Monday, July 16, 2012

Adultery: What it is and is Not, and How Everyone Involved Can Recover

Award winning Christian author, Edward Mrkvicka, releases his latest book. The subject is adultery and in "No Innocent Affair" it's treated in a manner unlike any such book ever published.

Marengo, IL, July 17, 2012 - Edward F. Mrkvicka, Jr., multi-published, award-winning Christian author, lay minister and counselor, has released his latest book entitled "No Innocent Affair." This invaluable book is written to help those entertaining the idea of betraying their spouse and family avoid the temptation. And if the line has already been crossed, it explains in step-by-step detail how to right what has been made wrong. In terms of reconciliation, Mrkvicka succeeds where others fail, because secular marriage counselors treat the symptoms of the problem, while he addresses the core issues no one wants to talk about.

From a solid biblical perspective, "No Innocent Affair" is an easy read and one that’s hard to put down. Critics have repeatedly praised the book. Reviewer Margaret Lukasik says, “The author's wisdom and years of experience helping people pick up their lives after having an affair, has led to this powerfully written book. Not only is 'No Innocent Affair' a book for people with troubled marriages, but it is a good source of reading for those entering marriage. And for those who have already fallen into the trap of adultery, this is a great resource guide for restoration through God's Word.”

By addressing all the facets of adultery, both secular and spiritual, the author gives a completely new understanding of what adultery really is, as opposed to the lighthearted view portrayed in the movies and on television. The Bible says that a man committing adultery is in the process of destroying his own soul. Sadly, as "No Innocent Affair" proves beyond debate, that’s just the start of the damage that’s being done.

But there is hope.

Mrkvicka’s ministry is devoted to the saving of marriages and families. He is especially dedicated to the innocent children who are always harmed by the selfishness of parents.

In a recent interview Mrkvicka stated, “Here’s an interesting and revealing fact - almost to a person, adulterers I have counseled have eventually said at some point, ‘It just wasn’t worth it.’ The truth is, the affair they thought they couldn’t live without turns out to be something they can’t live with. In this light, it should be easy to understand how much better for everyone if an adultery never took place. But if it has, God gives us a way out that will allow us to rejoin our earthy family and reclaim the gift of everlasting life.”

"No Innocent Affair" can be purchased at bookstores, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at Mr. Mrkvicka can be reached through his website.

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