Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Protect Your Business with Google Apps Vault

Did you know that Google provides a backup and archiving tool for emails and chats? That tool is Google Apps Vault.

San Jose, CA, October 24, 2013 - Google Apps Vault (PDF) can help protect your business from legal and compliance risks. With Vault, you can be prepared to assess a legal matter or compliance issue in a timely, cost-effective way, with minimal disruption to your business.

Built on the Google Apps platform, it offers extended features, advanced functionality, and improved capabilities, such as domain-wide search of Gmail and on-the-record Gmail chat. This tool provides an easy way to create internal data management policies and automation to preserve and better protect an organization’s information assets. 

The cost of eDiscovery (producing and searching through employees email, chats and documents) can be a drain on your business. Producing records can cost up to $30K per GB. If you’re using Apps and you need an archiving or eDiscovery solution, Google Apps Vault is an obvious choice. All the data is managed on premises: no need to duplicate it and move it to a third party solution and take on the risks and hassles that go with that. Google Apps Vault is the most comprehensive and secure information governance, risk management and eDiscovery tool for Google Apps in the market.

Here are main features of Google Apps Vault which provides:
* Gmail Archiving
-No storage limit on archiving (Yes it breaks 25Gb cap)
* Gmail Retention
-No time limit on retention
* Gmail Legal Hold & Preservation
* Gmail Export
* Google Search Engine based eDiscovery
* Chat Archiving/Discovery (“on-the-record” chat)
* Vault will add additional Google data sources as well as features and functions in the future

Here are some of use cases.

A manufacturing company wants to protect themselves from former employees suing them for wrongful termination. Google Apps Vault helps them by establishing standard retention policies for terminated employee email-data and allows them to have fast, secure access should they need to search the email.

A technology-services company with an average employee turnover rate of sales consultants wants to be sure that outstanding client commitments are handed off properly if someone leaves the company. Google Apps Vault has an access policy that would enable a user with the correct privileges to hold the former employees email and chat data, and share just that data with a manager to determine what should be passed on to another employee.

The cost for Google Apps Vault is only $50/user/year for business users and $10/user/year for Non-Profit and Education organizations. Netkiller is the Top Vault partner on Google Apps Marketplace. and have helped hundreds of clients to protect their businesses. To learn more about Vault and availability, contact Netkiller at

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SAFE International Launches New Peterborough Self Defense Website – Peterborough, ON Self Defense

SAFE International is launching its newly updated website for Peterborough Women’s Self Defense as well as their other course offerings.

Peterborough, ON, October 23, 2013 - (Straight Line PR) - Peterborough Self Defense, SAFE International Launches New Peterborough Women’s Self Defense Website.

SAFE International ™ is the leading provider of mobile women’s self defense training in Canada. SAFE International has taught more than 175,000 women since 1994. SAFE International is launching its newly updated website for Peterborough Women’s Self Defense as well as their other course offerings.

Among the SAFE International course offerings you will find on the new website are:
SAFE International Peterborough Women Self Defense Parties. Forget Tupperware Parties. Invite 6 to 8 of your friends for a few hours of fun, education and potentially life-saving instruction with one of their SAFE Women’s Self Defense Parties. Plan a meal, snacks, or dessert, and be prepared for a unique self defense experience! What has made them so popular is their unique method of teaching with humour and sharing of anecdotes. Get to experience the simulated attacks in scenario specific situations such as at the front door, the kitchen, the car, etc.

SAFE International Peterborough Self Defense for high school students. SAFE International has become Canada’s most popular high school course for both boys and girls due to the fact that they are not teaching martial arts, but rather a practical approach to personal safety with an emphasis on detecting and defusing potentially dangerous situations. All of our instructors are certified through SAFE International and have a unique ability to reach the students in an effective and memorable manner. SAFE International teaches approximately 13,000 students each year with a heavy presence teaching self defense in Peterborough, ON.

SAFE International offers Peterborough Corporate Self Defense Courses. This self-protection seminar will provide employees with tips and strategies to recognize and avoid personal security risks while on the job. Through the teaching of both verbal and non-verbal techniques, the participants will learn how to take common sense measures to reduce the risk of being a victim. The knowledge they gain from the seminar can be applied to all aspects of their profession – sales, interacting with customers, travel, and other work related transactions. There are many instances when one might find themself in an uncomfortable and potentially threatening situation – entertaining clients, traveling, leaving late at night by car, taxi, public transport, walking, etc.

Peterborough Self Defense for men is another course offering you will find on the new SAFE International website. Learn how to identify the most vulnerable areas of the body, and how to strike them in a quick, non-telegraphed manner. SAFE International instructors cover many devastating strikes such as eye rakes, palm strikes, elbows, knees, kicks plus how to attack other vulnerable areas of the body. A very popular concept taught at any Ottawa Self Defense course is, “The Shredder”, which can be best described as an extremely effective Close Quarter Concept that can be utilized in a wide range of low to potentially high level violent scenarios. The Shredder targets the most vulnerable areas of the attacker without having to memorize countless “techniques”. Another major benefit of the Shredder is that it does not require years to learn.  It is a concept of self defense that immediately disrupts the attacker’s ability to continue their attack, and allows the tables to be turned quickly and effectively in the victims favour.

Please visit the new SAFE International website by visiting You can also contact CEO, Chris Roberts, by email at, or toll free at 1-800-465-5972.

Chris Roberts
SAFE International™
15535 Cooper Rd.
Lunenburg, ON
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