Monday, March 25, 2013

Empire Rockefeller Vodka and Vintage Champagne Featured In Upcoming 98 Degrees Video “Microphone”

Empire Rockefeller Vodka and F. Rockefeller and Sons Champagne - 2004, had special supporting roles in the recent filming of the new 98 Degrees video “Microphone” as the Ultra premium vodka and Vintage champagne were used as props in a bottle service scene.

New York, NY, March 25, 2013 - The video of the boy band featuring Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons was recently filmed at the famed Beecher's Madhouse Theater at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California and is due out later this year. The band’s new album “2.0” - their first with new material in 13 years – is due out May 7.

Empire Rockefeller Vodka, part of the Vintage Rockefeller Wine & Spirits Group, came to market in 2012 and has quickly earned respect for its unique smooth taste. It is the only vodka in the world that is distilled six times in a copper cognac kettle in the Cognac region of France. The winter wheat used for Empire Rockefeller Vodka is done organically in France in the dedication of being as natural as possible. The water used in its production comes from pristine French springs, filtered through Champagne limestone. Empire Rockefeller starts off with what can be described as a very mild sweet start. This taste greets and lingers for a few seconds and gives way to a full-bodied middle followed by an extraordinary smooth, subtle finish.

F. Rockefeller and Sons Champagne is a vintage 2004 champagne that features a delicate stream of bubbles, a golden straw color and > honey-mingled aromas with notes of hazelnut and subtle notes of almond paste and vanilla. It has been described as fresh, well-rounded and astonishingly persistent.

Vintage Rockefeller Wine & Spirits produces a portfolio of high quality vodka, champagne, cognac and soon wines - all produced in France. It is currently distributed in the United States in New York, Florida, Nevada and Pennsylvania with more states being rolled out later this year. For more information, go to ( or like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter at @RockefellerUSA

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Kid Authors Celebrate National Nutrition Month With New Kid Smoothie Recipe Book

Smoothie recipes created by kids for kids are accompanied with fun poetry in a new book called “My First Smoothie Recipe Book” by Ponn Sabra and her three kid authors, The Sabra Sisters. The book launched on March 23, 2013 through

Los Angeles, CA, March 25, 2013 - Best-selling author and blogger Ponn Sabra and her three kid authors and bloggers, JuJu (12), GiGi (11) and JoJo (9) released ‘My First Smoothie Recipe Book’ [], Book #1 of the Children Can Cook Cookbook series. Released on March 23, 2013 the cookbook aims to prevent childhood obesity during National Nutrition Month.

Smoothies Made By Kids For Kids

‘My First Smoothie Recipe’ is a 35-page cookbook with 26 smoothie recipes, each created by the Sabra Sisters. Fun educational poems introduce kids to the benefits of the six different chapters: Citrus, Berry, Vegetable, Dairy and Yogurt.

Research shows that children who cook [] eat healthier and have higher self-esteem. In the attempt to prevent childhood obesity and build critical life skills, the Sabra Sisters are sharing their love of cooking through this new kids illustrated cookbook series.

Best-Selling Children’s Health and Nutrition Book

In its opening day, ‘My First Smoothie Recipe Book’ already ranked #1 in multiple targeted categories on Amazon, such as:

* Children’s Health

* Children’s Diet and Nutrition

* Children’s Cooking

* Children’s Sports and Activities

Five-star reviews share benefits the Sabra’s did not anticipate, such as:

* “Not just for kids” from a best-selling recipe book author who used to teach kids cooking classes,

* “Awesome Smoothie Recipes!” from a health-conscious male, and

* “Great book for many non-dairy smoothies” from a mom of young daughters who shares that this book is great for families with allergies.

Free Bonus Gifts For Kids

To further interest kids to start cooking, the Sabra’s offer free bonus gifts with the purchase of this book, such as:

* An audio recording of the Sabra’s narrating each smoothie poem,

* Coloring pages for each of the food cartoons in the book, and

* The opportunity for other kids to have their unique recipes or stories featured in upcoming titles in the Children Can Cook Cookbook series.

‘My First Smoothie Recipe Book’ is now available through in the kindle format. During the official launch from March 23 -27, 2013, the book will be available for free in digital format for kindle readers. Kindle copies are available at

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