Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Family IQ Support and the Family IQ Marketing System under the Guidance of Terry Sauerbier Continue to Prove efficient at Growing the Family IQ Brand

By using the systems provided by Terry Sauerbier, through Family IQ, His marketing group is poised for steady growth in third quarter of 2011 as other direct sales opportunities continue to show flat or no sales growth.

Dansville, NY, June 21, 2011 - "By offering a unique product with no competition in the marketplace, and adding a sales proposition that nearly no one can say no to in the form of financing, where nearly 100 percent acceptance is the norm, helps to convert prospective leads into sales" Sauerbier says.

The Family IQ opportunity has a unique marketing system. The system answers all questions and helps to sort prospects into either a buyer or a non-buyer. The company marketing webinars not only teaches you marketing skills, but provides you with the lead generation tools and training to succeed from day one.

"An in-efficient lead generation system is the number 1 factor for failure in any marketing business and not making money is number 2 Family IQ has solved both these issues in one complete sales and marketing funnel system" Sauerbier adds . "After watching the webinar, potential prospects, people like you and I and other direct sales professionals, wishing to create a secondary income or $1000 to $3000 weekly can see that it is now possible, simply plugging into the Family IQ marketing system and simple strategies I will be able to teach you.

Sauerbier continues, "After intentionally staying on the fringe of the Home Business/Network Marketing Industry for the past ten years, it was obvious when I saw the Family IQ opportunity and the perfect combination of product, leadership, training, compensation and market timing, that this is poised to be one of the top direct sales opportunity in the coming decade. It’s very rare to have all of these elements come together in one powerful structure at the same time."

If you are interested in learning more on how Terry Sauerbier can help you, feel free to reach him at 1(800) 519 2471 leave message after the brief introduction or visit him online at: http://www.thefamilyiqpro.com. For more information about Family IQ's marketing system visit:http://www.FamilyIQSupport.com

Terry Sauerbier
Family IQ
8104 Reeds Corners Road
Dansville, NY 14437
585 905 8241

SAFE International Launches Women’s Self Defense Parties – Albuquerque, NM Self Defense

Albuquerque Self Defense, SAFE International Launches Women’s Self Defense Parties

Albuquerque, NM, June 21, 2011 - (Straight Line PR) - Albuquerque Self Defense, SAFE International Launches Women’s Self Defense Parties
SAFE International - is the leading provider of mobile self defense/personal protection training in North America. SAFE International has taught more than 120,000 clients in the private, corporate and high school environments since 1994. SAFE International is expanding its seminar options to include women’s self defense parties in the Albuquerque, NM region.

SAFE International quickly realized that women had completely different concerns, fears, and needs than males. Chris Roberts, CEO of SAFE International listened to their concerns and tailored something that was not only educational, but also met their personal fears. Men have no idea what women go through on an everyday basis from the stares and comments to the physical gestures and advances.

One of the reasons that SAFE International enjoys teaching Albuquerque women’s self defense, is how receptive women are to the skills that the SAFE International instructors provide. Chris Roberts attributes this to their appreciating the value in what is taught. While most men are receptive, they are usually more interested in knowing how to fight.

Women are interested in learning, based more on their survival in today’s reality. Each skill or tactic taught could potentially save their life, and you can see it in the way they practice and adopt the new skill. Women have more reasons to learn these self defense skills.
Forget Tupperware Parties!

Invite 6 to 8 of your friends for a few hours of fun, education and potentially life- saving instruction. Plan a meal, bbq, snacks, maybe some dessert! Be prepared for a unique self defense experience! What has made SAFE International so popular is their unique method of teaching with humour and sharing of anecdotes. Get to experience their simulated attacks in scenario specific situations such as at the front door, the kitchen, the car, etc.

Women are much more willing to share their stories and feelings of fear since they don’t have the same pressure on them to be "the man". Chris Roberts has been both thankful and humbled by what thousands of women have told him. The women’s self defense course has really been structured around all the stories women have shared with the SAFE instructors.

Years ago Chris was invited to be the keynote speaker at the Annual Ontario Block Parents Convention. There were about 100 adults in attendance comprising of about 75 women. There were also about 25 police officers. Chris began his talk on how to avoid and handle potentially dangerous situations such as being followed, elevator safety, parking lots, distraction techniques, etc and all the women were laughing while about 20 male police officers sat there with their arms crossed staring at him seriously. Chris was thinking this might not be going so well even though all the women were laughing. At this point, the senior police officer in the group stood up and asked if he could say something. At this moment Chris was thinking "Well, this is probably the end of my business and he is going to tell me not to make a joke out of personal safety". The police officer told the group of 100 or so that this was the best approach to personal safety he had ever seen! He said that as a police officer he was sitting listening to the information and not focusing on the humour. He agreed that with the majority of the population the humour was a unique way to get the message across.

SAFE International clients include mothers, fathers, daughters, police officers, seniors, and people with disabilities. To contact SAFE International and Chris Roberts to schedule your Albuquerque women’s self defense party, you can visit their main site at www.safeinternational.biz

You can also reach Chris Roberts toll free at 1-800-465-5972 or by email at chrisroberts@safeinternational.biz

Chris Roberts
SAFE International™
15535 Cooper Rd.
Lunenburg, ON
Canada K0C 1R0
1 800 465-5972

JMango and Room Service Deliveries will be Bringing Food to your Mobile

International mobile solutions firm JMango has just announced that it will be building mobile applications for popular food delivery service Room Service Deliveries.

Melbourne, Australia and Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, June 21, 2011 - International mobile solutions firm JMango has just announced that it will be building mobile applications for popular food delivery service Room Service Deliveries.

JMango’s proprietary mobile development platform allows mobile applications to be rapidly developed and deployed to a wide range of mobile devices and mobile operating systems. The Room Service Deliveries mobile application will be developed for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile, bringing 100 restaurants and over 5000 dishes to mobile phones in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

"It’s great to be working with Room Service Deliveries in bringing their services to the mobile world. It will be an exciting application to build as it poses a unique set of technical challenges that need to be surmounted in order to meet Room Service’s standards and their client’s expectations. I think it will be a great opportunity to showcase the JMango Mobile Development Platform’s capabilities." says Ilan Oosting, Chief Executive Officer of JMango.

"My decision to work with JMango was based on the products ability to converge all OS into one application" says Mark Simmons, Managing Director of Room Service Deliveries. "I now don’t have to worry about the problems and costs of having to develop for every single mobile operating system that I may want to represent my product on; with JMango it’s a one stop shop!" he added.

The Room Service Deliveries mobile application will make ordering food a much more convenient and hassle-free experience for customers. The application will bring a wide variety of food from numerous restaurants to the user’s fingertips; all the user needs to do is choose, log-in and the food will be on its way. No more busy numbers and say goodbye to mistakes in taking down orders; it will be fast, easy and hassle-free! 

The application is scheduled to be launched mid to late 2011 for Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian mobile users.

About JMango:
JMango is an international mobile company that provides secure end to end mobile solutions in the fields of mobile money remittance, mobile banking and mobile commerce. The proprietary JMango platform is available under an enterprise license and simplifies mobile development making it more cost effective and easier to maintain.
For more information, please visit www.jmango.net.

About Room Service Deliveries:
Room Service makes your life easy; whether you want great food at home, in your office or for a function; Room Service offer you some of the finest restaurant meals delivered to your door. Founded in 2003, Room Service is SE Asia's leading restaurant delivery service and is now available in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

For more information, please visit www.roomservicedeliveries.com

Allan Bennetto
Suite 3D
26 Wellington Street
Collingwood, VIC, 3066

EliteProNet is Putting America Back to Work

"EliteProNet has given many subcontractors a second chance at their profession. We are proud of what we do and feel good when we hear the success stories our customers share with us." -Kevin Priddy, President

West Palm Beach, FL, June 15, 2011 - EliteProNet’s priority is to help their subcontractors grow their business by supplying them with qualified construction opportunities and networking options. But, it has turned into more than just a business for the EliteProNet team; they have realized that the company offers struggling subcontractors a second chance to move forward and win the battle against this economic crisis.

Their customers share success stories with the team every day, and a special one is the story of Luna Brothers Painting, Inc.

Luna Brothers is a family operated company in Norcross, Georgia specializing in painting and wall covering. When Andres Luna was approached by Wendy Best, an EliteProNet Account Manager, they were struggling in this tough economy along with millions of other subcontractors. "Andy is also different because he took a proactive approach to his problem and became a member of EliteProNet" says Best.

The result: Luna Brothers was awarded their first job within 6 weeks, followed by six more to date. That is more than one project each month!  "Andy is a great example of what an ideal EliteProNet sub encompasses" says Kyle Conlan, an EliteProNet Project Coordinator in Georgia. "Andy stays on top of his territory and is an active bidder; it is a pleasure to work with someone as diligent and self-driven as he is and the rest of his team."

EliteProNet’s subcontractors are thriving in the worst industry, in the worst economy. Plumbers, electricians, painters, and other small contractors just weren’t getting the work they used to, and now, thanks to EliteProNet’s business approach, subcontractors across the nation are getting awarded projects every day. "I’ve learned that hard work pays off and that the system works great" says Andy Luna.

EliteProNet was originally founded in December of 2008 by Dean Cameron and Kevin Priddy. EliteProNet provides services in Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, and Georgia. EliteProNet corporate headquarters is located at 5589 Okeechobee Blvd., Ste. 202, West Palm Beach, FL 33417.

For more information please call (877) 656-4706 or visit www.elitepronet.com

Erin Crawford MBA
Development & Marketing Director
5589 Okeechobee Blvd. Suite 202
West Palm Beach, FL 33417
(561) 656-4701 x105