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CU Anschutz Medical Campus Enterprise Launches Revolutionary Drug Test That Takes the Guesswork Out of Drug Use and Misuse

New Urine Drug Testing Technology Will Fundamentally Change the Way Pain Management and Addiction Treatment Industries Manage Patients

Denver, CO, January 7, 2014 — For the first time, treatment providers will be able to see a complete picture of their patients’ drug use and misuse using a revolutionary new drug test developed by CU Toxicology, a newly launched enterprise of the University of Colorado School of Medicine’s Department of Anesthesiology. This non-profit laboratory on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colo., has developed a groundbreaking and highly sensitive urine drug testing technology that confidently reveals greater than five times more drug use than any urine drug screen on the market.

“Polypharmacy, or the use of multiple drugs at once, is the newest American epidemic; more than one in five U.S. citizens are using three or more prescription drugs, and more than one in 10 are using five or more,” said Jeffrey Galinkin, MD, chief medical officer of CU Toxicology and professor of anesthesiology and pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. “Combine that with the fact that drug overdose death rates in the U.S. have more than tripled since 1990, and it’s clear the industry is in crisis and desperately needs a more comprehensive urine drug test, like CU Toxicology’s, to get a true picture of the issues.”

Industry standard drug screens typically identify between six and 19 drug classes and require treatment professionals to request a second step to confirm results. This cost-prohibitive and time-intensive process also relies on treatment professionals to pick and choose the drugs they want screened, which leads to unsuspected drugs being missed.

CU Toxicology’s complete drug discovery technology identifies and confirms more than 500 prescription, illicit and over-the-counter drugs in one test, giving treatment professionals a more complete picture of their patients’ polypharmacy or multiple drug use. In addition, the highly sensitive test catches drug use that slips under the radar in industry standard drug screens.

For example, the test’s lower sensitivity allows CU Toxicology to identify drug use that is below the standard screen cutoff. In one study, the test reported twice as many positive reports for cocaine, and three times as many positive reports for codeine as a standard screen. In total, CU Toxicology’s complete drug discovery technology reports five times more positive results due to increased sensitivity and a larger catalog of tested drugs.

“Until this point, treatment professionals have treated the trunk without knowing that they’re looking at an elephant,” said Dr. Galinkin. “Industry standard drug screens only catch a fraction of the drugs that are used by pain management and addiction treatment patients, which can lead to ineffective treatment and adverse drug events, such as overdose.”

For several of CU Toxicology’s clients, the test has had a significant impact:

The test has vastly improved Kaiser Permanente Colorado’s pain management and chemical dependency screening process by providing results that are far more detailed and useful to its physicians.

According to Charles Park, MD, a psychiatrist at several Denver-based methadone clinics and owner of his own addiction treatment center, CU Toxicology has helped him discover significant drug use he did not expect to see and would not have known to ask for in confirmation tests.

By employing CU Toxicology’s urine drug test, the practitioners at the Chronic Opiates Clinic at the University of Colorado Hospital were able to precisely identify positive amounts of cocaine at lower concentration levels that were missed using standard drug screens.

Urine drug testing is a standard practice in a variety of treatment settings, including addiction treatment, pain management and employment assessment to verify patient compliance with prescribed medication and to detect misuse of prescription or illicit substances.

“Treatment professionals simply cannot afford to miss multiple drug use in their patients—the stakes are too high,” said Dr. Galinkin. “CU Toxicology’s drug test is the first in the industry that allows treatment professionals to treat with an accurate, complete picture of drug use. It takes the guesswork out of the process.”

CU Toxicology has developed a white paper, “Flying Blind. Traditional UDT: Irrelevant In a Polypharmacy World,” which highlights the reasons traditional urine drug screen technology has become increasingly irrelevant and unreliable as rates of polypharmacy have risen. The white paper is available for download at www.cutoxicology.org/white_paper.

CU Toxicology is a non-profit public/private enterprise of the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Using proprietary technology developed in the School of Medicine’s Department of Anesthesiology, CU Toxicology offers urine drug testing services to addiction treatment facilities, pain management centers, emergency departments and other medical and clinical settings that require accurate, complete results.

About CU Toxicology:
CU Toxicology’s urine drug test identifies significantly more polypharmacy than standard screens, taking the guesswork out of drug use and misuse. Using revolutionary complete drug discovery technology that was developed at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, CU Toxicology measures and confirms the presence of more than 500 prescription, illegal and over-the-counter drugs. CU Toxicology is a non-profit national reference laboratory that is CAP/CLIA accredited and HIPAA compliant. Visit www.cutoxicology.org for more information.

About the University of Colorado School of Medicine:
Faculty at the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine work to advance science and improve care. These faculty members include physicians, educators and scientists at University of Colorado Hospital, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Denver Health, National Jewish Health, and the Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The school is located on the Anschutz Medical Campus, one of four campuses in the University of Colorado system. To learn more about the medical school’s care, education, research and community engagement, please visit its web site. For additional news and information, please visit the University of Colorado Denver newsroom.

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Multishoring.info to launch IT support of Small systems worldwide

Multishoring.info, the largest Polish nearshore and offshore provider, has just launched IT support of small systems for the companies worldwide.

London, UK, January 07, 2014 - Multishoring.info, the largest Polish nearshore and offshore provider, has just launched IT support of small systems for the companies worldwide.

Having several small IT systems that do not qualify for a large IT support contract because of their size can be a real nagging pain in the neck. The solution for that to the companies worldwide has just been presented by Multishoring.info, the largest Polish nearshore and offshore provider.

IT support can be provided – depending on the type of systems to be covered by technical support – in two ways. The first one is designed for IT systems that require no special knowledge apart from their names, the use of the technology and how and where to log in to them in the event of failure or a need for modifications.

"In this case you can buy a number of working hours per month, to be determined based on your previous experience with the technical care of these IT systems. Multishoring.info takes action within a few hours of the moment when the client lets us know about a system failure or a need to modify the system. If the volume of work in a given month exceeds the purchased working time, you pay only for the additional time," explained Andrzej Biesiekirski, CEO at Multishoring.info.

The second way is designed for IT systems that require some knowledge and constant low profile maintenance. In this case the client can also buy a defined and guaranteed number of working hours. This allows Multishoring.info to maintain constant knowledge of the supported IT systems and to perform regular maintenance work to prevent any potential problems. However, if an unexpected incident happens anyway, or you need to modify the system, then you have IT staff on hand that will perform the task. And you pay additionally just for this extra work on solving the problem or introducing the necessary changes.

IT support and maintenance operations are carried out to the companies worldwide remotely by Multishoring.info Technical Support & Maintenance department within Multishoring.info's business hours. This, however, can be modified and adjusted to the client's business hours, depending on the scale of the IT support contract.

"By offering IT support of small IT systems we also want to encourage companies from around the world to take advantage of our IT support and maintenance services for their larger systems. They can easily test the quality of our nearshore and offshore services by entrusting us with the IT support of their less important systems. When they realize that it works well and costs half of what they have paid so far, it may be easier for them to entrust us with the IT support of their more critical systems too," added Andrzej Biesiekirski.

Learn details on the IT support offering of Multishoring.info at: http://multishoring.info/services/software-support-and-maintenance/ and http://multishoring.info/services/it-support-of-small-systems/.

About Multishoring.info
Multishoring.info is the largest organisation of IT consultants specialising in nearshore and offshore IT development in Poland. The company's offer is addressed to organisations from all over Europe which seek to reduce the costs of IT projects by having them implemented in countries characterised by lower costs, but at the same time culturally and geographically close. Multishoring.info specialises in Cloud Enablement & Development, Mobile App Dev, Application Integration using several platforms (Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Tibco), managing the development and support of existing applications in virtually any technology and reducing your IT costs.

More information: http://www.multishoring.co.uk.

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