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Family IQ takes Family Coaching to the Next Level

Family IQ is a very effective methodology that gets the family involved. The program starts with testing that provides the Family IQ number.

Ramona, CA, April 17, 2011 - Family IQ takes Family Coaching to the Next Level.

Family coaches or parents can us this program to tune up the family unite. You maintain your car to keep it in good running order. Consider that tuning up the family relationship is also a good investment.

Family IQ is a very effective methodology that gets the family involved. The program starts with testing that provides the Family IQ number.

A low number in any of nine areas is a key to the area the can be corrected. The testing if followed with a suggested customized program that addresses the area(s) of low score. By following and applying the program, the familyfamily coach or a parent you have the Family IQ number that is a reference to track progress within the family by retesting. This is a beginning of a journey that will bring enormous joy and happiness within the family. The coach can help by discussing the contents of the program and with retesting to determine the progress for each family member. The study of the material and the testing is done on the home computer. develops a better understanding to foster more happiness, joy and love within the family. Family IQ is the only company in the world that can give you the Family IQ number. As a

As a great-grand parent, I have my Family IQ number, learned my love style and family style by doing the program, says Teets. These various programs come into play by effectively using charts, pictures, and audio to cover all areas of learning.

Learning more of how Rex Teets can help you. Mr. Teets can be reached at 760-440-0300 or visit him online at or for Family IQ business, for Family IQ products.

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Historical Publishing Landmark for Legendary Pulp Fiction Writer L Ron Hubbard

Galaxy Press, publisher of "Stories from the Golden Age", is releasing a line of 80 books and multi-cast, unabridged audio books by L. Ron Hubbard. The series features 153 stories written by Hubbard in the popular genres of the '30s and '40s.

Hollywood, CA, April 14, 2011 (Straight Line PR) -- L. Ron Hubbard's first story, "The Green Go", was published in 1934 in the pulp fiction magazine, "Thrilling Adventures". Thus began one of the more remarkable writing careers in history. Once his imagination flared to life, there was no turning back. And he was prolific. He could crank out thousands of words in a burst of creativity energy, producing numerous short stories and novels at an astounding pace.

Hubbard didn't simply participate in the pulp era, he helped define it. His stories were so popular that readers wrote to the editors demanding more from his typewriter. These facts are documented in various "Letters to the Editor" sections of the pulps themselves. His talent flared like a meteor blazing across the sky, and endured for over five decades.

1940 was a watershed year for Hubbard. England was at war with Germany, and the Nazi regime was intent on world domination. The United States had stayed out of the conflict, but there was growing support for England. Tensions with Japan were increasing, and the subsequent attack on Pearl Harbor a year later would plunge the United States into a battle on two fronts, in a concentrated effort to defeat the Nazis and the Japanese. The world was about to usher in the Atomic Age, an era that writers like Hubbard had already envisioned in their futuristic tales. It was against this backdrop that Hubbard wrote the first three of his better known works. Before the year ended, he had published "Final Blackout", "Typewriter in the Sky" and "Fear". ( )

Thomas McNulty, author of "Death Rides a Palomino" writes, "The reason these stories remain popular so many decades after their initial publication is a testament to Hubbard's talent. Hubbard wasn't just good, he was great, cranking out stories that hooked the reader from its first line and propelling them into a two-fisted tale of adventure."

These stories are legendary among connoisseurs of the pulp era. "Typewriter in the Sky" was a fantasy swashbuckler, and "Fear" was a suspense thriller with an ambiguous ending that is still hotly debated by fans. Was there a supernatural influence at work in the tribulations that plagued James Lowry, or were those grim events the product of a disturbed mind? Readers must still decide for themselves.

Although Hubbard's intention wasn't becoming a stylized poet of the pulps - he was simply working hard doing what he loved most - he is remembered because of his stories, their characters and the haiku-type simplicity of lines like this from "Under the Diehard Brand":

"The mutter of thunder growled across the sky. Bunched-up clouds shot nervously across the face of the moon."

Sentences like that are worth reading out loud. Writers read Hubbard today to learn how the Master did it, and educators are using Hubbard's stories as tools to interest students in literacy and creative writing.

The clatter of his rapid-fire typing was a wonderment to friends like fellow science fiction writer A. E. van Vogt, who witnessed Hubbard composing stories. The intensity of his concentration, his unerring typing skill, and his fertile imagination all combined to fashion a legacy unparalleled in literary history.

And there is something intrinsically patriotic about Hubbard's stories. They are a slice of Americana, cut from the fabric of our lives, reaffirming the principles of hard work, and never losing sight of our basic humanity. Reading his Golden Age stories today is both a history lesson and a lesson in morality. Hubbard's compassion for his fellow man manifests itself time and again.

The Galaxy Press editions of Hubbard's Golden Age stories ( ) are a historical landmark in publishing. Each volume painstakingly recreates the pulp style with one (and sometimes several) Hubbard stories, including a glossary of words that provides educators and their students a historical perspective. The list of forthcoming titles is enough to set the pulse racing: "Forbidden Gold", "On Blazing Wings", "Black Towers to Danger", "The Headhunters", "The Carnival of Death", and "Shadows From Boot Hill", to name but a few.

There are good writers and fine writers, and then there is L. Ron Hubbard, Master of all Genres. He stands alongside the American Masters from the glorious Golden Age, but none of them were quite like LRH. It's often been said that they don't write stories like these any longer, and that's because there is no one around today that compares to the legendary L. Ron Hubbard.

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About Stories From the Golden Age:
Stories From the Golden Age is a line of 80 books and multi-cast, unabridged audio books, featuring 153 stories written by L. Ron Hubbard in the 1930s and 1940s in any of the several popular genres of the day - mystery, thriller, adventure, science fiction, fantasy and western - with tales appropriate for all ages from middle school and up. The cover art for the complete available library is displayed in the iBookstore and purchasing is a breeze on the new iPad. The eBooks are also available at, and on the Stories from the Golden Age website at

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Executive Personal Protection Lessons Now Available from SAFE International, Ottawa’s Self Defense Leaders

Executive Personal Protection Lessons - SAFE International is Ottawa’s Self Defense Leaders. SAFE International has taught more than 120,000 people since 1994.

Ottawa, Canada, April 17, 2011 - (Straight Line PR) - Executive Personal Protection Lessons - SAFE International is Ottawa’s Self Defense Leaders. SAFE International has taught more than 120,000 people since 1994.

SAFE International is Canada’s leading provider of mobile self defense/personal protection training with a heavy presence in Ottawa, Canada. SAFE International is expanding its Executive Personal Protection Lessons to include Ottawa, Canada. The company is owned and managed by Chris Roberts who is a professional teaching Director and self-defense instructor. Since 1994, SAFE International has taught more than 120,000 people in the private, corporate, and high school environments.

SAFE International Executive Personal Protection Lessons/Ottawa Self Defense, provides company executives with tips and strategies to recognize, avoid, and handle personal security risks. SAFE International will provide this training right at your office, one on one, or with a group of your employees. Prior to the commencement of training, Chris Roberts, CEO of SAFE International, will spend time with each person learning about their safety concerns, whether it is how to handle oneself while away on travel, or how to deal with physical threats right in their own city. It is through this personal attention that SAFE International is able to truly design a course that will have lasting positive effects for the busy executive.

Executives will be taught how to recognize different forms of verbal abuse, and how to defuse in order to resolve conflict without violence. Most people are most uncomfortable with the verbal aspects of confrontation. It is through these reality based drills that you will develop the confidence to handle various forms of abuse, without the need to be physical, while also preparing yourself in the event that it does.

The second phase of SAFE International Executive Personal Protection and self defense lessons is the physical aspect which addresses how to React and Respond in the event that conflict becomes physical. Clients are taught basic, gross motor self defense skills meant to help one get away safely and as quickly as possible. The principles of their teachings are based on how to react instinctively without having to think about what to do. This is not martial arts, but rather, real skills meant for real life scenarios. SAFE International recognizes that today’s executives are extremely busy and need this information taught as to them as quickly as possible. SAFE International addresses the emotional, psychological, verbal and physical segments of violence in today’s world.

Chris Roberts, CEO of SAFE International also trains/consults people privately on a weekly basis. Private clients include mothers, fathers, daughters, police officers, seniors, and people with disabilities. Mr. Roberts constantly studies and implements new tactics when they his criteria of being simple but effective. If the tactic might save a life, he is interested.

To contact SAFE International and Chris Roberts to schedule your Executive self defense lessons in Ottawa, Canada, you can visit their main site at . You can also view Chris’ self defense blog at . You can also reach Chris Roberts toll free at 1-800-465-5972 or by email at

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