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SAFE International Launches Toronto Corporate Self Defense Lunch and Learn – Toronto, ON Self Defense

Toronto Lunch and Learn, SAFE International Launches Toronto Corporate Self Defense Lunch and Learn. SAFE International ™ is one of the leading providers of mobile self defense/personal protection training in North America.

Toronto, ON, June 06, 2012 - (Straight Line PR) - Toronto Lunch and Learn, SAFE International Launches Toronto Corporate Self Defense Lunch and Learn.

SAFE International ™ is one of the leading providers of mobile self defense/personal protection training in North America. SAFE International has taught 150,000 clients in the private, corporate and high school environments since 1994. SAFE International is expanding its seminar options to include Corporate Self Defense Lunch and Learns in Toronto, ON.

Many companies today are looking for educational opportunities to provide to their staff. Corporate Lunch and Learns are a great way to offer this education. SAFE International provides not only potentially life-saving information during their one or two hour lunch and learns, but it is also entertaining at the same time.

Many corporations are located where there are risks people need to concern themselves with such as car safety, elevator safety, personal safety, plus many more. A SAFE International Lunch and Learn can teach employees what an attacker looks for in a potential victim, what an attacker wants and doesn't want in confrontation, as well as how to avoid looking like a victim. One of the biggest topics that SAFE International explores is how most people are too polite, even when their intuition is telling them that their safety is at risk.  SAFE International covers the most common distraction techniques an attacker will use to gain an advantage.  Instruction would then move on to verbal strategies in the event that avoidance is no longer possible.  Rather than just teaching to yell at a potential attacker, SAFE International instructors cover a few verbal strategies based on the aggressor and the scenario.  The third step is addressing the physical aspect of Toronto Corporate Lunch and Learn.  Physical self defense instruction begins with the advantages of adopting a passive stance rather than an aggressive stance.  SAFE International only teaches gross motor strikes due to the adrenal rush one gets when they are in a highly stressful state such as an attack scenario.  Self defense training does not take years, and in fact with just a few hours of Toronto Lunch and Learn self defense, you can be confident that you have reduced the odds of harm for your employees.

SAFE International has taught more than 150,000 women and men since 1994. For more information on SAFE International Corporate Lunch and Learns, please email Chris Roberts, CEO, by email at You can also visit the website at SAFE International can also be reached toll free at 1 800 465 5972.

Chris Roberts
SAFE International™
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New WebsiteDefender Service Guards Your Website Against Malware and Hackers

Acunetix Launches New Online Service that Scans Your Website for Malware, Vulnerabilities and Provides Automated Backup & Restore

London, UK, June 06 2012 - Acunetix, a pioneer in web security and the developer of Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner, today announced the release of WebsiteDefender  – an online security monitoring service which helps you secure your websites or blogs against malware and hacker activity. Cybercrime and web malware is on the rise and therefore website security is essential for businesses who want to safeguard their online presence.

“WebsiteDefender is a hosted website security service that allows companies to protect their blog or website against hackers and malware. The backup and restore feature allows easy recovery of a website. It is now possible for any company to secure their web presence without requiring advanced security know-how,” said Nick Galea, CEO of Acunetix.

Detects Malware in Order to Avoid the Google Blacklist

Google’s security blog reports that approximately 3 million instances of web malware are found on websites every day. Web malware can result in your website being blacklisted by Google. Malware can also lead to sensitive data being stolen, such as customer credit card details, or to the distribution of illegal content to your visitors which can open you up to lawsuits.

WebsiteDefender scans your entire website for malware against the award-winning Bitdefender commercial grade malware database and gives you clear instructions on how to remove any detected malware. WebsiteDefender is capable of detecting infected website files, injected malware links, backdoors, shell scripts and local root exploits such as rootkits. WebsiteDefender also checks if your website is on the Google Blacklist or listed in well-known malware and spam databases.

Keeps Your Website Content Safe with Automated Backups

WebsiteDefender makes automated backups of your website, including your WordPress database. In case of malware or hacker attacks, your entire website, including themes and written content, can be restored with just a few mouse clicks. WebsiteDefender will not run a backup if it detects malware, ensuring that all backups are clean. This gives website owners peace of mind that their content is safe and secure.

Scans WordPress Plugins and Themes for Vulnerabilities
There are hundreds of thousands of open source plugins and themes available for WordPress that give users flexibility but also pose a significant security risk. Some plugins and themes have hidden malicious code or vulnerabilities which can endanger your website and company reputation. WebsiteDefender identifies these vulnerable plugins and themes and alerts you in order that you can remove them before they cause any damage.

Monitors Suspicious File Changes to Detect Hacker Activity

WebsiteDefender notifies you if files within your website have changed since the last scan. These changes may be the result of a hacker trying to compromise your website. With WebsiteDefender, you can review suspicious file changes in order to detect hacker activity early.  In addition, you will be alerted when new WordPress administrator accounts are created, which could indicate that a hacker has gained access to your website.

Scan your Websites for Vulnerabilities
In addition to the above features, WebsiteDefender:

* Monitors websites for uptime and alerts users if the website is down.
* Finds error messages in PHP code that can compromise your website.
* Alerts if new WordPress plugins have been added or deleted.
* Checks if you are using the latest version of WordPress.
* Checks if you are using the latest version of your plugins and themes.
* Alerts you if your files and directories permissions are insecure.
* Detects insecure account credentials such as weak passwords.
* Alerts you if the administrator credentials or email are modified.
* Checks if the WordPress database prefix is guessable.
* Detects executable files in the WordPress upload directory.
* Detects broken links.
* Detects if the internal IP is disclosed.
* Detects configuration security issues in .htaccess files.

Easy to Manage and Very Affordable
WebsiteDefender requires no installation, no learning curve and no maintenance. WebsiteDefender is available in two editions - the Free Edition which includes basic security checks and WebsiteDefender Pro Edition which includes all the features at only $99.95 per year or $19.95 per month.

How to Sign Up
Getting started is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Simply sign up for your WebsiteDefender account here.Follow this step by step guide on getting started with WebsiteDefender ( Visit and for more information.

About Acunetix Ltd.
Acunetix was founded in 2004 to combat the alarming rise in web attacks and is now a market leader in web application security technology. Its flagship product, Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner (WVS), is designed to replicate a hacker's methodology to find dangerous vulnerabilities like SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting before hackers do. Acunetix Customers include the London Stock Exchange, Cisco, NASA, the US Air Force, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and many more. For more information visit and find us on Facebook at

Adriana Bantu
Marketing Executive
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+357 22 444 032

Lucky Kat Offers a Summer Special for Only $12.99 as they Unveil a Fresh New Face

Lucky Kat, a Parent Tested, Parent Approved and Mom’s Choice Award™ (MCA) winning “edutainment” website has just released a new and improved version.

Los Angeles, CA, June 06, 2012 - Lucky Kat, a Parent Tested, Parent Approved and Mom’s Choice Award™ (MCA) winning “edutainment” website has just released a new and improved version. Just in time for summer, Lucky Kat is offering a special 3 month Lucky Kat Klub Membership for just $12.99.
The secure, interactive website invites children (ages K through 6th) to “believe in your dreams … anything is possible,” promoting positive messages including self-esteem, creativity and personal accomplishment. Children are invited to board a virtual cruise ship with a range of adventurous animated characters. Together they explore Katalina and all 7 continents, building points and earning coins by playing games to create their own islands and amenities.

To inspire creativity, Lucky Kat invites kids to create and upload their own video content to share on “channels” including cooking, sports and science. The site also features a blog for parents, plus video clips about safety, bullying and other relevant topics by their Lucky Kat TV partners.

“It's our goal at Lucky Kat to empower kids to build their self esteem and bolster their confidence as they navigate Lucky Kat's 4 Steps to Success – Dream It, Believe It, Plan It, Do It! Lucky Kat TV and our partners are excited to motivate kids around the world, and in the process, help them learn about environmental stewardship and the importance of values and good character.” said Tammy Schroeder, President at LKTV Productions.

“We’re also pleased to offer our special 3-month Lucky Kat Klub Membership during the summer months. Kids want a fun place to play and parents are looking for activities that stimulate their kids’ learning abilities. We provide both,” she added. The site also features a fundraising option for schools, where they receive a percentage of each membership purchased on their behalf.

Parents can purchase 1-month, 6-month, or 12-month memberships to offer children unlimited access to the website, but children can also explore the site for free. To learn more and register for the 3 month summertime special, visit and click, “Summer Special.” Gift cards are also available.

Lucky Kat is an online television studio with a mission to foster a safe, secure place for children to learn, play, and create their own video content to share. Lucky Kat is COPPA* compliant, and engages 3rd party Truste to ensure the highest online safety standards. The educational, violence free games and activities are based on many National Academic Standards, and encourage the development of critical thinking skills. Lucky Kat has been certified Parent Tested, Parent Approved and earned a Mom’s Choice Award™ (MCA) in 2012.

*Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

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Black Dog Promotions
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Learning House Announces Fourth Annual Connect Conference

Connect Conference Brings Educators Together to Discuss Trends, Tactics and Technologies to Take Online Degree Programs to the Next Level

Louisville, KY, June 06, 2012 - The Learning House, Inc. announced today that it will host its fourth annual Connect conference on July 10 and 11, 2012, in Louisville, Ky. Learning House is an online education solutions partner that helps colleges and universities develop and grow high-quality online degree programs and courses. More than 200 professionals from every segment of higher learning—including presidents, deans, faculty members, marketing staff and more—will attend to discuss topics ranging from how to start an online program to online student recruitment and retention.

“Open collaboration and shared ideas are essential to a successful classroom environment,” said David T. Richardson, President and CEO of Learning House. “At Learning House, we intend our Connect conference to be just that: a space where leading practitioners from colleges and universities can come together to look to the future of online education and share best practices. Our breakout sessions offer both niche technical training and big picture program planning. It’s a win–win for attending professionals and their organization.”

Last year’s conference celebrated Learning House’s 10-year anniversary and, like the previous two years, was primarily invite-only. Due to the success and positive feedback of previous Connect conferences, Learning House is taking this year’s conference to a new level. This year, Learning House offers open registration for higher education professionals interested in learning more about how to create, manage and grow online programs. The conference’s theme, Full Speed Ahead, highlights the addition of well-known, forward-thinking experts in the education field. Keynote speakers include Dr. Kenneth C. Green, founding director of the Campus Computing Project, Jonathan Grayer, CEO of Weld North, LLC and former chairman and CEO of Kaplan, Inc., and Doug Lederman, editor and founder of Inside Higher Ed. The keynote sessions include “Seven Challenges for Succeeding Online,” “Fireside Chat” and “Technology-Driven Disruption: Separating the News From the Noise,” respectively.

Other highly anticipated sessions include “How to Build a High-Quality Online Course,” led by Dr. Bruce Gillies and Cindy Grether of California Lutheran University; “Using Social Media as a Recruitment Strategy,” presented by Patrick Dezort from Brescia University, Tim Hooper of Campbellsville University and Sara Smith of Highland Community College; and “State Authorization and Joint Ventures,” by Washington, D.C., attorney Michael Goldstein.

“A standout component of the Connect conference is the variety of tracks we offer participants,” said Dr. David Clinefelter, Learning House’s Chief Academic Officer. “Whether you make high-level decisions or tweet with potential students, we have a session designed specifically for you. Connect also enables participants to meet industry experts and their colleagues from colleges and universities across the nation, creating lasting professional and personal connections.”

To find out more details or to register, please visit the Connect 2012 website. For more information about Learning House and its services, visit

About The Learning House, Inc.
The Learning House, Inc. is an online education solutions partner that helps colleges and universities develop and grow high-quality online degree programs and courses. Partnering with more than 100 colleges and universities, Learning House offers a business model that enables institutions to efficiently and affordably achieve their online education goals. Learning House provides a comprehensive solution to success, including curriculum development and management, faculty training and professional development, marketing and lead generation, admissions and enrollment management, student retention, 24/7 technical support, learning management systems, and management and consultation.

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Impact of Technology on Emergency Care is Focus of New Special Section

Healthcare Certification Provider Offers Technology-Focused Insights to Healthcare Professionals and First Responders

Lincoln, NE, June 06, 2012 - To help healthcare professionals keep their finger on the pulse of the impact of new tech on emergency care, Health Education Solutions (HES), a leading provider of online healthcare certification courses, today released a New Technology healthcare special section. This series of educational articles is intended to help healthcare professionals and first responders stay in the know and up to date on trends and issues that affect the emergency care field.

Technology trends, such as tele-medicine, the increasing adoption of health information systems, and use of robotic technology, have increasingly converged on healthcare facilities. As the medical community increasingly adopts new technology, healthcare professionals will need to understand and be willing and able to use these new tools to perform essential functions.

“Staying informed about the technological advances in the field, and educated about the technology trends that influence delivery of care is vital when you are in the business of saving lives,” said Melissa Marks, president of HES. “At Health Education Solutions, we are proud to provide resources and certification options that help emergency healthcare workers and first responders provide lifesaving care.”

The New Technology special section keeps healthcare professionals and first responders up to date on the impact of new technology on emergency care by providing research, data and information about trends in an easy-to-read format. The special section is available in HES’ online research library at

To help healthcare professionals and first responders take advantage of technology to equip themselves with essential lifesaving skills and certifications, HES offers online advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certification and recertification courses. These online, self-paced courses are a convenient option for individuals who work long hours or have non-traditional schedules.

HES additionally provides pediatric advanced life support (PALS), basic life support (BLS), cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), stroke, automated external defibrillator (AED), first aid and bloodborne pathogens training. Courses are designed for healthcare professionals who are in need of certification, as well as individuals who want to be prepared to provide care in the event of an emergency.

Healthcare professionals and first responders who are preparing for the ACLS and PALS exams may be interested in HES’ certification and recertification tests and quizzes. Practice tests, which are available for $35, closely mirror the ACLS and PALS exams, are timed and include 50 multiple-choice questions. A portion of the purchase fee can be applied to a purchase of the full certification course. The practice quizzes are available free of charge and each include five sample questions. Individuals who take the practice tests and quizzes have the opportunity to immediately review incorrectly answered questions to understand where more studying may be needed.

Learn more about other topics such as new tech and emergency rooms and emergency room technology at

About Health Education Solutions
Health Education Solutions (HES) is a leading provider of continuing education solutions for healthcare professionals. HES, a subsidiary of Nelnet Inc. (NYSE: NNI), offers ACLS and PALS courses developed in partnership with medical faculty at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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