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Domain Name Now on The Market for Immediate Sale

Taking the time to find the best domain name will provide long-term branding opportunities.

Paris, France, June 08, 2013 - Why Buy The Domain Name ?

The domain name is Short, Descriptive and Memorable.

Short with only 7 letters total, versus the comparable dot com with 10 letters. This domain name comes into its own when used in conjunction with SMS and Instant Messaging services, and especially Twitter with its 140-character limit on tweets.

Descriptive, tells visitors exactly what to expect when they visit the website.

Memorable, is easy for someone to remember, sounds familar to visitors (even if they haven't visited the website before), and it can convey trust to prospective clients.

Why Use Domain Name Extensions to Express Company's Name or Product ?

The perfect fusion of creativity and innovation, a domain name hack is an excellent startup domain used and trusted by Apple (,, Google (,, Microsoft (,, HP (, Instagram (, Bitly (, SocialFlow (, Mcafee (, Zynga (, Netflix (, TIME Magazine (, Huffington Post (, NY Times ( (acquired by Yahoo!), (acquired by Yahoo!), (acquired by Google), (acquired by Google), (acquired by Facebook), (acquired by,,, etc.

Domain name hacks are the best alternatives to dot-com domains and more startups and companies adopting them, making these domain names ever more valuable.

They are easier to type. Given how popular mobile web navigation is now, keeping the domain names short is crucial. Apps may handle a lot of navigations, but if mobile users see a URL somewhere, they would have to type it in. Typing on mobile devices is not as easy as on desktops and laptops. Domain name hacks make it as convenient as possible for someone to type a URL. A shorter domain name also gives more versatility in mobile site design as it easily fits on a smaller screen.

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Deanne Demarco’s Special Guests: The Waitress who Became a Multi-Million Dollar CEO and “The World’s Greatest Procrastinator”

Rags to riches CEO Carolyn Gable and Rita Emmett, the “World’s Greatest Procrastinator,” are the special guests on the next edition of Deanne DeMarco’s radio show. The program, “Today’s Inspiring Women,” airs noon Pacific on Thursday on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Network.

Phoenix, AZ, June 08, 2013 - Deanne DeMarco continues her ground-breaking radio series with two high-powered guests: the female CEO of a multi-million dollar trucking company and a woman who literally wrote the book on procrastination.

Carolyn Gable, a single mother of seven with an unbelievable rags to riches story, and Rita Emmett, best-selling author and “recovering procrastinator” are featured on next Thursday’s episode of Deanne DeMarco’s entertaining, informative and inspiring program, “Today’s Inspiring Women.” The weekly hour-long show airs at 12 noon Pacific on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Radio network.

Today Carolyn Gable is President and CEO of New Age Transportation, Distribution & Warehousing Inc. It’s a $30 million a year enterprise with 85,000 square feet of warehousing in Lake Zurich, Illinois. It’s a far cry from her first long-term job, working as a waitress for more than a decade. When the restaurant closed for renovations Carolyn was spurred to move on when, with two small children to support. Her new position as a customer service representative at a freight company led a year later to a job in sales and the beginning of a dream.

When the freight industry was deregulated Carolyn took a gigantic risk, starting her own freight company at her kitchen table. Recognizing that a new age was dawning in the trucking business she developed innovative ways to lower costs, track freight and offer excellent customer service. Carolyn credits her years as a waitress for giving her the necessary skills and she even wrote a book called “Everything I Know as a CEO I Learned as a Waitress.” Carolyn, who has received numerous awards for her business and philanthropic achievements, serves on the Fetzer Advisory Council on Business Professions and is the founder of Expect a Miracle, a foundation to support and encourage single mothers.

Deanne DeMarco’s second guest, Rita Emmett, is a professional speaker and author who describes herself as a “recovering procrastinator.” Her first book, “The Procrastinator’s Handbook” sold over 100,000 copies in its first year and has been published in 32 countries. Katie Couric is among the 300 plus interviewers who have questioned Rita about her successful strategies and how she changed from being the self-declared “World’s Greatest Procrastinator.”

Rita says that she was able to get rid of her ‘putting off habit’ and that she can help anyone do the same. Once you break the procrastination habit, she says, you’ll not only get more done and start doing some of the things you have been hoping to do, you will also feel more energized. In her book, Rita gives comprehensive advice on identifying the behavioral styles and patterns procrastinators use for putting things off; applying proven anti-procrastination tips and techniques for achieving goals; and developing strategies to move forward when stuck or when reverting to old procrastination patterns. Rita has also written books on clutter and stress and, in total, has sold 360,000 books worldwide.

Deanne DeMarco, who has 20 successful years as a business coach, professional speaker and management trainer , said, “Each week on the show I interview extraordinary and inspiring women who may not yet be household names but are business and entrepreneurial rising stars or have solid, practical advice for my audience. Carolyn’s personal achievements are truly inspirational and her principles for success can be applied to any business. Rita taps into a subject that affects so many women. So if you’re a procrastinator and want to change you can’t put off listening to the show.”

Deanne DeMarco herself has used her innovative strategies—drawn from successful experiences as a scientist, college instructor, management trainer, Fortune 500 manager, author and entrepreneur—to help business executives and individuals break through personal and career roadblocks.

“Today’s Inspiring Women” airs Thursdays at noon Pacific on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Radio.

About The Host:
Deanne DeMarco’s career has revolved around helping people break through boundaries and career roadblocks. She has a strong business background with expertise in medicine, education and utilities. As a medical scientist she was on the original three-member team that first discovered the cancer link to second-hand smoke. As a corporate trainer her management coaching program won national recognition from Training Magazine’s Top 100.  Deanne conducts fun, interactive workshops and seminars and is a keynote speaker at business and association meetings around the world. For more information: or call 1-708-836-0118 or 1-866-91-COACH.

Deanne DeMarco
Deanne DeMarco
2205 S. Wolf Road #730
Suite 304
Hillside, Illinois 60162

Uncle Sam Ent., CCA, M.O.E. Ent w/Club Ciroc Want Invite You To Come Get Turn't Up With the One and Only "Rocko DA Don" @Club Ciroc

People get ready because Rocko DA Don is coming to town. Rocko is best known for his various Hip-Hop songs which include; “Umma Do Me”, “Wildlife”, “Goin’ Steady” and his latest hit featuring Future and Rick Ross “U.O.E.N.O.”

Columbus, GA, June 07, 2013 - People get ready because Rocko DA Don is coming to town. Rocko is best known for his various Hip-Hop songs which include; “Umma Do Me”, “Wildlife”, “Goin’ Steady” and his latest hit featuring Future and Rick Ross “U.O.E.N.O.” Rocko DA Don has bounced his way back up the charts and now he’s bouncing his way right to Club Ciroc. Rocko will be performing all of his hits including new ones for his fans to enjoy.

The Georgia born Emcee has made several past appearances to Columbus and each time he’s brought the house down. Rocko has been having an amazing year with his Feb. 16th release of his "Gift of Gab" Mix-tape and his new distribution deal E1 Music.

Just a few years ago Rock DA Don burst on the scene with his debut single "Umma Do Me" from his album, "Self Made" (Maybach Mafia/ So So Def/ Def Jam). Rocko is currently working on new music and touring the world performing for fans across the globe. Fans in Columbus get a chance see a live show at the hottest night club in the city Club Ciroc. Club Ciroc is located 3433 North Lumpkin Road, Columbus, GA: 706-478-7512 @ClubCirocNation

DJ Tyreffic is gonna be spinning on the 1's and 2's and the party is hosted by none other than Double R. Tickets can be purchased at Star Nails, G Style Barber Shop, Diamond Cutz Barber Shop, Tax One and Explosions Hair Designs. Dress Code strictly enforced, ladies show up lookin fly and fella's get ready to ball out because Club Ciroc is the place to this Saturday, June 8th.

About Capital Connection Agency:
CCA boasts a very successful track record booking major talent for events from coast to coast and all across the globe. Capital Connections’ pool of A-list talent turns the night life into a real cash cow for club owners and venues every year. CCA has location on both US Coasts, Paris, Spain and in Canada. CCA has been providing talent for over a decade and they do not plan to stop offering quality talent any time soon. You can find more information about Capital Connection Agency at: 1-866-785-1117 or

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