Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Website Promotes Fitness In Miami With An Exercise Routine For Every Body

Miami Fitness Inc. launches a new online directory to promote variety and adventure in daily fitness routines.

Miami, FL, April 10, 2013 - Miami Fitness Inc today launched its second website promoting the multitude of genres and resources available in South Florida's thriving fitness industry. is the newly published sister site to Both sites offer resources that benefit fitness professionals and enthusiasts alike. As New Year’s health resolutions fade to back of mind, Miami Fitness Inc seeks to promote ways of making health and fitness more entertaining and appealing both to fitness enthusiasts and to the general public.

The Miami Fitness Directory lists over 2000 South Florida health and fitness outlets offering a plethora of both traditional and new age workout and nutrition options. It promises to become the leading destination for information on where to find these resources in South Florida. For people who live in the Miami-Dade and Broward areas, people planning a visit or those making a more permanent move, offers all they need to find the workout genre of their choice. Visitors can also access listings for healthy food, nutrition and beauty related service providers.

By incorporating articles on popular workouts as well as new or relatively unknown fitness options, the site will offer its visitors information on a number of interesting ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Trainers and facility owners are invited to take advantage of free lifetime listings on, and to submit articles and video on their areas of expertise. Visitors to the outlets listed are encouraged to rate and review their experiences.

Everyone is encouraged to look for new ways to 'spice up' their own workout routines. Women explore options like Pole Dance and Hula Hoop fitness. Someone with a bad knee might try Kangoo Jumps which offers the benefits of plyometric exercise with much less impact on the joints. More active people who love a challenge can try parkour classes. New options abound. is closely tied to the Miami Fitness TV website which offers full length workouts, health tips, recipes and guidance for overall wellness.

Vice President of Miami Fitness Inc and Executive Producer of Miami Fitness TV Calibe Thompson offered, "Our aim is to magnify the Fitness Destination aspect of Miami living, even to our own South Florida residents. Whether they love to work out or think healthy living is a chore, we want to equip South Floridians with the tools they need to make the right decisions for their own health and well being. With all the options available, staying healthy NEVER has to be boring."

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About Miami Fitness Inc
Miami Fitness Inc owns and operates multi-media platforms promoting health and fitness to South Florida and the wider world. The company's first television product, Miami Fitness TV Workouts, was carried by the South Florida CW Network affiliate in early 2013. The company continues to develop video and online content to promote healthy living, and to find ways of making fitness more appealing to the masses.

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