Wednesday, July 6, 2011

RedEye Opens US office

RedEye brings behavioural email to the ‘home’ of cart abandonment

Shenley Wood, Milton Keynes, July 06, 2011 - Following on from its successful European expansion, recently opening an office in Dusseldorf, Germany, RedEye today announces its move into the US by opening its first office in New Jersey. RedEye, the leader in behavioural email, specialises in helping businesses boost consumer sales by reducing shopping cart abandonment and increasing conversion rates.

Online abandonment is a massive problem for brands, not least in the US - research shows up to 70% of users abandon their online shopping carts which equates to around $18 billion of lost revenue - and the vast majority of ecommerce brands do nothing to recapture these lost sales.

RedEye’s Behavioural Email onDemand product can help companies remarket to these users and achieve a 20% conversion rate. The service is very easy to set up and users can be enjoying the benefits within 24 hours.

Mark Patron, RedEye CEO said, "We are very excited about expanding our services to the US. RedEye has been using behavioural email to help clients improve conversion in the UK for 10 years. It is the best way to increase click-through and conversion rates resulting in a higher return on investment (ROI) for email marketing campaigns. Data issues and wasted opportunities can be caused by things falling through the cracks. Currently only a small proportion of online marketers run the most basic shopping cart abandonment email programmes. I am sure online marketers in the US will be quick to take advantage of such a revenue boosting activity."

RedEye’s Behavioural Email onDemand product is proving very popular with online brands. RedEye has over 100 clients in the UK including Interflora, Avis/Budget, Marks & Spencer and Ford.

Brian Connell is the newly appointed Commercial Director for RedEye in the US. Brian said "Cart abandonment is a big problem for online retailers in the US, costing companies up to $18 billion in lost revenue. Behavioural Email onDemand from RedEye will provide US marketers with an effective solution to recapture these lost sales.

"The service we are offering is unique in the market as it is the only one with analytics and an ESP all under one roof. Businesses in the United Kingdom and Germany have experienced great success. I’m very excited about introducing this innovative program to US marketers."

The New Jersey team joins the three offices in the UK: Crewe, Milton Keynes and London, and the Dusseldorf team in Germany. Together they look after a huge range of clients spanning many business sectors, such as retail, insurance & finance, travel, online gaming and the public sector. Since 1997 RedEye has been helping online companies improve conversion through email marketing, analytics and usability.

For more information on this 30 day free trial offer, US users please visit or call 201-254-3143.

UK companies can visit or call 020 7730 9958 to find out more.

Press Contacts: Katie Traynier, Marketing Manager:, 01908 340 903 Or visit

About RedEye

RedEye is the leader in behavioural email. RedEye has been helping online companies improve conversion since 1997, providing an integrated service of email marketing, web analytics and website usability.

In 2001 RedEye launched the first behavioural email campaign for William Hill. Behavioual email integrates web analytics with email marketing to produce highly targeted emails based on online user behaviour. Today RedEye helps hundreds of online companies improve conversion using behavioural email, achieving results such as 750% ROI and 20% online conversion. In 2010 RedEye launched Behavioural Email onDemand, a self service solution enabling online companies to run basic behavioural email campaigns such as basket abandonment.

By integrating analytics with usability RedEye offers a unique service of Conversion Rate Optimisation. This service provides a structured process to help online companies fully analyse customer behaviour, enabling marketers to make the correct changes or implement the right strategies to improve online conversion.

RedEye previously won the NMA Award for ‘Best Use of Email’ and was shortlisted in the Econsultancy Innovation Awards for ‘Innovation in Email Marketing’.

RedEye currently has 3 UK offices (London, Milton Keynes and Crewe) and has just launched its first European Office in Dusseldorf, Germany. RedEye clients include French Connection, Haven Holidays, Hotel Chocolat, ASOS, Monarch, Butlins, HSBC and Ted Baker.

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The Flame Authority Launches New Fire Protection Product in Response to Alarming Study

The Flame Authority announces a new line of products that quickly combat home fires.

Deer Park, NY, July 06, 2011 -- The Flame Authority announces a new line of products that quickly combat home fires.

Since the five-year statistics on house fire rates were published by the National Fire Protection Association in 2009, the Flame Authority has been working on its line of automatic fire extinguishers. Called the Flame Defender, this new line of products uses an effective fire retardant chemical known as monoammonium phosphate to eliminate fires as they happen.

The introduction of the Flame Defender follows the NFPA's report that the 362,500 home structural fires that occurred in the United States from 2004 through 2009 caused $7.6 billion in property damage and claimed more than 2,500 civilian lives.

Heating and electrical equipment caused nearly one-fourth of the fires in the NFPA report. These types of fires are particularly destructive because they often break out in basements and utility cupboards, where they may be undetected by homeowners even if they are at home when the fire erupts.

The Flame Defender is ideal for these types of situations as it does not require a person to operate it. A special temperature sensor automatically triggers a pressure gauge to release the fire retardant material when the temperature reaches 155 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit is also rated to combat Class A, B and C fires, meaning its safe for use on everything from paper to flammable liquids to electrical equipment.

The line of Flame Defender automatic fire extinguishers features three sizes, allowing homeowners to protect an area up to 7.7 feet in diameter. Commercial and marine versions are also available for business owners and boaters to protect their investments. The product requires no special plumbing or drilling to install. Homeowners simply mount the device onto the wall and let the Flame Defender go to work to protect their homes and belongings.

Additional details are available at:, Or to find more info about our prudacts visit :

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2UP Gaming PLC and ToteDaddy One Step Closer to Finalising Partnership deal

Listed online gaming and entertainment company 2UP Gaming PLC (2GM:GR) is one step closer to finalising a deal with pool betting giant ToteDaddy after meeting in Malaysia.

London, UK, July 06, 2011 - 2UP marketing manager Peter Flynn visited ToteDaddy's Kuala Lumpur service centre again last week in preparation for the launch of 2UP’s gaming products on ToteDaddy’s website.

The deal will see 2UP’s range of popular gaming and wagering products made available to ToteDaddy’s substantial global membership base providing 2UP with immediate high-traffic exposure to the Asian online gaming market.

The first game to be released from 2UP is its live streaming and animated versions of the classic coin-tossing game.

2UP managing director Peter Bentley says the meeting was the next step in finalising the partnership between the two companies and allowed 2UP executives to cement relationships with ToteDaddy.

"We are extremely excited about this venture as it will create a fantastic online gaming partnerships in the region," Mr Bentley says.

"With so many smaller companies vying for the same market, partnering with a well-known and established company such as ToteDaddy is a strategic move for both of us.

"Talks are progressing quickly, so much so that we will be returning to Malaysia mid-July to discuss other opportunities that will benefit both businesses and strengthen our relationship."

2UP recently listed on the Börse Berlin Stock Exchange in Germany with its share price currently trading at 0.26 Euro per share, up from its listing of 0.10 Euro per share, with a market capitalisation of approximately 72 million Euro (USD$103 million at current exchange rate).

2UP has an online gaming license granted until 2025 to capitalise on its market positioning.

The core focus of the company is the coin toss game, a game that is played in most countries around the world where players make a call on whether two coins being tossed in the air will fall as two tails or two heads. A correct call wins.

This will be underpinned by other unique and established gaming and wagering options to be released as part of its growth plans.

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