Thursday, February 23, 2012

$1 Million Grant from Stabler Foundation to Fund Scholarships at Harrisburg University

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology has received a $1 million grant from The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation.

Harrisburg, PA, February 24, 2012 - Harrisburg University of Science and Technology has received a $1 million grant from The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation. The grant will create the new Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Endowed Scholarship Fund at the private university, which will aid students who meet financial need and academic requirements, and have demonstrated a commitment to leadership and service.

This grant will enable the University to provide talented students far greater access to an HU education and ensure that graduates will enjoy the high-paying, high-growth careers that a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education can provide, says Dr. Mel Schiavelli, president of Harrisburg University.

“The creation of our first endowed scholarship fund is a transformational day for Harrisburg University and for the countless number of students who will benefit in the coming years from this grant," says Schiavelli. "We are grateful to the Stabler Foundation for this grant and for their belief in our students and our mission. Thanks to the unparalleled generosity of supporters like the Stabler Foundation, our students are receiving a gift of opportunity, a gift that will endure, and a gift for the future of Central Pennsylvania."

With this grant, the Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Endowed Scholarship Fund will in perpetuity provide need-based financial aid to students.

The first recipients will enter Harrisburg University this fall. Scholarship recipients will be required to do their best to “pay it forward” to future HU students. They will sign a moral pledge to begin contributing to the University’s Stabler Endowed Scholarship Fund within five years of graduating or completing military service, or after repaying any legally binding educational loans.

"The Stablers believed that the recipients of financial assistance should recognize an obligation and be encouraged to return that which they receive so others, in turn, may receive similar assistance. The pledge will help to ensure that the Stabler Endowed Scholarship Fund will continue to grow over time and help college students recognize the value of philanthropy long before graduation," says Ryan T. Riley, associate vice president of development and alumni relations at Harrisburg University.

The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation was established by Mr. and Mrs. Stabler in 1966 and provides grants exclusively for charitable, religious, scientific, literary, or educational purposes. Generally, grants are only made to organizations and institutions that are located, or provide their primary services, in Central or Eastern Pennsylvania.

For more information on how to make a gift to Harrisburg University, contact Ryan T. Riley at 717.901.5140 or

Steven Infanti
Harrisburg University
326 Market Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101

She Counts, Inc. Selects Dina Wasmer from Incite Creative to Be a Mentor

She Counts, Inc., a non-profit youth professional development organization fills the void by engaging young girls, grades 6 through 12

Baltimore, MD, February 24, 2012 - With the number of women-owned businesses on the rise and the lack of finance and business curriculum in our K-12 educational system, who’s inspiring and mentoring the next generation of female entrepreneurs? She Counts, Inc., a non-profit youth professional development organization fills the void by engaging young girls, grades 6 through 12, in their business training programs with the help of qualified local women leaders. They have selected Dina Wasmer, President and Founder of Incite Creative to participate as a mentor.

She Counts sets up monthly mastermind groups for young female entrepreneurs and mentors to develop new meaningful friendships, engage in healthy conversations, and enjoy other social activities. Additionally, the girls can participate in a six-week entrepreneur development program and a four-week summer camp to learn how to meet the challenges of planning, raising funds, marketing, and managing successful businesses. The program includes basic business vocabulary, marketing, networking, negotiation, sales, record keeping, problem solving, customer service, and ethics.

In an effort to align professionals that would be an ideal fit for their cause, She Counts reached out to Dina Wasmer. In addition to launching and helming Incite Creative for the past 12 years as a leading marketing and graphic design firm, some of Dina’s other career achievements include being named to The Daily Record’s VIPs Under 40 and Maryland’s Top 100 Women lists in 2010, as well as serving on the Board of Trustees for The Children’s Guild. This balance of business and socially involved leadership mirrors the qualities that She Counts teaches.

“As a business owner, I value the mission and tactical strategies She Counts has in place to teach young girls at an early age that their aspirations of entrepreneurship is within their reach,” says Dina. “As a teacher, I look forward to providing a guiding hand to my mentee and helping her find her own unique path. As a young girl myself (30-some odd years ago), I’ve been in her shoes, and am excited for her to see what’s possible when her shoes get a little bigger.”

She Counts Inc is now enrolling girls in the organization’s teen business training program, “She’s Got Her Own.” For more information about this program and to work with mentors like Dina Wasmer, go to the She Counts Inc website at: or contact the organization by phone Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST at (410) 449-GIRL (4475).

Now in its twelfth year in business, Incite Creative is a marketing and graphic design firm that specializes in strategic positioning, brand development and creative implementation services for Mid-Atlantic, small-to-mid-sized companies and organizations that have regional, national and international reach. For more information, log onto or contact Dina Wasmer at 410-366-9479 ext. 2# or

Dina Wasmer
Incite Creative, Inc
1501 St. Paul Street, Suite 113
Baltimore, MD 21202

Publicity PR System Launches, Helping Small Business with Online Marketing Promotion

The press release publicity experts at SuperSimplePR have created a super simple system which teaches people to write perfect press releases quickly. The newly released PR training is available now on the company's web site.

Bradenton, FL, February 23, 2012 (Straight Line PR) -- Two online PR and publicity experts have joined forces and launched the PR Publicity Guide to teach small businesses how to capture more traffic and more customers. "While tens of thousands of press releases are written and submitted daily, most miss the target," says Harald Anderson, co-developer of the course. "The purpose and objective of our course is to help small business owners learn how to quickly write press releases so that they capture more attention and more traffic."

Anderson explains, "If you look at the online landscape today, customers are driving the conversation. Merchants who ignore this basic reality do so at great risk."

"Most press releases are written to glorify the company. Because of this, the word PR has negative connotations to most consumers," Anderson continues. "The public is very aware of spin doctors who manipulate perception and perpetuate what they consider to be enlightened despotism. PR by many is akin to propaganda, image building, market manipulation and damage control."

The new "social media" have actually evolved from the goals set forth by the press release industry. Those original aims are described as:

1. Connecting with the audience
2. Building value
3. Drawing more attention

Anderson says, "In our offices we have the Facebook Mission Statement ( ) pasted on every computer monitor:"

Give People The Power To Share And Make The World More Open And Connected.

"Why? While this is Facebook's goal, it is ideally the goal of all media that you produce." Anderson points out, "We have done this to make people realize that what gets shared gets shopped. Today, more than ever, eCommerce is quickly becoming Everywhere Commerce. And this is why our 'PR Publicity System' was created."

While traditionally reserved for company news, corporate announcements, and other public communications, press releases are now the main tool for creating traffic and publicity, as well as informing the media and the public about exciting, important news.

But the problem today, according to Anderson, is that online PR has become all but synonymous with spam. To elaborate, most online press releases are irrelevant, poorly-written, unsolicited, mass-distributed commercial advertising that offers little to no value to the reader.

SuperSimplePR has set out to change that. And customers are enthusiastic about the successes they have had with the "PR Publicity System" which is available exclusively at :

"Purchased your course and love your teaching style. The videos really make this very easy to do and follow." - Mary V. Austen, Millburn, NJ

"I was tasked by my boss to write and distribute some press releases for our company, which I found to be very intimidating. I followed your simple advice and guidelines and was amazed when I saw our press release on the first page of Google. Thank You." - Mark Specht, Los Angeles, CA

"I started my online business several years ago and it has been very frustrating getting traffic and interested visitors to come to my website. Your system really showed me very quickly what I was doing wrong. I wish I would've found you several years ago. Love your material. Highly recommended." - Jim Allen, Tampa, FL

Successful companies are the ones which have mastered the fine art of self promotion. Now, more than ever before, business leaders need to understand that the Internet fragments and broadcasts a company's message via text, graphic media, audio, and video. The opportunities are nearly infinite, but for those who are new to the party, getting overwhelmed is very easy.

For a quick video overview of the "PR Publicity System", visit

Anderson adds, "The most important question an entrepreneur should be asking is, 'One month from today, where do I want to be with my business?' And that's where our PR Publicity System can make all the difference."

Most business owners know the power of publicity, but many have not learned how to create it when they need it. The "PR Publicity System" system shows entrepreneurs exactly how, by:

1. Boosting website exposure
2. Increasing website traffic
3. Building brand credibility
4. Creating publicity whenever it's needed

It's now much easier to accomplish those four goals, just by using the SuperSimplePR system, and following the step-by-step process taught in the online course.

To learn more, visit to sign up for their free newsletter. The "PR Publicity System" course is only $97.00, and includes written course materials, more than a dozen training videos, podcasts, case studies, 30 days of the PressReleaseNation premium press release submission service, and more.

About SuperSimplePR:
SuperSimplePR was launched in early 2012 by Harald Anderson and Mark Alan Effinger, to help busy business leaders learn how to write online press releases quickly, easily, and painlessly. In the process of running the online press release distribution site, Anderson and Effinger discovered that quite a few of the press releases being submitted were simply not going to get the job done. To help resolve this problem for their clients, they created SuperSimplePR as a way to teach anyone how to create online buzz for their company, or their clients, by following an easy-to-learn system. For more information, visit or e-mail

Please contact for corrections or updates.

David Lockman
9734 Lincoln Lane
Blaine, WA 98230

Author JA Carlton Interview Shines Light on “Nick, of Time; Heroes of the Line Book 1”

During a recent Global Talk Radio interview, Austin based author JA Carlton details the core life-lessons at the heart of her YA novel: Nick, of Time; Heroes of the Line Book 1. The interview also draws much needed attention to the Austin Children’s Shelter, Carlton’s charity of choice.

Austin, TX, February 23, 2012 - Thriller writer JA Carlton, in a recent interview with Global Talk Radio, shared some of her sources of inspiration and her plans to continue her “Heroes of the Line” child abuse prevention campaign.

She also revealed one of several new projects she’s working on, the most recent is a non-fiction ‘personal fulfillment advocacy program’ she calls, “Ten Simple Steps to a New, True You”, Carlton is scheduling talks all around the Austin area with multiple spring and summer dates to be announced.

The new project was inspired by Nick, and Frankie Emerson. These two brothers from her Heroes of the Line series, are destined to lead a band of heroes in a war against the Living Dark, and its sinister minions the Schades.

“By book 3, Nick and Frank are finding themselves pressured by some of the other heroes as well as some of their allies, to do things in a way that’s not right for them.

The boys have certain abilities that allow them to see things differently, which is one of the reasons they’re the ones who have to lead the heroes. One of the hardest things they’re going to have to do is to stick to their plan without alienating their allies. It dawned on me that it’s the same balance we all live with daily.”

Carlton’s Global Talk Radio interview was just the first of several publicity events scheduled for this year. Currently she has at least one fund raiser tentatively slated for March of 2012, a 2 month Virtual Book Tour beginning in May, and a series of readings planned to be released on You Tube.

The “Heroes of the Line” campaign is still being run on the “Nick, of Time” Facebook page. Thanks to the great success of her Book-A-Month Giveaway last year Carlton is considering another run this summer, though she will be offering one of her E-Books to each month’s winner instead of a hard copy in an effort to reduce paper waste and resources.

The common thread among Carlton’s books is that the main protagonists (even Randy Custon, “Broken”s serial killer) have all endured horrific childhood traumas. Critics have argued that her writings are exceptionally graphic for little other purpose than ‘shock value’.

Carlton pays her critics little attention, “My stuff’s pretty tame compared to what kids are inundated with through video games, movies and even music videos. I write cautionary tales, warnings to think about how what we do affects the people around us. Most importantly though, they’re a message that abuse can be overcome, and survivors of it can be heroes if they choose.”

Carlton’s first release under Uneak was the Second edition of her psychological thriller “Broken”, a story inspired by actual events that follows a serial killer as he spirals out of control on his quest to confront the person who tortured him as a child.

Her sci-fi “Freedom Fighter” series, takes an almost prophetic look at the results of the current American sociopolitical climate and one possible effect on our near future.

The series takes place in 2055 where America has become a 3,000 mile wide graveyard and 70% of the population has been eradicated by shadowy government agencies. It’s a modern day genetic cleansing program that has forced the remaining citizens to fight for their very survival against those who are supposed to protect them.

And of course, her “Heroes of the Line” series after which her child abuse prevention campaign is named.

The first book, “Nick, of Time” introduces the reader to Nick, and Frank Emerson, the previously mentioned young brothers who learn of the hard destiny before them.

Carlton’s books are published by Uneak Press, Inc. based out of Austin, Tx. Uneak prides itself on being a haven for storytellers, wordsmiths and artisans by choosing to highlight local authors and artists like their newest author, supernatural thriller writer William Holloway whose first endeavor “The Immortal Body” will be released in March of 2012. Uneak Press, Inc. is currently open to submissions.

Elaine Zuliani
Uneak Press, Inc.
P.O. Box 19446
Austin, TX 78760
(847) 380-6904

Ann Claire’s Debut CD, Honkytonk Princess, Goes Green

New Country Artist Teams With Sunlyte Packaging for Eco-Friendly CD

Nashville, TN, February 23, 2012 - New country artist Ann Claire has poured her heartbreak, hopes, and dreams into the songs on her debut, Honkytonk Princess, and her love for the environment into her CD’s packaging. The Nashville-based artist has teamed with Sunlyte Packaging, whose CD and DVD digi-paks for her single, album, and EPK are certified net carbon neutral, made from 100% recycled materials, and printed with natural inks.

“They make the most eco-friendly CD packaging on earth,” says Ann Claire, whose Honkytonk Princess was released February 21 on Prosody Records. “I am extremely proud to be associated with Sunlyte in the manufacturing of my CDs. The trays are made from recycled bottles, the packaging is made of recycled paper and natural inks, and they look gorgeous. Fans and retailers comment on the superior quality of the materials and how lightweight and economical each unit is.”

As a country artist, Ann Claire knows the importance of being good, doing good, and spreading good values. “I write and perform music that comes from a legacy of people who understood the meaning of real life and community,” she explains. “It's a culture of good values and a strong commitment to do the right thing. So it makes sense to me to have my products support the community by being safe, responsible, and carbon-free.”

For Ann Claire, being mindful of the environment is second nature. She recycles diligently, buys her fruits and vegetables from local farmers only, gets her pets from shelters instead of breeders or pet stores, and knows the power of the pooper scooper. “Being environmentally conscious isn't an option anymore, for anyone. It's something we need to hold ourselves and others accountable for. We're in an economic and social situation worldwide where we need to work together as a group, regardless of our political or personal differences, to cherish the resources we have available to us and make them available to those in the developing world and for future generations in our own country,” she adds.

Meanwhile, she is in the middle of a residency tour at Nashville’s Taps & Tapas, which is sponsored by OneHope Wine, and is gearing up for spring tour dates, including a March 31 show at Mozambique in Laguna Beach, California. More dates will be announced shortly.

Of her debut album, the artist says, “Honkytonk Princess is the true story of my life over the past five years. It's a pretty even mix of up-tempo fun songs that celebrate life and love, and songs from the heart that reflect what I have been through, and the faith and passion, that it takes to lay it all down on the line for what you believe in, while there is still time and you have the chance."

About Ann Claire:
Many country girls grow up with dreams of being a real princess. But there’s only one genuine princess who grew up to be a country singer and songwriter: Ann Claire. She was born in the Middle East to a father who was a pop and R&B songwriter in London’s music scene, and as the great-niece of the late Shah of Iran is a bona fide princess.

Ann Claire, now an American citizen, grew up in both London and Los Angeles, and was schooled in England, Switzerland, and Spain before attending the University of Southern California to major in film and television and minor in sociology and graduate with honors. She followed that with studies in theatre and voice at San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theatre, where she appeared in a number of plays. She starred in her own reality series, Love Is In The Heir, which ran for 10 episodes on the E! Network in 2006, earning strong ratings around the world as it aired to millions in more than 50 nations. Her debut CD, Honkytonk Princess, is due on Feb. 21, 2012 on Prosody Records and was co-produced by Travis Howard (Nashville Star, Miranda Lambert) and Maxwell Abrams (Muzik Mafia). She co-wrote eight out of the 12 songs on the record.

For more information on Ann Claire please contact Chip Schutzman at Miles High Productions: or 323-806-0400

Chip Schutzman
Miles High Productions
P.O. Box 93157
Hollywood, CA 90093