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New innovations in the Laser hair removal, bring up the question Is Laser Hair Removal The Best Option for You?

Many men and women who wish to permanently remove unwanted hair on the face and body are confused by the treatment options currently available.

Manhasset, NY, May 01, 2012 - Many men and women who wish to permanently remove unwanted hair on the face and body are confused by the treatment options currently available. The two most common treatment options are Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis. Many mistakenly believe they are one and the same—but in fact, the technologies used are very different, beneficial for different skin and hair types, and produce different results. A brief description of their differences will help you to ascertain if laser hair removal is right choice for you.

How Does It Work?
Laser Hair Removal uses a beam of light to instantaneously “zap” all hair follicles on the surface area that the light touches. The process must be repeated once a month to catch the follicles at the right stage of hair growth. In most cases, a course of six treatments is adequate to achieve dramatic results.

Electrolysis uses a needle with an electric current to “zap” each follicle of unwanted hair. However, unlike the laser, it is necessary to individually pierce each and every follicle to achieve the goal of no further hair growth. Unfortunately, if the hair follicles are slanted, it may take several times to “zap” the root of the follicle if the needle is not inserted at the correct angle. It is possible that if the roots of the follicles are never “zapped” successfully that the hair will continue to grow back.

Who Does It Work For Best?
Laser Hair Removal only works on hair with high amounts of melanin, so it performs best on clients with dark hair. In order to “see” the follicle, there must be contrast between skin color and hair color. Those with fair skin and dark hair will achieve the best results.

Electrolysis can work on any hair type. Those with gray, blond, and red hair will find this to be a better option than laser hair removal.

How Comfortable Are the Treatments?
Laser Hair Removal treatments are virtually painless. Many clients describe the sensation as a “quick snapping” feeling on the skin. At New York Laser and Aesthetics, we use the Zimmer Cooling System, which blasts cold air on the skin to counteract the heat of the laser. This technology allows the treatments to be maximally effective while reducing any pain or discomfort to surrounding skin tissue. Treatments are rather quick, and can easily be fit into a lunch break.

Electrolysis treatments are known to be much more painful and take much longer than laser hair removal, due to the necessity of “zapping” each follicle individually with an electric current. More treatments are needed in order to kill the hair follicles. It usually involves years of treatments to get the results most people desire.

How Expensive Are the Treatments?
Laser Hair Removal usually requires about six treatments, although periodic “touch ups” afterwards may be desired. New York Laser and Aesthetics offers a six-treatment package deal and offers any additional touch-ups at fifty percent off “for life.” These deals make laser hair removal a great investment in time and money.

Electrolysis is quite expensive, due to the amount of time each treatment takes, and the number of treatments needed over time to produce desired results. Many electrolysis clients spend thousands of dollars on their treatments, without necessarily achieving ideal results.

At New York Laser and Aesthetics in Manhasset, service and safety are our top priorities. We only use the most effective and advanced technology to minimize discomfort throughout the treatment process. Our caring staff members are New York State-licensed and our quiet, discreet atmosphere will make your treatments as relaxing and pleasant as possible. Please call us at (516) 627-7777 for your free consultation today!
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Modern meets earth-friendly: Canopy Verde Handbags Launches New Collection and Website for Earth Month

Eco-friendly handbag line Canopy Verde is going animal-free with a new collection of Violet and Slate handbags from convertible clutches to everyday satchels, and totes.

New York, NY, May 01, 2012 - Eco-friendly handbag line Canopy Verde is going animal-free with a new collection of Violet and Slate handbags from convertible clutches to everyday satchels, and totes. Made with organic cotton, wood detailing, chemical-free embroidery, and animal-free alternative leather, all styles reflect the brand’s focus on offering an environmentally conscious, fashion-forward product at accessible price points ranging from just $79 to $199.

For the newest collection, founder Linda Wong drew inspiration from a variety of sources, from the familiar urban beauty of nearby Prospect Park to the minimalist sophistication of mid-century Danish design. Her two toddlers also inform the versatile design of her collection. “My bags are designed to meet the needs of a working professional, busy mom on the go, or a group of girlfriends planning a weekend out of town,” says Wong. All of the styles are designed to be sustainable, stylish, and practical.

This latest collection is also completely animal free, using a polyurethane material that has the same luxurious feel of real leather. Organic cotton is used as the main fabric and the embroidery is free of AZO, a potentially harmful chemical common in many fabrics. The dyeing process is also certified to be free of chemicals and harmful substances by OEKO-TEX, the recognized international standard for textile safety.

Wong believes Canopy Verde offers a unique point of view – a well-designed handbag that can be used for work or play, a manageable price point with all styles under $200, and an eco-friendly philosophy toward sourcing and production. The collection has a strong emphasis on details, with unique wooden trims, a signature pop of orange in the lining, and versatile pockets inside and out. One of the signature styles, the Cassia Weekender, has a wire-frame opening, inspired by a traditional doctor’s bag. A smaller version, the Cassia Mini, is also available.

The philosophy of the brand can be summed up in Wong’s words, “We continue to take a thoughtful approach in balancing the desire for beautiful accessories, the mission to make a more responsible handbag, and the goal to offer it at a price point that is not exclusive.”

The new website ( is also launching in time for Earth Month.

About the Company:
Eco-friendly handbag brand Canopy Verde features handbags that combine style with sustainability. See the entire collection at

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