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Travel Lightly on Your Next Literary Journey. Brandon Wilson’s Award-Winning Adventure

Lowell Thomas Gold Award-winning author/explorer Brandon Wilson’s four travel adventure books are now also available from as NOOK editions.

Paia, HI, September 26, 2012 - Pilgrim’s Tales, a travel publisher based in Hawaii, is proud to announce that author/explorer Brandon Wilson’s four travel adventure books are now also available from as NOOK editions.

A constant theme in all of Wilson’s books is that ordinary people can conquer seemingly extraordinary challenges—and his latest award-winning book is a prime example. Over the Top & Back Again: Hiking X the Alps chronicles the ups and downs of an intrepid midlife couple who dig deep to hike across eight countries on the daunting Via Alpina. Besides promising total immersion into Alpine life, it means climbing the equivalent of 12 Mt. Everests while facing their greatest fears. Whether you dream of making this journey—or are just a fan of schadenfreude—you’ll savor this empowering, humorous, wildly subversive tale. Includes illustrations by Ken Plumb and color photos/maps by the author. Recipient of the 2010 Book of the Year Bronze Award from ForeWord Reviews.

Other NOOK books in Wilson’s true-adventure travel series include Along the Templar Trail: Seven Million Steps for Peace, winner of the coveted Lowell Thomas Gold Award, and named 2009 Best Travel Book by the Society of American Travel Writers. Two modern-day pilgrims discover timeless truths when they embark upon the ultimate challenge—to hike the Templar Trail across 11 countries to Jerusalem. Throwing themselves out into the universe with bad maps, blisters, and plenty of optimism, they face age-old challenges in search of adventure, life’s meaning and lasting peace. They also discover that even today, there’s nothing like a little war to shake your strongest resolve. Includes 44 color photos and maps by the author.

Wilson is also the author of Dead Men Don’t Leave Tips: Adventures X Africa. After their overland dream safari from London to Cape Town turns into a nightmare, a honeymooning couple set off alone to discover Africa’s heart and soul. Misadventure is their constant companion as they cross the Sahara, climb Kilimanjaro, whitewater raft the Zambezi, hunt dik-dik with Pygmies, stalk mountain gorillas, and hop a gun-run through war-torn Mozambique. This darkly humorous travel adventure offers sage advice about traveling with partners—while providing an “un-sanitized for your protection” look at a journey into Africa’s wildest unknown. Includes color photos by the author.

Yak Butter Blues is Wilson’s debut book and an IPPY Award winner. Join him, his wife and their Tibetan horse, as they become the first Western couple to hike an ancient path from Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu on a journey once called “impossible”. Walk alongside them as they face lung-searing altitudes, slow starvation, blizzards, bureaucracy and bullets. But it’s not all pain and peril. Discover the kindness of strangers. Then witness a culture teetering on the edge of extinction. Little could prepare them for this ultimate test of resolve, faith... and very survival. Includes color photos by the author.

Brandon Wilson is a member of the prestigious Explorers Club.

Pilgrim’s Tales, Inc. publishes true stories of adventure, discovery and enlightenment. Their books are available worldwide in digital formats (NOOK, Kindle and Kindle apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac, Blackberry, Android-based devices, and Windows Phone 7) and in hardcover and paperback editions from your favorite bookstore. Visit or “Brandon Wilson, Adventure Travel Author” on Facebook for videos, photos, reviews, excerpts, interviews and more.

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Innova Biosciences signs out-licensing deal with StressMarq Biosciences

Innova Biosciences , inventor of the world’s easiest to use bioconjugation kits, is pleased to announce that the company has entered into a licensing agreement with StressMarq Biosciences (British Columbia, Canada).

Cambridge, UK, September 26, 2012 - Innova Biosciences (Cambridge, UK), inventor of the world’s easiest to use bioconjugation kits, is pleased to announce that the company has entered into a licensing agreement with StressMarq Biosciences (British Columbia, Canada).

The non-exclusive license will allow StressMarq to use Innova’s unique Lightning-Link® technology for commercial purposes. Through the commercialisation deal, StressMarq will create a novel collection of antibody conjugate research tools for the scientific community, with the ultimate objective being the advancement of pioneering science and to elucidate the molecular abnormalities behind disease states such as cancer or diabetes.

Dr Andy Lane, Licensing Manager at Innova Biosciences, said, “This agreement underlines the attractiveness of the Lightning-Link® technology to specialist antibody companies, who can take advantage of the simplicity of the method combined with 100% yields to rapidly increase their catalogue portfolios. We look forward to working with StressMarq, who have an excellent reputation in the research antibody sector.”

Commenting on the agreement StressMarq’s President, Dr Ariel Louwrier, said, “The unique aspects of the Lightning-Link® technology coupled with the core expertise of StressMarq Biosciences in the heat shock protein, cellular stress, ion channels and transporter areas will allow us to better serve the needs of our customers, covering a whole new host of applications. The demonstrated and proven Lightning-Link® technology is an excellent counterpart to our antibody portfolio.”

About Innova Biosciences Limited;
Innova Biosciences is a growing, dynamic business based in Cambridge, UK. At the core of Innova's business are the Lightning-Link® and InnovaCoat™ technologies, which simplify the production of antibody-based reagents. The expanding Lightning-Link® and InnovaCoat™ portfolio is sold to research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and diagnostic companies worldwide. For more information, please see

About StressMarq Biosciences;
StressMarq Biosciences Inc. is a company based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and encompasses what is probably the most experienced combined commercial and scientific heat shock and cellular stress community worldwide. StressMarq Biosciences provide a range of monoclonal and polyclonal antisera, for various research areas including cellular stress, cell signaling, ion channels and apoptosis. For more information, please see

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Vintage Tech Recyclers Selected to Join EPA in SMM Challenge

Vintage Tech Recyclers, LLC is an asset recovery and responsible recycling company headquartered in Romeoville, Illinois.

Romeoville, Illinois, September 24, 2012 - Vintage Tech Recyclers, LLC, a leading electronics recycling company founded in 2005, has partnered with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to launch the Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Electronics Challenge, a new EPA program encouraging electronics manufacturers to voluntarily commit within the next two years to send 100 percent of used electronics collected for reuse and recycling to third-party certified recyclers, dramatically increasing the amount of electronics collected for reuse and recycling.

The EPA SMM Electronics Challenge will take place on September 20, 2012 at Vintage Tech Recyclers’ headquarters in Romeoville, Illinois, where representatives from major OEM companies will sign up for the challenge.

Sponsorship of the SMM Electronics Challenge demonstrates Vintage Tech Recyclers’ commitment to programs that represent the recycling industry’s highest standards in environmental sustainability. “We applaud the EPA’s strong leadership in the area of electronic recycling and are proud to host the SMM Challenge,” says Vintage Tech Recyclers President, Karrie Gibson. “Unchecked e-waste poses an environmental risk and releases toxic substances like lead, mercury, and chromium into the solid waste stream. We are delighted to have been selected to work with the EPA and assist industry leaders to commit to this ambitious e-waste reduction program. The positive impact that 100 percent recycling by electronics manufacturers will contribute to the economy and the environment makes the SMM Challenge such an exciting new initiative.”

Coverage of the SMM Electronics Challenge will be streamed live during the E-Scrap Conference in Dallas, Texas on September 19 and 20.

Vintage Tech Recyclers, LLC is an asset recovery and responsible recycling company headquartered in Romeoville, Illinois. An R2 Rios, ISO 14001, and e-Stewards certified electronics recycler, Vintage Tech employs a no landfill policy on all recycled items and guarantees the highest levels of compliance in material processing and data security. For more information about Vintage Tech Recyclers, visit

For information about the SMM Challenge visit

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AAA says Investment Managers are Ready to Try Alternatives

A new survey has been praised by alternative investment advocacy group, AAA, for finding that 85 per cent of the investors were satisfied with the performance of their alternative investments.

Boston, MA, September 26, 2012 - A new survey by Natixis Global Asset Management has been praised by alternative investment advocacy group, Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA), for finding that 85 per cent of the investors were satisfied with the performance of their alternative investments.

Popular alternative investments such as silver, wine, art and gold are regularly outperforming bonds and equity investments as people diversify to protect their assets from a volatile stock market.

AAA recommends ethical investments, such as investing in sustainable forestry programs run by firms like Greenwood Management in Brazil, to protect against inflation while supporting green initiatives. Investments in these areas help to reduce deforestation and stimulate a green economy, while also supporting the local community by providing jobs.

Natixis Global Asset Management polled more than 150 managers and found that 76 per cent said that alternatives are essential in protecting against risk in the current climate. As stocks and currency investments struggle, 88 per cent of the managers said they were ‘satisfied’ with their alternative investments and a whopping 93 per cent even said that they would increase or maintain their current alternative bets if they had the chance to plan their year again.

With continued political instability in the Eurozone, investment managers need to think outside the box. John Hailer, president and chief executive of Natixis Global Asset Management in the Americas and Asia, said investors are ‘on edge’ and the poll found almost 75 per cent said that they have changed their approach to risk management over the past five years.

AAA’s analysis partner, Anthony Johnson, says that investment in a commodity such as timber is much safer than speculating on stocks or property. “Timber investments have beaten inflation over the past 100 years by an average of 3.3 per cent.,” Mr Johnson said. “It’s out with the old and in with the new – green investments are the future.”

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