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Top 35 Worldwide Destinations to Visit in 2017 Recommended by Popular Travel Bloggers

35 travel bloggers share their recommendations for the best places around the globe to visit in 2017 on Travel – Moments in Time

Bucuresti, Romania, April 01, 2017 - With Easter break and summer vacations fast approaching, those with a passion for travel are looking for trip ideas. Who best to ask for travel tips and recommendations than top travel bloggers? They spend their life traveling, visiting new countries, discovering cultures and cities beyond famous attractions. Travel – Moments in Time -, a travel blog with a history going back over seven years, invited 35 travel bloggers to share their top worldwide destinations for 2017.

To make it easier for travel lovers to browse through and read the recommendations, the bloggers' top picks were grouped in two separate articles:


Some of the travel bloggers recommended countries, while others focused on specific cities. The selected destinations are from almost every continent on Earth, which makes this list a perfect go-to source for travel inspiration no matter where you are from or where you want to travel to next.

Some of the top 35 worldwide destinations to visit in 2017 recommended by travel bloggers are Canada, Mongolia, Tanzania, Romania, Slovenia etc.– and for citiscapes: Algarve, Prague, Seoul, Siem Reap, Dresden, Valparaiso and many more.

“I am always looking for new places to discover. I have a list of my own, but I like to explore new destinations as well. The places that other travel bloggers liked, their shared experiences can offer great travel ideas for future trips. I know many people see the experts' blogs as a great source of travel information, so that is why I decided to invite popular travel bloggers, with different experiences and travel styles, to share their top destinations to visit in 2017. I hope this list will help people plan amazing trips to exciting places!” said Violeta-Loredana Pascal, founder of Travel – Moments in Time.

The top 35 worldwide destinations to visit in 2017 recommended by popular travel bloggers and shared on Travel – Moments in Time are a great place to start planning future trips. While browsing these lists, visitors will discover old and new cities, places perfect for adventures, or others better suited for relaxation. History and architecture buffs will enjoy the recommended cities with famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, active travellers should check the hiking opportunities, and paradise seekers will discover splendid beaches or mesmerizing landscapes.

“I can’t imagine a world where people don’t travel, see beautiful sights, find out intriguing facts and meet interesting people,” believes Loredana from Travel – Moments in Time. The blog has been a go-to resource for travellers for the past seven years old and features articles that have been used as travel guides by many people across the globe. On this travel blog, visitors will discover curiosities, travel tips, travel guides and news, famous places to visit, monuments and museums to see, restaurants and hotels to try, and more.

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Violeta-Loredana Pascal

Violeta-Loredana Pascal
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Carmel Entrepreneur to Open CycleBar Indoor Premium Cycling Studio Franchise in Carmel Rancho Shopping Center

CycleBar is the First Premium and Only Indoor Cycling Franchise in America

Carmel, CA, March 30, 2017 — Successful Carmel entrepreneur Heather Sommers is set to open an indoor cycling studio CycleBar, a new concept in premium indoor cycling that offers a high-energy workout in a concert-like atmosphere, on Carmel Rancho Boulevard in Carmel.

Sommers worked for 25 years in the beauty industry as a self-employed hairdresser, mentor and teacher.

Sommers has also been involved in a number of charities, including Sophisticates of ATSC (Assessment and Treatment Services Center), to support children and families in need of counseling services, Red Rhino Orphanage in Kenya, Africa, that houses 25 children and our local Kinship Center of Monterey County that places children from Monterey County in foster and permanent adoptive homes.

Through CycleBar's CycleGiving®, a philanthropic movement which partners with local organizations and charities, Sommers hopes to create exciting and energetic indoor cycling rides for charitable causes with corporations, private groups, and families to help raise proceeds that benefit their cause.

This not only allows her to give back to the community, but promotes overall health and wellness with a one-of-a-kind fitness and communal experience.

CycleBar Carmel Rancho, which offers a pay-per-class packages and unlimited monthly ride model, with no membership necessary, will open on May 15 at 26135 Carmel Rancho Boulevard A-3.

CycleBar also offers concierge service and amenities, including complimentary towels, showers, lockers, and cycling shoes.

The dynamic classes take place in a state-of-the-art CycleTheatre and are led by CycleStar instructors who take participants through a 50-minute high-energy ride fueled by pumping playlists by CycleBeats and CycleStats to drive performance for the riders.

The CycleTheatre features tiers for 48 bikes plus LED lighting, wide-screen graphics and state-of-the-art audio with a DJ booth.

Riders can also track performance data via CycleStats and can download music used in the class session. After class, riders cool down with fresh fruit and enhanced water, while aromatherapy helps guests relax throughout the facility.

CycleBar Carmel Rancho will host a number of upcoming events to celebrate its opening as well as opportunities for local charities to raise funds for their organizations.

They include:

* May 10
CycleBar Carmel Rancho hosts a special “Peek A Boo” event so folks can get a sneak peek at the new CycleBar venue. People can walk through the venue, check out the equipment and facilities, enjoy wine and passed appetizers, listen to tunes from a DJ and meet CycleStar instructors. The event is set for 5:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 10, at 26135 Carmel Rancho Boulevard A-3. Please RSVP to Marci Bracco at (831) 747-7455 or at

* May 15-24
CycleBar Carmel Rancho is offering free private rides from May 15-24 to celebrate its opening. Free rides will be offered morning, afternoon or evening. Please RSVP to Heather Sommers at and you will be sent a link to sign up for a free ride. Find out in person how you can rock your ride!

May 25-June 5
Cyclebar Carmel Rancho will be offering free community Cyclebar Rides from May 25-June 5. Rides will be offered morning, afternoon and evening. Please go to to sign-up for your free ride starting May 15.

* June 7
The Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce and the Carmel Chamber will host a joint open house and grand opening ribbon-cutting event from 5-7 p.m. Wednesday, June 7. Sip wine, savor small bites and enjoy music from a DJ while you tour the facilities, meet and talk to CycleStars AKA: Instructors, get a card for a free ride and win raffle prizes.

* June 6 and forward
At the heart of CycleBar is a passion for giving back to the community. CycleGiving is a philanthropic movement that partners with local organizations and charities to help them raise donations by creating exciting and energetic indoor cycling rides for companies, teams, groups, and families to help raise proceeds that benefit their cause.

CycleBar Carmel Rancho invites community groups, non-profits and charities to host a CycleGiving ride for their group, starting June 5.

Groups need 48 riders to host a fundraising ride, or can share the room with another group with each group providing 24 riders. Charities can make more than $1,000 with one 48-person ride.

CycleBar will provide a CycleStar instructor and staff to facilitate the 50-minute charity ride — as well as access to the community room for a social gathering after the ride. As always, CycleBar will provide all guests with the royal CycleBar treatment, including amenities (shoes, towels, water bottles, fresh fruit, etc.). With any CycleGiving Ride there is no upfront cost to the charity.

June 6 and forward
Cyclebar is passionate about creating connections within the community and also knows how important it is to create Team Experiences in the work-place as well. Cyclebar offers corporate and small businesses another opportunity for team building for its employees.

Cyclebar Carmel Rancho invites local businesses to host their next team building experience at Cyclebar.

CycleBar will provide a CycleStar instructor and staff to facilitate the 50-minute charity ride — as well as access to the community room for a social gathering after the ride. As always, CycleBar will provide all guests with the royal CycleBar treatment, including amenities (shoes, towels, water bottles, fresh fruit, etc.).

For more information or to set up a ride for your group, contact Heather Sommers at

About Heather Sommers
Heather Sommers, owner of Heather Sommers, LLC, DBA CycleBar Carmel Rancho, has a strong background as a successful entrepreneur and successful corporate leader.

For 25 years, Heather worked in the beauty industry, where she has successfully developed and maintained a profitable clientele as a self-employed hairdresser. During her last five years in the industry, Heather’s continued growth afforded her the opportunity to employ a full-time assistant, thus allowing her to expand her personal business and income. This gave her another opportunity to teach and mentor another stylist in her field daily.

Her commitment to excellence and education propelled her into teaching roles as a color and haircutting educator/specialist. With her passion for education, it allowed her to join successful companies such as Toni & Guy International and Paul Mitchell Systems, where Heather was fortunate to create and implement curriculums for both companies. Her skills also led her into management opportunities in these companies.

During her employment, Heather was also involved in multiple charities. She was a member of the Sophisticates in Newport Beach that raised money for an Orange County Charity ATSC, to support children and families in need of counseling services. As a strong believer of service/charitable work, Heather also supports an orphanage in Kenya, Africa, Red Rhino Orphanage, which houses 25 children. Heather travels annually to Kenya to visit the children.

Heather is married to Richard Sambado, who is owner of Primavera Marketing Co. in Linden, California, a specialty marketer of cherries, apples and walnuts.

Heather and her husband purchased a home in Carmel 3 ½ years ago and quickly connected with a local charity, The Kinship Center of Monterey County, where she has been a White Party Committee Member for the past 3 years.

Heather lives in Carmel Valley full time with her husband, two kitties and three dogs that are the loves of her life!

CycleBar Carmel Rancho:
Address: 26135 Carmel Rancho Boulevard A-3, Carmel, Ca. 93923
Phone: 209.598.2800

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Chatterbox PR
Salinas, CA 93901
(831) 747-7455