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Beauty by Earth Organic Moroccan Argan Oil – Coupon Code

Beauty by Earth Offers Coupon Code on 100% Pure Certified Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Frisco, TX, April 25, 2014 – Beauty by Earth recently released a new product – Certified Organic Moroccan Argan Oil. Demand for the product through the Amazon Marketplace has taken off and many customers have left reviews expressing their excitement using Argan Oil instead of other chemical-filled products.

Beauty by Earth is now offering its 4 ounce bottle of Organic Argan Oil for only $25.99 in the Amazon Marketplace. The product is also available with Free Shipping for customers with Amazon Prime memberships.

A Coupon Code is being offered for an additional $5.99 off for a limited time while supplies last. Inventory is moving very quickly, so we are urging everyone to take advantage of this deal while it is available.

By using the link below and entering coupon code BBEARGAN at checkout you will receive a discount of $5.99 off the total price:

Customers have been using Beauty by Earth’s Moroccan Argan Oil and are rave about its many uses and miraculous results they’ve been getting from the product. Here’s a little taste of what customers have been saying about using argan oil in their hair:

Benefits of Argan Oil as Hair Oil:

* Use argan oil as a hair oil for heat protection before styling hair

* Use argan oil as a hair oil for frizzy hair

* Use argan oil as shine serum

* Use argan oil as a deep conditioner for amazingly soft and manageable hair

* Use argan oil as a hair oil for curl definition

* Use argan oil as a hair protectant from the sun and pool

How to Use Argan Oil for Hair:
Leave-in Conditioner/After Washing – After the shower, while your hair is still wet, add a few drops of argan oil to your hair, ends and scalp to hydrate and moisturize. It’s especially nourishing if your hair is dry from daily use of a blow dryer, straight-iron or curling iron. Argan oil should be used each time your hair is washed and prior to being styled with a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron to protect against heat damage.

Hair Styling/Shine – Use as a styling product by adding a few drops of argan oil to the palms of your hand. Rub your hands together and run the palms of your hand over your hair, paying special attention to frizzy sections and hair ends.

Curl Definition for Curly/Ethnic Hair – Apply a few drops of argan oil to hair using your palm starting with the tips and working up to the scalp. Place hair in a slightly damp towel and squeeze curls without rubbing hair together resulting in more defined curls.

Deep Conditioning – Massage a generous amount of argan oil into your hair and scalp 30-60 minutes before showing (it can also be left in overnight). Use a comb or brush to ensure oil is evenly distributed from roots to tip. To enhance the effect of your hair, wrap your hair in a hot or warm towel. Deep conditioning with argan oil can be done weekly or more often for those with dry hair or a dry/itchy scalp.

Hair Protectant from Sun and Pool – Apply several drops of argan oil to your hair before hitting the pool or beach. This will help prevent sun and chlorine damage as well as protect against the dryness of salt water.

“I've used a LOT of Moroccan Oil/Argan oil products. I have long, thick, color-treated hair that frizzes, and this miracle oil is the only thing I've ever found to tame it. They all work, some better than others.

“I was given the opportunity to try this oil. I was sure I'd like it. I'm surprised to LOVE it. It's quite different from the others. The first thing I did when I opened the bottle was sniff. I was actually surprised to find no smell--whatsoever. Honestly, I've gotten used to the "pleasant fragrance" of Moroccan oils, but sometimes it's a bit overpowering, especially when combined with other fragrances (shampoo, conditioner, etc). This is PURE oil, no additives, and has no scent. I love that. Second, as it's JUST OIL (instead of oil mixed with a list of unpronounceable synthetics), I soon learned that I have to use LESS. I put a dime-sized dollop in the palm of my hand and worked it into half of my hair like usual. I should have used that dime-sized dollop for my entire head of hair (did I mention my hair is THICK AND LONG). I was quite surprised by this. This bottle will really last.

“Finally, I did the usually styling after using the oil--blow dryer and curling iron. My curls look better--healthier, and they're staying put even without hairspray.

“I'm so pleased with this product. I'll definitely be back, and plan to make it part of my routine.” M.B.

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Kreative House Presents Vol 1: The Fam

Kreative House Music Releases the Official Introduction to the #KH Family with "Kreative House Presents Vol 1: The Fam!"

Atlanta, GA, April 24, 2014 - After just Releasing the Introduction to the MixTape via “Off That” Remix, Kreative House is Back at it with the Official Release of the #KH MixTape. “Kreative House Presents Vol 1: The Fam” has gone Viral, and is more than the Fans ever anticipated. Paying homage to the TrendSetters of the 90s Era along with the favorable sounds of today, Kreative House has delivered a Beat Pleasing, Lyric Driven, Concept Structured body of work that will force you to Press Re-Play.

Follow the Artist:
Jordan Antonia
Michael Gadiva
Jenesis Write
Turkasso Fridae
Jerel Ink
J. Sound
Kreative House

“Kreative House Presents Vol 1: The Fam” formally introduces you to the Artist of #KH. Make sure you listen as you say Hello to Jordan Antonia, Michael Gadiva, Jenesis Write, Turkasso Fridae, Jerl Ink, J. Sound, and Alize’. The Dynamic Combination of these sparse Artist affords a Body of Work that is sure to please all Ears. From the moment you hit Play you are drawn in by the Captivating Beats that force you to lose yourself in the music; combined with blends of R&B, Hip Hop, and True Street Lyrics “Kreative House Presents Vol 1: The Fam” is sure to be in your Playlist for Months to come.

Media Request:
DiamondKesawn Cooper
(410) 725-3996

Oh Yeah, don’t forget: This is Only the Beginning!!!!!!!

Diamond Kesawn Cooper
Diamond Kesawn Presents
Atlanta, GA 30314