Monday, October 24, 2011

Luxury Travel Vietnam Invites British Travel Professionals to do a Fam Trip to Vietnam at WTM 2011

Luxury Travel Ltd ( eyes the UK market by attending the Luxury Travel Fair and World Trade Market 2011, in London, the UK for the fourth time. The CEO and Founder Pham Ha invites travel agents, tour operators to visit Vietnam at the show.

Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi, October 24, 2011 - In an effort to expand its network, Vietnam Airlines officially announced the deployment of direct Vietnam-London Gatwick flights from December 8, 2011.

There will be four flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh a week. Luxury Travel joins VNAT and Vietnam Airlines to promote Vietnam tourism at luxury segment. They are bringing special products to welcome more UK travelers at the World Trade Market (, held from 7 to 10 Nov at London, UK.

Staged annually in London, World Travel Market - the leading global event for the travel industry - is a vibrant must attend four-day business-to-business event presenting a diverse range of destinations and industry sectors to UK and International travel professionals.

 Vietnam is an emerging luxury destination and attracts more UK travelers. For the last few years, the number of British visitors to Vietnam has increased considerably.

Every year, Vietnam receives about 100,000 British visitors and this trend will continue to increase robustly in the future when Vietnam Airlines opens the direct flights between the two countries in December, 2011. Vietnam will become a gateway to welcome British visitors to Indochina.

During the two trade shows, Luxury Travel Vietnam meets with luxury British partners to seek business opportunities, develop market and attract visitors. They also promote destination, special and new tours for 2012 and invite travel professionals to do a 9 day fam trip to Vietnam.

"On this 9 day tour offering a blend of classic sightseeing and excursions, the well-planned FAM itinerary will showcase the company’s unrivaled expertise in tailor-making tours. The Vietnam tour fam has been designed to treat participants to a myriad of experiences that range from cultural to culinary alongside sensational sceneries. As is customary with all luxury tours of our Vietnam's first luxury tour operator and DMC. Fam groups will be lead by a local expert guide and a member of the Luxury Travel Vietnam team. With first-class accommodation, domestic travel and food included within the overall price, this fam trip program demonstrates excellent value for money and promises unprecedented insights into local customs. The perfect way to learn more about Vietnam and some of the most dynamic new product available for 2012, this tour blends innovative touring with hotel inspections to give agents an insight knowledge about the destinations and become a trully luxury travel advisors. Participants also receive a certificate of Luxury Travel Specialist," said David Nguyen, sales and Marketing Manager of Luxury Travel Ltd.

“With new luxury hotels and world class golf courses having recently opened or set to open soon, and the introduction of luxury train journeys, exclusive cruises and upscale private tours spanning the length of the country, Vietnam is fast emerging as an exciting destination for the high-end traveler. We are excited to promote our luxury travel products for upscale British travelers with new direct flight from VN and the UK. We expect 30 percent growth for 2012,” said Mr. Pham Ha - Founder and CEO of Luxury Travel Ltd.

Visitors who come to visit Luxury Travel at the World Travel Market - stand AS960 (shared with Vietnam National Administration of Tourism), may drop their cards and have a chance to win a 9 day trip to Vietnam.

The representatives attend the Responsible Travel Day at WTM. Appointments of meeting at the show can be made in advance by email to: Attention: Mr. Pham Ha or Mr. Nguyen Hung, they invite tour operators and travel agents to discover trips to Vietnam before selling the destination as luxury travel specialists.

The first luxury tour operator and DMC ( ) based in Hanoi with offices throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, Luxury Travel is exceptional in designing tailor-made tours and providing unique travel experiences. Opened in 2004, the Luxury Travel Company Limited has its own offices, luxury vehicles, luxury travel advisors, and sales offices in California, Paris, and Melbourne. The company’s depth of experience and large infrastructure enable it to create unique itineraries with the operational confidence to fulfill client expectations. Luxury Travel Ltd won numerous travel awards for excellent performance including the most recent award: Best Luxury Tour Operator in Vietnam.

David Nguyen
Luxury Travel Group Ltd
5 Nguyen Truong To Street
Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi
Vietnam 71000

Brisbane Liposuction Introduced New Ultrasonic Procedure for Greater Precision!

Brisbane Liposuction, Australia’s leading liposuction provider, has today announced it now has a new and safer ultrasound assisted procedure that allow patients to see the immediate results and with very little effort on their part.

Brisbane, Queensland, October 24, 2011 - “Having excess fat is usually frowned upon in the papers, on television, and of course, in fashion magazines - and because of this, the Brisbane Liposuction specialists have upped the ante with it’s newly acquired ultrasound assisted liposuction procedure,” said Paul, head of the Australian-based liposuction provider.

“I mean, it’s no crime to be fat,” Paul added.

For many people, however, it’s just the fact of life that they have fat cells that will not get smaller, no matter what they do. No matter the amount of exercise they do and the diet that they go on, Paul, believed that these fat cells will not budge, as in most cases, these impenetrable fat cells are attributed to heredity.

As a result, the Brisbane liposuction provider has answered the cries for help from such unfortunate victims who desperately want to remove the extra fat and to get the shape that everyone seems to be dying over on the television and in the magazines.

According to the Brisbane Liposuction spokesperson, the areas of the body most often treated with the new ultrasound liposuction procedure are the abdomen, the hips, buttocks, face, and the thighs. “And during ultrasonic liposuction, fat removal is carried out by sound waves produced by a generator, which transmit through a thin, vacuum-like conduit, known as a ‘cannula’. On making contact, the cannula destroys and liquefies the fat cells so that they can be easily be sucked out,” explained Paul.

As opposed to going the traditional route of tummy tuck (abdominoplasty surgery) and body lifts meant to get rid of excess and baggy skin, ultrasonic liposuction offers greater benefits in the process of fat removal. Among them are the ability to treat areas that have greater fat density and the removal of a greater volume of fat at one go.

“Additionally, ultrasonic liposuction has a far greater advantage as it relates to the tightening up of the skin during the process. The Brisbane Ultrasonic Liposuction procedure, however, is usually used subsequent to tumescent liposuction as a “tune-up procedure’ because it allows for greater precision,” added the Brisbane Ultrasonic Liposuction specialist,” noted Paul.

However, it is important to note as you consider doing liposuction, that the procedure should only remove fat and not cellulite.

Other factors to look into and do before you have a liposuction done, said Paul, you need to be sure you are told how to prepare yourself for before the surgery done. “Before having a Brisbane Liposuction, you first need to have a consultation with your surgeon to see whether you are a viable candidate, and what to expect at the end of the surgery,” Paul said.

The Brisbane Liposuction procedure based on the type of liposuction that you will be having, you will be happy to know that the results are very permanent.

“Should you regain weight in the future it will never be in the same area you had carried out the liposuction. However, to keep your new shape intact, you will need to follow a strict diet and exercise regime and you will never gain regain weight after your Brisbane liposuction,” noted Paul.

For further information about the Brisbane Liposuction ultrasound procedure, please contact: , or visit

Paul Wright
Brisbane Liposuction
97 Sinnamon Rd
Sinnamon Park
Brisbane, Queensland 4073
61 7 3376 5834

Brisbane Plumber Drainage Cost-Saving Tips!

Whatever the drainage problem you encounter, as householders it is always advisable to leave the job to the expert and not try to “do-it-yourself”, says Brisbane Plumber Drainage expert Paul.

Brisbane, Queensland, October 24, 2011 - According to Paul, professional plumbers are well-equipped with the right tools and knowledge in dealing with blocked drainage or any other conceivable problems you encounter with you’re likely to encounter with your drainage system.

“From sky-high buildings in well-developed urban places to regular private homes, a drainage system is always is always installed to systematically managed waste water, and if it is not managed properly are abused, then expensive problems will surface,” said Paul.

In light of householders’ systematic abuse of their drainage system, the Brisbane Plumbers has offered the following tips to help guide them in hiring a plumber to eliminate their drainage problems:

1. Brisbane Plumber Drainage Tip # 1: Access your pipeline problem…

Assessing your exact drainage problem will not only save you a lot of money, but it can also make the whole fixing process faster. How? Although there’s really no clear differentiation between an expert plumber and a regular plumber, minor pipeline problems are best left to a regular plumber because of their affordability in their service fee. For complicated and serious drainage work, however, an expert plumber is more reliable to hire than amateurs. Their hiring service fee may be higher, but their works are less likely to fail, which can spare you from another distraught situation and the possibility of calling them back

2. Brisbane Plumber Drainage Tip #2: Always take your time; never rush…

One of the most common problems house owners tend to do when their house drainage is causing them severe headache is they tend to rush. As a result, the plumber serviceman they usually hire are either not fully-qualified or the services they provide are not that reliable. An expensive service fee does not also guarantee quality work. Also, before you decide to hire their service, always ask for a quote first and get a written estimate how much the repair will exactly cost you. This way, you’ll already have an idea just how much exactly their repair service is going to cost you.

3. Brisbane Plumber Drainage Tip #3: Do they provide free plumbing after service…

Believe it or not, even at the hands of a professional plumber, their work is still not that guaranteed to be full proof. Although it only happens rarely, it is very important to inquire if they provide a free plumbing after service should their repairing service fail. While some drainage repair company’s offer this for free, most still charge a fee. So always remember to ask this to your Brisbane Plumber Drainage provider when still on the phone.

Brisbane Plumber is all about giving service to their clients. “When you contract us to do your work, whether it is to fix a leaking tap, installing a new water heater, repairing blocked drains – no matter the problem, we at Brisbane Plumber gives you 100 customer satisfaction, or your money back, no question asked,” said Paul.

For further information, please contact: or go to:

Paul Wright
The Best Brisbane Plumber
97 Sinnamon Rd
Sinnamon Park
Brisbane, Queensland 4073
61 7 3376 5834

Green Investments Offer Major Returns Claims AAA

Alternative investment advisers Alternative Asset Analysis have announced new research showing that the global green economy was already worth £3.2 trillion by 2008/2009 - which should prompt more interest in alternative and ethical investments.

Boston, MA, October 24, 2011 - The global green economy was already worth £3.2 trillion by 2008/2009, according to new research. This should prompt more interest in alternative and ethical investments, according Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA).

The alternative investment advocacy group has responded to the findings from the UK government-sponsored research by Innovas Solutions. The findings of the investigation concluded that the renewable energy sector alone is valued at around £940 billion, while alternative fuels are worth £1.45 trillion.

“The money to be made from investing in green projects is enormous,” stated AAA’s analysis partner Anthony Johnson. AAA is a supporter of green investments and backs sustainable forestry projects, such as those run by firms like Greenwood Management in Brazil, and impact investment opportunities that help provide vital funding for social projects in the developing world.

AAA claim that alternative ethical investments are becoming increasingly attractive to people for several reasons. They are becoming more aware of their environment and the need to invest in the green economy to protect the environment and reduce climate change, while also being acutely aware of the volatility of more traditional assets, such as stocks and shares.

The research helped to remind environmentalists of the major causes of climate change, finding that the production of fossil fuels accounts for the majority of carbon emissions, while providing between 81 and 90 per cent of the world’s energy needs.

Mr Johnson added, “It’s clear that we all still have along way to go to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. In the meantime, investing in forestry projects that reduce deforestation can help to control carbon emissions thanks to the carbon sequestration value of forests.”

Investing in forestry can also help communities reap the rewards available through carbon trading and the wider carbon market.

Anthony Johnson
Alternative Asset Analysis
71 Commercial St
Boston, MA 02109-1320