Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Report on Emerging Markets for “Alternative” Transparent Conductors

“Emerging Markets for Non-ITO Transparent Conductive Oxides” from NanoMarkets predicts that by 2016 the market for alternative transparent conductive oxides (TCOs) will reach $925 million.

Glen Allen, VA, September 27, 2011 - NanoMarkets, the recognized leader in research and analysis for transparent conductors and related markets has announced the release of a new report titled, “Emerging Markets for Non-ITO Transparent Conductive Oxides” that addresses the markets for “alternative” transparent conductive oxides (TCOs). In its report NanoMarkets predicts that by 2016 the market for these alternative TCOs will reach $925 million.

Emerging Markets for Non-ITO Transparent Conductive Oxides “analyzes applications for these alternatives to indium tin oxide materials in LCD, e-paper, plasma and OLED displays; touch-screen sensors; thin-film and organic photovoltaics, OLED lighting; low-e windows and smart windows; solar control film, antistatics and RFI/EMI shielding. The report also discusses the opportunities for TCOs as an alternative to amorphous silicon in thin-film transistors.

Materials covered in the report include FTO, ATO, AZO, GZO, IZO, Multicomponent Amorphous TCOs (MATCOs) and p-type materials. The firms discussed in the report are 3M, Advanced Nano Products, Arkema, Asahi Glass, Cardinal Glass, Cathay Advanced Materials, DyeTech Solar, First Solar, Hewlett-Packard, Idemitsu, Kurt J. Lesker, Mitsubishi Materials, Nanophase, Philips Lighting, Pilkington, SAGE Electrochromic, Samsung, Solutia, Sony, Thin-Film Devices, Toshoh, Umicore and, US Research Nanomaterials.

Additional details about this report, “Emerging Markets for Non-ITO Transparent Conductive Oxides” are at http://www.nanomarkets.net/news/article/nanomarkets_releases_new_report_on_emerging_markets_for_alternative_transpa.

Key Findings from this report:
Fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) could be the next ITO! It is already the dominant transparent conductor used for the highly successful CdTe versions of photovoltaics. In addition, FTO has been extensively used in low-emittance (low-e) architectural windows, which are used to control costs in commercial buildings. According to US Department of Energy the market for low-e windows continues to grow extremely fast despite the recessionary conditions in the construction industry. The fact that this opportunity is very much “here and now” means that it should be of special importance to materials suppliers, according to NanoMarkets. Meanwhile, FTO has also been proposed for use in plasma displays, dye sensitive cell (DSC) solar and even as a replacement for some silver coatings.

TCOs are not just for electrode materials anymore either. NanoMarkets believes that there are significant opportunities for these materials in thin-film transistor channels. In fact, there are already signs that they will be used in TFT channels for improved economics and performance in the AMOLEDs that are now rapidly penetrating the mobile display industry and will soon be used in TVs. In addition, the arrival of p-type TCOs, suggests a future of completely transparent electronics and PV and LEDs constructed from non-toxic materials.

NanoMarkets expects antinomy tin oxide (ATO) in its nanomaterial form to break into new markets. It is already gaining ground on nano-ITO in heat shielding and antistatics and NanoMarkets believes that it will even be able to compete with conducting polymers. The patent literature also describes several gas sensors constructed of ATO thick films. Printable ATO inks have already been developed that allow for the patterning of ATO thin films. Some of the high profile companies that have done work in the ATO space include 3M, British Gas, Corning, Harima Chemicals and Ulvac.

About NanoMarkets:
NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes emerging market opportunities created by developments in advanced materials. It provides regular and comprehensive industry analysis of the transparent conductor, nanomaterials, display and photovoltaics spaces. Our company has also provided insight through regular reports on the ITO market for the past six years. Visit www.nanomarkets.net for a full listing of NanoMarkets' reports and other services.

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Make your Project work a breeze with Trailhead: Basecamp Client for iPad

Faqden Labs is excited to announce the release of Trailhead, a Basecamp client for iPad.

Sunnyvale, CA, Septmeber 27, 2011 - Faqden Labs is excited to announce the release of Trailhead, a Basecamp client for iPad. This app provides a true mobility layer to the project management and collaboration application of 37Signals.com’s Basecamp. This app is downloadable for free till Oct 15.

We understand why you picked Basecamp as your PM tool of choice out of thousands of choices out there – It’s the same reason why we did! It’s intuitive, easy and simple to use. Doesn’t crash and it’s always there for you.

Well, we created Trailhead for the same reasons, so that you can continue to use your favorite application on an iPad in the most efficient way possible. Trailhead is an intuitively designed iPad app that provides a slick and quick interface to your Basecamp projects. The current release of Trailhead supports the two most important functions of Basecamp i.e, Messages and To-Dos.

Using this app, you can connect to any of your Basecamp accounts and browse through all your projects. You can view, edit and add comments to your messages. It retrieves all the right people and companies that are registered with each project for you to conveniently subscribe the messages to.

The management of To-Do lists is easier than the Basecamp web application itself. The To-Do lists view provides easy access to the lists and the action-items within, for the user to add new lists or items within the list, re-order the various items, finish\unfinished tasks and so on.

The user experience and usability design is very intuitive and flexible. The app lets users jump from a certain activity in one project, directly to an entirely different activity in any another project. It consumes as few user actions as possibly can in doing so.

Additional details are available at http://www.faqden.com/product.html


-Browse projects

-Work with Messages and To-Dos

-Easy access to Messages: Users can View\Edit messages and also can view\edit and post new comments. The intuitive UI design makes the messages always available with one-button touch

-Flexible management of To-Dos: Users can View\Edit To-Do lists and also can view\edit and post new comments.

-Users can Create new To-Do lists or add items to existing To-Do lists right from the app, and like everything else, it is only a button touch away

-Users can drag\drop action items to re-order them, but can also re-order the to-do lists themselves.

-Users can Finish\Unfinish items and lists right from the app. You can toggle between finished and unfinished action items for convenience.

-Pick the right people and companies to subscribe items to

-Remember Login, so you don’t need to enter it over and over. Convenience is the mantra!

-Login\Logout functionality

Product Roadmap:
There are several cool features coming up very shortly, such as, Calendar, Milestones, People and Companies, Overview etc. The app will also look into presenting project data in different customizable views for enhancing usability and might possibly augment Basecamp data with other useful data for your convenience in future. You will be as excited as us when you see our Roadmap, but why don’t you start today by download Trailhead.

About Faqden Labs:
Faqden Labs is a group of technology enthusiasts who love building cutting edge mobile applications for all kinds of mobile platforms. In addition to Trailhead: Basecamp client for iPad they also market (1) IntelliVocab for GRE/GMAT iPhone app (2) IntelliVocab for SAT iPhone app, (3) IntelliVocab for Improving Vocabulary iPhone app (4) IntelliVocab for Android (5) Technology Interviews Demystified

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