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Find out the ROI of a BPM Project Before Beginning the Implementation

The scope, the methodology and the tools to be implemented largely determine the ROI of a Business Process Management implementation project in a company, and are the main causes of success and also of most failures.

Woburn, MA, October 12, 2014 – AURA (, a global provider of AuraPortal Business Process Management (BPM) software, has announced that its investigation team has undertaken an extensive study of the factors that determine ROI (Return on Investment) in a BPM implementation project. The results of this study will be showcased in an upcoming webinar which will be announced in the near future, and will minimize the investment risks in companies interested in adopting Business Process Management.

AuraPortal has been distinguished with great advantage over its competitors by Ovum in its Decision Matrix report and by other renowned analyst firms.

Implementing BPM in an organization represents a substantial change in the way to manage and understand the way of working in a company, and it is not without risk. However, the correct implementation of a BPM suite unquestionably improves the entire organization, exposing weaknesses and strengthening activities. As analysts have confirmed, it makes the organization more efficient, more effective and more competitive.

This study, performed by AuraPortal, has calculated the Return on Investment of the methodology to be used and the tools to be implemented in a BPM project. It has taken into consideration not only the basic factors of ROI (such as the benefits obtained and the investment to be made), but also two other factors that are very important in this type of project, the risks and the flexibility.

About AURA (
AURA is a global BPM (Business Process Management) software provider delivering a solution that creates, without the need of IT programming, Business Process Workflow Execution Models. AuraPortal is 100% Web-based, and is complementary to existing ERP and CRM systems.

AURA has a presence in 40 countries with more than 300 customers including, among others: Walmart, Toyota, General Motors, Pemex (Petroleos Mexicanos), Carrefour, ArcelorMittal, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Danone, INCAE, Kimberly-Clark, Yamaha, Royal KPN, Bristol-Myers Squibb, etc., as well as many Government Agencies and Departments in several countries. All of these customers benefit from maintenance contracts.

It is headquartered in Europe and has an executive branch in North America (Florida). It also has offices in several countries and a vast network of partners who locally attend customers throughout the world.

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Indulgent Confections is The Perfect Gift for Loved Ones this Holiday Season

Treat the Sweetest People in Your Life with Indulgent Confections Artisan Gourmet Treats.

Scottsdale, AZ, October 11, 2014 — Holiday gift–giving just got sweeter with Indulgent Confections line of artisan gourmet treats, carefully crafted from natural, wholesome ingredients and beautifully packaged for perfect presentation. Indulgent Confections creations are the perfect way to celebrate life’s sweetest moments with those you love.

Founder Glen Flook said, “Indulgent Confections really is the perfect gift for every occasion. When visiting friends or family this holiday season bring a gift that truly says thank you for inviting me in to your home. With perfect packaging and satisfyingly scrumptious recipes, Indulgent Confections is sure to leave a lasting memory with all of your family and friends.”

Indulgent Confections can be found across the country in high-end gift shops, wineries, florists and more. Indulgent Confections products are also available for purchase online at Amazon. Future endeavors will add a fundraising component, where corporations, charities and schools can resell Indulgent Confections products and help raise money for their cause at the same time.

Indulgent Confections is pleased to offer the following products:

• Chocolate Caramel Popcorn
• Almond & Raspberry Bark
• Almond Cluster
• Dark Chocolate Tart Cherry
• Caramelized Nut Mix
• Cinnamon Toffee Almond
• Pecan Praline
• Blueberry & Pomegranate Nut Crunch

Place an order for the holidays today! One box filled with eight Indulgent Confections creations makes gift giving easy! You’ll take the guesswork out of selecting the right gift for family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors and more!

About Indulgent Confections:
Indulgent Confections, started in 2013, is the wonderfully satisfying result of bringing together artisan confectionary recipes, the most wholesome ingredients and an unrelenting commitment to quality. This loving attention to detail enables us to offer a decadently delicious, beautifully packaged product that makes an outstanding gift, a celebration or just a little reward for a job well done.

Indulgent Confections is available at fine retailers and online at We also offer a Corporate Gift Program for thanking customers and rewarding employees and a fundraising program for non-profits.

Our products are more than delicious. They represent a belief that life’s sweetest moments and dearest friendships are enhanced by small indulgences. That it’s often the little things that says a lot. With that thought in mind, we offer our exquisitely delicious line of fine confections.

Visit Indulgent Confections online: Profile:

Live Confectionately!

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Grammy® Winner Laura Sullivan Calls out to The World to make History by Singing in her New Music Video

Grammy® winning artist Laura Sullivan is well known for teaming up with talented music industry professionals.

Hollywood, CA, October 11, 2014 - Grammy® winning artist Laura Sullivan is well known for teaming up with talented music industry professionals. Whether in providing music to the hit show “So You Think You Can Dance,” Emmy winning documentaries, or national television commercials, she has always sought to bring people together to create new music.

However, this time Sullivan is reaching out to a completely different collaborator – the whole wide world.

Sullivan is calling out to her fans and the entire global community to contribute their voices to her new music video “We Are Love.”

“It’s never been done like this before, so far as I know.” Says Sullivan.“Amateurs, professionals, kids – really anybody with a cell phone and five minutes can participate. Record it, and send it – that’s it. We have made it so easy to be part of a music video.”

While past endeavors by other producers have crowdsourced seasoned or professional singers recording to their webcams, Sullivan’s unique project welcomes not just the pros but anyone of any age and ability to join in. Technological advances and ease of use in video recording quality and digital transmission for the first time allow a worldwide, high-fidelity collaboration with just about anyone who has a cell phone. Interested parties should watch the Teaser video at or can view it online at:

“I encourage anyone that would like to participate to submit their video clip. We don’t only need singers, we need everybody!” Sullivan emphasizes. “This project is about love, joy, unity, inclusion, and our human connection. Don’t worry about how you sound. Just have fun!”

Sullivan released her Teaser video on October 6th with a call to action promoting open submissions.

Submissions to the video project are open now until November 14th.

The official video will be released in February 2015.

Through this unique project, Sullivan is supporting Little Kids Rock, a non-profit organization who provides free musical instruments and classes to underserved children. Over the past 12 years, they have provided over 300,000 children the gift of music education. 50% of the proceeds of the crowd created song and video “We Are Love” will be donated to the Little Kids Rock foundation.

“Little Kids Rock is so grateful to Laura Sullivan for her support,” says Little Kids Rock Founder and CEO, David Wish. “It’s up to the big people to stand up for the little kids, and that is exactly what Laura is doing by including Little Kids Rock in her next project, inspiring our kids, and helping bring the lifelong gift of music to even more kids in our nation's most economically challenged school districts!"

Sullivan is working with Eepybird LLC, in the development of her crowdsourcing music video. Eepybird LLC has created viral campaigns for companies such as OfficeMax, ABC Family, Coca-Cola, and McDonald's. They have received two Emmy nominations, four Webby Awards, and were voted “Online Game Changers of the Decade” at

To view the Teaser video visit:

For more information:
Chip Schutzman / Miles High Productions

About Little Kids Rock
Little Kids Rock is a national nonprofit that seeks to build a world where kids can live rich, purposeful lives, and won’t rest until all children have the opportunity to unlock their inner-music makers. The organization partners with economically disadvantaged public school districts to train their teachers to run innovative Modern Band music programs. This includes donating all of the instruments, curricula and resources necessary to run rockin’ music programs rooted in popular music, with a heavy emphasis on improvisation and composition. To date they have served more than 300,000 students in 13 states. More info at

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