Monday, May 27, 2013

Gate One Marketing International, Inc has now Formed a Subsidiary, called “Friends Helping Neighbors”

In the wake of the Oklahoma Tornado, Gate One Marketing International, Inc has now formed a Subsidiary, called “Friends Helping Neighbors”.

Orlando, FL, May 27, 2013 - Gate One Marketing International, Inc has formed a Subsidiary called “Friends Helping Neighbors” with the intent to form a 501-C3 Tax Exempt Corporation in the future. Our first project is to collect Donations for the Moore, OK School System.

Our Goal is to raise $1M dollars to support the building of underground shelters at each of the schools that were destroyed. In addition, our long range plan is help both communities that have been hit due to natural disasters and individuals who require financial assistance for specific issues they may have.

For example: A cancer patient with out medical insurance or a person that may be just getting back on their feet and need transportation to get to work. The idea is to have a featured “Neighbor” who requires help and outlines their specific need and their financial goal to solve that problem.

With this poor economy, many people are looking for a “Hand-Up” not a “Hand Out” so they can get back on their feet.

Please help us to reach our goals by giving generously at

About Friends Helping Neighbors
In May of 2013, my partner and I discussed how we at Gate One Marketing could help people who have specific financial problems.

Our Goal is to be a Voice for those who may not have the resources to get their story out. We will be featuring various people on a monthly bases and allow you the generosity of helping your neighbors in need.

Your donations are critical to our success, so please give generously! Go to

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