FL, March 09, 2011 -- Billionaire real estate investor and reality TV show host Donald Trump was thumped in his bid to run for U.S. president in a just released opinion poll. The question of whether the real estate mogul should run for the White House was asked after Trump made several appearances on TV talk shows hinting at a run for the U. S. presidency.

Get the full details on the survey at Housing Predictor dot com, where you’ll find it was a lop-sided opinion poll. Trump has been making the talk show circuit on TV, from CNN to the Late Show with David Letterman. He does this just about every major election, which makes many people feel at least that he just might run for president someday.

As the U.S. struggles to recover from the worst downturn in real estate in decades, the Obama administration has been implementing efforts to help. However, despite the troubled economy, housing markets in 11 states are forecast to appreciate in 2011. Communities in the Mid-West, extreme Northern states and North-East hold most of the spots on the list.

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