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SAFE International Launches Barrie Private Self Defense Lessons – Barrie, ON Self Defense

SAFE International is expanding its seminar options to include private self defense lessons in Barrie, ON.

Barrie, ON, March 13, 2012 - (Straight Line PR) - Barrie Self Defense, SAFE International Launches Barrie Private Self Defense Lessons

SAFE International ™ is the leading provider of mobile self defense/personal protection training in Ontario. SAFE International has taught more than 150,000 clients in the private, corporate and high school environments since 1994. SAFE International is expanding its seminar options to include private self defense lessons in Barrie, ON.

SAFE International realizes that both women and men don’t necessarily want to join a martial arts club, or even take a public self defense seminar. SAFE International provides their mobile self defense right in the home. This allows SAFE International instructors to tailor the course based on the specific needs and concerns of the client. Self defense training in the home allows the client to be completely relaxed and comfortable training, without being self-conscious of others who might be watching in a public self defense course.

One of the reasons that SAFE International enjoys teaching private self defense Barrie, is how receptive men and women are to the skills that the SAFE International instructors provide. SAFE International teaches self defense concepts, rather than techniques. This allows the client to learn in a much shorter time. While some people have hours to dedicate to training, SAFE International can offer some basic, but effective self defense concepts in just a few hours.

SAFE International always covers Awareness and Avoidance strategies which are based on one's daily routines such as using elevators, car safety, home safety, plus much more. We examine what an attacker looks for, what an attacker wants and doesn't want in confrontation. One of the biggest topics we explore is how most people are too polite, even when their intuition is telling them the complete opposite. We cover the most common distraction techniques an attacker will use to gain an advantage such as asking for directions or the time. The next stage is verbal strategies in the event that avoidance is no longer possible. Rather than just teaching to yell at a potential attacker, SAFE International covers a few verbal strategies based on the aggressor and the scenario.

The third step is addressing the physical aspect of Barrie private self defense lessons. Instructors begin with the advantages of adopting a passive stance rather than an aggressive stance. SAFE teaches gross motor strikes due to the adrenal rush one gets when they are in a highly stressful state such as an attack scenario. Complex skills are proven to be ineffective in the high stress of real violence. The main philosophy taught is to “Attack the Attacker" which reverses one from being the Prey, to that of being the Predator.

SAFE International does not teach martial arts, but rather, practical, easy to adopt and highly effective concepts. Barrie Private Self Defense is available to individuals, families, couples, or friends.

SAFE International has taught more than 150,000 clients including mothers, fathers, daughters, police officers, seniors, and people with disabilities. To contact SAFE International and Chris Roberts to schedule your Self Defense Private lessons, you can visit their main site at www.safeinternational.biz

You can also reach Chris Roberts toll free at 1-800-465-5972 or by email at chrisroberts@safeinternational.biz

Chris Roberts
SAFE International™
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Faith Based Meets Main Street at Los Angeles Economic Summit

Christian marketplace leaders to convene March 21-25 at K.E.Y.S. Los Angeles economic summit to propose faith-based solutions to personal and global economic challenges.

Los Angeles, CA, March 14, 2012 - Recently, the 42nd Annual World Economic Forum took place in Davos, Switzerland, under the theme The Great Transformation: Shaping New Models. The record participation indicated the international community’s level of concern for the world today, as one crisis after another emerges. Global business leaders and heads of state, focused on improving the state of the world, acknowledged that our current financial systems need a redesign, and that to survive, companies must constantly reinvent themselves and become socially responsible.

At the K.E.Y.S. Los Angeles economic summit March 21-25, Christian marketplace leaders will propose faith-based solutions to personal and global economic problems. The Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit (K.E.Y.S.), hosted by Dr. Bruce Cook and David Wood, will assemble 111 world-class speakers who will present new economic models and cutting-edge strategies to empower individuals, businesses, churches and communities to create sustainable financial transformation.

Speakers will include wealth managers, financial advisors, experts in precious metal and commodity investments, a Fortune 100 corporate attorney, international business attorneys, a former NASA rocket scientist, senior executives at two major energy companies, successful entrepreneurs, numerous authors and leaders in film, entertainment and media. The complete list of speakers and their bios and photos is available at http://www.KingdomEconomicSummit.com.

K.E.Y.S. Los Angeles will take place at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott beginning at 7 pm March 21 and ending at 11:00 am March 25, 2012. Contact Dianne Bennett at 310-490-9913.

About the Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit (K.E.Y.S.):
Patterned loosely after the World Economic Forum, but with a Christian focus and perspective, K.E.Y.S. Los Angeles/Hollywood will feature some 65 keynote speakers and 45 breakout speakers dealing with business, finance, economics, ethics, leadership, sales, marketing, international law, entrepreneurship, angel capital, operations, corporate strategy, philanthropy and charitable giving, wealth management, insurance and investing, organizational culture, business as missions, and faith and work.

Dianne Bennett
Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit (K.E.Y.S.)
14912 Big Falls Dr.
Leander, Texas 78641

StudyAbroad.com Survey Reveals Student Motivations and Concerns When Pursuing a Study Abroad Program

More than half of respondents say a study abroad program’s reputation for a vibrant social and party life is at least a somewhat important factor in program selection; 20 percent indicated that a lower drinking age was also at least somewhat important.

Chester, PA, March 12, 2012 – Recent research shows cultural experiences, the opportunity to live abroad and the ability to travel are very important to college students when it comes to potentially studying abroad. These motivators, along with other findings, were revealed in a February 2012 survey of college-aged students across the U.S. conducted by StudyAbroad.com, the Internet’s leading resource for information on study abroad programs.

The survey, which was completed by 380 students who visited StudyAbroad.com, took note of the factors students find important as they consider selecting a study abroad program, what motivates him or her to do so and what might prohibit him or her from realizing a study abroad experience.

Twenty percent of survey respondents cited a study abroad program’s reputation for a vibrant social and party life as an “important” factor in the selection process. Just over one-third (35.8 percent) consider it at least “somewhat important.” When surveyed about how important a lower drinking age is when evaluating what study abroad program to select, one in five respondents felt it was at least “somewhat important” (nearly 10 percent (9.3) indicated it was “important,” 11.8 percent indicated it was “somewhat important”).

In addition, when asked, “What is your motivation for pursuing a study abroad experience?” and given a selection of reasons, respondents indicated the following were “very important”:

* Cultural (63.1 percent)
* Live Abroad (58.5 percent)
* Travel-Related (51.6 percent)
* Academic (45.3 percent)
* Professional/Resume Booster (45.3 percent)

More than half (53.1 percent) indicated social reasons were “important,” with nearly 30 percent saying they were “very important” (27.2 percent).

The survey also asked students to identify the factor that has the biggest impact on their ability to make a study abroad experience a reality. Nearly 70 percent of respondents indicated it is money; 50 percent of those who indicated that money was the biggest obstacle said they’ll only be able to study abroad if they figure out how to pay for it, one-third are afraid they won’t be able to afford it.

Additionally, the survey asked respondents about graduate study abroad as well. For those considering graduate school in the future, more than one-third of respondents (34.2 percent) indicated it was very likely they would pursue their graduate degree abroad instead of in the U.S.; 10.8 percent said they are planning on earning their master’s degree abroad.

StudyAbroad.com is a web resource of EducationDynamics, which offers information on more than 12,000 study abroad programs. For more information about study abroad opportunities visit www.studyabroad.com.

About StudyAbroad.com
StudyAbroad.com is a web resource of EducationDynamics and the Internet’s leading source of information on educational opportunities for students to study in other countries. It is a comprehensive directory of study abroad and intensive language programs organized by subject and destination. Currently information on more than 12,000 study abroad programs is available and more than two million students visit StudyAbroad.com annually. StudyAbroad.com also offers Destination Portal Pages, a handbook serving as a guide to traveling abroad; Blog Abroad, a blog that chronicles the experiences of students as they study abroad; and financial aid information. To learn more, visit www.StudyAbroad.com.

About EducationDynamics
EducationDynamics is higher education’s leading marketing information and technology services company dedicated to helping institutions find, enroll and retain students. Its content-rich and highly visible education websites, including ChristianEducation.com, EarnMyDegree.com, EducationConnection.com, eLearners.com, GradSchools.com, StudyAbroad.com, TestDriveCollege.com, TestDriveGradSchool.com and its special interest microsites, make EducationDynamics the premier provider of qualified prospective students for colleges and universities. In addition, the company offers a full suite of Web-delivered services proven to drive enrollment growth and reduce student attrition, as well as other innovative solutions including LeadWatchLive, its Web-based inquiry management system. Through Aslanian Market Research, the company brings decades of proprietary research, unparalleled market and student intelligence and best practice insights to clients. For more information, visit www.educationdynamics.com.

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