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The Best Sisel International Review

If you are reading this review, chances are you are looking for information on Sisel International.

Springville, Utah, July 18, 2012 - The best Sisel International Review. If you are reading this review, chances are you are looking for information on Sisel International. You could be looking for information on the Sisel business opportunity, or searching for some of the products that Sisel offers because a friend told you about Sisel. Either way before you get involved I encourage you to read this review to see if Sisel International is the best fit for you. In this short review, I’ll go over Sisel International and I’ll give you access to what I would call a “totally unfair advantage” should you decide that Sisel is the right company for you to get started with. I left a significant 6 figure income and the top position in a company I had been building to get started with Sisel International and what you are about to read is why I chose to work with Sisel International.

Sisel International Review:
Sisel International was founded in 2006 by Tom Mower Sr. and his son Tom Mower Jr. As with any successful direct sales company, track record is one of the most important factors to consider before getting involved and Tom Mower Sr. has had a very long history in the network marketing industry. In 1978 he founded a company called Images, which later became Neways International. Neways fits in the category of what’s defined as a “legacy company”. A legacy company is a company that has done in excess of 1 billion in sales and continues to billions of dollars in sales. The company went on to become a billion dollar per year company and is still in business today. With any successful direct sales company, the core leadership/management team is just as important as the founder’s and Sisel has some very experienced leaders in their corporate team that bring decades upon decades of experience to the company. The name of the company is pronounced SIZZLE and it is an acronym SISEL which stands for Science Innovation Success Energy and Longevity. All the products that Sisel International products are science based.

Sisel International Headquarters:
While Sisel International is based in Utah, the company is also operating in over 30 countries outside the US including Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia, Italy, Spain, Thailand just to name a few. One thing that you may find quite interesting is that Tom Mower Sr. invested over $150 million of his own money into building a 400,000 sq foot manufacturing facility. This allows Sisel to control the entire production process of their products. By controlling these key components, it allows Sisel to be in full control of their growth curve and it could be one of the reasons Sisel is growing so rapidly. Tom Mower Sr. not only manufactures Sisel products but also manufactures for 100 major corporations and 40 of the largest direct sales and network marketing companies. This gives Sisel an unfair advantage over it’s competition.

Sisel International Product Lines:
When it comes to the products, Sisel International caries a wide array of high quality products ranging from toxin free personal products, toxin free make up, anti-aging and age reversal, liquid vitamins, and weight loss. All of Sisel’s products are science based like the new TS-X which is a telomere product or Resveratrol which is found in the Eternity product. Distributors can search on and see studies on ingredients used in Sisel products to what they have been known to do.

Sisel International’S Compensation Plan:
A lot of companies tout that they have the best compensation plan but have you ever wondered how to tell which plan is the best? It is simple really! The best compensation plan is the one that pays the MOST. Sisel Pays an ASTOUNDING 67% with their hi-bred uni-level pay plan it is simply the best compensation plan in the entire industry. The pay plan is very lucrative and a video explaining it in its entirety is placed below.

Choosing The Right Team Is Essential To Your Success:
In choosing to work in any company a lot of your success is based off of the people you are working with. The fastest growing team in Sisel International is the Sisel Knights. You can view the team site by clicking here on the site you can find out more info on the team and it’s leaders but also more about the company and it’s products. The Sisel Knights have the best formula for promoting within their team by high lighting leaders and providing an online presence for anyone that is promoted to the first major promotion of 1 star master which is as easy as coming in as a master and enrolling one person as a master. Another bonus is that while the team is being promoted on the internet people whom browse the team site may connect with a leader’s story and choose to work with this person. This increases everyone’s chance at winning with Sisel International. The team was put together by the founder of one of the fastest growing free mlm/network marketing training systems online called which you can click on the image to the right of this page and start your free training whether you join the team or not. Nonrecruitable not only is a tool for training your team mates but it acts as a tool for exploding your business by offering free training to people that are also involved in the industry. Another program that the team has put together is working with pro athletes and celebrities. The majority of the high profile names coming to Sisel is due to the marketing program the Sisel Knights have put together you can learn more by clicking or the image to the right of this. Increase your odds of success by working with highly successful people within the industry. The team Sisel Knights also owns a majority of the internet real estate which will also come into play while building your business. If you would like to join the team or get more information just fill out the form and we will get back to you. Welcome to the team.

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Highly Anticipated Seattle Opening of CorePower Yoga Studio Scheduled for Early September

Studio in Ballard Neighborhood Will Offer Beginner to Advanced Yoga Classes and Teacher Certification

Seattle, WA, July 18, 2012 - CorePower Yoga, a yoga brand with a commitment to making yoga accessible to all, today announced the highly anticipated grand opening of its first Seattle yoga studio in the Ballard neighborhood in early September 2012. The launch will bring CorePower Yoga’s unique brand of invigorating yoga and lifestyle classes to Seattle residents – helping them achieve positive change through yoga.

“Seattle is the perfect home for CorePower Yoga studios because of the city’s culture of health and focus on community,” said Sarah Goble, manager of the new studio and regional manager and director of teacher training for CorePower Yoga’s Northwest Region. “We look forward to our studio becoming an integral part of the community where our passionate instructors can help people live extraordinary lives through yoga.”

CorePower Yoga classes offer an individualized experience for every student, regardless of their fitness level or familiarity with yoga. The Ballard yoga studio will offer a variety of yoga styles for all levels, including CorePower Yoga’s dynamic Power Yoga in beginner to advanced formats, Yoga Sculpt and Hot Power Fusion.

Offered at convenient times, CorePower Yoga’s dogma-free classes feature popular music and promote physical and mental benefits. Consistent class formats and certified instructors help students advance through different levels of classes as they progress in their yoga practice.

Lifestyle programs, such as boot camps, cleanses and CorePower Ryder indoor cycling classes, are offered to complement yoga practice and provide students with cross-training opportunities. The Ballard studio will also offer CorePower Yoga’s transformational Yoga Teacher Training Programs.

All new CorePower Yoga students will receive one week of unlimited free yoga classes. A variety of membership and class package options are available.

“Yoga offers incredible physical and mental benefits, provides a total body workout and enhances performance in other athletic endeavors,” said Goble. “At CorePower Yoga, we have created an environment and curriculum that make these benefits available to anyone—from experienced yogis to yoga novices.”

Featuring beautiful, modern and comfortable studios, CorePower Yoga creates environments in which people with common interests can interact and flourish. The Ballard yoga studio will house two large yoga rooms as well as a CorePower Ryder room. The studio will also feature a range of amenities including a lounge area and spacious changing rooms with showers and private lockers. A full retail boutique will showcase men’s and women’s active wear and accessories.

CorePower Yoga is committed to sustainable practices, and uses recyclable and reusable products, selects sustainable fixtures and materials for its studios and maintains recycling and waste management programs. CorePower Yoga’s climate-controlled environments utilize the latest technology to efficiently heat and maintain its yoga rooms.

CorePower Yoga plans to open a second Seattle yoga studio in the Capitol Hill neighborhood before the end of 2012.

About CorePower Yoga
CorePower Yoga strives to increase awareness and widespread adoption of yoga by making yoga accessible to everyone, through a variety of yoga styles for beginners and more advanced yoga students. The company’s unique and physically challenging style of power yoga combines energy, music, movement and community to create a one-of-a-kind yoga experience. A variety of classes cater to students at all levels, including CorePower Yoga, its distinguishing heated Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Hot Power Fusion, Yoga Pilates, Yoga Sculpt, a Vinyasa flow combined with weights, and CoreRestore, a restorative yoga practice. All yoga classes encompass a wide variety of asanas, or poses, and are taught by certified yoga instructors. In addition to yoga classes, CorePower Yoga offers transformative integrated wellness programs and Yoga Teacher Training programs to empower students to live a health-focused and extraordinary life. For more information, visit

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